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San Francisco Prepares To Suspend Cops And Firefighters Who Refuse To Disclose Vaccination Status

San Francisco Prepares To Suspend Cops And Firefighters Who Refuse To Disclose Vaccination Status

San Francisco is preparing to suspend nearly two-dozen employees with the police, fire, and sheriff's departments who have refused to disclose their vaccination status, while hundreds of employees from other departments are about to be similarly put on notice, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Two police officers walk on Stockton Street near Union Square in San Francisco, Calif. on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018.

The city sent notifications to 20 employees in the police, fire and sheriff's departments for failing to meet an Aug. 12 disclosure deadline, while employees from other departments - including Public Health and the Municipal Transportation Agency, could receive similar letters next week.

The city is recommending a 10-day unpaid suspension for 11 Police Department employees, seven Fire Department employees and two employees in the Sheriff's Department.

"The health and well being of city employees and the public we serve are top priorities during our emergency response to COVID-19," reads the letter which was obtained by the Chronicle. "Your failure to comply with the vaccination status reporting requirement endangers the health and safety of the city’s workforce and the public we serve."

The letters will arrive as San Francisco grapples with a surge in coronavirus cases fueled by the delta variant, with the unvaccinated making up the overwhelming majority of those who are hospitalized or killed by the virus. The data shows that the vaccines are extremely safe and very effective at preventing severe COVID-19.

San Francisco was the first large city in the country to require all municipal employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, unless they have a valid religious or medical exemption. All employees had to report their vaccination status to the city by Aug. 12, and those without valid exemptions must be inoculated 10 weeks after the Food and Drug Administration fully approves the vaccines. The Department of Human Resources already gave employees a two-week extension to report their status. -SF Chronicle

According to the report, the city says that failure to get the jab could eventually lead to firings

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Fear Porn Inc.

Fear Porn Inc.

Authored by Terry Paulding via,

I took a step back from writing about the Wu Flu for a few weeks because there were so many people already writing what I was thinking.  But now the country and the world around us are spiraling downward into panic, and officials are feeding us fear porn recklessly.  It's time to sift the information, to try to find some clarity.  My all-time favorite word is "perspective," and that is what seems to be missing right now.  That, and honesty from the "top" levels of our government and our media.

I'm not a medical professional.  Just an observant senior citizen who cares about my own health and that of those around me.  I read and watch multiple sources of information daily because as a grandparent, I'm concerned for my kids and my little grandkids, as well as my own well-being.  

The following are my observations.

Let's start with this mostly unacknowledged problem: the vaccinated have had the rug pulled right out from under their feet.  They were secure in the knowledge that they did the right thing.  They dutifully rolled up their sleeves, problem solved, COVID could no longer touch them.  Oops!

Cue the needle screeching across the record, painfully.  (Sorry, youngsters, if that's not an image that makes you cringe as it does us old-timers.)  

Now the vaccinated are aware that there is no truth to the bogus "fact" that they would no longer be in any danger from COVID.  The booster shot is being pushed, and pushed hard — but will it be any better than the first two ineffective shots?  

The fact that the "vaccine" is not a vaccine is becoming obvious.  

The fear is palpable.  No matter how high they hastily build their wall against information contrary to the narrative, that wall is crumbling.  Reports from other countries, and from our own hospital nurses, are that wards are filled with sick, vaccinated people.

There are ample reports that the vaccinated are in fact themselves spreading delta and therefore responsible for the variant's mayhem.  This may be because their infections are often symptom-free, due to the effects of the vaccine.  Then there are the terrifying reports that the vaccinated have compromised their immune systems.  Nobody wants to mention any of these possibilities, because they would interfere with the program to get everyone vaccinated.  With good reason!

Why, then, is government coming down on the unvaccinated so hard? What's to be gained by the heavy-handed approach?  

New Yorkers, for instance, no longer have the freedom to live if they aren't vaccinated.  I can't imagine (and I'm an ex–New Yorker, so I imagine the city quite well) what that would be like.  I guess grocery and restaurant delivery would be the only options.  You can't live like that, not in a city that is a rabbit-warren of small apartments stacked on top of one another, next to one another.  It's a recipe for despair.  Not only for the unvaccinated who have never had COVID, but also for those who have had it and have natural immunity to the virus, immunity that's far better than the spike protein in the "vaccine" shots.

San Francisco is going in the same direction.  Want to go to a restaurant or bar?  Show your vaccination certificate.  In the Bay Area, people are clearly terrified.  They've started wearing their masks alone, in the car, once again.  

That's a pretty strong indicator.

Those of us who decided not to get the shot are the lucky ones.  If we get COVID, we'll know, and if we're smart, we will have arranged in advance to get treatment immediately.  In Florida, Ron DeSantis is setting up clinics for monoclonal antibody infusions.  They're desperate to shut him down.  Treating people for the infection in a forthright, obvious manner means it will no longer have the power to terrify us all into getting the lucrative jabs.  

We won't all end up in the hospital; we won't be dying.  Between the antibody treatments, and ivermectin and its cohort of zinc, Vitamin D, etc., the death toll from the virus should be demonstrably minuscule among the otherwise healthy.

I have to add my own honest feelings about this.  I am not scared of getting the delta variant.  

From all accounts, it will confer great antibody protection from future infections.  It's not that bad in the healthy, and I'm healthy.  I've arranged treatment if I get it.  And I would be making my contribution to herd immunity.  I also think if the kids get delta, it would be far better than subjecting them to the experimental, and likely harmful in the long term, "vaccine."  Especially since the vaccine has killed 9,000+ Americans and injured countless others with myocarditis, Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, and potentially (we just don't really know yet!) more.  

My opinion: Take off the masks, mingle freely, celebrate life.  End the fear porn's power over all of us.  It's time.

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What A Shocker! This Strange Development Is Going To Change Everything…

It may take a long time, but the truth comes out eventually.  New information that the CDC has just released is going to radically change how Americans view this pandemic.


Over 32,000 People DEAD in Brazil Following COVID-19 Vaccines According to Official Media Report

A Health Impact News reader from Brazil has alerted us to official media reports stating that during a 5-month period, over 32,000 people in Brazil have died following a COVID-19 injection. Currently in Brazil, the following vaccines are authorized for use: AstraZeneca/Oxford, Pfizer/BioNTech, Coronavac (also called Sinovac), J&J/Janssen, and Butanvac. The report was published on, which reportedly has about the same number of pageviews as, according to data from SimilarWeb. It is so big, that ICANN has given its own domain: .uol. Despite these high amounts of deaths following vaccination, the report states: "Vaccination is still the best way to control the disease."


