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The Covid Deception:  The Dire Consequences of the Lack of Accountability

“This is intentional, premeditated, mass murder. There’s absolutely no doubt about it because nothing else makes any sense. We’re going to get them.” — attorney Reiner Fuellmich


censored social media makes for terrible brand decisions

consider an intriguing possibility: when you curate and censor social media, it renders it useless to discern actual consumer sentiment or behavior because small vocal minorities dominate discussion. the whole point of censorship is, after all, to make discussion non-representative.


Drugged-Up and Ready to Kill


By Mike Whitney

“Psychiatric treatment and psychiatric drugs are the common denominator of the growing number of shootings and other acts of violence, which are soaring right along with the soaring prescribing of psych drugs.” Killers on Psych Drugs

Here’s a question that every American should be able to answer: What percentage of the killers—that have carried out mass shootings across the United States—were on powerful psychiatric medications?

  • a—1%
  • b—25%
  • c—50%
  • d—75% or more

Why don’t we know the answer to this question? Doesn’t the United States have more mass shootings than any country in the world?

  • Yes, it does.

And aren’t these shootings the source of great suffering and anxiety?

  • Yes, they are.

And don’t most people genuinely want to know why these lone gunman feel compelled to kill innocent people?

  • Yes, they do.

Then, why don’t we know? Why—after more than two decades of these bloody incidents—do we still not have a definitive, thoroughly-researched answer to this one simple question: How many of these mentally-disturbed killers were on dangerous psychiatric medications?

Instead, the media pursues a line of inquiry that fails to reveal anything even remotely conclusive about the gunman’s actions. If “white supremacy” or “Nazi ideology” impacted the killer’s decision to go on a deadly shooting spree in Texas, then why didn’t he target a black community center or a Jewish synagogue? Wouldn’t that have been more consistent with his alleged ideology?

Yes, it would have been, which suggests that his alleged ideology is a symptom of his fragile mental condition not the primary factor driving his behavior. The reason these people go on crazed killing sprees is because they are ‘damaged goods’ not because they are ideologues. There’s a big difference.


So, why does the media keep harping on this silly the idea that the killer’s behavior was effected by his feelings about “white supremacy” or “Nazi ideology”? It’s ridiculous, after all, the killer was not white himself nor were his victims racially targeted. They were merely random passersby strolling through a shopping mall. In other words, there is no evidence to support the case that is being made by the media. But—here’s the thing—the media doesn’t care about evidence because their real goal is to advance a political agenda aimed at linking violent fanatical behavior to race-based uber-nationalism. What they are trying to do, is make a subliminal connection between the erratic behavior of a ruthless killer and the sincerely-felt patriotism of many Trump supporters. The media has been hammering away at this same theme for over six years culminating in the January 6 fraud. This is just the latest iteration of the same tedious political psy-ops.

If the journalists were serious about investigating this latest bloody incident, they’d try to find out whether the killer had been on the FBI’s radar before the onslaught took place. (as so many mass killers have been in the past.) Was he? Was Mauricio Garcia on the list of potential “domestic terrorists” compiled by the FBI?

We’ll probably never know, because that would expose the inner workings of the nation’s premier law enforcement agency which would undoubtedly cause considerable embarassment. So, the FBI is going to circle the wagons and make sure that never happens, which means that a good portion of the truth about this event will probably remain concealed forever. Even worse, we can expect that the media will continue to push their wacky theory that Garcia was a “non-white white supremacist” regardless of the fact that the claim makes no sense at all. Here’s how analyst Michael Tracey sarcastically summed it up:

If a non-white person is a “white supremacist,” does that mean he believes in his own innate racial inferiority? @mtracey

Leave it to Tracey to expose the imbecility of a meme that defies reason but to which the media clings like the Holy Grail. It’s actually shocking that anyone can take this type of verbal hucksterism seriously when, in fact, the whole “non-white white supremacist” thing is one of the most absurd concoctions of all time. It’s pure gibberish.

So, where should we look for answers? Where can we find rational explanations for these sporadic acts of violence?

There’s only one place we can look; at the mental state of the person who committed the crime. That’s where we have to start. If we want to understand what drives a man to kill random people in a school or shopping mall, we need to know something about the psychology of the perpetrator. Fortunately, volumes have been written on this subject by respected professionals who have researched the topic, studied the data, and drawn their own informed conclusions. Take a look:

Close to 17% of Americans are taking psychiatric drugs with side effects such as acting aggressively, being angry, or violent and acting on dangerous impulses...

Psychotropic drugs are hardly helping when their side-effects include worsening depression, new or worsening anxiety, agitation or restlessness, panic attacks, new or worsening irritability, acting aggressively, being angry, or violent, acting on dangerous impulses, an extreme increase in activity and talking (mania), and other unusual changes in behavior or mood.

