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MUST WATCH: Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses New Study That Shows Pfizer’s Covid mRNA Vaccines Can MODIFY DNA in the Human Genome (VIDEO)


Researchers in Sweden recently published a new alarming study showing that Pfizer’s experimental mRNA Covid vaccine can modify DNA within the human genome.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine (MDPI), found that the SARS-CoV-2 RNA within the Pfizer vaccine can reverse-transcribe itself and install itself within the DNA of the human genome within a matter of just six hours following exposure to the vaccine.

Aside from the self-explanatory issues of modifying DNA in humans without their knowledge, the changes can cause “genotoxic side effects,” according to the study.

From the study, titled “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line:”

Our study shows that BNT162b2 can be reverse transcribed to DNA in liver cell line Huh7, and this may give rise to the concern if BNT162b2-derived DNA may be integrated into the host genome and affect the integrity of genomic DNA, which may potentially mediate genotoxic side effects.”

Researchers determined that the mRNA concoction is able to enter the human cell lining at “high efficiency” after observing the phenomenon happen within human liver cells in vitro (a lab setting). They detected “high levels” of the foreign DNA within the liver cell after just a few hours. There were also rapid changes in gene expression within the affected cells.

This foreign DNA mirrored the BNT162b2 mRNA contained in the experimental vaccine.

From the study:

“In this study, we investigated the effect of BNT162b2 on the human liver cell line Huh7 in vitro. Huh7 cells were exposed to BNT162b2, and quantitative PCR was performed on RNA extracted from the cells.

We detected high levels of BNT162b2 in Huh7 cells and changes in gene expression of long interspersed nuclear element-1 (LINE-1), which is an endogenous reverse transcriptase.

PCR on genomic DNA of Huh7 cells exposed to BNT162b2 amplified the DNA sequence unique to BNT162b2.Our results indicate a fast up-take of BNT162b2 into human liver cell line Huh7, leading to changes in LINE-1 expression and distribution.

We also show that BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as 6 h upon BNT162b2 exposure

BNT162b2 Enters Human Liver Cell Line Huh7 Cells at High Efficiency.”

The shocking results of this study completely contradict what the so-called public health ‘experts’ have been claiming for months – that the experimental mRNA vaccines can not, and will not, modify people’s DNA. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even says as much, very explicitly, on their website, but, just like with all of the other baseless claims about the safety and efficacy of this gene therapy being billed as a vaccine, this too is proving to be false.

And, it’s not as if there were no warning signs about this before the Swedish paper was published. Multiple other studies have shown similar results, especially when conducting clinical trials on animals. One of which was cited by the Swedish paper and showed “reversible hepatic effects in animals that received the BNT162b2 injection.”

What’s even more worrisome, though, is that preclinical data for the vaccine has demonstrated the messenger RNA can travel to several other organs in addition to the liver, including the spleen, heart, kidney, lung, and brain. And it doesn’t take much to begin seeing the effects as Researchers found that the mRNA entered the liver cell line with high efficiency despite “the concentration [of mRNA] in the liver [being] roughly 100 times lower than that of the intramuscular injection site.”

Pfizer’s own cooked clinical data even showed the mRNA was traveling to – and could be found in, several critical organs after injection – including the reproductive organs, according to researchers.

The study continues:

“The Pfizer EMA assessment report also showed that BNT162b2 distributes in the spleen (<1.1%), adrenal glands (<0.1%), as well as low and measurable radioactivity in the ovaries and testes (<0.1%) [26].”

In other words, this reverse-transcribed foreign DNA is likely being installed across the body. This is beyond criminal.

Following the release of the bombshell Swedish study, some of the most outspoken critics of the experimental vaccines, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Bartlett, and Dr. Simone Gould, joined a panel discussion about the alarming findings that have left the medical and scientific community “buzzing.”

According to Dr. McCullough, who is the most published cardiologist in history, this is the first hard evidence that shows the experimental vaccines do, in fact, change the DNA of the person who is injected.

From Dr. McCullough:

“The news is buzzing – out of Lund University in Malmo Sweeden… [this is] the first demonstration in a human hepatic (liver) cell line that the Pfizer vaccine in fact reverse transcribes and installs DNA into the human genome.” 

Following up on Dr. McCullough at the request of the host, Dr. Bartlett broke the findings down in more simple terms. And, as he correctly points out, we were told this would never happen.

From Dr. Bartlett:

“So, basically, there’s an enzyme that can take that messenger RNA vaccine information and put it into the DNA of the person – into their DNA. And we were told that could not happen… the vaccine is messenger RNA. And we were told that messenger RNA could not go into your DNA, but this is showing that – in a lab – it can.”

Noticeably uncomfortable – and rightfully so, one of the panel hosts nervously asks: “If you’re pregnant and you have this done [take the vaccine] can that then affect your baby?”

Unfortunately, she got the answer she was dreading. Quite simply, yes it will.

Dr. McCullough continued:

Yes. This is an alarming finding.

