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Matt Taibbi fires back after Rep. Ted Lieu accuses him of 'spewing Kremlin talking points'

Earlier we told you about a fresh round of Twitter Files that Matt Taibbi dropped, and it was all about Rep. Adam Schiff’s arm-twisting to keep Twitter from allowing any unapproved narratives to see the light of day.


Now There's PROOF: The White House Was Behind Facebook's COVID-19 Censorship [Google blocked original posting]

During the discovery phase of the Missouri v.

We Must Have the Truth

On April 2, 2020, a paddle boarder was chased by authorities and taken into custody. This event should have caused unanimous outrage over the absurdity of what happened – law enforcement arrested a lone paddle boarder on Santa Monica Bay for the crime of “flouting coronavirus closures.”

Why Is the Associated Press Lying About Gene Therapy Shots?

(by Dr. Joseph Mercola | – While the COVID-19 shots are referred to as “vaccines,” they do not meet the classical definition of a vaccine.

FBI Reveal: It Uses CIA And NSA To Spy On Innocent Americans

The FBI revealed how the bureau uses the CIA and National Security Agency to probe the private lives of Americans without a warrant in its updated rulebook, which is the first version made public since the Obama administration.

FBI Reveal: It Uses CIA And NSA To Spy On Innocent Americans

The FBI revealed how the bureau uses the CIA and National Security Agency to probe the private lives of Americans without a warrant in its updated rulebook, which is the first version made public since the Obama administration.

Political double standard: Trump raided by FBI over classified materials, but Biden’s DOJ failed to report he’s been caught with some, too

(Natural News) There can be no better example of just how politicized and deferential to Democrats that our governmental institutions have become than the huge double standard that exists between Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.


Peer-reviewed research author who re-examined Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA trials calls for IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION of covid "vaccines"

(Natural News) Following the revelation last fall by Janine Small, Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets, that her company’s mRNA (messenger RNA) covid “vaccine” has never been tested for its ability to prevent disease transmission, we have since learned that a prominent doct


Thursday, January 12, 2023

Conservative British MP Punished & Under Investigation For Tweet Exposing Covid Vaccines

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United Kingdom MP Andrew Bridgen has been suspended from sitting as a Conservative MP – had his conservative whip removed – and will now serve without a party affiliation until a “formal investigation” is completed.

Mr. Bridgen’s crime was simply tweeting a ZeroHedge article detailing American CDC statistics showing Covid jabs are far more dangerous than previously reported.

Along with this article, Bridgen wrote, “As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.”

Matt Hancock, the disgraced UK Health Secretary who locked the nation down during Covid, erupted at Bridgen on Wednesday, telling the Prime Minister the tweet was a “disgusting, antisemitic, anti-vax conspiracy theory” that is “deeply offensive” and “anti-scientific.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreed with his friend Hancock and condemned Bridgen’s “unacceptable” language and pledged to eradicate “the scourge of antisemitism.”

Please point to what exactly is “anti-Semitic” about his statement.

And while you’re at it, please show me the lie.

Stop pretending to care about our Jewish community in your cheap political point-scoring.

Andrew Bridgen is right.

— Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) January 11, 2023

Of course, the article shared by Bridgen is completely scientific and based on government data.

Get Alex Jones’ take on the newly released CDC data below:

Additionally, it is not “anti-Semitic” to warn of another potential genocide taking place.

The British MP has been constantly sharing epic videos and articles exposing the dangerous shots lately, but apparently just typing the word “Holocaust” crossed a line for The Labour Party.

Responding to Matt Hancock calling Bridgen an anti-Semite, cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra wrote on Twitter, “With the greatest respect Matt, there’s no conspiracy theory here it’s the product of a system failure of which we are all victims; the corporate capture of public health. Happy to meet with you again & present the data. Also majority of responses to your tweet are not supportive.”

With the greatest respect Matt,there’s no conspiracy theory here it’s the product of a system failure of which we are all victims ;the corporate capture of public health.Happy to meet with you again & present the data. Also majority of responses to your tweet are not supportive.