“Rather than helping the individual, psychotropics alienate, and push them into more and more potentially dangerous behavior,” states the president of the Florida chapter of CCHR, Diane Stein.

This situation was so egregious that in 2004, the Federal Drug Administration issued a “black-box” label warning indicating that the use of certain antidepressants to treat major depressive disorder in adolescents may increase the risk of suicide, homicide, and other acts of violence.

A study entitled Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others… declared … In the 69-month reporting period we identified 484 evaluable drugs that accounted for 780,169 serious adverse event reports of all kinds…. The violence cases included 387 reports of homicide, 404 physical assaults, 27 cases indicating physical abuse, 896 homicidal ideation reports, and 223 cases described as violence-related symptoms.” “Psychiatric Drugs and Side Effects – The Unseen Hand Behind Violence in America“, Citizens Commission on Human Rights

These are the victims of the Texas Mall Shooting
These are the victims of the Texas Mall Shooting

It all sounds very serious, doesn’t it? It sounds like something that policymakers should be aware of so they can tighten regulations on these potentially-lethal medications. It also sounds like something that pharmaceutical industry would try to keep out of the newspapers so people don’t see the connection between these drugs and the mayhem they produce. Simply put, the truth is being hidden for power and profits. What else is new? Here’s more background from another article:

A growing number of school shootings and other shooting rampages were committed by individuals under the influence of, or in withdrawal from, psychiatric drugs known to cause mania, psychosis, violence and even homicide. Consider this list of 13 massacres over the past decade or so, resulting in 54 dead and 105 wounded – and these are just the ones where the psychiatric drugs are known. In other cases, medical records were sealed or autopsy reports not made public or, in some cases, toxicology tests were either not done to test for psychiatric drugs or not disclosed to the public….

Given the growing list of shooters who were on psychiatric drugs, given the fact that 22 international drug regulatory agencies warn these drugs can cause violence, mania, psychosis, suicide and even homicide, and given the fact that a major study was just released confirming these drugs put people at greater risk of becoming violent, CCHR International asserts: “Any recommendation for more mental health ‘treatment,’ which [inevitably] means putting more people and more kids on these [psychiatric] drugs, is not only negligent, but considering the possible repercussions, criminal.” (“The Real Lesson of Columbine: Psychiatric Drugs Induce Violence

So, why aren’t we addressing the elephant in the room? Is there any doubt that the gunman at the Dallas-area shopping mall was mentally-unstable, probably had some history of counseling and treatment, and may have been on powerful psychiatric drugs? If you were a professional journalist, isn’t that where you would start your investigation rather than trying to cobble together some far-fetched theory based on photos of Nazi memorabilia on an isolated social media post?

We are told repeatedly by the media and the pundits on cable news that ‘guns are the problem’, but isn’t the case against powerful psychiatric meds equally compelling? It’s worth noting, that guns don’t fire themselves and that, typically, guns are not fired into crowds unless they are wielded by unstable, deranged people who—more often than not—have some traceable mental history in which they were diagnosed, counseled and treated. All we want to know is which medications they were prescribed so we can better monitor their use in order to protect the public. Unfortunately, the media is unwilling to provide this information due to a fundamental conflict of interest. They are paid by the drug companies. Here’s more from an article at the American Psychiatric Association:

A link between several types of psychotropic medications and violent behavior toward others has been documented in a recent study…

In a study published in the December 15, 2010… They found that during the study period, 780,169 serious adverse events of one kind or another had been reported for 484 drugs, and that of those serious adverse events, 1,937 had been acts of violence. They defined a violent event as any case report containing one or more of the following items: homicide, physical assault, physical abuse, homicidal ideation, or violence-related symptom….

“In addition, antidepressant drugs showed consistently elevated risk, even when compared with antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. . . .”

Paul Fink, M.D., an expert in the study of violent behavior and a past APA president, commented. “I can tell you that as a psychiatrist who has practiced for a long time, I was unaware that [varenicline and antidepressants] had been linked with violence toward others. . . . Psychiatrists and mental health professionals need to be aware of this association.” The study had no outside funding.” Several Medications Linked to Violent Acts

Keep in mind, normal, well-adjusted men who are happily married and gainfully employed, do not commit random acts of homicidal violence. These are people who have serious psychological problems, who may have sought professional help, and who have (oftentimes) been prescribed various psychiatric medications.

These medications—while beneficial to many—can result in excessive violence in a small percentage of users. The public needs to know about these drugs so they can balance their benefits against the risks to public safety. So far, there has been no admission that these risks even exist. Instead, all the blame has been placed on guns which has merely fueled greater distrust of both the media and the political establisment. In fact, most gun owners now believe that the politicians are not interested in public safety at all but merely use it as platform for promoting their own narrow interests. Ostensibly, those interests now include the repeal the second amendment followed by the disarming of the American people. That’s the goal and most gun owners know that’s the goal. Here’s one last clip from a letter to the editor titled Psychiatric Drugs are Behind the Violence by Doug Dale:

As Congress, surrounded by armed guards, metal detectors, chain link fence and paramilitary forces, debates infringing on the constitutional right to bear arms by private citizens, isn’t it time they actually address the root cause of these mass killings?