Thursday, August 19, 2021

What A Shocker! This Strange Development Is Going To Change Everything…


It may take a long time, but the truth comes out eventually.  New information that the CDC has just released is going to radically change how Americans view this pandemic.  Up until now, most people had assumed that the vaccines would give them permanent immunity and that they would be able to go back to their normal lives as a result.  But now the CDC is telling the public exactly what I was telling my readers a year ago.  Three new studies have proven that immunity to COVID starts to fade quite rapidly, and so now health authorities are going to be urging everyone to go out and get a “booster shot” this fall.  Of course the effect of that “booster shot” will soon fade as well, and so we will inevitably be told that even more shots will be needed in the future.

In this article I am going to share information that comes from “trusted mainstream sources”.  As you will see, what these “trusted mainstream sources” are now admitting is perfectly consistent with what I have been warning my readers about all along.

Members of Congress were among the first to be vaccinated, and on Thursday we learned that three “fully vaccinated” senators just tested positive for COVID

Three senators announced within hours of each other on Thursday that they had tested positive for the coronavirus, despite each being fully vaccinated.

Sens. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Angus King (I-Maine) and John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) said they had tested positive in what is known as a breakthrough case, when fully vaccinated individuals test positive for COVID-19. It marks three known breakthrough cases among senators within 24 hours.

Of course this is happening everywhere.  All over the country, large numbers of people that have been “fully vaccinated” are catching the virus.

This wasn’t supposed to happen, and it runs contrary to everything that the American people were originally promised.

Now even the CDC is being forced to alter their narratives because three brand new studies have conclusively shown that any protection conferred by the vaccines starts to fade quite quickly

Three studies published Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that protection against the coronavirus given by vaccines declined in the midsummer months when the more contagious delta variant rose to dominance in the United States.

To most Americans, this came as shocking news.

But it should not have shocked anyone.  All along we have known that immunity to COVID is just temporary.

I wrote the following on August 13th, 2020 which was several months before the vaccination campaign even began…

But it is becoming clear that a vaccine is not going to end this pandemic. In a previous article, I discussed the fact that three separate scientific studies conducted in three different countries have all shown that COVID-19 antibodies disappear very, very rapidly. So even if a COVID-19 vaccine could be developed that was safe, and even if it produced antibodies, and even if those antibodies were sufficient to confer immunity, that immunity would likely be very, very temporary at best.

All along we knew that immunity was temporary, and now huge numbers of people that are “fully vaccinated” are getting sick just months after they got their shots.

But instead of focusing on other treatments that have been highly effective elsewhere around the globe, the Biden administration is telling us that a third round of shots is the answer

Data from these studies persuaded the Biden administration to develop a plan for additional doses to bolster the immune systems of people vaccinated months earlier. The Biden administration will begin offering coronavirus booster shots to fully vaccinated adults who received the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots the week of Sept. 20, top health officials announced Wednesday, after concluding that a third shot is needed to fight off waning immunity.

Next year people will likely be told to go out and get a fourth shot, and then months after that it will be a fifth shot and so on.

But at this point even the mainstream media is admitting that all of these jabs will not bring this pandemic to an end

The trio of reports, published Wednesday in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC’s scientific digest, also reinforce the idea that vaccines alone will be unable to lift the nation out of the pandemic.

Every quote that I have shared in this article so far comes from a “trusted mainstream source”.

They are now telling you what I have been telling you for more than a year.

The numbers have finally forced them to tell the truth about the duration of immunity, and it is inevitable that more truth will be coming out in the months ahead.

One thing that I found particularly noteworthy this week was a study that was just conducted at Brown University that found that children born during this pandemic have a much lower IQ

In the decade preceding the pandemic, the mean IQ score on standardized tests for children aged between three months and three years of age hovered around 100, but for children born during the pandemic that number tumbled to 78.

With limited stimulation at home and less interaction with the world outside, pandemic-era children appear to have scored shockingly low on tests designed to assess cognitive development, said lead study author Sean Deoni, associate professor of pediatrics at Brown University.

The way that our leaders have responded to this pandemic has caused an immense amount of damage to our society.

It is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions, and it is still far from over.

COVID isn’t going anywhere, and if we are having this much trouble with a relatively minor pandemic, what in the world is our society going to look like when pestilences that are much worse come along?

A lot of people out there seem to think that COVID is the worst thing that could ever happen to us.

That isn’t even close to the truth.

Many more chapters of “the perfect storm” lie ahead of us, and the vast majority of the people in our society are completely and totally unprepared for what they will soon be facing.

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The Right to Bodily Integrity: Nobody Wins and We All Lose in the Covid-19 Showdown



“We’ve reached the point where state actors can penetrate rectums and vaginas, where judges can order forced catheterizations, and where police and medical personnel can perform scans, enemas and colonoscopies without the suspect’s consent. And these procedures aren’t to nab kingpins or cartels, but people who at worst are hiding an amount of drugs that can fit into a body cavity. In most of these cases, they were suspected only of possession or ingestion. Many of them were innocent… But these tactics aren’t about getting drugs off the street… These tactics are instead about degrading and humiliating a class of people that politicians and law enforcement have deemed the enemy.”—Radley Balko, The Washington Post

Freedom is never free.

There is always a price—always a sacrifice—that must be made in order to safeguard one’s freedoms.

Where that transaction becomes more complicated is when one has to balance the rights of the individual with the needs of the community.

Philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau envisioned the social contract between the individual and a nation’s rulers as a means of finding that balance. Invariably, however, those in power grow greedy, and what was intended to be a symbiotic relationship with both sides benefitting inevitably turns into a parasitic one, with a clear winner and a clear loser.

We have seen this vicious cycle play out over and over again throughout the nation’s history.

Just look at this COVID-19 pandemic: the whole sorry mess has been so overtly politicized, propagandized, and used to expand the government’s powers (and Corporate America’s bank balance) that it’s difficult at times to distinguish between what may be legitimate health concerns and government power grabs.

After all, the government has a history of shamelessly exploiting national emergencies for its own nefarious purposes. Terrorist attacks, mass shootings, civil unrest, economic instability, pandemics, natural disasters: the government has been taking advantage of such crises for years now in order to gain greater power over an unsuspecting and largely gullible populace.

This COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

Yet be warned: we will all lose if this pandemic becomes a showdown between COVID-19 vaccine mandates and the right to bodily integrity.

It doesn’t matter what your trigger issue is—whether it’s vaccines, abortion, crime, religion, immigration, terrorism or some other overtly politicized touchstone used by politicians as a rallying cry for votes—we should all be concerned when governments and businesses (i.e., the Corporate State) join forces to compel individuals to sacrifice their right to bodily integrity (which goes hand in hand with the right to conscience and religious freedom) on the altar of so-called safety and national security.

That’s exactly what’s unfolding right now, with public and private employers using the threat of termination to force employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Unfortunately, legal protections in this area are limited.

While the Americans with Disabilities Act protects those who can prove they have medical conditions that make receiving a vaccination dangerous, employees must be able to prove they have a sensitivity to vaccines.

Beyond that, employees with a religious objection to the vaccine mandate can try to request an exemption, but even those who succeed in gaining an exemption to a vaccine mandate may have to submit to routine COVID testing and mask requirements, especially if their job involves contact with other individuals.