CDC says on its website – very explicitly – this [vaccine] will not change your DNA. The paper that came out of Sweden – there will be many more to confirm it – and the steps are to: a) confirm it – to confirm that the entire code is installed. And then, to actually confirm that it [the foreign vaccine DNA] is expressed – meaning that the spike protein is now being continually expressed from human cells because the lipid nanoparticle has taken up everywherethat means somatic cells in your organs, but also gametocytes, which are the cells that actually are the sperm and the egg.

If they [gametocytes] are carrying it, that indeed means it can be passed to the daughter’s [or son’s] cells in the embryo.


Keep in mind – the US Government just approved, and is heavily pushing this poison on babies and toddlers now. The first country in the entire world to do so.

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UK Gov. admits ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine is killing Kids after publishing report proving Fake Vaccinated Children are shocking 30,200% more likely to die than Un-fake-vaccinated Children


The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has questionably authorised emergency use of both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA Covid-19 injections for use among children aged 6 months and above despite the UK Government admitting the Covid-19 Vaccine is killing children after it published data via the Office for National Statistics proving children are 82 to 303x more likely to die following Covid-19 vaccination than children who have not had the Covid-19 vaccine.

On June 17th 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criminally extended the emergency use authorisation of the mRNA Covid-19 injections for use in children as young as 6 months.

There has never been an emergency in regard to Covid-19 infection among children. Two years of evidence show the alleged disease has only adversely affected the elderly and vulnerable. Children have been unlucky to suffer symptoms more severe than those associated with the common cold.

But despite this fact, the FDA has decided it is perfectly safe to administer an experimental injection to babies and toddlers, with FDA Commissioner Robert Califf saying –

“Many parents, caregivers and clinicians have been waiting for a vaccine for younger children and this action will help protect those down to 6 months of age.  As we have seen with older age groups, we expect that the vaccines for younger children will provide protection from the most severe outcomes of COVID-19, such as hospitalization and death.

Those trusted with the care of children can have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of these COVID-19 vaccines and can be assured that the agency was thorough in its evaluation of the data.”

The FDA Commissioner will live to regret that last sentence. As will any parent who takes the Commissioners words at face value. Because official data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics show that Covid-19 vaccinated children are between 8,100% and 30,200% more likely to die than unvaccinated children.

On 16th May 2022, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published a dataset containing details on ‘deaths by vaccination status in England’ between 1st Jan 2021 and 31st March 2022.

The dataset contains various tables showing details such as, ‘Monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for deaths involving COVID-19’, and ‘Monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for non-COVID-19 deaths’.

Read More: EXCLUSIVE – UK Gov. admits COVID Vaccine is killing Kids



None Worse for the Wear

I just got off zooming today with a lawyer friend of mine. He seems to be a nice guy but rather “play it by the book” (as these types are wont to be).


Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda


Via Mercola

Story at-a-glance

  • The World Health Organization began working on an anti-fertility vaccine in the 1970s, in response to perceived overpopulation. For 20 years, the WHO’s Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation worked with population control in mind
  • In 1993, the WHO finally announced a birth-control vaccine had successfully been created to help with “family planning.” The anti-fertility vaccine uses hCG conjugated (chemically bonded) to tetanus toxoid, used in the tetanus vaccine. As a result, a woman will develop antibodies against both tetanus and hCG
  • HCG is the first signal that tells the woman’s body she’s pregnant. In response to this signal, her ovaries then produce progesterone, which maintains the pregnancy to term. By combining hCG with tetanus toxoid, it causes this crucial pregnancy hormone to be attacked and destroyed by the woman’s own immune system
  • In 1995, the Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines won a court order halting a UNICEF tetanus program that was using tetanus vaccine laced with hCG. Three million women between the ages of 12 and 45 had by that time already been vaccinated. Anti-hCG-laced vaccines had also been found in at least four other countries
  • Also in 1995, the Kenyan government launched a WHO tetanus campaign under the guise of eradicating neonatal tetanus. An investigation found the vaccine given to girls and women, aged 15 to 49, contained hCG, and evidence suggests this was an intentional population control agenda

“Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda,” is the fourth vaccine-related documentary by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. It tells the story of an intentional infertility vaccine program conducted on African women, without their knowledge or consent.

While it’s been brushed off as a loony conspiracy theory for years, there’s compelling evidence showing it did, in fact, happen, and there’s nothing to prevent it from happening again.

The Backstory

As explained in the film, the World Health Organization began working on an anti-fertility vaccine, led by Dr. G.P. Talwar in New Delhi, India, in the 1970s, “in response to perceived overpopulation.” For 20 years, the WHO’s Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation worked with population control in mind.

In 1993, the WHO finally announced a birth-control vaccine had successfully been created to help with “family planning.”1 The paper trail reveals that by 1976, WHO researchers had successfully conjugated, meaning combined or attached, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) onto tetanus toxoid, used in the tetanus vaccine. As a result, when given to a woman, she develops antibodies against both tetanus and hCG.

HCG is a hormone produced by cells surrounding the growing embryo. These hormone-producing cells protect and support embryonic growth and eventually form the placenta.

As explained in the film, hCG is the first signal that tells the woman’s body she’s pregnant. In response to this signal, her ovaries then produce a second hormone, progesterone, which maintains the pregnancy to term.

