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The Original Source of COVID-19

Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge.


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Beware LA County paddle boarders you will be arrested for using the Pacific Ocean (via brothers_marshall IG)



If you are a nurse, doctor, EMT, Paramedic or you work in a hospital, please let us know what you're seeing. Is it consistent with what's being reported by m...


Friday, April 3, 2020

Population Confused and Paralyzed by Coronavirus: Psychological Remarks on the All Too Human Reflex of Obedience: “Silence Is Not Philosophical”

At the moment large parts of the population are confused and paralyzed by the declared coronavirus pandemic and its serious social and economic consequences.


gallery The Failure of Intellectuals to Analyze the Worldwide Economic and Social Crisis: “Sapere aude!” – “Dare to be Wise!”

The events of the last century as well as today reveal that not only the “simple” people fail in the resistance against totalitarianism and fascism.


People living in vans and RVs are getting squeezed during pandemic

Living full time in a van or RV has become increasingly popular, but that life is now getting tougher as parks close and free campsites shut down.


Delaware State Police Authorized To Pull Over Out-Of-State Drivers During Pandemic

Delaware police have been granted the authority to pull over drivers displaying out-of-state tags to ask questions about why they're on the road, before telling them that "they are required by law to self-quarantine for 14 days while in Delaware, or immediately return to their state," according to G


As Media Focuses on COVID19, Study Finds ‘Fire Did Not Cause Building 7’s Collapse on 9/11’

7A four-year long study has been released on World Trade Center Tower 7 which concluded that there is no way office fires brought it down at free fall speed.


Oregon Court Affirms Conviction of Journalist Who Pulled Gun to Stop Advancing Antifa Mob

Before Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yianoppolous, Andy Ngo, and any number of people bullied off the stage and silenced by the rampaging antifa mob, there was Mike Strickland.


Ankle monitors ordered for Louisville, Kentucky residents exposed to Covid-19 who refuse to stay home

Kentucky is taking severe measures to ensure residents exposed to the coronavirus stay at home. Louisville residents who have been in contact with coronavirus patients but refuse to isolate themselves are being made to wear ankle bracelets.


Wikipedia Co-Founder Connects Trump, Clintons, Royal Family, Bill Gates to Child Sex Trafficking

trafficking"There is proof of all this," the Co-Founder of Wikipedia wrote as he linked the Clintons, Trump, and Prince Andrew to elite child sex trafficking.


My Take On Covid-19 “Conspiracy Theories”



My Take On Covid-19 “Conspiracy Theories”

Paul Craig Roberts

A number of readers have been asking me for my take on the various “conspiracy theories”?  For example, is the virus a bioweapon?  Did the US release it on China or China on the US?  As Bill Gates and the US military ( ) knew in advance or predicted the pandemic, why weren’t preparatory steps taken?  Why are we caught with no plan, no protective gear, shortage of ventilators and no treatment? ( )  Is the virus a plot by the global elite to reduce the population, especially older people on Social Security and Medicare, in order to free more public money for subsidies to the One Percent?  Is it a plot to install tyranny?

Some of the “conspiracy theories” lack plausible motive.  Others lack evidence. Others have circumstantial evidence—for example, a meeting of the global elite conducted a simulation of a pandemic a few weeks prior to the outbreak.  Why?  And some of the circumstantial evidence looks more real than circumstantial.  For example, this:!msg/newsfromunderground/24dOim8rSvc/8zEtMrmcCwAJ 

What is the point of blocking information about a successful treatment of Covid-19 other than to keep the profit opportunity open for a vaccine?  The more people who die from the virus, the more acceptance a vaccine will have regardless of its effectiveness or danger.

I appreciate readers confidence that I know so much.  But I don’t.  I cannot answer the questions.  However, I do appreciate the questions, because they provide an opportunity for me to draw an important lesson. Let’s begin by calling the conspiracy theories alternative explanations. What all of the alternative explanations have in common is distrust of the authorities and the official explanations.  This is the fault of the authorities and the media, not of those with alternative explanations. If the public had confidence in the authorities, there would be no scope for alternative explanations. By not being forthcoming up front, by polticizing the virus against Trump and against China, by taking so long to acknowledge the seriousness of the threat while doing nothing to prepare, the authorities have harmed public trust in them.  

Trust in public authorities and the media was already thin.  The lies about Washington’s wars—“weapons of mass destruction,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons”—and the Russiagate hoax, have undermined the credibility of Washington and the US print and TV media.  

Now with the virus, denial and unpreparedness and the impact on the economy and people’s economic condition have further eroded confidence in authorities, thereby producing a receptive audience for alternative explanations.  But those with alternative explanations are themselves undermining confidence in public authorities.  Yes, questions are in order.  There is no doubt that we are confronted with large scale failure by an unprepared government and health care system. Capitalism with an inadequate public sector has exposed us to both health and economic failure.  These are all legitimate points to be made.  However, the purpose of some alternative explanations seems to be to attract attention to a website or to a person with a podcast, and others produce division that prevents a coming together and leadership, however belated, from public authorities by discrediting such leadership in advance.

Thus, the alternative explanations can be just as debilitating and irresponsible as the authorities prevarications.

If the virus is used for self-interested purposes by the many interests affected, no common interest can form that would provide a basis for leadership by authorities.  To survive as a society, we need realism, decisive action, and commitment to everyone by public authorities without favoritism.  From doubters, we need questions in place of the denunciations and explanations that imply our doom.  If we believe we are doomed in advance, it will be hard to muster the will to prevail over the health and economic challenge.

The challenge from the virus might be greater than we know, for example: .  If we are discouraged in advance, the catastrophe will be greater.

As we experience the shortcomings, and perhaps the failure, of our health and economic system, we should be prepared to demand and force through substantial reforms, reforms even more far-reaching than those brought by the Great Depression.  The neoliberal globalism of recent decades has left the United States and Europe extremely vulnerable.  We must not contribute to making this vulnerability worse, and we must replace neoliberal globalism with a less dysfunctional system at the earliest opportunity. 

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We are Currently Not Measuring the Incidence of Coronavirus Diseases, but the Activity of the Specialists Searching for Them


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. “Without Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Tests there would be no reason for special alarms”

Global Research, April 02, 2020

The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger.

However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions.

The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China’s cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer.

Evidence based epidemiological assessment is drowning in the mainstream of fear mongers in labs, media and ministries.

The carnival in Venice was cancelled after an elderly dying hospital patient was tested positive.

When a handful of people in Northern Italy also were tested positive, Austria immediately closed the Brenner Pass temporarily.

Due to a suspected case of coronavirus, more than 1000 people were not allowed to leave their hotel in Tenerife. On the cruise ship Diamond Princess 3700 passengers could not disembark., Congresses and touristic events are cancelled, economies suffer and schools in Italy have an extra holyday.