These events were unheard of until the FDA began approving more psychiatric drugs several decades ago. From 2004 to 2009, researchers accessing the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System revealed that 1,537 cases of violence were linked to 31 different types of psychiatric drugs.

Other professional studies concluded that patients didn’t have homicidal ideation until after taking these drugs. From 1992 thru 2017, 37 school shootings have been linked to these medications. In a report submitted to the Senate in 2014, it was estimated that 90% of school shooters were using antidepressants. Obviously, it’s not a person’s mental health, but the drugs that cause this violence.

The pharmaceutical lobby contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to congressional members that craft federal laws. Who will deny that these drugs are the root cause of the mass killings? Will it be uneducated political groupies drinking the gun-control elixir, politicians taking campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical lobby, the pharmaceutical industry and/or the doctors peddling this poison to the public, and if so, why?…

In 2001, a drug manufacturer removed a cholesterol drug from the market because it was linked to 31 deaths. We are way past that number in mass killings.

Congress needs to ban gun ownership from anyone being prescribed these drugs, then, at the least, make it a federal crime to write new prescriptions going forward. To do otherwise, one can only conclude that Congress could care less about how much collateral damage they cause.

If we want to stop the mass shootings, we need to strictly regulate the psychiatric medications that are causing them.




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Does Government Believe in the Constitution?

By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano May 10, 2023: Information Clearing House — Last week, FBI officials boasted that in 2022 their agents had spied on only 120,000 Americans without search warrants! Under the Constitution, that number should be ZERO.


It Appears that the US Government Is Totally Corrupt

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‘The Times’ says “Antivaxers are a menace who must be defeated” among other FALSE claims but the truth is the Triple Vaccinated account for 94% of Covid-19 Deaths

According to an article in The Times, ‘Antivaxers [sic] are a global menace who must be defeated’. The article, which is of course behind a paywall, can be read in full here.


INFANTICIDE: 4,739 Dead Babies in VAERS Following COVID-19 Shots Injected Into Pregnant and Child-Bearing Aged Women



by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News: The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) now reports that there have been at least 4,739 fetal deaths reported following COVID-19 vaccines given to pregnant and child-bearing women. (Source.) I write “at least” because there is no demographic in VAERS that lists fetal deaths, and I had to develop a special […]


Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Corruption at the highest level: Joe Biden involved in 'bribery scheme with a foreign national,' whistleblower alleges; questions first raised in 2018

Congress-Address-Joe-Biden.jpg (Natural News) Joe Biden and his family are corrupt and dirty, according to a growing list of whistleblowers who continue to provide government authorities and Congress with details while nothing at all happens to them. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. James Comer (R-KY) are claiming that an internal FBI document contains evidence of a...


Mantik and Corsi: New Book Provides Scientific Evidence JFK Was Assassinated in a Crossfire


On January 22, 2023, TGP in an article authored by Jerome Corsi, broke the story that Dr. David Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., has completed a thirty-year study of the three JFK autopsy films in the Kennedy Assassination collection at the National Archives.

Now, TGP can report that Mantik and Corsi are writing a book that will prove that shots from the front and back hit JFK’s head.  That JFK was killed in a crossfire proves there were multiple shooters on November 22, 1963. Multiple shooters prove JFK was killed in a crossfire.  Drs. Mantik and Corsi’s new book will be titled The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Final Word.  The subtitle will be: Forensic Analysis of the Autopsy X-Rays Prove Shots from the Front and Back Hit JFK’s Head.  The cover of the book will also proclaim: X-Rays Prove Crossfire—Crossfire Proves Conspiracy.

Asked about Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s accusations that the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination, both Mantik and Corsi responded that Mantik’s research “proves scientifically beyond with a certainty beyond doubt that the U.S. government was involved in the assassination and has conducted a coverup of the truth for sixty years.”

Nearly a year after applying to the Kennedy family, he received permission to view the JFK autopsy X-rays, the autopsy photographs, JFK’s clothing, and the ballistic evidence from Burke Marshall, the Kennedy family’s lawyer with power of attorney over these restricted materials.”  In the course of nine visits, Mantik made thousands of scientifically precise Optical Density (OD) readings of the JFK X-rays.  No one else has made anywhere near nine visits to examine these materials or taken so much data from the X-rays and photographs.  

“I am honored to be one of only a handful of non-government physicians the Kennedy family granted access to examine these still-restricted materials,” Mantik explained.