— Dr Aseem Malhotra (@DrAseemMalhotra) January 11, 2023

Heritage Party leader David Kurten praised Bridgen for standing up as the only MP to discuss vaccine injuries and deaths.

BREAKING: Andrew Bridgen MP kicked out of Tory Party for speaking up about injection injuries.

— David Kurten (@davidkurten) January 11, 2023

BBC broadcaster Dominique Samuels tweeted in defense of Bridgen, saying he was punished for “telling the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“His statements are backed up by the opinions of eminent scientists,” she wrote. “This government is on the side of Big Pharma and the WEF. It doesn’t give a damn about you.”

She also pointed out that the MP didn’t even make the statement about the Holocaust as it was a cardiologist who made the comparison.

And as usual, the mob are deciding to focus on one specific tweet because they can’t get him on the facts. He said, ‘as a consultant cardiologist has said, this is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust’.

May be a bit extreme for some, but it’s an opinion.

— Dominique Samuels (@Dominiquetaegon) January 11, 2023

The dam is starting to break regarding the truth about how deadly the Covid shots are and once the masses find out the truth, they will focus their anger on the establishment that lied and led them into an early grave.

In order for Infowars to continue fighting back against the globalist takeover of America, we rely on YOUR SUPPORT as an independently funded business.

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The Most Important Book We've Read in Years, Quote 2 (why we sometimes actually don't see the truth) Willful Blindness


About the conformity to group responses showing the famous Asch experiments:

What the scientists sought to discover wasn’t whether the volunteers would conform; they knew by now how likely it was that they would. Instead, they wanted to know what kind of brain activity was involved. If, in the act of conforming, activity in the prefrontal cortex was dominant, this would indicate that conformity was the result of conscious decision making. But if activity centered in the occipital and parietal regions of the brain, then that would suggest that conformity was an act of perception—that social inĪŠuence had altered what the volunteer saw. 
The three-dimensional test was harder than Asch’s and so the participants made more mistakes, even without any external input. But they conformed at the same rates. And when they did so, there was no activity in the prefrontal cortex—that is, a conscious decision was not being made. The brain’s activity centered on those areas of the brain responsible for perception. In other words, knowing what the group saw changed what the participants saw; they became blind to the differences. 

Pfizer Responds to Elon Musk Confirming Secret Censorship Campaign, Big Lawsuit is Announced by ‘Twitter Files’ Author

Pfizer has responded to accusations that it carried out a secret operation to silence Covid vaccine critics. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who was the focus of the #PfizerFiles release on Monday, lashed out against the release by saying that such criticism has put him in danger.


We Must Have the Truth

the truth

On April 2, 2020, a paddle boarder was chased by authorities and taken into custody. This event should have caused unanimous outrage over the absurdity of what happened – law enforcement arrested a lone paddle boarder on Santa Monica Bay for the crime of “flouting coronavirus closures.” 

Traditional voices that could have questioned unscientific authoritarian policy instead provided cover. The Los Angeles Times justified law enforcement’s ridiculous response by quoting a scientist who made the claim (presumably with a straight face): “..[SARS-CoV-2] could enter coastal waters and transfer back into the air." Setting aside the absurdity of this and every other justification for closing beaches, hiking trails, and parks, think of the narrative it perpetuated -- the virus is so insidious that even those who dared to paddle board alone on the ocean might somehow spread it to the rest of us. 

The paddler's arrest was an early indication that something had changed in our country. A "new normal" was spawning from the chaotic, unscientific, politicized pandemic messaging mainly coming from biased news media and the once venerable Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Anthony Fauci. The result was bitter contempt between two sides of the COVID-19 debate that metastasized into a deep distrust for science. 

In an understatement of the century, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently summed up her agency's role in promoting distrust in science by stating that they did not "reliably meet expectations." Thus, it's pretty clear that for their part, nothing much will change. Dr. Fauci proclaimed that because he "represents science" any criticism of him is a direct attack on science. Translation, we shouldn't expect any productive capitulation from him either. 

Although the CDC acknowledged playing a role in the growing distrust in science, none of their professed forms of atonement, such as promising to share data faster and doing a better job of translating science into policy will restore trust without a process that includes honest debate. 