Under the First Amendment and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, individuals have a right of conscience and/or religious freedom to ask that their sincere religious beliefs against receiving vaccinations be accommodated. To this end, The Rutherford Institute has issued guidance and an in-depth fact sheet and model letter for those seeking a religious exemption to a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the workplace. The Rutherford Institute’s policy paper, “Know Your Rights: How To Request a Religious Accommodation for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace,” goes into the details of how and why and in which forums one can request such accommodation, but there is no win-win scenario.

As with all power plays of this kind, the ramifications of empowering the government and its corporate partners to force individuals to choose between individual liberty and economic survival during a so-called state of “emergency” can lead to terrifying results.

At a minimum, it’s a slippery slope that justifies all manner of violations in the name of national security, the interest of the state and the so-called greater good.

If the government—be it the President, Congress, the courts or any federal, state or local agent or agency—can willfully disregard the rights of any particular person or group of persons, then that person becomes less than a citizen, less than human, less than deserving of respect, dignity, civility and bodily integrity. He or she becomes an “it,” a faceless number that can be tallied and tracked, a quantifiable mass of cells that can be discarded without conscience, an expendable cost that can be written off without a second thought, or an animal that can be bought, sold, branded, chained, caged, bred, neutered and euthanized at will.

That’s exactly where we find ourselves now: caught in the crosshairs of a showdown between the rights of the individual and the so-called “emergency” state.

All of those freedoms we cherish—the ones enshrined in the Constitution, the ones that affirm our right to free speech and assembly, due process, privacy, bodily integrity, the right to not have police seize our property without a warrant, or search and detain us without probable cause—amount to nothing when the government and its agents are allowed to disregard those prohibitions on government overreach at will.

This is the grim reality of life in the American police state.

Our so-called rights have been reduced to technicalities in the face of the government’s ongoing power grabs.

Yet those who founded this country believed that what we conceive of as our rights were given to us by God—we are created equal, according to the nation’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence—and that government cannot create nor can it extinguish our God-given rights. To do so would be to anoint the government with god-like powers and elevate it above the citizenry.

And that, in a nutshell, is what happens when government officials are allowed to determine who is deserving of constitutional rights and who should be stripped of those rights for whatever reason may be justified by the courts and the legislatures.

In this way, concerns about COVID-19 mandates and bodily integrity are part of a much larger debate over the ongoing power struggle between the citizenry and the government over our property “interest” in our bodies. For instance, who should get to decide how “we the people” care for our bodies? Are we masters over our most private of domains, our bodies? Or are we merely serfs who must answer to an overlord that gets the final say over whether and how we live or die?

This debate over bodily integrity covers broad territory, ranging from abortion and euthanasia to forced blood draws, biometric surveillance and basic healthcare.

Forced vaccinations are just the tip of the iceberg.

Forced vaccinations, forced cavity searches, forced colonoscopies, forced blood draws, forced breath-alcohol tests, forced DNA extractions, forced eye scans, forced inclusion in biometric databases: these are just a few ways in which Americans continue to be reminded that we have no control over what happens to our bodies during an encounter with government officials.

Consider the case of Mitchell vs. Wisconsin in which the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision found nothing wrong when police officers read an unconscious man his rights and then proceeded to forcibly and warrantlessly draw his blood while he was still unconscious in order to determine if he could be charged with a DUI.

To sanction this forced blood draw, the cops and the courts hitched their wagon to state “implied consent” laws (all of the states have them), which suggest that merely driving on a state-owned road implies that a person has consented to police sobriety tests, breathalyzers and blood draws.

More than half of the states (29 states) allow police to do warrantless, forced blood draws on unconscious individuals whom they suspect of driving while intoxicated.

Seven state appeals courts have declared these warrantless blood draws when carried out on unconscious suspects are unconstitutional. Courts in seven other states have found that implied consent laws run afoul of the Fourth Amendment. And yet seven other states (including Wisconsin) have ruled that implied consent laws provide police with a free pass when it comes to the Fourth Amendment and forced blood draws.

Read the writing on the wall, and you’ll see how little remains of our right to bodily integrity in the face of the government’s steady assaults on the Fourth Amendment.

Our freedoms—especially the Fourth Amendment—continue to be strangulated by a prevailing view among government bureaucrats that they have the right to search, seize, strip, scan, spy on, probe, pat down, taser, and arrest any individual at any time and for the slightest provocation.

Worse, on a daily basis, Americans are being made to relinquish the most intimate details of who we are—our biological makeup, our genetic blueprints, and our biometrics (facial characteristics and structure, fingerprints, iris scans, etc.)—in order to clear the nearly insurmountable hurdle that increasingly defines life in the United States: we are now guilty until proven innocent.

Such is life in America today that individuals are being threatened with arrest and carted off to jail for the least hint of noncompliance, homes are being raided by militarized SWAT teams under the slightest pretext, property is being seized on the slightest hint of suspicious activity, and roadside police stops have devolved into government-sanctioned exercises in humiliation and degradation with a complete disregard for privacy and human dignity.

While forced searches—of one’s person and property—may span a broad spectrum of methods and scenarios, the common denominator remains the same: a complete disregard for the dignity and rights of the citizenry.

Unfortunately, the indignities being heaped upon us by the architects and agents of the American police state—whether or not we’ve done anything wrong—are just a foretaste of what is to come.

The government doesn’t need to tie you to a gurney and forcibly take your blood or strip you naked by the side of the road in order to render you helpless. As this showdown over COVID-19 vaccine mandates makes clear, the government has other methods—less subtle perhaps but equally devastating—of stripping you of your independence, robbing you of your dignity, and undermining your rights.

With every court ruling that allows the government to operate above the rule of law, every piece of legislation that limits our freedoms, and every act of government wrongdoing that goes unpunished, we’re slowly being conditioned to a society in which we have little real control over our bodies or our lives.

You may not realize it yet, but you are not free.

If you believe otherwise, it is only because you have made no real attempt to exercise your freedoms.

Had you attempted to exercise your freedoms before now by questioning a police officer’s authority, challenging an unjust tax or fine, protesting the government’s endless wars, defending your right to privacy against the intrusion of surveillance cameras, or any other effort that challenges the government’s power grabs and the generally lopsided status quo, you would have already learned the hard way that the American Police State has no appetite for freedom and it does not tolerate resistance.

This is called authoritarianism, a.k.a. totalitarianism, a.k.a. oppression.

As Glenn Greenwald notes for the Guardian:

Oppression is designed to compel obedience and submission to authority. Those who voluntarily put themselves in that state – by believing that their institutions of authority are just and good and should be followed rather than subverted – render oppression redundant, unnecessary. Of course people who think and behave this way encounter no oppression. That’s their reward for good, submissive behavior. They are left alone by institutions of power because they comport with the desired behavior of complacency and obedience without further compulsion. But the fact that good, obedient citizens do not themselves perceive oppression does not mean that oppression does not exist.