“From the Optical Density readings, I can prove scientifically with a certainty beyond doubt that the three JFK autopsy X-rays in the National Archives today are forgeries,” Mantik told TGP.  “I can also prove scientifically with a certainty beyond doubt that JFK received three head wounds, two shot from the front and one shot from the rear.”

Dr. Mantik has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Michigan and an M.D. from the University of Michigan.  Starting in 1976, Dr. Mantik has practiced medicine as a radiation oncologist.

“I was angry that our historians had failed to solve this greatest of American mysteries. It was time for serious detective work, so I applied to the Kennedy family attorney,” Mantik explained to TGP.  “It took nearly one year, but finally, I received permission to view the JFK autopsy X-rays, photographs, JFK’s clothing, and ballistic evidence.  So, in 1993, I made the first of nine visits to these artifacts.”

Drs. Mantik and Corsi have given TGP exclusive permission to print the introduction of their book for the first time tomorrow.

The post Mantik and Corsi: New Book Provides Scientific Evidence JFK Was Assassinated in a Crossfire appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Video: RFK Jr Says ‘Overwhelming’ Evidence Proves the CIA Killed JFK



Last Updated on May 9, 2023

2024 Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says that there is “overwhelming” evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for the 1963 assassination of his uncle, sitting US President John F. Kennedy.

RFK Jr. made the assertion that the CIA was “definitely involved” in the public assassination of President Kennedy when he joined the All In Podcast and was plainly asked if he believes that the CIA murdered his uncle.

“The CIA, yes, they were definitely involved in the murder and the 60-year cover-up,” Kennedy said.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt if you look at this huge, monumental mountain of evidence and confessions. You know, so many people have confessed to their involvement [in the JFK assassination],” Kennedy explained.

Watch the video below:

Related: RFK Jr Says His Father, Uncle Were Fighting the Military Industrial Complex Before Their Murders

RFK Jr. doubled down on his belief that the CIA is responsible for killing President Kennedy during a Monday night appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

“There are confessions of people who were directly involved in the plot, who were involved in the planning of the plot, who were peripheral to the plot,” Kennedy said, before taking aim at the Warren Commission, the investigative body that was supposed to get to the bottom of President Kennedy’s murder, but was instead overtaken by the CIA and, many believe, used to cover-up the Deep State’s role in the JFK assassination.

“The Warren Commission was run by Allen Dulles, who was the head of the CIA who my uncle fired,” RFK Jr. told Hannity.

Dulles, said RFK Jr., “essentially ran the Warren Commission and kept this evidence from the Warren Commissioners.”

“When Congress, ten years later, investigated the crime with much more evidence than the Warren Commission had at its disposal, Congress found that yeah, it was a plot, it was a conspiracy, there were multiple people involved and most of the people in that investigation believed that it was the CIA that was behind it. Because the evidence was so overwhelming to them.”

Watch the video below:

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They’re Coming To Take You Away


Suppose I tell you in advance that the essay you are reading is meant to startle you. And suppose I suggest, by way of demonstration, that two people as loosely connected as the leader of the “COVID Crisis Group” and Joe Biden’s “Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Antisemitism” – both of whom have recently offered recommendations for improving political life in the United States – are in fact determined to unravel American freedoms.

Would you be surprised?

Well, if so, that is exactly the startling fact I am trying to bring to your attention. True, you may not have heard that the 34 COVID-19 “experts” headed by one Philip Zelikow (last seen justifying the concealment of information about the 9/11 attacks) and anti-Semitism “ambassador” Deborah Lipstadt – perhaps best known for slandering scads of Jewish survivors of the Nazis as “soft-core” Holocaust deniers because they objected to the massacre of 1,462 of Gaza’s civilians nine years ago – are both out to dismantle the Bill of Rights. But if you haven’t, it isn’t because they’ve been coy about their objectives.

Take the Zelikow panel. Its new book on “the lessons learned from COVID-19” openly conflates the federal government’s management of a respiratory virus with “wartime” – thus rationalizing the executive branch’s preemption of democratic government. Not only that, Zelikow and his band of “experts” explicitly call for the consolidation of power in the hands of an unelected “health security enterprise” that would control, among other things, a “systematic biomedical surveillance network.” And in case you can’t guess who is likely to benefit from the snooping, the panel goes on to praise the coercive experimental drug program that gave us the COVID-19 “vaccines” – “a bargain at $30 billion,” according to the editors of the Washington Post – signaling at one stroke the experts’ contempt for the Nuremberg Code and their subservience to Big Pharma.

As for Lipstadt, she has launched her attack on the First Amendment by redefining “anti-Semitism” so as to include an extraordinary range of political speech. Her first step in that transformation is the familiar trick of confusing criticism of the Israeli government with anti-Jewish bigotry. But her second step is newer and, arguably, even more disturbing: she tars all denigration of Jews with the hot-button label “conspiracy theory.”