Over the past two years, the CDC cherry-picked data from articles rushed to print in their own journal (Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report) to justify a lot of bad policy, including masking schoolchildren, which is still happening today, or pushed the completely unscientific assertion that vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity. 

On the other hand, they buried data showing that upon reinfection, vaccinated people without prior COVID-19 diagnosis were at greater risk of hospitalization than the unvaccinated with prior COVID-19. 

Dr. Walensky also boldly stated that, “Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick.” The untruthful messaging that vaccination stopped infection and transmission was justification for an appalling trend of people mocking the COVID-19-related deaths of the unvaccinated. 

It's unlikely the families targeted by such attacks will hear any apologies, even though Dr. Fauci's four shots did not protect him from reoccurring COVID-19, or that Dr. Birx admitted that inflated vaccine efficacy claims were based on hope, not science. 

At the start of the pandemic, Dr. Fauci told us not to buy masks because they do not work. When the politics changed, Fauci reversed himself and became the proponent of wearing not just one mask - but several. Dr. Fauci's excuse for the flip-flop was his only truth on the matter - he admitted that he lied, albeit "nobly."

For his encore, Dr. Fauci confidently opined on the level of vaccine uptake required for herd immunity. Eventually he admitted to guessing at numbers to frighten people into compliance. To be clear, Dr. Fauci used deception, not science, to support his version of public health policy. 

Anybody who was "on the fence" about trusting Fauci, the self-proclaimed embodiment of "the science," should have been forcefully pushed off after his attempts to obfuscate when testifying to Congress on whether the US government funded "gain of function" research that very likely created SARS-CoV-2. 

The loss of trust was greatly amplified by activist scientists and most of the news media. Dr. Fauci refused to say anything critical of the nationwide social justice protests that might have discouraged people from participating in behaviors known to spread respiratory viruses. 

However, scientists and news sources eagerly reported alleged death tolls purportedly caused by Trump rallies, while claiming "no evidence of protest spread." 

How could scientists determine whether the protests caused any disease transmission or death if contact tracers were not allowed to ask if someone attended a protest?

The weaponization of science to censor, persecute, delegitimize, and threaten those who had differing opinions has never happened on this scale in this country. 

Fig. 1. Comparison of daily per capita cases between Texas (orange), which lifted its mask mandate in March 2021, California (red), and New York (Green), which continued their masking policies. 

Even President Biden capitalized on the politicization of mask-wearing by accusing the elected leader (and by extension the citizens) of Texas of "Neanderthal thinking" for removing the mask mandate in 2021. Meanwhile, states such as California and New York were praised for "following the science." 

A simple comparison of the epidemic curves between these states did not justify the divisive rhetoric (Fig. 1). But rather than have these conversations, it was easier to just slander dissenters and censor intelligent discussion. 

As the old saying goes, "a lie is halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on." Thankfully, the truth finally has its boots on and is catching up on many fronts, such as the questionable effectiveness of mask mandates. 

The "Neanderthal thinking" jab was uttered around the time the news media, outraged by Governor Ron DeSantis' steady leadership in Florida, hoped to get "Ron DeathSantis" trending on social media. 

Not surprisingly, the data told a different story about Florida (Fig. 2). It's clear that "follow the science" was just a slogan. Politics, lies, and vindictive moral superiority are baked into our nation's COVID-19 policy.

Fig. 2. Age-adjusted COVID-19 deaths in Florida and California. The circles are proportional to state population. Although these states adopted dramatically different policies, they had comparable outcomes.

Trust in science might never be restored in people who lost their livelihood to unscientific lockdowns or vaccine mandates. But, here's some advice for people like Dr. Walensky and Dr. Fauci to get back some of the trust.

1) Go back to the basics of Public Health: "Voluntary measures are more likely to induce cooperation and protect public trust than coercive measures, and are more likely to prevent attempts to avoid contact with the healthcare system." 

2) Invite dissenting experts to the table for open policy debate. Excess malaria and opioid deaths in young people, while millions of children were thrusted into acute starvation, are examples of significant COVID-19 policy failures. Great Barrington Declaration scientists warned about such collateral damage, but were maligned and censored. At the very least, the public would have benefitted from a different perspective on the risk of catching COVID-19 from ocean spray. 