At the beginning of February, 126 people from Wuhan were brought to Germany by plane and remained there in quarantine two weeks in perfect health. Corona viruses were detected in two of the healthy individuals.

We have experienced similar alarmist actions by virologists in the last two decades. WHO’s  “swine flu pandemic” was in fact one of the mildest flu waves in history and it is not only migratory birds that are still waiting for “birds flu”. Many institutions that are now again alerting us to the need for caution have let us down and failed us on several occasions. Far too often, they are institutionally corrupted by secondary interests from business and/or politics.

If we do not want to chase frivolous panic messages, but rather to responsibly assess the risk of a spreading infection, we must use solid epidemiological methodology. This includes looking at the “normal”, the baseline, before you can speak of anything exceptional.

Until now, hardly anyone has paid attention to corona viruses. For example, in the annual reports of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) they are only marginally mentioned because there was SARS in China in 2002 and because since 2012 some transmissions from dromedaries to humans have been observed in Arabia (MERS). There is nothing about a regularly recurring presence of corona viruses in dogs, cats, pigs, mice, bats and in humans, even in Germany.

However, children’s hospitals are usually well aware, that a considerable proportion of the often severe viral pneumonia is also regularly caused or accompanied by corona viruses worldwide.

In view of the well-known fact that in every “flu wave” 7-15% of acute respiratory illnesses (ARI) are coming along with coronaviruses, the case numbers that are now continuously added up are still completely within the normal range.

About one per thousand infected are expected to die during flu seasons. By selective application of PCR-tests – for example, only in clinics and medical outpatient clinics – this rate can easily be pushed up to frightening levels, because those, who need help there are usually worse off than those, who are recovering at home. The role of such s selection bias seems to be neglected in China and elsewhere.

Since the turn of the year, the focus of the public, of science and of health authorities has suddenly narrowed to some kind of blindness. Some doctors in Wuhan (12 million inhabitants) succeeded in attracting worldwide attention with initially less than 50 cases and some deaths in their clinic, in which they had identified corona viruses as the pathogen.
The colourful maps that are now being shown to us on paper or screens are impressive, but they usually have less to do with disease than with the activity of skilled virologists and crowds of sensationalist reporters.

We are currently not measuring the incidence of coronavirus diseases, but the activity of the specialists searching for them.

Wherever such the new tests are carried out – there about 9000 tests per week available in 38 laboratories throughout Europe on 13 February 2020 – there are at least single cases detected and every case becomes a self-sustaining media event. The fact alone that the discovery of a coronavirus infection is accompanied by a particularly intensive search in its vicinity explains many regional clustersi.

The horror reports from Wuhan were something, that virologists all over the world are waiting for. Immediately, the virus strains present in the refrigerators were scanned and compared feverishly with the reported newcomers from Wuhan.

A laboratory which was the first to be allowed to market its in-house tests worldwide.

Prof C. Drosten was interviewed on 23rd of january 2020 and described how the Test was established. He said, that he cooperated with a Partner from China, who confirmed the specific sensitivity of the Charitè-Test for the Wuhan coronavirus. Other Tests from different places followed soon and found their market.

However, it is better not to be tested for corona viruses. Even with a slight “flu-like” infection the risk of coronavirus detection would be 7% – 15% . This is, what a prospective monitoring in Scotland (from 2005 to 2013) may teach us. The scope, the possible hits and the significance of the new tests are not jet validated. It would be interesting to have some tests not only on airports and cruising ships but on German or Italian cats, mice or even bats.

If you find some new virus RNA in a Thai cave or a Wuhan hospital, it takes a long time to map its prevalence in different hosts worldwide.

But if you want to give evidence to a spreading pandemic by using PCR-Tests only, this is what should have been done after a prospective cross sectional protocoll.

So beware of side effects. Nowadays positive PCR tests have tremendous consequences for the everyday life of the patient and his wider environment, as can be seen in all media without effort.

However, the finding itself has no clinical significance. It is just another name for acute respiratory illnesses (ARI), which as every year put 30% to 70% of all people in our countries more or less out of action for a week or two every winter.

According to a prospective ARI-virus monitoring in Scotland from 2005 to 2013, the most common pathogens of acute respiratory diseases were: 1. rhinoviruses, 2. influenza A viruses, 3. influenza B viruses, 4. RS viruses and 5. coronaviruses.

This order changed slightly from year to year. Even with viruses competing for our mucous membrane cells, there is apparently a changing quorum, as we know it from our intestines in the case of microorganisms and from the Bundestag in the case of political groups.

So if there is now to be an increasing number of “proven” coronavirus infections. in China or in Italy: Can anyone say how often such examinations were carried out in previous winters, by whom, for what reason and with which results? When someone claims that something is increasing, he must surely refer to something, that has been observed before.

It can be stunning, when an experienced disease control officer looks at the current turmoil, the panic and the suffering it causes. I’m sure many of those responsible public health officers would probably risk their jobs today, as they did with the “swine flu” back then, if they would follow their experience and oppose the mainstream.

Every winter we have a virus epidemic with thousands of deaths and with millions of infected people even in Germany. And coronaviruses always have their share.

So if the Federal Government wants to do something good, it could learn from epidemiologists in Glasgow and have all clever minds at the RKI observe prospectively (!!!) and watch how the virom of the German population changes from year to year.


Some questions for the evaluation of the current findings:

  1. Which prospective, standardised monitoring of acute respiratory diseases with or without fever (ILI, ARI) is used for the epidemiological risk assessment of coronavirus infections observed in Wuhan Italy, South Korea, Iran and elsewhere (baseline).
  2. How do the comparable (!) results of earlier observations differ from those now reported by the WHO? (in China, in Europe, in Italy, in Germany, etc.)
  3. What would we observe this ARI-season if we would ignore the new PCR-testing?
  4. How valid and how comparable are the detection methods used with regard to sensitivity, specificity and pathogenetic or prognostic relevance?
  5. What is the evidence or probability that the observed corona viruses 2019/2020 are more dangerous to public health than previous variants?
  6. If you find them now, how can you proove, they were not there (e.g. in animals) before.
  7. How do you make shure, that a positive tested case is not in the same time suffering/dying from other virus co-infections?
  8. What considerations have been made or taken into account to exclude or minimise sources of bias (sources of error)?

 Some important questions for science:

  • Is Covid-19 in Italy a model for the pandemics that threaten the world?
  • What does the SARS-2-CoV test really measure?
  • Does the test give positive results in human pets or other tame animals?
  • Is it possible, that so many infected are so easily recovering if it is a really new virus?
  • What is the pathogenetic role and impact of Covid-19 compared to „normal” flu?
  • Which preventive actions are necessary in addition to those during normal flu-seasons?
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is a distinguished physician and German politician. In 2009-2010he was chairman of The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Committee (PACE), which investigated the WHO’s motives in declaring the H1N1 2009 a Worldwide pandemic. 
Wolfgang Wodarg, declared that the “false” H1N1 swine flu pandemic  was “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century.” (Forbes, February 10, 2010Scroll down below video for January 2010 statement by the European Parliament. 