Get ready to stand your ground or run for your life.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, our government “of the people, by the people and for the people” has been transformed into a greedy pack of wolves that is on the hunt.

“We the people” are the prey.

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Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix.

In the movie The Matrix, humans are imprisoned in a virtual world by a powerful artificial intelligence system in a dystopian future. What they take to be reality is actually a computer program that has been jacked into their brains to keep them in a comatose state.


The Oligarchic Empire Is Actually Simple and Easy To Understand



Listen to a reading of this article:

Yeah, don’t you worry your pretty little heads about war. It will just confuse you, because it’s far too complicated to understand. These important matters should be left to men like John Bolton, who are consistently wrong about every foreign policy issue.

This carefully promoted idea serves only the powerful, and entirely too many people buy into it. You’ll even see dedicated leftists shying away from commentary on western imperialism in favor of domestic policy because they don’t feel confident talking about something they’ve been trained to believe is very difficult and complex.

Which is silly, because war is actually the easiest aspect of the oligarchic empire to understand. Murdering people with military explosives for power and profit is plainly wrong. You don’t need to be an Ivy League university graduate to understand this, and given the track record of Ivy League university graduates on this matter it’s probably better if you are not. A globe-spanning power structure loosely centralized around the United States orchestrates murder at mass scale to ensure perpetual domination of the planet. It really is that simple.

Now, you can spend the rest of your life studying the details of precisely how this is the case, but they’re just that: details about how this dynamic is taking place. You can learn all about the various ways the oligarchic empire advances its geostrategic agendas using wars, proxy conflicts, coups, sanctions, special ops, cold war brinkmanship and the so-called “war on terror”, but you will only be discovering further details about this simple overarching truth.

the politico reporters snapping off tweets about how “if you haven’t really studied afghanistan, please, you don’t have to tweet about it” are the exact same people who will sell you the next war

— Nathan Bernhardt (@jonbernhardt) August 17, 2021

And the same is true of the other aspects of the status quo power structure: they’re meant to look complicated, but what you actually need to know about them to orient yourself in our world is fairly simple.

The systems of capitalism are very complex by design, and a tremendous amount of thievery happens in those mysterious knowledge gaps on financial and economic matters where only the cleverest manipulators understand what’s going on. But the basics of our problem are quite simple: money rewards and uplifts sociopathy. The more willing you are to do whatever it takes to become wealthy, the wealthier you will be. Those who rise to the top are those who are sufficiently lacking in human empathy to step on whoever they need to step on to get ahead.

As a result we’ve had many generations of wealthy sociopaths using their fortunes and clout to influence governmental, media, financial and economic systems in a way that advantages them more and more with each passing year. This is why we are ruled by sociopaths who understand that money is power and power is relative, which means the less money everyone else has the more power they get to have over everyone else. They’ve been widening the wealth gap further and further over the years, a trend they seek to continue with the so-called “Great Reset” you’ve been hearing so much about lately.

You can spend the rest of your life learning to follow the money, studying the dynamics of currency, banking and economics, but what you’ll be learning is more and more details about the way the dynamic I just described is taking place.

Sociopaths rise to the top, the most powerful of whom understand that things like money, governments and the lines drawn between nations are all collective narrative constructs which can be altered in whatever way benefits them and ignored whenever it’s convenient. For this reason controlling the stories the public tell themselves about what’s going on in their world is of paramount importance, which is why so much wealth gets poured into buying up media and media influence in the form of advertising, funding think tanks and NGOs, and buying up politicians with campaign contributions and corporate lobbying.

Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix.

Life in our society is like the movie The Matrix, except instead of AI keeping us asleep in an illusory world, it’s psychopathic oligarchs. And instead of code, it’s narrative.

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) July 13, 2021

These powerful sociopaths tend to form loose alliances with each other and with the heads of government agencies as often as possible since it’s always easier to move with power than against it. So what you get is an alliance of depraved oligarchs with no loyalty to any nation using powerful governments as tools to bomb, bully and plunder the rest of the world for their own power and profit, and using mass-scale media psyops to keep the public from rising up and stopping them.

And that’s it, really. So simple it can be summed up in a few paragraphs. Don’t let elitists use the illusion of complexity to cow you out of talking about what’s going on in your world. You can see what’s going on well enough to begin speaking out, and the more you learn the more detailed the picture will become.

Speak. You are infinitely more qualified to comment on the way power is moving in the world than the people who’ve been consistently wrong about everything throughout their entire careers yet remain widely platformed by the oligarchic media. If John Bolton gets a voice, so do you.


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“The Afghanistan Exit Debacle: Incompetence, Distraction Or Something More Sinister?”


At this point, after seeing all we’ve seen, I gotta go with “sinister.”

My first instinct has been to ignore the circus surrounding Biden’s apparent bungle of the troop exit from Afghanistan, primarily because I think it distracts from the much bigger danger of despotic covid mandates and vaccine passports that Biden and his handlers are trying to push forward right now on our home soil. That said, I have received numerous requests from readers to discuss the situation and I’ve found certain aspects of the pull-out rather suspicious. The basic assumption here is that Biden is senile and his handling of the exit is tainted by his stupidity, but maybe there is more to this than meets the eye…

First, I think it’s important to dispel a propaganda narrative being circulated by the media that conservatives are somehow calling for troops to stay in Afghanistan by criticizing Biden’s exit strategy. This is typical leftist gaslighting. One can be in favor of a troop draw-down and still be critical of Biden’s handling of it. Frankly, the US should have been out of Afghanistan several years ago; I don’t think that it’s too much to ask that there be a concrete plan in place to mitigate damage to those people who relied on our presence to protect them from the Taliban.

It was Barack Obama who first promised an exit from Afghanistan by 2014 while claiming that the “combat mission was over.” This of course never happened and the political left ignored Obama’s deception in favor of the progressive savior narrative.

To be fair, the Trump Administration did the same exact thing, platforming the idea of a major draw-down or a full exit and then instituting troop surges instead, but at least conservatives were far more critical of his backpedaling. Trump finally committed to troop reductions in 2020, with most of the assets relocated AFTER the November election, leaving 2500 military personnel in Afghanistan along with 17,000 private contractors.

The real shock has been the speed of Biden’s exit agenda after Trump had already removed the bulk of US troops. This rapid draw-down has included cutting almost all US troops and cutting private contractor numbers by at least 60%, and all of this has been undertaken in the span of a few months. This has allowed the Taliban to overrun the last secure provinces surrounding the capital of Kabul and then overrun Kabul itself. A panic has ensued among Afghan citizens with anti-Taliban sentiments, and it’s hitting a fever pitch with hundreds of thousands looking for any way to escape.

It has been the common practice of multiple US administrations to pay lip service to public concerns over the endless war in Afghanistan, telling people an exit is imminent, then shrugging their shoulders when they are caught lying. It has become so formulaic that I think Americans have been conditioned to expect we would never actually leave the country; that the false promises would go on perpetually. Perhaps that’s why Biden’s rushed and haphazard removal of troops from the region over the span of mere months feels so bizarre.