3) Vindictive moral superiority is terrible public health messaging. Heed the advice from an article in The Atlantic: "Viruses are not moral agents, and infection is not a personal failure."  

4) Sincerely apologize to people who were fired, maligned, censored, or physically harmed, then tell us your justification for ignoring counter data and continuing policy that encouraged these unnecessary outcomes.

5) none of the above will matter if public health officials do not tell the truth, including the nuance, and trust that the American people can handle it. George Santayana famously said, "Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Let's hope we've learned from our mistakes, because given the state of the world right now, we cannot afford to repeat them. 


Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Privacy Watchdog: ATF Uses Stingrays To Track Americans [Google blocked original posting]

The Project for Privacy & Surveillance Accountability announced this week that it has obtained records about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ use of stingrays to track Americans.

Where are the Intellectually Curious Doctors?

Medicine, like most sciences, entails thinking and hypothesis creation to explain the myriad complexities of the healthy and diseased human body. Hypotheses are tested and refined, with new information or insights nudging or abruptly shifting current knowledge in a new direction.

MP says Covid-19 is a Manufactured Bioweapon and Security Services knew about it in August 2019

Member of the UK Parliament Andrew Bridgen told NHS100K that global elites conspired to keep coronavirus secret for months, before exaggerating its severity to impose restrictions.

How Can We Trust Institutions that Lied?

institutions lied

Trust the Authorities, trust the Experts, and trust the Science, we were told. Public health messaging during the Covid-19 pandemic was only credible if it originated from government health authorities, the World Health Organization, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as scientists who parroted their lines with little critical thinking. 

In the name of ‘protecting’ the public, the authorities have gone to great lengths, as described in the recently released Twitter Files (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) that document collusion between the FBI and social media platforms, to create an illusion of consensus about the appropriate response to Covid-19. 

They suppressed ‘the truth,’ even when emanating from highly credible scientists, undermining scientific debate and preventing the correction of scientific errors. In fact, an entire bureaucracy of censorship has been created, ostensibly to deal with so-called MDM— misinformation (false information resulting from human error with no intention of harm); disinformation (information intended to mislead and manipulate); malinformation (accurate information intended to harm). 

From fact-checkers like NewsGuard, to the European Commission’s Digital Services Act, the UK Online Safety Bill and the BBC Trusted News Initiative, as well as Big Tech and social media, all eyes are on the public to curtail their ‘mis-/dis-information.’ 

“Whether it’s a threat to our health or a threat to our democracy, there is a human cost to disinformation.” — Tim Davie, Director-General of the BBC

But is it possible that ‘trusted’ institutions could pose a far bigger threat to society by disseminating false information?

Although the problem of spreading false information is usually conceived of as emanating from the public, during the Covid-19 pandemic, governments, corporations, supranational organisations and even scientific journals and  academic institutions have contributed to a false narrative. 

Falsehoods such as ‘Lockdowns save lives’ and ‘No one is safe until everyone is safe’ have far-reaching costs in livelihoods and lives. Institutional false information during the pandemic was rampant. Below is just a sample by way of illustration.

The health authorities falsely convinced the public that the Covid-19 vaccines stop infection and transmission when the manufacturers never even tested these outcomes. The CDC changed its definition of vaccination to be more ‘inclusive’ of the novel mRNA technology vaccines. Instead of the vaccines being expected to produce immunity, now it was good enough to produce protection

The authorities also repeated the mantra (at 16:55) of ‘safe and effective’ throughout the pandemic despite emerging evidence of vaccine harm. The FDA refused the full release of documents they had reviewed in 108 days when granting the vaccines emergency use authorisation. Then in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, it attempted to delay their release for up to 75 years. These documents presented evidence of vaccine adverse events. It’s important to note that between 50 and 96 percent of the funding of drug regulatory agencies around the world comes from Big Pharma in the form of grants or user fees. Can we disregard that it’s difficult to bite the hand that feeds you?