Watch the video below for Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg’s opinion on the coronavirus.


The original source of this article is Wolfgang Wodarg
Copyright © Dr. Wolfgang WodargWolfgang Wodarg, 2020


Internal Documents: Monsanto Knew For Years Their Products Damaged Farms

According to internal documents, Monsanto and Germany’s BASF knew their products would destroy farms in the United States. The firms disregarded the risks even while they planned on how to profit off farmers who would buy Monsanto’s new seeds just to avoid the damages caused by their products.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!

If your video clip was featured and I didn't already note it, it's bc I couldn't find the original poster. Please email me your channel name/link and I will update a pinned comment so people can find you. Write Subject: Update Video Creator Link Since my Five Gee video with one


Here Comes The Next Crisis: Up To 30% Of All Mortgages Will Default In "Biggest Wave Of Delinquencies In History"

Unlike in the 2008 financial crisis when a glut of subprime debt, layered with trillions in CDOs and CDO squareds, sent home prices to stratospheric levels before everything crashed scarring an entire generation of homebuyers, this time the housing sector is facing a far more conventional problem: t


10 Signs The US Is Heading For A Depression

Thursday’s jobless claims leave no doubt that the country is in the grips of another severe recession. More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance in the last week.


US Box Office Sales Collapse To Just $5,179; Was $204 Million During Same Period Last Year

As millions of Americans spend quality time with their families to avoid the global pandemic, box office sales across the US have predictably cratered - falling to just $5,179 from March 20 through March 26 as movie theaters across the country remain shuttered.


Peter Schiff: It's Not Going To Be Fine

We just wrapped up the worst first quarter in the history of the US stock market. Think about that in context. Even during the dark days of the Great Depression, there has never been a worse start to a year for the US stock market than 2020.


Independence Day?


Every jurisdiction in the world with a sizable economy is on some kind of a lockdown. Apparently, the coronavirus doesn’t care about the very poor in undeveloped areas.

There are hundreds of videos posted of local hospitals practically devoid of activity, because they’ve been ordered to cancel all non-emergency procedures.

Anthony Fauci, the Globalist minion tells us that the only way to definitively prevent more deaths and to allow society to get “back to normal” is with a vaccine, suggesting that we may need to stay on lockdown for up to 3 years, while it’s produced (!)

With the invocation of the Defense Production Act, large manufacturers have been required to produce hundreds of thousands of ventilators and two additional hospital ships are being commissioned.

You don’t have to be a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy loon to think none of this makes sense – like the California train engineer who deliberately derailed a speeding freight train, in an attempt to ram it into the USNS Mercy, docked at the Port of Los Angeles.

Eduardo Moreno, 44 says he “did it out of the desire to ‘wake people up,'” according to the affidavit. “The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

At the rate things have been going, Moreno will probably be released!

Speaking of criminals, WHO director, Tedros Adhanom has proven himself to be a Chinese agent by parroting their claims in January, that there was no clear evidence of human-to-human transmissions and in February, by saying travel bans would have the effect of increasing fear and stigma [against Chinese people] and by refusing to declare a pandemic until March 11th.

A quick look into Adhanom’s background reveals that he is the third most important member of the Politburo of Ethiopia’s Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a Communist revolutionary party that was listed as a terrorist organization by the United States in the 1990s – and is still listed as such in the Global Terror Database, due to the TPLF’s acts of ethnic violence and human rights violations against the Ethiopian people. There are many who believe Adhanom should be tried for crimes against humanity.

How on Earth did someone like this become the head of the World Health Organization, unless the UN’s main purpose is to destroy nations and to impose Global Socialism, which Adhanom has done a great job to advance.

Meanwhile, the Q people have been tweeting about how the “real” use of the hospital ships is to handle an influx of freed child victims of adrenochrome harvesting and sex trafficking, a surrealistic contention that almost seemed supported by Defense Secretary Mark Esper during yesterday’s White House briefing, when he said, “The best use for [the ships], based on their training, how they’re structured and organized is for trauma.”

Nothing is as it seems and everybody knows it, so YouAreFreeTV attempts to figure what’s really going on.

She conjectures that this drive to produce ventilators is for a potential future threat, perhaps something along the lines of what really happened in Wuhan. The footage we saw of lots of people stiffening-up and keeling over in the middle of the street was not of people suffering from a nasty flu. There are studies that show that the millimeter wave radiation used in 5G wireless technology can do horrific damage to lung tissue, if it’s applied with a lot of power, which is what some people contend is what really happened.

As for what’s on tap, she feels we’re either looking at an impending world war or a global round-up of corrupt officials or a major Earth event, like an asteroid impact.


Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce



Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Renegade surfers! California closes Pacific Ocean


Shutdown orders coming from states like California to fight the "invisible enemy," the coronavirus, are breathtaking in their breadth. And, they have been implemented with reckless disregard for individual liberty and constitutional rights. Consider a few examples:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom's shutdown order mandates all Californians to "stay home or at their place of residence except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of the federal critical infrastructure sectors" as identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. No other exceptions to the stay at home order are provided. Yet the order is contradicted by the state's own website, which states, "Everyone is required to stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job." One would think that a governor putting such extraordinary measures in place, and expecting all Californians to follow them or be subjected to fines and/or imprisonment, would be more careful in drafting such an executive order.

Constitutional rights may only be curtailed where there is a "compelling governmental interest" and the law or order is narrowly tailored to achieve that interest. It hardly seems that Newsom was mindful of this test in crafting an order denying essential liberties, i.e. freedom of movement, association, assembly, protection of property, etc.

The state's website also says that it is OK to go outside and exercise. Certainly, many medical professionals have expressed the importance of exercise and fresh air to stay healthy and keep immune systems strong. The website notes that, "To help reduce crowds, State Parks is modifying operations at some parks, including closing vehicular access and parking lots to reduce density of visitors." It then points you to a website to check the status of the state park in your area. Sounds reasonable, but when you go to the State Park website, it states, "ALL 280 State Parks Temporarily Closed"!

Oh well, there are always mountain trails, bike paths and the beaches to use for exercise and fresh air, right? Nope, closed by county orders. OK, how about city tennis courts and golf courses? Also closed. The reason: People cannot be trusted to keep six feet of separation from each other. Surfers were given citations by law enforcement over the weekend upon returning to land. Yes, that's correct, California has closed the Pacific Ocean. Rather than trusting people to keep social distancing, and having lifeguards and park rangers monitor it, officials have determined that people cannot be trusted and simply ordered it all closed. So much for "narrowly tailored."

