Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Video: RFK Jr Says ‘Overwhelming’ Evidence Proves the CIA Killed JFK



Last Updated on May 9, 2023

2024 Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says that there is “overwhelming” evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for the 1963 assassination of his uncle, sitting US President John F. Kennedy.

RFK Jr. made the assertion that the CIA was “definitely involved” in the public assassination of President Kennedy when he joined the All In Podcast and was plainly asked if he believes that the CIA murdered his uncle.

“The CIA, yes, they were definitely involved in the murder and the 60-year cover-up,” Kennedy said.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt if you look at this huge, monumental mountain of evidence and confessions. You know, so many people have confessed to their involvement [in the JFK assassination],” Kennedy explained.

Watch the video below:

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RFK Jr. doubled down on his belief that the CIA is responsible for killing President Kennedy during a Monday night appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

“There are confessions of people who were directly involved in the plot, who were involved in the planning of the plot, who were peripheral to the plot,” Kennedy said, before taking aim at the Warren Commission, the investigative body that was supposed to get to the bottom of President Kennedy’s murder, but was instead overtaken by the CIA and, many believe, used to cover-up the Deep State’s role in the JFK assassination.

“The Warren Commission was run by Allen Dulles, who was the head of the CIA who my uncle fired,” RFK Jr. told Hannity.

Dulles, said RFK Jr., “essentially ran the Warren Commission and kept this evidence from the Warren Commissioners.”

“When Congress, ten years later, investigated the crime with much more evidence than the Warren Commission had at its disposal, Congress found that yeah, it was a plot, it was a conspiracy, there were multiple people involved and most of the people in that investigation believed that it was the CIA that was behind it. Because the evidence was so overwhelming to them.”

Watch the video below:

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