The vaccine manufacturers claimed high levels of vaccine efficacy in terms of relative risk reduction (between 67 and 95 percent). They failed, however, to share with the public the more reliable measure of absolute risk reduction that was only around 1 percent, thereby exaggerating the expected benefit of these vaccines. 

They also claimed “no serious safety concerns observed” despite their own post-authorisation safety report revealing multiple serious adverse events, some lethal. The manufacturers also failed to publicly address the immune suppression during the two weeks post-vaccination and the rapidly waning vaccine effectiveness that turns negative at 6 months or the increased risk of infection with each additional booster. Lack of transparency about this vital information denied people their right to informed consent

They also claimed that natural immunity is not protective enough and that hybrid immunity (a combination of natural immunity and vaccination) is required. This false information was necessary to sell remaining stocks of their products in the face of mounting breakthrough cases (infection despite vaccination). 

In reality, although natural immunity may not completely prevent future infection with SARS-CoV-2, it is however effective in preventing severe symptoms and deaths. Thus vaccination post-natural infection is not needed. 

The WHO also participated in falsely informing the public. It disregarded its own pre-pandemic plans, and denied that lockdowns and masks are ineffective at saving lives and have a net harm on public health. It also promoted mass vaccination in contradiction to the public health principle of ‘interventions based on individual needs.’ 

It also went as far as excluding natural immunity from its definition of herd immunity and claimed that only vaccines can help reach this end point. This was later reversed under pressure from the scientific community. Again, at least 20 percent of the WHO’s funding comes from Big Pharma and philanthropists invested in pharmaceuticals. Is this a case of he who pays the piper calls the tune? 

The Lancet, a respectable medical journal, published a paper claiming that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) — a repurposed drug used for the treatment of Covid-19 —  was associated with a slight increased risk of death. This led the FDA to ban the use of HCQ to treat Covid-19 patients and the NIH to halt the clinical trials on HCQ as a potential Covid-19 treatment. These were drastic measures taken on the basis of a study that was later retracted due to the emergence of evidence showing that the data used was false. 

In another instance, the medical journal Current Problems in Cardiology retracted —without any justification— a paper showing an increased risk of myocarditis in young people following the Covid-19 vaccines, after it was peer-reviewed and published. The authors advocated for the precautionary principle in the vaccination of young people and called for more pharmacovigilance studies to assess the safety of the vaccines. Erasing such findings from the medical literature not only prevents science from taking its natural course, but it also gatekeeps important information from the public.

A similar story took place with Ivermectin, another drug used for the treatment of Covdi-19, this time potentially implicating academia. Andrew Hill stated (at 5:15) that the conclusion of his paper on Ivermectin was influenced by Unitaid which is, coincidentally, the main funder of a new research centre at Hill’s workplace —the University of Liverpool. His meta-analysis showed that Ivermectin reduced mortality with Covid-19 by 75 percent. Instead of supporting Ivermectin use as a Covid-19 treatment, he concluded that further studies were needed.

The suppression of potentially life-saving treatments was instrumental for the emergency use authorization of the Covid-19 vaccines as the absence of a treatment for the disease is a condition for EUA (p.3).

Many media outlets are also guilty of sharing false information. This was in the form of biased reporting, or by accepting to be a platform for public relations (PR) campaigns. PR is an innocuous word for propaganda or the art of sharing information to influence public opinion in the service of special interest groups. 

The danger of PR is that it passes for independent journalistic opinion to the untrained eye. PR campaigns aim to sensationalise scientific findings, possibly to increase consumer uptake of a given therapeutic, increase funding for similar research, or to increase stock prices. The pharmaceutical companies spent $6.88 billion on TV advertisements in 2021 in the US alone. Is it possible that this funding influenced media reporting during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Lack of integrity and conflicts of interest have led to an unprecedented institutional false information pandemic. It is up to the public to determine whether the above are instances of mis- or dis-information. 

Public trust in the Media has seen its biggest drop over the last five years. Many are also waking up to the widespread institutional false information. The public can no longer trust ‘authoritative’ institutions that were expected to look after their interests. This lesson was learned at great cost. Many lives were lost due to the suppression of early treatment and an unsound vaccination policy; businesses ruined; jobs destroyed; educational achievement regressed; poverty aggravated; and both physical and mental health outcomes worsened. A preventable mass disaster. 