Finally, California has allowed county sheriffs to order gun stores to close because they are not deemed essential. So, the L.A. County sheriff ordered gun stores to close, apparently believing that the risk that the virus could be spread at a gun store trumps the Second Amendment right of people to own a gun. One would think narrowly tailored would mean limiting the gun store to a certain number of customers at a time, requiring appointments, or mandating distance between persons standing in line. But, again, officials determined that people cannot be trusted to adhere to such rules, requiring government to step in and simply close the stores.

With gun store closings, California officials may have finally gone too far. On Friday the Firearms Policy Coalition, among others, sued California and the the L.A. County sheriff for violating citizens' Second Amendment right to bear arms. The director of legal policy for the Coalition said on my Hidden Truth Show podcast this week that the closing down of gun stores most certainly is not "narrowly tailored" to address the concern regarding the spread of coronavirus.

"They have completely taken away the right to anyone who does not have a gun during a time when people are most uncertain and there is actual fear of looting," he told me. "It is uncertain times and this is the time when people need an effective measure of defense."

After the case was filed, Homeland Security added gun stores to the list of essential businesses. Thus, per Newsom's order, the sheriff had no choice but to rescind his order!

We all support our mayors, sheriffs and governors working to fight this virus with all available means. But we must adhere to the state and U.S. constitutions. They stand guard over individual liberties, especially in times of crisis. Our history is littered with examples of government violating liberties in response to a crisis due to panic. The internment of the Japanese during World War II serves as just one instructive example.

Let us assure that we adhere to the Constitution now so that when we look back years from now we can proudly say we did all we could to fight the virus, and we did so with the utmost respect for its protection of individual liberties.


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The coronavirus did not kill Seth Rich



Although the media are perversely keen on documenting every death from coronavirus, they are equally keen on shutting down all inquiry into the death of young DNC data analyst Seth Rich, murdered by unknown assailants in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016.

As recent events have revealed, the FBI apparently shares the media's disinclination to explore the cause of this one untimely death.

The Gateway Pundit reports "that the former Assistant U.S. Attorney related to the case admitted that Rich's computer was inspected by the FBI and that there would be records related to this investigation."

The attorney who unearthed this revelation, Ty Clevenger, represents a man named Ed Butowsky who dared to ask questions no one in Washington wanted asked, let alone answered.

In the way of background, on the day after the 2016 election, veteran news analyst Ellen Ratner participated in a recorded symposium at Embry Riddle University.

"I spent three hours with Julian Assange on Saturday at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London," said Ratner more than an hour into the conversation. "One thing he did say was the leaks were not from, they were not from the Russians. They were an internal source from the Hillary campaign."

Ratner was referring to the purloined information about the DNC and the Hillary campaign that the media, the Democrats and the deep state insisted had been hacked from the DNC computers by the Russians.

An admitted Hillary Clinton supporter, Ratner had no reason to make this up. She had access to Assange through her brother Michael Ratner, a left-wing civil rights attorney who defended WikiLeaks before his death in May 2016.

Her fellow panelists, one a former Republican congressman, let Ratner's blockbuster remark pass without comment. The media missed the revelation altogether.

According to Butowsky, a high-profile author and financial adviser, Ratner knew more than she shared at the symposium.

"Seth Rich and his brother, Aaron, were responsible for releasing the DNC emails to WikiLeaks," Assange reportedly told Ratner, and she in turn told Butowsky. Butowsky made this claim in a complex, multi-party defamation lawsuit filed in July 2019.

When Ratner failed to go public with what she knew, Butowsky texted her, on Dec. 16, 2016. He asked, in hasty text English, "Why don't you speaking up about email hack?"

Ratner texted back, "I have." As related in the suit, Ratner subsequently told Butowsky that she had spoken with two people at Fox News about her meeting with Assange, co-president Bill Shine and producer Malia Zimmerman.

On Dec. 17, 2016, at Ratner's request, Butowsky informed Rich's parents of Assange's comments. He later referred the Rich family to a Fox News contributor and former D.C. homicide detective named Rod Wheeler.

The well-intentioned Butowsky had no idea how ferocious was the Hydra-headed monster he had just prodded. For the next three years and counting he was slandered, defamed, physically threatened, had his property vandalized and was dragged into court for his indirect involvement with the Seth Rich saga.

The major media were relentless in their assault on Butowsky. The headline of an August 2017 NPR piece perfectly captured the dynamics of Obama-era news: "The Man Behind The Scenes In Fox News' Discredited Seth Rich Story."

Below the headline on the NPR website was a large photo of Butowsky captioned, "A lawsuit accuses Ed Butowsky, a Fox News reporter and the network of concocting a story about Seth Rich's death in an effort to help President Trump."

In fact, Butowsky was not a reporter but an occasional Fox News contributor on economic issues. He was not "concocting a story about Seth Rich's death" but attempting to solve a genuine mystery.

He had information that the major media did not, including Ratner's testimony and unfiltered conversations with Rich's parents.

NPR reporter David Folkenflik had less interest in solving Rich's murder than he did in slandering Butowsky. He dug into the educational background of this amateur investigator more aggressively than NPR had ever dug into Barack Obama's.

Other alternative journalists, most notably the irrepressible Matt Couch, faced similar legal and media harassment.

Eventually, Fox News was sued into silence. This widespread suppression would have had some justification if major media journalists knew anything about Rich's murder, but they did not.

In 2017, they were not even aware of Ratner's role. Butowsky had protected her identity. If anyone knew about Assange's source, it was Assange, and the media did their shameful best to ignore him or shut him up.

Asked on OAN who was responsible for this multi-level corruption, Clevenger did not hesitate to answer, "It goes straight to Obama."

Jack Cashill's forthcoming book, "Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency," is available for pre-order on Amazon.


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carolynnjune on Twitter

Yesterday I took a drive after calling the ER @ coming in to get tested for the #ChineseVirus. I have a Chronic illness and have been sick since late Nov 2019. Being I have developed a cough, I asked the nurse over the phone if there were still markers in place for testing in FL


IT'S ABOUT TIME! President Trump release massive BOMBSHELL on Hillary Clinton's Federal Crimes



Chinese researchers isolated deadly bat coronaviruses near Wuhan animal market

Chinese government researchers isolated more than 2,000 new viruses, including deadly bat coronaviruses, and carried out scientific work on them just three miles from a wild animal market identified as the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.


No, the coronavirus wasn’t made in a lab. A genetic analysis shows it’s from nature

The coronavirus pandemic circling the globe is caused by a natural virus, not one made in a lab, a new study says. The virus’s genetic makeup reveals that SARS-CoV-2 isn’t a mishmash of known viruses, as might be expected if it were human-made.