Biden apologists would make the argument that the gibbering commander-in-chief has given us exactly what we wanted, so we should be applauding him. However, the chaotic manner in which Biden is executing the troop draw-down is increasingly suspect. It feels more like a desperate retreat in the face of an overwhelming attack, rather than a controlled exit with a defensive plan in the face of a limited insurgency. Or, even more disturbing, it feels like Biden needs those troops and resources elsewhere and in a hurry – but where are the troops needed and why?

Three guesses, first two etc.

It needs to be understood that the US was NEVER going to “win” the war in Afghanistan. An orthodox military strategy is rarely going to succeed against a long term insurgency using asymmetric tactics. It does not matter how technologically advanced that military might be; it does not matter how many planes, tanks, and drones they might have. Eventually over time they WILL lose by pure attrition in the face of a guerrilla resistance.

It needs to be remembered, too. It will be on the test later. So to speak.

I’m not buying the “Biden is incompetent” story because it is too simplistic and it doesn’t take the bigger picture into account. Biden is a muppet, a mascot, a front-man for the public to love or hate, and that’s all he is. Yes, he can barely read from a teleprompter, but it’s his puppeteers that make the big decisions, not Biden. They are evil people, but not incompetent.

So we have to ask some important questions: Why now? And, who benefits? After decades of presidents lying to us about “mission accomplished” and impending troop exits, why is Biden suddenly committing to an exit strategy in the most hysterical way possible?

Why did the Biden Admin choose September 11th as the end date for the troop exit? It’s certainly symbolic of further US failure and defeat, but is it also symbolic of a new phase in the establishment’s plans for the US as a whole? Is there another major event like 9/11 or larger on the way, and is the sudden exit from Afghanistan in preparation for that event?

As I mentioned, there are scenes here that remind me of Vietnam, but I am also reminded of Benghazi – There is a rotten smell to this event, as if the goal is to deliberately spark an inferno to hide another motive in smoke.

To be sure, the insanity in Afghanistan is quite a distraction away from the implementation of vaccine passports and other illegal mandates in the US, with an increasing number of corporations and city and state governments trying to enforce them. The DHS has just released a statement indicating that anyone who refuses to submit to restrictions and the experimental mRNA vaccines “might” be a potential terrorist. They are even entertaining the idea of interstate restrictions on travel for unvaccinated people, which is something I have been predicting for the past year and it is an action that’s on the top of my list of items that will trigger civil war.

Everything those of us in the alternative media have warned about over the past 18 months in terms of medical tyranny is coming true. It’s not “conspiracy theory”, it’s conspiracy reality.

The Biden Admin will certainly try to announce vaccine passport requirements at the federal level in the near future. Is the plan to bring US troops and maybe even private contractors home to the US to help enforce illegal directives through martial law? There is a high probability of a soft secession of red states and counties if the mandate farce continues. With US troops being majority conservative there is the hope that they will not comply and that they have no interest in fighting yet another insurgency made up of their own people. We will have to wait and see.

The nice thing about that is, what with however many grim-faced warfighters may still be left in our New LGBTQZRXPIALIDOCIOUS Army now driven to purple-faced rage by the Biden Betrayal, the idea of those troops coming over to the side of American Righteousness en masse in such a conflict is nowhere near as far-fetched as it might have been only a couple-three weeks ago. As I’ve always maintained, Leftism always carries the seeds of its own destruction within itself, awaiting the chance to take root and blossom. By so stupidly alienating the very force they must rely on to suppress Team Liberty, the Moron Left could very well end up providing the real-world proof of concept for that idea.

Error happened.


Australia has fallen – Father removed from home due to being “a danger to public health” after testing positive for Covid-19

The actions of the state in Australia are making the United Kingdom’s current dystopian reality look like paradise in comparison.


Alarming Levels of Glyphosate Found in Popular American Foods

Independent tests on an array of popular American food products found many samples contained residue levels of the weed killer glyphosate. The nonprofit organizations behind the tests—Food Democracy Now and The Detox Project—released a report Monday that details the findings.




4 in 10 Parents Have No Plans to Get Child Vaccinated for School: Poll + More



4 Out of 10 Parents Have No Plans to Get Child Vaccinated for School: Poll

Health Day reported:

Almost 90% of U.S. parents plan to send their kids back to the classroom this fall, but fewer than 60% plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine for those who are old enough, a new poll reveals.

Anxiety is also high among many parents, who wonder just how safe in-person learning will be as the highly contagious Delta variant spreads nationwide and the pandemic grinds on.

“To feel safe sending their children to school in-person, most parents — especially those still unsure about in-person schooling — want classroom ventilation, teachers to be vaccinated, and social distancing in schools, in that order,” said Heather Schwartz, director of Pre-K to 12 educational systems at RAND, a nonprofit research organization.

UW Medicine Pulls Heart Transplant Patient From List After Refusing COVID Vaccine reported:

The University of Washington Medical Center denied organ transplants to patients who refuse a COVID vaccine as early as June 2021. And hospital officials refuse to answer basic questions about their policy.

In fact, they won’t even directly acknowledge they have a policy.

The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH has learned that UW Medicine removed a 64-year-old patient from the transplant waitlist. He says he was on the list for two and a half years. The hospital made the decision after they learned the patient refused to be vaccinated against COVID. They said they would consider adding him back to the waitlist should he satisfy their “compliance concerns.”

Fully Vaccinated People With ‘Breakthrough’ COVID Delta Infections Carry as Much Virus as the Unvaccinated

CBS News reported:

A study by University of Oxford scientists has found that people who contract the Delta variant of COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated carry a similar amount of the coronavirus as those who catch the disease and have not been inoculated. The researchers stressed that vaccination still offers good protection against catching the disease in the first place, and protects against getting seriously ill with it.

The survey of real-world U.K. data indicates, however, that vaccinated people with “breakthrough” infections could still pose a significant infection risk to those who have not been vaccinated.

“With Delta, infections occurring following two vaccinations had similar peak viral burden to those in unvaccinated individuals,” the study, which has not yet been peer reviewed, concludes. Viral “burden” or viral load refers to how much coronavirus-infected people carry and thus “shed,” or release into the environment around them, where it can potentially infect others.

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Where’s the Data on Delta? Lack of Testing, Info Makes It Hard to See Virus’s Full Scope

NBC News reported:

In the earliest and darkest days of the pandemic last year, health experts were plagued by a lack of coronavirus testing, long wait times for results and an incomplete picture of what was driving outbreaks.

Now, more than a year and a half later, many public health professionals are confronting the same issues.

The delta variant is fueling a devastating new surge of infections, but experts say declines in testing and a lack of granular data about hospitalizations make it difficult to know just how much the virus is circulating in communities — and who remains most vulnerable.