We have a choice: either we continue to passively accept institutional false information or we resist. What are the checks and balances that we must put in place to reduce conflicts of interest in public health and research institutions? How can we decentralise the media and academic journals in order to reduce the influence of pharmaceutical advertising on their editorial policy?

As individuals, how can we improve our media literacy to become more critical consumers of information? There is nothing that dispels false narratives better than personal inquiry and critical thinking. So the next time conflicted institutions cry woeful wolf or vicious variant or catastrophic climate, we need to think twice.

Many thanks to Jonathan Engler, Domini Gordon and Chris Gordon for their valuable review and feedback.


URGENT: 17 percent of teenagers had heart symptoms after their second Pfizer mRNA jab, a new peer-reviewed paper shows

Researchers in Taiwan have added to the increasingly negative picture of the impact the mRNA Covid vaccines have on the hearts of young men.


Ivermectin's Effectiveness Proven Again; Patented Version of the Cheap Drug Shows 72% Efficacy

You are not a horse! You are not a cow! That’s what the FDA told us to dissuade us from taking Ivermectin. Fortunately, we are also not sheep and did not believe the FDA. Many of us stocked up on Ivermectin, and most found it helpful.


Latest Twitter Files Show Former FDA Commissioner, Current Pfizer Director Flagging Tweets for Twitter

The latest Twitter files, brought to light by journalist Alex Berenson, shine a light on the revolving door between U.S. regulatory agencies and Big pHARMa. Berenson is the latest to be granted access to the files revealing the internal workings of Twitter before Elon Musk took over.


Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Alternative Healthcare Activists File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media for Efforts to Silence Rivals on Internet Platforms

TTAC is experiencing heavy censorship on many social media channels since we’ve been targeted by the mainstream media sellouts, social media bullies, and political turncoats. Be sure to get the TRUTH by subscribing to our email list. It’s free.


“The American people want a solemn ass as a President.”

It was late in the evening on August 2, 1923 when Vice President Calvin Coolidge heard a knock on the door. He was visiting his family home in Vermont, where there was no phone service, or even electricity.


Trans Activist Gets Woman Fired for Following Libs of TikTok on Twitter



Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Last Friday, the video game company Limited Run Games fired their community manager, Kara Lynn, after a transgender activist reported that she followed right-wing users on Twitter, including Libs of TikTok. The far-left activist, using the name “Purple Tinker,” demanded the company either fire Lynn or lose them as a customer. Limited Run Games ultimately chose to fire their employee.

“The community manager for @LimitedRunGames, [Kara Lynn], is a transphobe who follows a veritable who’s who of right-wing transphobic creeps,” tweeted the far-left account. “Unless and until she is fired from the company permanently, I am not giving them another single dime.”

The tweet garnered hundreds of likes and replies from dozens of like-minded left-wing extremists, who called on Limited Run Games to fire their employee. After a short period, Limited Run Games issued a statement announcing that Kara Lynn had been fired.

“LRG respects all personal opinions, however we remain committed to supporting an inclusive culture. Upon investigating a situation, an employee was terminated,” wrote the company in a statement. “Our goal as a company is to continue to foster a positive and safe environment for everyone.”

LRG respects all personal opinions, however we remain committed to supporting an inclusive culture. Upon investigating a situation, an employee was terminated. Our goal as a company is to continue to foster a positive and safe environment for everyone.

— Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames) January 6, 2023

The statement issued by Limited Run Games has been flooded by comments in support of the employee.

According to a 2012 article from The Observer, the Twitter user who reported on the now fired employee is a biological male, transgender activist who co-founded BronyCon, a convention for adult men who dress up as characters from the children’s show My Little Pony. “Teenagers aren’t f***ing babies. The line between ‘child’ and ‘adult’ is VERY BLURRY. Teens deserve respect,” wrote Purple Tinker in one Twitter thread.

“The existence of the term ‘statutory rape’ denies personhood and self-determination to a whole class of PEOPLE.”