April Fools: In the New Age of Deception, Coronavirus has Hastened the Old Collectivism

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via


“…..but the plan insidiously advances.”

ordo ab chao


They are banned from churches and public spaces. They can’t hold hands to pray. LOL!

The Devil


At the very end of last year, I wrote a New Year’s piece entitled “America is Over But You Knew That Already”, whereby various “cracks and water in the nation’s foundation” were explored.  In that article, I said:  “winter is finally here” along with these words:

 Exactly how and when America’s foundational stones will shatter in the coming months is anyone’s guess, but do know this:  When Progressive Democrats, and an activist mainstream media, stage a third-world impeachment trial of a U.S. President while reverently citing the words of the nation’s long-dead founders who were, by their own definition, privileged white males and racist slave owners – the end is nigh.

In a later article, six reasons were explored as to why the COVID-19 virus failed “the sniff test” along with the coincidental timing that marked the rise of the virus:

[the first COVID-19 death outside of China] was one day before the Iowa Caucuses were held (2-3-2020) where the results were massaged to raise Mayor Pete over Bernie and bump Biden to the bare minimum viability.

It was also two days before the Diamond Princess cruise ship was quarantined in Japan … and three days before Trump was acquitted in the Senate.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the 2019-nCoV outbreak a global health emergency on January 30, 2020 when China’s death count was 213.  How did they know? Regardless, the next day, President Trump declared the outbreak a public health emergency and restricted travel from China even as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, cited “8,000 deaths in the U.S. this season” from influenza.

Yet, in spite of COVID-19 being deemed infectious enough for WHO to declare a global health emergency, and Trump to declare a public health emergency, American citizens were evacuated from ground zero in Wuhan China and flown to March Air Reserve Base in Southern California.  Additionally, over “300 U.S. citizens and their immediate family members” were transported from the Diamond Princess ship to Travis Air Force Base in Northern California, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, and the University of Nebraska.

Next, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a COVID-19 infected former Diamond Princess passenger who was “mistakenly” allowed to spend two hours at a San Antonio mall.

These are the paradoxes of the Coronavirus pandemic:  We were told the virus was extremely contagious and, yet, just as global and national health emergencies were declared, Americans infected with COVID-19 were repatriated to four (4) separate locations around the United States simultaneously.

Even now, all across America… bars, restaurants, and small businesses are shuttered as no more than 10 people are allowed to gather together at any given time.  But, American’s First Amendment Right to Free Assembly remains viable at Wal-Mart. No problem there.  And grocery stores are also deemed “essential” around the country – even as “dead bodies are loaded into refrigerated trucks outside New York hospitals”.

Indeed, there have been many oddities during the Coronavirus outbreak.  One peculiarity is how the same players consistently appear to advance the narrative; to wit, Bill Gates, John Hopkins University, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).  These show up almost everywhere Coronavirus tales are told and, perhaps unsurprisingly, participated in the October 2019 Event 201 Pandemic Exercise – a near-exact simulation which took place a mere few weeks before the current COVID-19 outbreak went viral globally.

Although Bill Gates acknowledged “it’s super painful”, he urged a “10-week nationwide lockdown”  during a CNN Global Town Hall on March 26, 2020 and has since outlined three steps for the U.S. Government’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak to include lockdown, testing, and vaccination.

But wait… isn’t Bill Gates the computer software guy? Yet he is now advocating for a national lockdown and specific COVID-19 response measures.  How did he get from there to here exactly? Because, at this point, would you be surprised if outer space aliens landed on earth tomorrow with the cure? I know I wouldn’t.

These frightening times have become surreal. And just as the photos of the dead bodies on the refrigeration truck were absolutely terrifying, endless headlines have increasingly generated more fear.  One prevailing theme tells of how Coronavirus threatens young people and the stories quite often cite the ever-available John Hopkins data:

A 28-year-old who said she and her boyfriend tested positive for the novel coronavirus is speaking out in hopes to remind the public that young, healthy adults are still at risk.

Noemi Orofino and her boyfriend Julian, 31, are now in recovery after fighting the COVID-19 virus, the new respiratory illness in which hundreds of thousands have been diagnosed globally, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

The COVID-19 monster has infected actor Tom Hanks and his wife, various celebrities and athletes, and even recently killed CBS News veteran, Maria Mercader, who was only 54 years old.  Of course, there were some underlying issues:

CBS News said Mercader fought cancer and related illnesses for more than 20 years, and noted that numerous treatments and surgeries had left her among the most vulnerable to the disease.

In the video below, Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University, provides some insights into the data behind COVID-19, underlying conditions, infectivity and mortality rates, as well as how various countries have handled the “outbreak”.  Dr. Ioannidis also shares some observations as to why Italy was gobsmacked by the virus more than other nations.

Now, contrast that presentation to the hysteria and emotionalism we’ve seen in the daily reporting of COVID-19.  But, when you think about it, hasn’t hysteria and emotionalism been utilized throughout history to hasten the agendas of collectivism?  In America, the most recent histrionics have been over climate change, identity politics, gun control, Orange Man bad, Russian election hacking, Judge Kavanaugh rape fantasies, Ukraine, impeachment, and… now…  social distancing.

But where the former fell short, the last one has succeeded; a Hail Mary, as it were.

Overreaction to the novel virus has had the support of both Left and Right politicos as well as the mainstream and alternative media universes.  And, as a result, Virginians can now be jailed for a year for attending church services with 10 people.  Certainly, COVID-19 has provided new energy to Leftist schemes with brave new headlines in the New York Times such as “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals”:

Today, the hard core of climate deniers is concentrated among people who identify as religiously conservative Republicans. And some leaders of the Christian nationalist movement, like those allied with the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, which has denounced environmental science as a “Cult of the Green Dragon,” cast environmentalism as an alternative — and false — theology.

This denial of science and critical thinking among religious ultraconservatives now haunts the American response to the coronavirus crisis.

The bipartisan $2.2 trillion Cornonavirus Relief Bill has, once again, bailed out banks and corporations with taxpayer funds.  And, as local businesses fade to black, global distribution networks are energized, and centralized, as companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon have benefited by the new normal.  Soon, the nation’s healthcare system will be nationalized as digital dinero sends paper cash the way of the dinosaur – right along with privacy. Every financial transaction will be tracked and taxed as private ownership of property and goods wanes like Joe Biden’s memory.

Instead of Coronavirus and COVID-19 the invisible threat could have been called Communistvirus or CHICOM-19.

In my previous article, I described how Coronavirus was an Orwellian-style PLANdemic that killed the Constitution:

COVID-19 is a perfect means for a global reset – and in the United States, it had to happen under a Republican president. Why? Because conservative Americans own the guns.