Why Push for Boosters Could Make Pandemic Even Worse

NPR reported:

Officials at the World Health Organization said Wednesday that it strongly opposes booster shots for all adults in rich countries because the boosters will not help slow down the pandemic. By diverting doses away from unvaccinated people, booster shots will help drive the emergence of more dangerous mutants, the WHO doctors said.

“I’m afraid that this [booster recommendation] will only lead to more variants … And perhaps we’re heading into an even more dire situation,” WHO chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said.

Will Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Need Booster, Too?

Fox News reported:

The plan for booster shots laid out by health officials on Wednesday applies to Americans who received both doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, but for the nearly 14 million who received Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose jab, the details are not yet clear.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the data behind the booster plan includes studies that demonstrated waning vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection in people who received either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna two-dose shots. The rollout for those shots began months before the Johnson & Johnson vaccine received FDA authorization, however, so the data on long-term effectiveness is forthcoming.

The post 4 in 10 Parents Have No Plans to Get Child Vaccinated for School: Poll + More appeared first on Children's Health Defense.


Big Pharma Eyes Next Childhood Vaccine Cash Cow — mRNA Vaccines for RSV



Over the decades since childhood vaccines began rolling out on a widespread scale, pediatric vaccine injuries have left many parents regretful for forgetting or ignoring a basic history lesson.

That lesson, in the words of Harvard medical historian David Jones, is that “when it comes to vaccines and immunization … there always has been a risk and there always will be a risk.”

Sixty-five years ago, families learned about the risks of medical experimentation the hard way when they allowed researchers to use their infants as test subjects for a vaccine against a newly discovered illness dubbed “respiratory syncytial virus” (RSV), a common-cold-like illness now considered to affect “virtually all children,” mostly uneventfully, by age two.

The disastrous RSV vaccine led to the death of two infants and to hospitalization for the majority of other young clinical trial participants.

Since that time, vexed researchers have continued to deploy “trial-and-error approaches.” But they admit the “road to an effective RSV vaccine is paved with challenges,” in large part because of the tricky problem of “vaccine-associated disease exacerbation” — a problem that has also plagued coronavirus vaccines.

The gist of the “exacerbation” issue, also called antibody-dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming, is that the vaccine “primes” recipients to later develop more severe disease instead of protecting them.

Lured by the prospect of a large untapped global RSV vaccine market, manufacturers are nonetheless setting their sights on RSV vaccine development — and not just for infants but also for pregnant women and the elderly.

By 2019, capitalizing on the proliferation of new vaccine technologies, clinical trials were evaluating an estimated 30 candidate RSV vaccines, and scientists were gleefully announcing that the world “might be on the brink of clinical implementation soon.”

The crowded field of RSV vaccine candidates includes messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. In fact, with COVID injections having opened the floodgates to establish mRNA technology as the “new frontier for vaccine development,” pharma giants appear more confident than ever that they are close to finally producing an RSV winner.

In a nod to these hopes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just granted fast-track designation to Moderna for the company’s experimental mRNA-1345 vaccine against RSV. Although the fast-track FDA review applies only to older adults for now, Moderna’s phase 1 trials of its RSV injection also include children as young as 1 year old.

What about safety?

The 1960s RSV vaccine was a disaster in terms of safety, but researchers engaged in subsequent RSV vaccine attempts have tried to steer public attention away from risks and toward a single-minded focus on effectiveness.

With the help of industry-standard study design tricks — such as monitoring adverse events for only a short while or comparing the vaccine against immune-activating aluminum adjuvants or other vaccines (rather than an inert placebo) — manufacturers have managed to keep potential safety problems in the shadows.

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The foundational ethical standards underpinning research on human subjects demand special attention to vulnerable populations, including fetuses, neonates, pregnant women and the institutionalized elderly.

Yet these are precisely the populations that RSV studies have targeted — all flops, with none leading to a licensed vaccine and a bare minimum of disclosure about safety.

For example:

  • With no comparison group, Lederle Laboratories (later acquired by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, then Pfizer, and now known as New York Center for Innovation) tested a recombinant (genetically engineered) subunit vaccine on three dozen chronically ill institutionalized persons (mean age=87) in the mid-1990s, half of whom, at baseline, “required assistance with walking or used a wheelchair.” Five died within five months of injection, but investigators reported “All deaths were due to medical conditions unrelated to the study.”
  • Wyeth administered an aluminum-adjuvanted subunit RSV vaccine or an aluminum phosphate adjuvant “control” to several hundred children ages 1-12 years with cystic fibrosis (late 1990s). Cystic fibrosis is a condition characterized by immune system defects, and aluminum adjuvants can make the immune system go haywire.
  • In the early 2000s, in a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, Wyeth gave three dozen healthy women in their third trimester of pregnancy its aluminum-adjuvanted subunit RSV vaccine or a saline placebo, operating under the premise (contradicted by considerable evidence) that pregnant women “respond well to vaccines.” The manufacturer monitored local and systemic reactions in the mothers for just seven days. The researchers reported no noteworthy differences in outcomes for the two groups of infants during their first year of life, although two of the vaccinated babies developed RSV anyway.
  • Between 2015 and 2018, Novavax gave more than 4600 healthy pregnant women (28-36 weeks gestation) a “fusion protein nanoparticle vaccine” or a buffer formulation (used to stabilize proteins and generally understudied for toxicity). Fifty-seven (1.2%) of the 18- to 40-year-old participants, more than half recruited in South Africa, did not progress to a live birth. Four in 10 women in the vaccine group, versus one in 10 in the placebo group, reported injection site reactions.
  • In June 2020, Pfizer launched a phase 3 trial to vaccinate pregnant women with a subunit RSV vaccine (placebo unspecified). The study design involves monitoring serious adverse events in infants for 24 months, but for only six months in mothers. The trial is ongoing.

One of the RSV vaccines entering clinical trials in recent years — including planned phase 3 trials with a “target population” of two-month-olds — is a viral vector vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that, like the AstraZeneca COVID shot, uses a chimpanzee adenovirus as the vector.

Interestingly, the researchers who identified RSV in the mid-1950s initially found it in chimps, not humans, and called it “chimpanzee coryza agent.” [Note: RSV’s origins will be discussed further in an upcoming article in The Defender].

The gold rush is on

Globally, the highest burden of RSV-attributed illness is in low- and middle-income countries, where 99% of fatalities occur.

For the majority of American babies for whom RSV plays out as a short-lived cough or runny nose — just like any other winter sniffles — an RSV vaccine will offer no benefit. Nor are vaccines likely to help the subset of infants who do go on to develop more serious lung inflammation (bronchiolitis) or pneumonia, children who tend to have comorbidities or weaknesses stemming from prematurity, congenital problems, neuromuscular disorders or a compromised immune system.

Yet, as the calamitous COVID injections are illustrating, virus fears — helped along by propaganda and manipulation of social psychological concepts such as social influence — can persuade parents to adopt and promote measures that run counter to their children’s interests.