Hey @LimitedRunGames, was it worth it? Dying on a hill for this POS?

— Flash (@YellowFlashGuy) January 10, 2023

RELATED: Transgender Officer Charged in Plot to Give Army Medical Records to Russia

RELATED: ‘Confidential Gender Support Plan’ Keeps Parents in the Dark About ‘Social Transitions’


CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines via FOIA

(by Josh Guetzkow | Jackanapes Junction) – And now it’s clear why they tried to hide them. SUMMARY CDC’s VAERS safety signal analysis based on reports from Dec. 14, 2020 – July 29, 2022 for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines shows clear safety signals for death and a range of highly concerning thrombo-embolic, cardiac, neurological, hemorrhagic, hematological, immune-system and menstrual adverse events (AEs) among U.S. adults. There were 770 different types of adverse events that showed safety signals in ages 18+, of which over 500 (or 2/3) had a larger safety signal than myocarditis/pericarditis. The CDC analysis shows that the number of serious […]


r/conspiracy - It’s finally the mainstream consensus that metals like aluminum cause autism. These metals are in vaccines. bUt VaCcInEs DoNt cAuSe AuTisM. itS GeNeTiC.

VotePosted by2 hours ago 67% Upvoted

COVID: unvaccinated people may be seen as ‘free riders’ and face discrimination

More than five billion people globally have now been vaccinated against COVID-19. Of course, many of the three billion or so who haven’t may not yet have been able to access a COVID vaccine, particularly in low-income countries.

The Most Important Book We've Read in Years, Quote 1 (why doctors and scientists can do such harm) Willful Blindness


About Alice Stewart's finding that even very low doses of radiation from fetal x-rays led to a dramatic increase in childhood cancers--and why her published and confirmed findings were, for 25 years, so fought against by other scientists and so ignored by practicing doctors, all the while children were being harmed and killed:

Monday, January 9, 2023

Seattle Schools Sue Big Tech Over Youth Mental Health Crisis

Seattle Schools Sue Big Tech Over Youth Mental Health Crisis

The Seattle city school district has sued several social media giants, which they blame for causing a mental health crisis.

According to the lawsuit - filed late Friday in Seattle federal court against Alphabet, Meta, Snap and TikTok owner ByteDance - students have been suffering from anxiety, depression and other psychological troubles stemming from their use of social media.

The district serves around 50,000 children across more than 100 schools.

The suit appears to be the first of its kind in the US brought by a school district, following similar claims filed last year by scores of families, including more than a dozen blaming the tech companies for suicides.

The idea that social media companies shoulder responsibility for the potential damage their products cause to young people came to the fore late in 2021 when former Meta employee Frances Haugen revealed documents about its internal operations. Among Haugen’s allegations was a claim that the company was knowingly preying on vulnerable young people to boost profits. Congress held hearings and some state attorneys general launched investigations. -Bloomberg

In Friday's lawsuit, Seattle School District #1 is asking a judge to find that big tech has created a nuisance, and seeks remedies which include monetary damages, as well as funding to prevent and treat the excessive use of social media. The district cites a spike in suicides and ER mental health visits, as well as President Joe Biden's 2022 State of the Union speech in which he called to "hold social media platforms accountable for the national experiment they’re conducting on our children for profit."

"Seattle School District No. 1 brings this action to do just that," reads the complaint. "Youth in plaintiff’s community are experiencing the same mental health crisis observed nationally."

No word on whether Seattle schools will also sue the US government and the media over life-altering lockdowns and three years of pandemic hysteria, which also affected the mental health of young Americans.

Tyler Durden Mon, 01/09/2023 - 20:40


From the Twitter Files : Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging his company's massively profitable Covid jabs

On August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb - a Pfizer director with over 550,000 Twitter followers - saw a tweet he didn’t like, a tweet that might hurt sales of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines. The tweet explained correctly that natural immunity after Covid infection was superior to vaccine protection.


The White House Covid Censorship Machine - WSJ

Here’s the piece, originally published in the Wall Street Journal online yesterday and in the print edition today. Newly released documents show that the White House has played a major role in censoring Americans on social media.