Let’s be clear: however noble the pretext of opposing Jew-hatred, it should be obvious that once you characterize anti-Semitism as a “conspiracy theory” you have made a case for censorship. As Lipstadt herself explained to Jane Eisner of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism (in an interview printed in the latest AARP Magazine but not available online): “[I]t’s a conspiracy theory that Jews control the media, the banks, the election process, etc. If you believe that there is a group controlling these things, then essentially you’re saying that you don’t believe in democracy.

And there’s the trouble. After all, an overt attack on democracy isn’t a viewpoint; it isn’t even an expression of run-of-the-mill bigotry. It’s a threat to the state. And it follows, if you accept Lipstadt’s formulation, that anyone the government can label an “anti-Semite” may now be punished in the same way the Biden administration is already punishing people who protested the presidential election results of November 2020. Note, too, the selective parameters of the offense: blaming Donald Trump’s election on the Russians is presumably “legitimate” speech; but accusing a “group” of controlling “the election process” can land you in jail – that is, when the “group” is not an official enemy but a favored minority, and when that “process” has reached results endorsed by those in power.

So the Zelikow panel and Ambassador Lipstadt can’t be accused of hiding their illiberal goals. Like the Democratic lynch mob that denounced Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger on the floor of Congress last March for revealing the extent of government censorship of Twitter, these propagandists quite openly assert that surveillance is good for us, while free speech is entirely too dangerous to be entrusted to mere citizens.

“Ordinary folks and national security agencies responsible for our security,” Congressman Colin Allred lectured Taibbi, “are trying their best to find a way to make sure that our online discourse doesn’t get people hurt, or see our democracy undermined.” It’s pretty breathtaking to watch an African-American liberal solemnly declare that the CIA and the FBI are the true guardians of democracy – not to mention his defense of the security state’s behind-the-scenes censorship of political speech. But what’s even more ominous is that not a single prominent Democratic politician nor a single pundit in mainstream liberal media has repudiated anything the congressman said.

Is it any wonder, then, that no one in mainstream media has mentioned the totalitarian tendencies implicit in the COVID Crisis Group’s recommendations for “pandemic” regulation via dismantling democracy, or in Ambassador Lipstadt’s appeals to the public to “discredit” anti-Semitism by recasting it as a criminal conspiracy?

Of course it isn’t. And that is my point. That is my motive in writing in tandem about these two apparently disparate subjects, connected only by the facts that both of them involve recent public declarations and that both of them represent attacks on fundamental liberties.

Because the truth is that condemning freedom is now so entirely respectable that it’s happening practically everywhere – under every possible pretext, almost any day, from just about any left-liberal institution that claims to care about the public good. Close your eyes, and you can hardly tell whether what you’re hearing is coming from a Democratic Party stalwart or from an old-line Soviet apologist explaining why Andrei Sakharov or Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or Yuri Orlov is really, notwithstanding the accuracy of what he’s been saying, a threat to the state who deserves to be muzzled or jailed.

And the media’s silence about it all is as ominous as the Orwellian nattering of the freedom-haters themselves.

Take another look at the Zelikow panel’s assessment of the US government’s performance during the “COVID crisis.” Writing about what the “experts” praise or blame in their report, the Washington Post never once mentions the crippling of the US working-class economy due to arbitrary confinements and business shutdowns, the educational damage done to a whole generation of children through needless school closures, the reckless suspension of representative democracy in four-fifths of our states, the medically unjustifiable trauma caused by “mask mandates,” or the undermining of the national healthcare system through an obsessive focus on one respiratory virus while more serious issues were sidelined for over a year. As far as the Post is concerned, the real outrages of the COVID coup never happened at all.

Even when the experts and the editors do manage to notice something sinister, they go out of their way to miss the point. The Zelikow panel specifically notes the “four pandemic planning exercises” staged by the US government barely a year before the announcement of the COVID-19 outbreak. And it offers a few technical criticisms of the proceedings. 

But neither the panel nor the Post editors’ congratulatory summary of its conclusions addresses the fact that the exercises – which omitted any suggestion for using repurposed drugs as early treatment for a novel virus, as in all previous influenza-like outbreaks – made a point of discussing the importance of thought-policing social media. That prescription for censorship became a grim reality after March 2020. But you’d never know it from reading the Zelikow panel’s assessment of the government’s mistakes in addressing the “pandemic.”

And Lipstadt? She claims to be a passionate defender of free speech. But that didn’t stop her from smearing Senator Ron Johnson as a “white nationalist sympathizer” because of his politically incorrect comments about Black Lives Matter. And when that issue made it to the op-ed page of the New York Times, it was only to further demonize Johnson; Lipstadt’s slander got a pass. 