To ensure ongoing panic, the media and hospitals are now reporting a summer outbreak of RSV-plus-COVID. Ironically, experts explain the “unusually high” number of RSV cases as “the result of children being largely quarantined last fall and winter, hindering them from building up an immunity.”

Unfortunately, accounts of this “wicked one-two punch” are bound to send some parents into the waiting arms of manufacturers dangling salvation in the form of an RSV vaccine, even if the injection, such as Moderna’s likely forthcoming mRNA shot, uses a technology that mRNA’s creator is warning is risky.

GSK candidly admits in materials shared with the World Health Organization that the company’s vision for its two-dose infant RSV shot is for “co-administration with routine paediatric vaccines” — in other words, incorporation into already overburdened childhood vaccine schedules.

In the U.S., the vaccine schedule for children and adolescents currently includes as many as six dozen doses through age 18: up to 27 doses of 10 vaccines (14 antigens) through 15 months of age, another 13 doses of 8 vaccines (11 antigens) through age 18, plus one to two annual flu shot doses.

The U.S. also just launched its first six-in-one shot for infants despite worrisome safety signals in Europe.

Shocked by the scale and severity of COVID vaccine injuries in their adolescents, some parents are pushing back against the “one in a million” narrative, reminding the world that there is no accountability or liability for injuries caused by any experimental or licensed vaccine.

With roughly 400 adverse events documented in the package inserts of existing childhood vaccines, other parents might do well to consider whether the risks of either RSV or COVID injections are worth the tenuous benefits.

The post Big Pharma Eyes Next Childhood Vaccine Cash Cow — mRNA Vaccines for RSV appeared first on Children's Health Defense.


Just 1 in every 1.7 million children have died from COVID in 18 months



(DAILY EXPOSE UK) – The Pfizer Covid-19 injection has been given emergency use authorisation to be used in children over the age of 12 in the UK by the MHRA, whilst the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have decided that vulnerable children over the age of 12 and all 16 and 17 year olds should be offered the Pfizer jab. Both authorities claim that their decision is based on the benefits outweighing any potential risks.

If this is the case, then the MHRA and JCVI need to explain how they came to this conclusion when just 1 in every 1.7 million children have died with Covid-19 in 18 months, whilst 1 in every 9 children suffered a serious adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine in the small and short clinical trial which left them unable to perform daily activities.

According to official NHS data published weekly, between March 2020 and the 11th August 2021 a total of 3,743 people have died with Covid-19 in UK hospitals who had no underlying conditions, whilst 85,410 have allegedly died with Covid-19 who had other serious underlying conditions.

Read the full story ›

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Here's the reason why they want as close to 100% vaccination rate as possible


They are using every trick in the book to get as many people as possible to get get their injection. Here's the reason why. Injections are still officially under phase 3 of their development. They are expected to end on October 27, 2022 for moderna. Similar timelines for other vaccines.

That means we are all clinical trial volunteers for a vaccine that was not approved. It they had to wait until it is approved, they would have been in for a 10 years long series of phases to know well the extent of adverse events, and to ensure it is safe. They would have met all kinds of technical barriers. It's too long for what they have planned. "the covid crisis is an opportunity" said freak schwab. The opportunity would have slipped away long ago.

Now, if they get 100% of people vaxxed by the end of the clinical trial, who do they compare the effects of the vaccine to ? You need a group of vaxxed, and a group of unvaxxed individuals to compare the effects of the vax. If a significant part of the population remains unvaxxed, and we witness a large part of the vaxxed population has died of myocarditis, ADE, heart failure, etc... while the unvaxxed population is fine, we start to have undeniable evidence the vax is responsible for the damage. Therefore there is incriminating evidence to sue those guys who want to vax us all so desperately. They can disguise deaths due to the vax the same way they deaths due to old age became deaths due to covid back in early 2020. They won't be able to cheat with infertility, or heart problems, stats however.

They did the same thing with childhood vaccines. deaths due to measles, tetanus and stuff significantly dropped to close to 0, BEFORE they started mass vaccinations in the mid 1960s. The narrative is the vaccines are responsible for this, and "save lives". Today, thanks to decades of propaganda, corruption, tax incentives to parents, coercion measures, we have over 95% vaccination rates in most countries. Try to challenge the narrative, I mean a legal battle in a court, you won't get very far. Who can you compare with, to prove vaccines don't make your children healthier ? There is no significant group you can compare with. Plus you would be facing pharma and their trillions of dollars. There are many feedbacks by pediatricians that their unvaxxed little patients are much healthier than their vaxxed ones. But these remain anecdotal. Many people have asked for a double blind study. This would be the ultimate right thing to do. It would shut all "conspiracies" related to childhood vaxx for good. Thing is they have always refused to conduct such studies. Hmmm....I wonder why. Officially the excuse they have is it would be unethical, the unvaxxed children would be exposed to these deadly deadly diseases. Now, pharma has to enforce vaccinating all kids, FOREVER, or we may (would?) have factual, undeniable evidence vaccines are unnecessary.

They are repeating the same scenario with the covid vax here. Now that mass vaccinations have started, they have a tight schedule, because the bad adverse reactions will soon appear on large scales. They cannot afford to wait years to reach close to 100% vaccination rates. That's why they're going over the top with their vax propaganda.

They announce they want 70% vaxxed by end of the year. They are sharing hints to their tight schedule. Politicians claim everything will slowly reopen then. From there, they will make the life of unvaxxed impossible, in order to close the gap, and get as close to 100% as possible.

So, the key is to resist. At least until October 2022. Even though it feels far away. The unvaxxed are the control sample of the experiment. If by then we witness mass casualties, as expected, and there is a significant enough part of the population still unvaxxed, there is legal matter to go after these criminals in hugo boss suits.

TL;DR : to get away with crime.

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‘The Real Anthony Fauci’: Pre-Order My New Book



EDITOR’S NOTE: On Nov. 9, Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will release his new book — “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.”

Click here to pre-order your copy today.

As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci dispenses $6.1 billion in annual taxpayer-provided funding for scientific research.

The research I conducted for my new book exposes how Fauci’s gargantuan yearly disbursements allow him to dictate the subject, content and outcome of scientific health research across the globe.

These annual disbursements also allow Fauci to exercise dictatorial control over the army of “knowledge-and-innovation” leaders who populate the “independent” federal panels that approve and mandate drugs and vaccines — including the committees that allowed the Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines.

Fauci uses the financial clout at his disposal to wield extraordinary influence over hospitals, universities, journals and thousands of influential doctors and scientists — whose careers and institutions he has the power to ruin, advance or reward.

These are the same doctors who appear on network news shows, publish on the op-ed pages of influential media, and craft and defend the pharmaceutical cartel’s official narratives.

Fauci only rarely performs NIAID’s traditional mission of researching the causes behind the exploding epidemics of allergic and autoimmune diseases — as evidenced by the fact that under his watch, the chronic diseases Congress charged NIAID with preventing  rose from 1.8 % among children when Fauci came to NIAID in the 1960s, to 54% today, when obesity is factored in.

