Saturday, July 29, 2023

The Amish Died of COVID at a Rate 90 Times LOWER Than the Rest of America

“I did the calculation,” testified in front of the Pennsylvania State Senate. Given five Amish people died in Lancaster Country, PA, “the Amish died at a rate 90 times lower than the infection fatality rate of the United States of America.” “Now, how is that possible?” asked.


COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Cardiac Arrest--the Miracle of Pilot Snow

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH I had the chance to catch up with pilot Bob Snow at the “Restoring Hope” event hosted by React19 in Conroe, Texas, on July 22, 2023.


Friday, July 28, 2023

BREAKING HORRIFIC UPDATE: HIV-Infected Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 "Vaccines" -- The Human Genome is Permanently Altered

Last month this Substack covered a bombshell story about how HIV-infected green monkey DNA was detected in both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA “vaccines:” This story has just taken a terrifying turn for the worse.


Don’t Let Them Normalize the Abnormal

The mind control campaign being implemented has steadily pushed the lines on what is considered normal. Increasingly the abnormal is being pushed as normal. In the social sphere we have seen this steady march toward normalizing the abnormal.


Thursday, July 27, 2023

Population Control and Official USG Policy

Personally, I have been reluctant to wander down the rabbit hole relating to various “depopulation agenda” theories involving the COVIDcrisis.


“Conservative” pollster and former Kevin McCarthy roommate, Frank Luntz tweeted his concern over what he thought was the most “alarming political ad” – that he failed to recognize as a video meme. Marxist websites are in lockstep with Luntz, dutifully calling it “alarming” as well.


New Zealand government funds project to discredit anyone who questions safety of vaccines

It’s not only the UK government that’s refusing to acknowledge excess deaths since the mass covid injection campaign began, the New Zealand government is doing the same.


‘Health Program or Military Program’? White House Taps Military Official to Lead New Pandemic Policy Office

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Rules are for thee, not for me

Guest Post by Alex Berenson The cardiac arrest suffered by Bronny James brings back bad memories – and highlights the falsity of reporting around the mRNAs We do not know if Bronny James – Lebron James’s 18-year-old son, whose heart briefly stopped as he played basketball in Los Angeles on Mon


Home Is Where the Revolution Is

COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO—A trailer yanks a hog carcass out of a bath of scalding water. Yellowjackets swarm the swine, now hanging by its hooves from the raised shovel of a tractor, as a man dressed in rubber overalls reaches for his knife.


Wednesday, July 26, 2023

I Regret Getting The Vaccine by James Donald Forbes McCann #covidvaccine...

Retail health company has Chase accounts suddenly terminated, owner critical of COVID vaccines, FDA

Lydia Nusbaum co-authored this report. CAPE CORAL, Fla. (FLV) – Employees of a Florida-based retail health company said JP Morgan Chase Bank suddenly terminated their personal and company bank accounts without an explanation.


Will the Largest Organized Mass Murder in World History Escape Accountability?

Will the Largest Organized Mass Murder in World History Escape Accountability? The accumulated evidence is overwhelming that Covid was an orchestrated pandemic.


The Insidious Truth Behind Free School Meals

There is a growing international campaign to institute free school meals all around the globe. On face of it this might seem like a great idea…


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Chase Bank Suddenly Shuts Down Bank Accounts of Mercola Market and its Employees With No Explanation – Owner Blames Political Bias


Florida-based retail health company Mercola Market and its employees were shocked when JP Morgan Chase Bank suddenly terminated their bank accounts without explanation, Florida’s Voice reported.

Mercola Market, a company renowned for its specialty food, drinks, supplements, pet products, and other health items, is owned by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a critic of COVID-19 vaccines and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Mercola has practiced medicine since 1985 and founded the world’s largest natural health website.

On July 13, the company, along with its CEO, CFO, and some family members, received identical letters from Chase Bank stating that their accounts were to be closed. The reason for this sudden decision, however, was left unexplained.

“Financial institutions have an obligation to know our customers and monitor transactions that flow through our customers’ accounts. After careful consideration, we decided to close your accounts because of unexpected activity on this or another Chase account,” according to the letter from Chase Bank.

#BREAKING: Retail health company Mercola Markets and their employees had bank accounts suddenly shut down by @Chase Bank with no explanation

The owner, Dr. Joseph Mercola, was critical of COVID-19 vaccines and the FDA, and believed the virus originated from a NIH-funded lab

— Florida’s Voice (@FLVoiceNews) July 25, 2023

A voicemail from a Chase representative to CEO Steven Rye stated that the reason for closing his personal and his wife’s accounts could not be disclosed “for legal reasons.”

Still, Rye maintains the belief that the closures were a direct result of Dr. Mercola’s views on the pandemic.

Rye was quoted by Florida’s Voice, saying, “I believe they cancelled all of the accounts because of Dr. Mercola’s (our employer) opinions. He has carried a contradictory view throughout the COVID narrative and co-authored the best selling book ‘The Truth About COVID-19,’ which exposed the likelihood that this virus was engineered in a laboratory funded by the NIH.”

Rye also shared that his children would not be allowed to open accounts with Chase Bank in the future, sparking further outrage and disbelief.

Amalia Legaspi, the CFO of Mercola Market, revealed that her personal account and her son’s account, used for college expenses, were canceled. More critically, Legaspi’s joint checking account with her bedridden husband in the Philippines was closed, significantly hampering her ability to provide for his medical needs.

“I received the letter during weekend and I was surprised that we received the same letters for business accounts with exact wordings,” Legaspi said.

“I have to provide all the legal documentations including notarized physicians affidavit from the Philippines to prove that my husband is incapable of handling his finances and request the Federal to directly deposit the pension to my own personal account,” Legaspi added.

Chase Bank has remained relatively tight-lipped on the matter “to protect the privacy of their clients.”

In a statement, Dr. Joseph Mercola said, “Chase bank has shut down our business bank accounts along with the accounts of my CEO and CFO, as well as their family members (including spouse and child). They’ve refused to provide any reason for doing so, the oldest account has been active for 18 years.”

Earlier this year, Mercola penned an editorial titled “The Censorship of Mercola – A Timeline,” published in The Post & Email.

Mercola outlines a series of incidents that he perceives as censorship and violations of his free speech rights, which he claims began following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He recalls the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) calling on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take action against him for recommending vitamin D.

His conflicts with authorities escalated when he published a peer-reviewed scientific paper detailing the benefits of vitamin D at the end of October 2020. On Christmas Eve of the same year, Attorney General Letitia James issued a cease-and-desist notice to him, demanding the cessation of sharing information about how immune-boosting nutritional supplements might lower COVID-19 risk. The FDA issued a similar warning to Dr. Mercola.

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The 'Barbie' Director Accidentally Made a Very Anti-Feminist Shakespearian Tragedy

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Barbie movie isn’t the hilarious meta-comedy that it was expertly marketed as and is actually a hyper-partisan commentary on patriarchy and capitalism.


Not bad for a Banana Republic

I landed in Panama last night for a quick business trip, and I have to say, I’m really astonished at the political situation here. Central American countries like Panama are often referred to as “Banana Republics”.


Watch "I Watched “Sound Of Freedom” Because The Media Told Me Not To" on YouTube

Monday, July 24, 2023

President of Thomas Jefferson U. Resigns After Controversy of Liking Tweets

This is so ridiculous. The man simply liked a few tweets that he wasn’t supposed to like. Mark Tykocinski has resigned as president of Thomas Jefferson University and as dean of the university’s medical school, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.