Why do I worry so much about this? Well, first of all because an attack on freedom is an attack on all of us.

But I think there is a special reason for alarm. It’s not just that our ruling elites believe that we, the people, need to be stripped of our right to free expression. I’m afraid that the freedom-haters clustered around our figurehead President are not even aware just how thin the ice is onto which they’re propelling us. Their position (taking the most charitable possible view of it) runs something like this: if the public isn’t exposed to views of which the censors disapprove, hoi polloi will meekly accept whatever policies are imposed on them (for their own good, of course).

But the censors are wrong. The fabric of American political life has been strained to such tautness that a single acute crisis might rupture it altogether. And if that happens, people who have been deprived of reasonable dissent will not shrink from violent opposition; on the contrary, they will embrace it. When the monolithic narrative that is all they have been taught lies in ruins, they will replace it not with a rational, informed alternative – for they will know of none – but with whatever satisfies the rage of a population that realizes, too late, that it has been hoodwinked.

Woe to the freedom-haters when the lion they think they have tamed turns its fury on the liberal society that soothsayers like Zelikow and Lipstadt still imagine they are defending!


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Disinformation and the State: The Aptly Named RESTRICT Act

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Ex-Russian space boss questions US Moon landing


Via RT

Dmitry Rogozin says that while many in Roscosmos defended Washington’s version of events, no one could produce irrefutable proof  Dmitry Rogozin. © Sputnik/Sergey Mamontov

The former head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, has expressed doubt that the US Apollo 11 mission really landed on the Moon in 1969, saying he has yet to see conclusive proof.

In a post on his Telegram channel on Sunday, Rogozin said he began his personal quest for the truth “about ten years ago” when he was still working in the Russian government, and that he grew skeptical about whether the Americans had actually set foot on the Moon when he compared how exhausted Soviet cosmonauts looked upon returning from their flights, and how seemingly unaffected the Apollo 11 crew was by contrast.

Rogozin said he sent requests for evidence to Roscosmos at the time. All he received in response was a book featuring Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov’s account of how he talked to the American astronauts and how they told him they had been on the Moon.

The former official wrote that he continued with his efforts when he was appointed head of Roscosmos in 2018. However, according to Rogozin, no evidence was presented to him. Instead, several unnamed academics angrily criticized him for undermining the “sacred cooperation with NASA,” he claimed.

The former Roscosmos chief also said he had “received an angry phone call from a top-ranking official” who supposedly accused him of complicating international relations.

Rogozin concluded by saying he still cannot believe that the US was able to pull off the feat, but is now unable to, despite the incredible progress in technology since the late 1960s.

What he claims to have found out, however, was that Washington has “its people in [the Russian] establishment.”

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the Moon, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin going down in history as the first humans to walk on the lunar surface.

The flight was preceded by the unmanned Soviet Luna 2 program, which blazed the trail for Moon exploration.

Last April, President Vladimir Putin pledged to resume Russia’s lunar program. (RT)


The greatest betrayal of our lifetime

(Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay)

(Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay)

If a competition were held to determine what is the most egregious betrayal of America perpetrated by the Marxist left, which has infiltrated and subverted pretty much every major institution in the nation, there’d be many candidates.

Like the engineered foreign invasion of America across her southern border by millions of illegals to create a permanent Democrat voting majority. And the weaponization of this nation's best-in-the-world justice system to persecute conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters while giving a green light to criminals, crazies and violent revolutionaries. And the multifaceted corruption of America’s election system. And the government promotion and funding of surgically mutilating our children. And the catastropically perverse craze of “defunding the police.” And so on.

There would be many worthy contenders.

But there’s one betrayal – by virtue of its sheer magnitude and the egregious harm it inflicts on so many millions of young people over such an extended period of time – that is arguably the worst of all.

Every day, parents throughout America send their precious children off to their local public schools, imagining their kids’ days will be filled with reading, writing and arithmetic, along with science, history, sports, music and group recreation, just like when they attended school decades ago.

After all, in bygone eras public-school classrooms were generally patriotic, perhaps even reverent, each school day opening with a prayer to Almighty God (until the Supreme Court killed that practice in the 1960s). And of course, students and teachers would put their hands over their heart and pledge allegiance to the flag, and maybe sing “God bless America” or “You’re a grand old flag.” After that, punctuated two or three times by recess and lunch, would come hours of listening, reading, discussing, learning, doing – and at some point, testing. The knowledge base and skills thus acquired served as a foundation for all that would come later in life. Far from perfect, but it worked.

That was then. Today, what are still euphemistically called “public schools” – and remember, “public” means “government” – have been transmogrified into far-left ideological, political and religious indoctrination centers aimed at reprogramming and completely transforming America’s children.

Does that sound exaggerated? Sorry, but if anything it’s understated. Stay with me.