If all this was happening under Hillary, Biden, Sanders, et al, there would be politicians hanging from street lights in Washington DC. But Trump is the great anesthetizer. For the past couple of years I’ve been writing article after article on how everything we’ve been watching has seemed like a reality TV show; a movie in our mind’s eye.

So I ask you this: What if Hillary, Trump, Russiagate, Mueller, Ukrainegate, impeachment … all of it… was part of the plan; distractions and cover stories for the build-up to what is happening now?

It’s perfect. Too perfect.  And the timing was impeccable.

Even more than that:  It’s too insane not to be on purpose.

To be sure, the leftist agenda has progressed according to plan.

The collectivist activist, Saul Alinsky (1909-1972), in his early 1970s book “Rules for Radicals” included itemized strategies such as “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules” (# 4) and “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition”(#10).  For decades, the Political Left has had a plan and they’ve worked that plan.

Accordingly, the Left has never held itself accountable as it relentlessly challenged its ideological opponents to meet the demands of their own code.  It’s why Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam can wear blackface but comedienne Rosanne Barr can’t tweet a Planet of the Apes joke about former presidential aide Valerie Jarrett. It’s why Former President Bill Clinton can stain a blue dress but Judge Brett Kavanaugh is proven guilty of rape by vague recollections, lurid smears, and zero evidence.  It’s how a Republican president was impeached for actions taken years before by a Democrat Vice President.

Every day of the year, every hour, the pressure is steadily applied by the Collective and their Orwellian Media Ministry of Truth.  One drama unfolds, after another, after another until, today, even the compassion and civility of the American people has been weaponized into six-feet of separation.

In previous articles I’ve stated that COVID-19 has become the new Terrorism® and it’s stunning how “See Something, Say Something®” has been taken to entirely new levels with Coronavirus:

A group of armed vigilantes cut down a tree and dragged it across a man’s driveway in Maine to force him to quarantine in his home amid fears he could be infected with the coronavirus, officials said.

Welcome to the revolution. The individual must now assimilate into the collective.

The COVID-19 outbreak has proven to be a perfect coup de grace on America, and in ways we’re only beginning to realize.  It has caused We the People to turn on each other under the guise of caring for one another. Or, Essentialism, twisted from the words of collectivist revolutionary Karl Marx (1814 – 1883):  From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

Here is a personal example of the new age:  A few days ago, a friend sent me some nasty texts because he was told I held a meeting with five other people on private property. He claimed I was minimizing the danger to others. I replied that he was hysterical.

In a few months, if not weeks, this guy will be begging for Government As God to save him, and, in so doing, I have no doubt he’d sell me out to any governing authority for any reason. We’re about to enter into a real Walking Dead scenario and the Dark Powers will be getting years of mileage out of COVID-19 in every aspect of post-American life.

Truly, the new age will be delivered by concentrically tightening circles of control – like a noose. The Powers That Be have successfully divided and dispersed what they have deemed a threat:  the American people.  All that remains now is the conquering, and it will come in waves, or seasonal cycles.

It has begun and will now continue as the month of April 2020 has been canceled.

April fools.

From now until further notice, the COVID-19 Overton Window should be compared to watching an action movie in a crowded movie theater. On our screens, we’ll see Trump, like Rambo, kicking ass and taking names.  But challenging the Coronavirus narrative will be akin to mute persons donning tinfoil hats and waving lighted cell phones from the back row.

The poet T.S. Elliot framed it best:

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Hello? Can anyone hear? Anyone?


Pandemic-Related Unemployment And Shutdowns Are A Recipe For Social Unrest


Authored by J.D.Tuccille via,

Could the stalled economy we’ve inflicted on ourselves in our frantic efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic lead to civil disorder? History suggests that’s a real danger.

Around the world, high unemployment and stagnant economic activity tend to lead to social unrest, including demonstrations, strikes, and other forms of potentially violent disruptions. That’s a huge concern as forecasters expect the U.S. unemployment rate in the months to come to surpass that seen during the depths of the Great Depression.

“We’re putting this initial number at 30 percent; that’s a 30 percent unemployment rate” in the second quarter of this year as a result of the planned economic shutdowns, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard told Bloomberg News on March 22. Gross Domestic Product, he adds, is expected to drop by 50 percent.

Unlike most bouts of economic malaise, this is a self-inflicted wound meant to counter a serious public health crisis. But, whatever the reasons, it means businesses shuttered and people without jobs and incomes. That’s risky.

“Results from the empirical analysis indicate that economic growth and the unemployment rate are the two most important determinants of social unrest,” notes the International Labour Organisation (ILO), a United Nations agency that maintains a Social Unrest Index in an attempt to predict civil disorder based, in part, on economic trends. “For example, a one standard deviation increase in unemployment raises social unrest by 0.39 standard deviations, while a one standard deviation increase in GDP growth reduces social unrest by 0.19 standard deviations.”

Why would economic shutdowns lead to social unrest? Because, contrary to the airy dismissals of some members of the political class and many ivory-tower types, commerce isn’t a grubby embarrassment to be tolerated and avoided—it’s the life’s blood of a society. Jobs and businesses keep people alive. They represent the activities that meet demand for food, clothing, shelter—and that develop and distribute the medicine and medical supplies we need to battle COVID-19.

President Donald Trump may be overly optimistic when he hopes to have the country, including areas hard-hit by the virus, “opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” but he’s not wrong to include the economy in his calculations.

By contrast, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s insistence that “if it’s public health versus the economy, the only choice is public health,” sounds fine and noble. But it reflects an unrealistic and semi-aristocratic disdain for the activities that make fighting the pandemic possible at all—and that keep social unrest at bay.

While the ILO has tried to quantify the causes of social unrest, its researchers certainly aren’t the first to make the connection between angry, unemployed people and trouble in the streets.

At the height of the Great Depression, when U.S. unemployment hit a peak of 24.9 percent, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration saw make-work programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as a means of getting the jobless—especially young men—safely into “quasi-military camps often far from home in the nation’s publicly owned forests and parks,” Joseph M. Speakman wrote for the Fall 2006 issue of Prologue Magazine, a publication of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

“Bringing an army of the unemployed into ‘healthful surroundings,’ Roosevelt argued, would help to eliminate the threats to social stability that enforced idleness had created,” Speakman added.

The program mostly workedat least, it confined revolts to the camps themselves, where they were suppressed by Army officers. Those same officers commanded the men when they were drafted and dispatched to even more remote destinations with the coming of World War II.

In fact, the connection between unemployment, stagnant economies, and social unrest is so clear that an important indicator for a large underground economy is relative peace prevailing alongside a chronically high unemployment rate.