Sunday, January 8, 2023

Will Universities Ever Admit They Were Wrong About COVID Policy? [Google blocked original posting]

Former White House adviser Dr. Scott Atlas, the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow in health policy at Stanford University's Hoover Institute, wrote an excellent essay recently in the Wall Street Journal. 

Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says [Google blocked original posting]

Canadian military leaders saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public, a newly released Canadian Forces report concludes.

The America We Grew Up Is Already Gone : What Remains Is Some Sick, Perverted Leftist Version Of The Twilight Zone [Google blocked original posting]

The America We Grew Up Is Already Gone - What Remains Is Some Sick, Perverted Leftist Version Of The Twilight Zone Where People Now Identify As Cats And Dogs By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine I am showing my age here but seeing things happening today that the media and one political party insists

Sins against children [Google blocked original posting]

At long last, media censorship of the scientific debate during the COVID-19 pandemic has become undeniable. Censoring portrayed an illusion of consensus and intimidated scientifically valid disagreement.

2 Yrs After Jan. 6: 1,000 arrested; no one charged with 'insurrection' [Google blocked original posting]

"Two years after the January 6 pro-Trump rally and Capitol riots, the Dept. of Justice has charged nearly 1,000 people with crimes. However, nobody has been formally accused of ""sedition,"" ""treason,"" or ""insurrection,"" according to officials."

We Don’t Do This': Adam Schiff and the Underbelly of American Censorship

Below is my column in the Hill on the recent disclosure of efforts by Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Cal.) to pressure Twitter to censor critics, including a columnist.

WHO: Anti-vaccine activism deadlier than global terrorism [Google blocked original posting]

(SUMMIT NEWS) – The World Health Organization shared a video on Twitter promoting the claim that anti-vaccine activism is deadlier than global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and gun violence. The video quoted Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr.

Sudden Death: The No. 1 Cause of Death for Under 65s in 2021

Believe it or not, it’s now the No. 1 cause of death for this age group. Is there a silent epidemic that’s impairing and destroying your immune system (and literally obliterating 90% of your DNA repair mechanism)? And, what extreme remedies can reverse the attack?


Pfizer’s history of fraud, corruption and using people as guinea pigs

Pfizer has habitually engaged in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribed physicians and suppressed adverse trial results. This is no secret, yet this fact continues to be brushed under the rug by politicians and corporate media.


Disgraceful USA Today Warns: Kids At Risk of Heart Attacks Like Damar Hamlin – as efforts to hide the consequences of the fake vaccine get more and more absurd


In the wake of NFL player Damar Hamlin’s mysterious on-field collapse, USA Today bizarrely took the opportunity to let parents know heart attacks also happen to kids.

Damar Hamlin’s collapse during Monday night’s football game was a sobering reminder to parents of children participating in sports: This could happen to anyone.

It’s still unclear what exactly caused the Buffalo Bills player’s heart condition.

Every year, sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of over 2,000 children and teens in the U.S., according to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This accounts for about 3% to 5% of all deaths in children aged 5 to 19.

“Everyone’s at some potential risk,” said Dr. Gul H. Dadlani, division chief of cardiology at Nemours Children’s Health in Orlando, Florida. “The same thing could happen to a high school student or the non-athlete who’s just at home.”

Read more: Disgraceful USA Today Warns: Kids At Risk of Heart Attacks Like Damar Hamlin – as efforts to hide the consequences of the fake vaccine get more and more absurd




CDM has interviewed Sasha Latyapova multiple times regarding the vaccines. She is breaking big news now on the Covid ‘vaccines’ and the Department of Defense.


New Study proves Covid Vaccines are Ineffective & Dangerous: Triple-Vaccinated Australians are 35x more likely to be Hospitalised

As the Covid-19 vaccination rollout continues, more and more disturbing reports are coming to light about the dangerous and potentially deadly consequences of these vaccines.


An open letter to the British Heart Foundation

Dear British Heart Foundation, I just finished reading an article in the Telegraph entitled “Critics claim Covid jabs are causing heart problems – do they have any proof?” where you were quoted as saying: The British Heart Foundation told The Telegraph: “The scientific consensus is that the