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Let’s briefly step inside today’s “hallowed halls of learning,” where most American children spend the major part of their young lives, and consider the dystopian reality of “public education” in 2023.

Far from beginning the school day with an acknowledgement of God and any sincere expression of reverence for their uniquely blessed country, students in thousands of schools today are literally taught to hate America. Children increasingly are programmed, via various anti-American curricula – including the notorious “1619 Project” K-12 curriculum already in use in at least 4,500 U.S. public schools – to loathe and feel ashamed of their own country as white supremacist, racist and even genocidal. They’re indoctrinated to regard all white people as intrinsically racist, or at best as unjust beneficiaries of “white privilege” and therefore still personally guilty for America’s deeply entrenched “systemic racism.” That of course is the central premise of Marxist “critical race theory,” which proposes to solve the “problem” of America by dismantling and restructuring all of the major institutions that comprise what is, in reality, the least racist, most successful multi-ethnic nation in world history.

Continuing our tour of today’s public schools, one soon encounters what all previous generations of Americans would have regarded as the criminal sexual abuse of children. This starts, almost unbelievably, in preschool when confused and intimidated parents take their highly impressionable young children – even babies – to “drag queen” events, during which obviously mentally deranged – and in truth, demonically possessed – men dressed as women corrupt society’s most vulnerable members with degenerate, and often overtly sexual, indoctrination and “entertainment.”

Fast forward a few short years: Frequent news stories document the overt LGBT grooming craze now sweeping the nation’s public schools. Openly activist LGBT teachers post recruitment videos of themselves on social media platforms like TikTok, their greatest desire being to shepherd new young recruits into the fold. Then, to complete the job, there are the after-school “support clubs” or “GSAs” – formerly called “gay-straight alliances,” but more recently, as the transgender craze has metastasized, rechristened “gender and sexuality alliances” – which in reality are straight-up, in-school recruitment hubs.

Often teachers “protect” the children they have seduced into gender “transitioning” from meddlesome parental interference by purposefully keeping mom and dad in the dark. Indeed, almost 6,000 public schools have adopted policies of concealing students’ “gender transitions” from their own parents. Once again, not long ago such behavior would have been prosecuted as an egregious child sex crime and worse – punishable by years in prison. Today, it’s all part of “woke” public education.

Time to go to the school library? When kids walk through the library doors, they can expect to encounter explicit pornography, proudly and prominently displayed – books such as “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe, which graphically depicts multiple lesbian sex acts and equates the scars from “top surgery” (where a young girls’ breasts are cut off) to having cool tattoos. Another popular book is “Flamer” by Mike Curato, featuring a boy explicitly describing various homosexual acts. And then there’s “Let’s Talk About It” by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, detailing how to perform homosexual sex, even guiding children in how to accomplish “sexting” – that is, sending sexually explicit texts and images of themselves to others.

In between all this leftwing indoctrination and sexual corruption, teachers take time to scare children to death about the near-term end of life on earth due to “catastrophic climate change.” It doesn’t matter that it’s not true. Rendering children fearful, anxious and radicalized serves the elites’ core purpose of wresting authority over kids from their parents. Indeed, it has long been the heart and soul of Marxism/communism to hold the nuclear family in contempt while insisting children rightfully belong to the state, which then is responsible for indoctrinating, re-directing and re-creating them.

No wonder every measure of pathology, from anxiety to depression to suicidality, is skyrocketing in America’s young people today. U.S. teen girls are experiencing a particularly disturbing rise in “sadness and violence.”

“But wait,” many may still ask in desperation: “What about the ‘3 Rs’ – reading, writing and arithmetic? Surely those basic skills are still being taught in today’s public schools, and such totally non-political disciplines can’t easily be messed with by the crazies on the left. Right?”


Even the most essential – and in the case of mathematics, purely logical – subjects are being corrupted at breakneck speed, in the service of the new American Marxism.

Epitomized by Brooklyn College’s math education Professor Laurie Rubel, who claims the whole notion that two plus two equals four “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy,” today’s public school curriculum developers are succeeding in generating a new version of the “3 Rs” that are, quite literally, insane.

If that sounds hyperbolic, consider what Rubel posted to her Twitter followers in 2020: “The idea that math (or data) is culturally neutral or in any way objective is a MYTH. … Along with the 'Of course math is neutral because 2+2=4' trope are the related (and creepy) 'Math is pure' and 'Protect math.' Reeks of white supremacist patriarchy. I'd rather think on nurturing people & protecting the planet (with math in service of them goals).”

So, going against the official state orthodoxy and insisting that “two plus two make four,” as did Winston Smith, the main character in George Orwell’s “1984,” makes one a “white supremacist” in today’s America.