If 21 percent of the workforce “were jobless, Spain would not be as peaceful as, barring a few demonstrations, it has so far been, say economists and business leaders,” the Financial Times noted in 2011. Sure enough, researchers found that off-the-books businesses and jobs thrived in Spain—accounting for the equivalent of a quarter of GDP at one point—keeping people employed and defusing tensions.

Bullard of the Fed doesn’t propose shipping the jobless off to the wilderness—at least, not yet—and he doesn’t seem inclined to rely on the black market to keep people fed, warm, and healthy. Instead, to defuse the impact of the social-distancing shutdowns of normal economic activity, he calls for lost income to be replaced by unemployment insurance and other payments that would make displaced workers and business owners whole.

He better be right that government checks—drawing on money from the thin air and not generated by an economy that has largely halted, I’ll note—can offset the pain of lost jobs and businesses, because the first wave of the unemployment he predicts is already here.

“In the week ending March 21, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 3,283,000, an increase of 3,001,000 from the previous week’s revised level,” the United States Department of Labor announced on Thursday, March 26.

“This marks the highest level of seasonally adjusted initial claims in the history of the seasonally adjusted series.”

Those disturbed by such economic collapse include public health professionals who take COVID-19 very seriously.

“I am deeply concerned that the social, economic and public health consequences of this near total meltdown of normal life—schools and businesses closed, gatherings banned—will be long lasting and calamitous, possibly graver than the direct toll of the virus itself,” wrote David L. Katz, former director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, in The New York Times last week.

“The stock market will bounce back in time, but many businesses never will. The unemployment, impoverishment and despair likely to result will be public health scourges of the first order.”

Unemployment, impoverishment, and despair are frightening outcomes in themselves. They’re also a recipe for social unrest that will afflict even those of us who weather both the pandemic and the accompanying economic storm.


Von Greyerz: 2008/9 "Was Just A Rehearsal"

Von Greyerz: 2008/9 "Was Just A Rehearsal"

Authored by Egon von Greyerz via,

Whoever doesn’t learn to dance in the rain will struggle to survive the virtually non-stop storms that the world will experience in the next few years. The abrupt downturn in the global economy, triggered but not caused by coronavirus, came as a lightning bolt out of the blue. Thus, most people are paralysed and will fall helplessly as the world unwinds 100 years of mismanagement and excesses, caused primarily by bankers, both central and commercial.


I have for years warned about the enormous risks in the financial system that inevitably would lead to a collapse. As the bubble continued to grow for over ten years since the 2006-9 crisis, very few understood that the last crisis was just a rehearsal with none of the underlying problems resolved. By printing and lending $140 trillion since 2006, the problem and risks weren’t just kicked down the road but made exponentially greater.

So here we are in the spring of 2020 with debts, unfunded liabilities and derivatives of around $2.5 quadrillion. This is a sum that is impossible to fathom but if we say that it is almost 30x global GDP, it gives us an idea what the world and central banks will have to grapple with in the next few years.


No one should believe for one moment that once CV is gone we will experience a V shaped recovery. There will be no V, there will be no U and nor will we see a hockey stick recovery. What few people understand, including the so called experts, is that there will be no recovery at all. An extremely rapid decline of the world economy has just started and will be devastating in the next 6-12 months, whether CV ends soon or not.


There always had to be a catalyst to trigger the inevitable end to the biggest economic bubble in history. Catalysts are normally a financial event like a default of a financial institution. But this time the world could not have been hit by a worse event than Coronavirus. In just over one month the disease has spread like wildfire all around the world. Currently there are almost 900,000 identified cases and 43,000 deaths. The problem is that the number of cases are only a function of how many have been tested. Since most countries only have a limited number of test kits, the real figure of infected people is most probably exponentially higher than 900,000. CV was discovered in Wuhan back in November 2019. The disease most likely spread a lot faster around the world than anyone realised since no one was tested for a long time and still today very few are tested.


The effects of CV have been to shut the world down for an unknown period. With schools, shops, hotels, airlines and factories etc closed, most countries are not producing anything currently. This total lockdown will not only be devastating for the world economically. It could lead to more people suffering due to hardship, famine and health problems with lack of essential items like medicines and food, rather than from CV itself. I pointed this out already 3 weeks ago but politically and humanely this solution has not been considered acceptable.

What the world is now encountering is the perfect storm. That the debt infested global economy would one day come to an abrupt halt has been clear for a while as I have written in many articles. But instead of a gradual downturn, the world economy is now going to experience a fast and devastating collapse which will lead to a decline in real terms of most assets like stocks, property and debt by more than 90%. Real terms means measured in constant purchasing power like gold.

In the Dow for example, we have just seen on the quarterly chart, a downturn in the MACD indicator from a very high level. This is a very important trending signal which indicates that we are likely to see at least 10 years downtrend in stock markets. The alternative is that we will see a very rapid decline in the next 6-24 months and then the index going along the bottom for a decade or more.


Central banks around the world have so far committed $12 trillion of direct support via money printing. In addition global fiscal stimulus or tax reductions of $5 trillion have been committed by governments. But these amounts are just a drop in the ocean. Just take a company like Volkswagen. They are now experiencing a cash drain of $2.2 billion per week. If we multiply that by factories and businesses around the world plus assistance to individuals, we will soon see liquidity requirements of $10s followed by $100s of trillions as the financial system implodes.

If we take the Fed as an example, it has cut rates to zero and already expanded its balance sheet by $700 billion to $5.5 trillion since September 2019. Another $2 trillion have been committed but that is just the start. Just to remind ourselves, during the 2006-9 crisis the Fed’s balance sheet only grew by $1.2 trillion to $2 trillion in 2009. We will most likely see the balance sheet grow by $ trillions in the next few weeks.


Surging national debts and unlimited money printing has always been the inevitable end to periods of excesses. We are now seeing not only the end of a 100 year cycle since the Fed was created, but also the end of a 300 year cycle since John Law and the Mississippi Bubble in France in 1716-20. We could even be at the end of a 2,000 year cycle from the Roman Empire but that only future historians will know.

In 1757 France lost a war against Prussia. The French king Louis XV had a mistress called Mme de Pompadour. When France lost the war she said to the king: “Après nous le déluge” – After us the flood, meaning that the loss of the war would mean chaos and destruction for France. And it did of course as 30 years later the French Revolution took place.

The situation is now the same, with Powell and Lagarde flooding the world with worthless money and the people virtually drowning. Many countries are likely to experience social unrest and possibly also revolutions.


The end of the current cycle is textbook. Bubbles everywhere, major problems in the global economy with economic and financial pressures plus a pandemic that has hit the whole world, all simultaneously.

Next come pressures in the currency system as all currencies are debased. They will all reach their intrinsic value of zero, but not quite at the same time, as central banks flood the world with unlimited amounts of money.