Instead of addressing the rise in chronic diseases, Fauci transformed NIAID from a world-class regulator into a product incubator for Big Pharma by developing new drugs and vaccines for which he, his agency and his employees often share patents and royalties.

For example, Fauci and four of his hand-selected deputies will partake with Moderna in millions of dollars in royalties from sales of Moderna’s COVID vaccine — which was co-developed by Moderna and NIAID.

Fauci has made himself the leading proponent of “agency capture” — the subversion of democracy and public health by the pharmaceutical industry.

As “The Real Anthony Fauci” reveals, Fauci has steadily failed upward. His legacy is a nation that uses increasingly more pharmaceuticals, pays nearly three times more for prescription drugs than people in dozens of other countries, and has worse health outcomes and a sicker population than other wealthy nations.

Today, prescription drugs — many developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) during Fauci’s tenure at the NIH’s NIAID — are America’s third leading cause of death.

My book also reveals how Fauci and his cohorts in Pharma profit handsomely from sickness — but not so much from good health.

50 years as the ‘J. Edgar Hoover of public health’

Fauci has survived half a century in his government post — the J. Edgar Hoover of public health — by kowtowing to (and profiting from) pharmaceutical interests.

He launched his career during the early AIDS crisis by partnering with pharmaceutical companies to sabotage safe and effective off-patent therapeutic treatments for AIDS.

Fauci orchestrated fraudulent studies, and then pressured U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators into approving a deadly chemotherapy treatment he knew to be worthless against AIDS.

The FDA deemed AZT too toxic for human use. Many researchers today argue AZT killed far more people than AIDS.

Thanks to Fauci’s corrupt intervention, AZT, at $10,000 per patient per year, became history’s most expensive commercial drug — one that made billions for GlaxoSmithKline.

Fauci repeatedly violated federal laws to allow his Pharma partners to use impoverished and dark-skinned children as lab rats in deadly experiments with toxic AIDS and cancer chemotherapies.

In 2005, Congress cited his agency for consistently breaking federal laws in outlaw experiments on Black and Hispanic orphans in foster homes in New York and six other states.

Fauci’s long list of unethical and genocidal experiments on Africans caused mayhem and tragedy across the continent, particularly for children and pregnant mothers.

Each of the vaccines funded by Fauci and Bill Gates — polio, DPT, malaria, meningitis, tetanus and HIV — likely caused far more injuries and deaths around the world than they averted.

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The carefully constructed Pharma-Fauci-Gates alliance

In early 2000, Fauci shook hands with Gates in the library of Gates’ $147 million Seattle mansion, cementing a partnership that would aim to control an increasingly profitable $60 billion global vaccine enterprise with unlimited growth potential.

In 2009, Gates stood before the United Nations and declared the “Decade of Vaccines.” He committed $10 billion to build a regulatory, political, media and brick-and-mortar infrastructure with the goal of inoculating the entire global population with multiple jabs by 2020.

Through funding leverage and carefully cultivated personal relationships with heads of state and leading media and social media institutions, the Pharma-Fauci-Gates alliance exercises dominion over global health policy.

Gates and Fauci now wield far-reaching influence and unprecedented power to shut down the global economy, abolish civil and constitutional rights, impose police state surveillance and engineer the greatest upward shift of global wealth in human history.

In my book, I lay bare how Fauci, Gates and their collaborators:

  • invented and weaponized a parade of fraudulently concocted global pandemics, including bird flu (2005), swine flu (2009) and Zika (2015-2016), in order to sell novel vaccines, enrich their Pharma partners and increase the power of public health technocrats and Gates’ entourage of international agencies.
  • used “gain-of-function” experiments to breed pandemic superbugs in shoddily constructed, poorly regulated laboratories in Wuhan, China, and elsewhere, under conditions that almost certainly guaranteed the escape of weaponized microbes, in partnership with the Pentagon, the Chinese military and a shady cabal of bioweapons grifters.
  • made a series of prescient predictions about the imminent COVID-19 pandemic — almost to the day. Their precision soothsaying further awed a fawning, credulous and scientifically illiterate media that treats Gates and Fauci as religious deities, insulates them from public criticism and vilifies their doubters as heretics and “conspiracy theorists.” Adulatory mainstream media abetted Fauci’s conspiracy to cover up COVID’s origins at the Wuhan lab.
  • teamed with government technocrats, military and intelligence planners, and health officials from the U.S., Europe and China to stage sophisticated pandemic “simulations” and “Germ Games.” Exercises like these, encouraged by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, laid the groundwork for imposition of global totalitarianism, including compulsory masking, lockdowns, mass propaganda and censorship, with the ultimate goal of mandating the coercive vaccination of 7 billion humans.
  • practiced, in each of their “simulations,” psychological warfare techniques to create chaos, stoke fear, shatter economies, destroy public morale and quash individual self-expression — and then impose autocratic governance.

Stoking COVID-19 pandemic fear

The “Real Anthony Fauci” details how Fauci, Gates and their cohorts used their control of media outlets, scientific journals, key government and quasi-governmental agencies, and influential scientists and physicians to flood the public with fearful propaganda about COVID-19 virulence and pathogenesis, and to muzzle debate and ruthlessly censor dissent.

Gates and Fauci engaged in almost daily communications throughout the lockdown, and coordinated virtually every decision about COVID-19 countermeasures with each other.

They effectively placed global populations under house arrest, and flooded the mainstream and social media with propaganda crafted to terrorize.

To justify the implementation of draconian measures, Gates and Fauci systematically stoked irrational fears and stifled common sense to induce a form of mass psychosis known as “Stockholm Syndrome.”

They inspired in their hostages gratitude towards their captors, and the belief that total obedience and unquestioning submission to an experimental, shoddily tested, fast-tracked, zero-liability COVID vaccine was their only hope for safe escape from captivity and “return to normal.”

As the pandemic unfolded, Gates and Fauci:

  • endorsed deceptive modeling and algorithms to deliberately exaggerate casualty projections for COVID-19 to rationalize draconian lockdowns.
  • anointed fraudulent PCR tests in order to deliberately inflate numbers of  COVID cases by some 90%.
  • facilitated the adoption of new, unprecedented instructions for coroners to fraudulently attribute COVID as the cause of death “on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death” — with or without a positive COVID-19 test.
  • discredited all early COVID-19 treatments like hydroxychloroquine and many other remedies that could have quickly ended the pandemic and saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Predictably, during the COVID crisis, Fauci’s policies resulted in the U.S. accounting for 20% of the world’s COVID deaths, despite making up only 4.2% of the global population — another example of Fauci failing upward.

As my book makes clear: Fauci’s COVID policies also spawned new insidious authoritarianism — and propelled America down a slippery slope toward a grim future as a dark totalitarian security and surveillance state.

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