Such Marxist madness as this, so bizarre it could develop and flourish only in the rarefied air of super-“woke” far-left academia, has now seeped out into public education, from high school all the way down to preschool. Thus, in Oregon, to cite just one example, the state’s education department promotes “A Pathway to Math Equity,” which purports to train teachers in how to “dismantle racism in mathematics instruction.” Yes, really.

“We see white supremacy culture show up in the mathematics classroom even as we carry out our professional responsibilities,” declares the teachers’ guide, which demands that educators take responsibility for “visibilizing the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture with respect to math.” The main “toxic characteristic” being the old-fashioned focus on getting the “right” answer.

“The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false,” declares the course’s “toolkit,” “and teaching it is even much less so. Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.”

All of this, of course, is utterly and droolingly deranged.

Meanwhile, just as with “white supremacist” math, Rutgers University has determined that speaking and writing English correctly is also racist. The school’s English department has altered its grammar standards to “stand with and respond” to the Black Lives Matter movement and emphasize "social justice" and "critical grammar" over irrelevancies like correct spelling and grammar.

The new "critical grammar" approach challenges the standard form of the English language in favor of a more “inclusive” writing experience, noting “the curriculum puts an emphasis on the variability of the English language instead of accuracy,” as the Washington Free Beacon reported. The English Department is even offering an internship titled "Decolonizing the Writing Center" to make writing “more linguistically diverse."

In trying to come to terms with how intelligent, educated people in the world’s freest and most advanced nation can possibly embrace such fantastically dumb concepts, Orwell’s “1984” actually provides a vital clue. In response to the seemingly impenetrable question of why the ruling elites insist that “two plus two make five,” Orwell explains: “It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. … the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy.”

In other words, it's all about power. Consider that pressuring and intimidating people into embracing an obviously deluded position, such as “two plus two make five,” is a powerful way to not just control but corrupt their minds, essentially forcing them to abandon reality and “bend the knees of their mind” to the ruling elites’ will.

If this obsession with ultimate power to the point of total insanity sounds familiar, it’s because the denial of objective reality by “the Party” in “1984” – which to those in power confers the delusion they can control not just people’s minds, but also reality itself, like gods – is very much the political, psychological and spiritual identity of the modern Democratic Party.

All this is especially chilling in light of Abraham Lincoln’s famous observation that “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

So, what can you do?

For starters, see and speak the truth – with courage and love, but not hate. That will keep you sane.

Protect your family and loved ones. Find and contribute to a decent Christian subculture in which to raise your children and grandchildren.

Most urgently, take them out of the public school system.

Don’t delude yourself by insisting, “I’ve been to my child’s school and I know the principal. She’s a Christian!” Or, “I went to back-to-school night and met my kids’ teachers – they’re great!” You’re dreaming; it’s time to wake up.

If you love your children, take them out of the regime indoctrination centers. Those in charge of today's government schools see themselves, in effect, as the “gods” of our society and its future, intent on re-creating your children in the regime's image. However, they are not gods, but rebels against God, which makes them both deluded and corrupting in their influence on your children.

In truth, these are dark, dangerous, tumultuous times. America is in the middle of what some are calling a “soft communist revolution,” and how it’s ultimately going to turn out is unknown.

One thing you can do, however, is refuse to knowingly sacrifice your children to it.

Possibly you’ll find a Christian school that is both worthy and affordable for you, but from personal experience, I would recommend homeschooling.

While public school students are in serious danger to their mental health and wellbeing in today’s public education system, a 2021 peer-reviewed Harvard study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE shows that, compared to their peers attending public schools, “adolescents who are homeschooled are more likely to report greater character strengths and fewer risky health behaviors later in life.”

There is an enormous amount of help online for parents considering homeschooling their children, and the ranks of homeschool families are growing rapidly.

“In my opinion,” sums up Christian actor and bestselling author Kirk Cameron, “the public school system has become public enemy number one." Last year, Cameron produced a movie called “The Homeschool Awakening,” and the two-minute trailer gives viewers a vivid sense of exactly why homeschooling is so strongly resonating with many parents today.

More broadly, popular podcaster and columnist Jason Whitlock, recently appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” – before the powers-that-be at Fox News killed off their most popular program – offered some biblical advice to good Americans regarding the increasingly deranged “woke” culture all around them.

Quoting 2 Corinthians 6:17, Whitlock counseled, “Come out from among them, and be ye separate.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The preceding was adapted from David Kupelian's cover story in the April 2023 issue of WND's critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE GREATEST BETRAYAL: How Marxism and madness have taken over America’s public school system.” It devastatingly documents how today’s “public” (government) schools have become far-left ideological, political and religious indoctrination centers aimed at reprogramming and transforming America’s children.

Perhaps never has the true threat of today’s U.S. public school system been exposed as clearly and persuasively as in “THE GREATEST BETRAYAL.” Whistleblower is available in both the popular print edition and a state-of-the-art digital version, either single issues or discounted annual subscriptions.

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