Hyperinflation will follow and then a collapse of the financial system as we know it today. No one must believe that SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) issued by the IMF will make any difference to a bankrupt system. SDRs are just a different form of paper money and a reset based on new SDRs issued will have a life of a few months maximum before it all collapses again. The next reset thereafter will be disorderly and dramatic as central banks lose total control.


Just a few words about the EU. It is no longer the European Union but the European Disunion – ED. All the illusions of grandeur have gone and each ED country is now fighting for its own survival. There is no coordination and no cross border assistance in connection with Coronavirus. Italy, Spain and France are on the verge of collapse but are getting no aid from Germany. The European banking systems under massive pressure and will most probably fail or be seriously impaired in the next 6-12 months.

So we are looking at a truly global crisis which will have irreparable repercussions for the world for a foreseeable future.


Another piece of the perfect storm is the physical gold market. The three largest gold refiners in the world closed down their factories a week ago. These three are based in the Canton of Ticino which is the Italian part of Switzerland.

They produce more than 50% of the gold bars in the world. These refiners are closed until further notice on the order of the local government in Ticino. This is due to the Coronavirus. Ticino is on the border to Italy and the majority of the workers are from Italy. The management of these refiners do not know when they can reopen and it could take a long time.

So with physical gold demand being unprecedented and with very little supply or stocks available, we are very soon likely to see the physical and paper gold market going separate ways. Who would like to own even 1 ounce of paper gold when there is no physical supply and many hundred times more paper gold outstanding than available physical gold. The paper gold market can break at any time. If I owned paper gold or a gold ETF (which I naturally don’t) I would ask for delivery on Monday. The whole paper gold market is a total illusion like most markets today. There is zero underlying value. Time will very soon reveal that the paper gold market is just standing on a foundation of quicksand.

For anyone who doesn’t own physical gold, I suggest to acquire gold at virtually any price. You cannot buy physical gold at the paper gold price you see on the screen. You can of course buy unlimited paper gold at that price but that will soon have zero value. Our company is fortunate to still find physical gold for our clients but that situation will not last if the refiners don’t start producing soon.

To make it very clear, the screen price for gold bears no resemblance to reality. If you can get hold of gold buy it now without worrying about the markup. Silver is even worse. There is no physical silver available in large amounts. Whatever smaller amounts are available can fetch a 100% premium.

As the world is now entering the Dark Years that I wrote about many years ago, remember that the most important thing is helping family and friends as well as our health.

Tyler Durden Wed, 04/01/2020 - 16:45


Domestic Abuse Calls Soar As Nationwide Lockdown Extends

Across California, high unemployment and crashed economic activity are starting to pressure households as tens of millions of people have been forced by the government to "shelter in place" amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


People Who Question Crisis Stories from Mainstream Media Visit Hospitals and Find Empty Emergency Rooms

New York City Phyllis and William Mack Pavilion Hospital in Manhattan: One man in the emergency room, refrigerated truck on hand, but nothing going on. Bellevue Hospital: Looks empty from the street view. Kings County Hospital: 10 people standing around, but not busy.


Congressman called ‘Most Hated Man in Washington’ Stands Alone Against Bailout

Whistleblower Reveals That A UN-Planned Invasion By Refugees Into The US Is Already Underway By Josh Tolley Show 59 Comments US: A Missouri woman is interviewed by radio-show host, Josh Tolley, and tells how she became involved in her state’s...


Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19

The following is from a medical forum.


How It Starts



The brevity of this post is out of proportion to the enormous importance of the subject. But I want to let you know I am thinking and working on it.

It is a recognised pattern for dictatorship to commence with emergency measures designed to combat a threat. Those emergency measures then become normalised and people exercising arbitrary power find it addictive. A new threat is then found to justify the continuation

It is by no means clear to me that it is a rational response to covid-19 to tear up all of the civil liberties which were won by the people against authority through centuries of struggle, and for which people died. To say that is not to minimise the threat of covid-19. It is also worth pointing out that a coronavirus pandemic was a widely foreseen eventuality. People keep sending me links to various TV shows or movies based on a coronavirus pandemic, generally claiming this proves it is a man-made event. No, that just proves it is a widely foreseen event. Which it is.

The lack of contingency preparedness is completely indefensible. It is partly a result of the stupidity of Tory austerity that has the NHS permanently operating at 100% capacity with no contingency, and partly the result of the crazed just-in time thinking that permeates management in all spheres and eliminates the holding of stock.

It is incredible to me that the UK is willing to throw away some £220 billion and rising on Trident against a war scenario nobody can sensibly define, but was not willing to spend a few million on holding stock of protective clothing for the NHS against the much more likely contingency of a pandemic. What does that say about our society?

Anyway, we are where we are. Nobody knows how deadly this virus is. There have not been, anywhere, sufficient reliable large general population samples to know what percentage of people who get the virus will die. We just do not know how many people in the UK have had it and not got seriously ill. My suspicion is that in a couple of years time it will be discovered the mortality rate was under 1%. But I do not know, and I do not blame the government for making worst assumptions in the absence of reliable scientific evidence. Personally, I am obeying lockdown and would advise others to do so too until the situation is clearer. But I do not want to see the police harassing people for going on a long walk or posting a letter. It really is a problem to have police empowered to stop and question a citizen for just walking in the street. It is also a problem that Peter Hitchens is being reviled for saying, in essence, little more than that. When you can’t criticise restrictions on liberty, you know society has entered a very dark phase indeed.

I would feel much more comfortable if they were open about what they do not know. All the excuses for not testing people rather than admit they did not have the tests rather rattles trust. The ability of the rich and well-connected to access tests also rattles trust.

But none of this justifies rule by fiat – if Parliament cannot sit, I personally believe it would benefit the nations of the UK to have no new laws for a while. There are too many laws already. It does not justify banning political gathering. I don’t recommend anyone to gather, and I don’t imagine they would gather, but the evil of banning political activity is much more serious than the danger of four lonely people in Solihull getting together to talk about coronavirus restrictions.

It certainly does not justify banning jury trials, which the Scottish government has just dropped from today’s Bill after a revolt led by Joanna Cherry. The bill still weakens the defence in trials by allowing pre-taped video evidence and dispensing with the right to cross-examine. If the accusers had been allowed to get away with their lies in the Alex Salmond trial without cross-examination, the result might have been very different. For God’s sake, if you cannot do justice, suspend it. Do not dispense rough justice.

This article is entirely free to reproduce and publish, including in translation, and I very much hope people will do so actively. Truth shall set us free.


Unlike our adversaries including the Integrity Initiative, the 77th Brigade, Bellingcat, the Atlantic Council and hundreds of other warmongering propaganda operations, this blog has no source of state, corporate or institutional finance whatsoever. It runs entirely on voluntary subscriptions from its readers – many of whom do not necessarily agree with the every article, but welcome the alternative voice, insider information and debate.

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