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CDC Director Admits Vaccines Do Not Prevent COVID Transmission, Blames "Evolution Of Science"

CDC Director Admits Vaccines Do Not Prevent COVID Transmission, Blames "Evolution Of Science"

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted during Congressional inquiry that existing covid mRNA vaccinations do not prevent the transmission of the current virus subvariants.  However, using typical establishment spin, Walensky also suggested that the vaccines did prevent transmission of the original variants despite the fact that there was no concrete data to support this notion.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky tells Congress that vaccinated individuals can, in fact, spread COVID, contrary to her earlier statements, attributing this change to “an evolution of science.”

— Michael P Senger (@michaelpsenger) April 19, 2023

Her explanation for the confusion?  It was "evolution of science" and the virus that changed the conditions, rather than the CDC being wrong (or lying) about the science and the conditions. 

In the video below, Pfizer executive Janine Small is cornered by a member of the European Parliament and openly admits that the company's covid vaccines were never tested for blocking transmission.  This was after Pfizer had consistently claimed the vaccine prevented the spread of the virus.  Media damage control argued that even though the mRNA products were not tested for transmission prevention by Pfizer, they are still considered useful for disrupting spread.  Data so far suggests that this was a lie:

In 2021, data from the Public Health England and the NHS shows that the vaccinated and unvaccinated had almost identical rates of infectiousness. In other words, a vaccinated person was almost as likely to give you covid as an unvaccinated person.

In the case of the original "wild virus" variant from 2020 to 2021, infections and fatality rates actually plummeted well before the vaccines were widely introduced.  This means that natural immunity was the most likely factor in the slowdown of the spread.  Transmission was stopped by the human immune system, not the vaccines.

During the same congressional hearing, Walensky asserted that the CDC will continue to recommend masks in schools in communities where COVID-19 levels are high, despite the fact that multiple studies show zero positive results for masks in stopping covid.  The CDC continues to ignore these studies in favor of pro-masking policies.

There is a logic behind the CDC's otherwise bizarre behavior - They have to persist in dismissing the science because their original policies were not based in science, they were based in ideology and malicious intent.  The purpose of government pandemic mandates was control, not public safety.  Officials saw an opportunity to use covid fear as leverage to steal individual rights while promoting a fake sense of security.  And, the strategy almost worked, too.

If it had not been for the incredibly low official Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of the virus (only 0.23%), if covid had been just slightly more deadly and if conservative states did not have the courage to block Joe Biden's vaccine passport efforts, then America and much of the western world would look very different today.  Just take a look at the draconian laws many Democrats wanted to put in place to punish those who would not submit to the vaccines.  

The ongoing insistence of organizations like the CDC in promoting false covid information is proof that oppressive mandates and lockdowns would still be an issue in 2023 if elements of the public had not stood their ground.  We dodged a bullet, but just barely.     

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No, Elon Musk Did Not "Ruin" Twitter

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VERY URGENT: the FDA is raising the white flag on the mRNA Covid shots.

Guest Post by Alex Berenson Unvaccinated adults will no longer be offered more than a single mRNA dose. (Tell that to the 230 million Americans who already took two.) And almost no one under 65 is eligible for a second booster.


COVID Likely Emerged From Wuhan Lab — and Earlier Than Previously Believed, Senate Report Concludes

COVID-19 likely resulted from an accidental leak at a laboratory in Wuhan, China, and triggered the start of the pandemic earlier in 2019 than Chinese government officials claimed, according to a Senate report released today.


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How Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter possibly saved the nation



Who has done more to save the nation from the tentacles of Big Tech?

The answer could well be Elon Musk.

When he paid far too much to buy Twitter, he found out, among other things, that his new property was essentially controlled by the nation's intelligence agencies.

He told Tucker Carlson Monday night on Fox News Channel: "The degree to which government agencies had full access to everything happening on Twitter blew my mind. It blew my mind."

Musk bought the company because he liked it, because he used it to keep his eyes on the news. The "Twitter Files," which he later released to help save free speech on the internet, may have done just that, as he granted independent journalists access to Twitter's archives for a series of reports, including what led to former President Donald Trump's suspension and the government's role in Twitter's censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story. It was quite a revelation, confirming the worst most of us suspected about the "Deep State."

The billionaire tech mogul revealed in an exclusive interview that the FBI and a panoply of three-letter spy agencies, along with foreign government spooks, were granted "full access" to direct messages of private citizens on Twitter prior to his takeover.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO made the bombshell allegation on Fox News in a candid, thoroughly entertaining discussion with Carlson. Musk spoke of his concerns about artificial intelligence (AI), his Twitter acquisition and his future plans for the social media platform that he bought last fall.

Musk accused his predecessors at Twitter of allowing U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies to read users' direct messages on the platform, calling it among the most "absurd" discoveries he made since purchasing the company for $44 billion.

Musk said he is moving to create a feature that would give users the option to encrypt direct messages with the hopes of limiting government interference. Musk said he hopes to unveil the new addition later this month. He said he has already received "indirect complaints" from various agencies about the crackdown, quipping that they're displeased with the move.

"I think people are a little concerned about complaining to me directly in case I tweet about it," he said. "If I got something that was unconstitutional from the U.S. government, my reply would be to send them a copy of the First Amendment and just say, 'What part of this are we getting wrong?'"

Musk also mused about how other Big Tech firms may have been handling intelligence agencies, which have continued to work with Google, Facebook, etc., and how they worked with the Big Media. He said he was unaware that Twitter had become a magnet for intelligence agencies but recalled feeling "uneasy" on the platform in the months leading up to the acquisition.

"Since I've been a heavy Twitter user since 2009, it's sort of like I'm in 'The Matrix.' I can see things – do things feel right, do they not feel right, what tweets am I being shown as recommended? … I started to get more and more uneasy about the Twitter situation. I started to feel like something feels wrong. … I couldn't place it exactly," he said. "Just, it felt like it was drifting in a bad direction, and my conversations with the board and management seemed to confirm my intuition about that, basically. But I was convinced these guys do not care about fixing Twitter, and I had a bad feeling about where it was headed based on the conversations I had with them. So then I was like, you know what, I'll try acquiring it and see if acquiring it is possible."

He's probably done as much, potentially, to save free speech as anyone in America. Who would have predicted that?

In the meantime, Trump is still trying to raise the money he needs to make his own Truth Social platform what it needs to be. In other words, Big Tech's control over the internet is still a reality – a very real reality. Trump resists using Twitter for his own reasons. But why not consider it soon as the presidential campaign really gets ramped up?

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The case for the immediate suspension of the experimental gene-based so-called COVID “vaccines” has been building for almost 2 years.  Enough is enough.


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