By combining hCG with tetanus toxoid, it causes this crucial pregnancy hormone to be attacked and destroyed by your immune system, as it’s now misperceived as an invading pathogen. Since hCG is destroyed, progesterone is never produced and, hence, the pregnancy cannot be maintained.

So, if you’re already pregnant when taking this witches’ brew, it will likely result in a spontaneous abortion, and if you’re not already pregnant, you won’t be able to get pregnant, as this crucial pregnancy hormone is under constant attack by your immune system. Repeated doses prolong these effects, effectively rendering you sterile.

The WHO Has Been in the Depopulation Business for Decades

As detailed in a Scientific Research paper published in 2017,2 “WHO publications show a long-range purpose to reduce population growth in unstable ‘less developed countries.’”

In other words, the WHO’s longstanding policy has been to support depopulation in third world countries, and they’ve studied depopulation strategies in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, The Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia for decades.3

While creating an anti-fertility vaccine for those who really don’t want children is one thing, using deception to lure girls and young women into taking it is another entirely. As it turns out, the WHO is not above using deception and trickery to shut down fertility in populations they deem unworthy of reproduction.

The Great Deception

The central figures of the film are two Kenyan gynecologists, Drs. Wahome Ngare, and the late Stephen K. Karanja. Both state in the film that infertility is now the biggest gynecological problem in Africa. In recent years, there’s been a significant increase in women losing their pregnancies and couples who cannot conceive.

“I have seen the tears. They lose their identity. You die inside,” Antoninah Mutinda says. She knows, because she’s one of the African women whose fertility has been mysteriously impacted. After her third miscarriage, she was tested and found to have extremely high anti-hCG antibodies. She now suspects the tetanus vaccine she was given may be the culprit.

The anti-fertility vaccine was rolled out in the mid-‘90s, but despite support from the Kenyan leadership and “elite groups,” it was not popular among Kenyan women, who were concerned about the potential for abuse. They worried it might be disguised as a regular tetanus vaccine program.

Their concerns were valid because, as it turns out, this had already happened. In 1995, the Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines won a court order halting a UNICEF tetanus program that was using tetanus vaccine laced with hCG. Three million women between the ages of 12 and 45 had by that time already been vaccinated. Anti-hCG-laced vaccines had also been found in at least four other countries.

Undeterred by bad press, that same year, 1995, the Kenyan government launched a WHO tetanus campaign under the guise of eradicating neonatal tetanus. There were telltale signs that something was wrong, however, because it was already standard practice to vaccinate pregnant women against tetanus. Now, the WHO insisted women who weren’t pregnant needed the shot as well, in case they were to become pregnant.

Karanja learned of the deceptive anti-fertility campaigns in other countries during a medical conference in 1995, and became immediately suspicious of the tetanus campaign in his own country. Karanja convinced leaders of the Catholic church — one of the largest health care providers in Kenya — to test the tetanus vaccine being given, to make sure there was no foul play.

Without explanation, the WHO suddenly abandoned the campaign. Alas, 19 years later, in 2013, they were back. All girls and women, 15 to 49 years of age, were instructed to get vaccinated with a series of five injections, six months apart. This, it turns out, is the exact schedule required for the anti-fertility vaccine to produce sterility. Regular tetanus prevention requires only one injection every five to 10 years, and under no circumstance would you need five of them.

Vaccines Test Positive for Anti-hCG

The Catholic Church decided to test the vaccines, and collected three sample vials directly from clinics during the 2014 campaign. The samples were then sent to three independent laboratories for testing. As feared, they found hCG in them. Another six vials were then collected, and tested by six independent labs. This time, half were found to contain hCG.

At this point, the Catholic Church went public, urging girls and women to not comply with the vaccination campaign. In an effort to settle the dispute, an investigative committee was formed, consisting of three representatives selected by the Catholic bishops, and three government officials.

It was agreed that the nine vials already collected would be retested, along with 52 samples from a distributor who sells tetanus vaccine to the Kenyan government. This time, a more precise type of test, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), was chosen.

Dr. Nicholas Muraguri, director of medical services for the Kenyan government, contracted agriQ Quest to perform this testing. However, he urged them to test samples provided directly by him rather than the vials previously agreed upon. AgriQ Quest decided to analyze both batches.

The vials that tested positive for hCG using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), still tested positive using HPLC, but none of the samples provided by Muraguri tested positive.

A Decades’ Long Cover-Up

Shockingly, the government then demanded agriQ Quest “alter their report to indicate that they were safe to be administered.” When agriQ Quest refused, the government, the WHO and UNICEF responded by launching a public attack, accusing the Catholic Church of “peddling misinformation.”

And, since the only samples found to contain hCG were those provided by the Church, the government accused them of tampering with the vials in an effort to undermine confidence in the vaccine.

An added twist here is that the vials that tested positive had the same batch numbers as vials that tested negative. Only later did agriQ Quest discover that these negative vials had fake labels on them. They were not, in fact, from the same lots as those that tested positive. They weren’t even made by the same manufacturer.

AgriQ Quest also claims they can prove the positive samples were not tampered with, because they did not test positive for hCG in general. The test clearly shows the hCG was conjugated with tetanus toxoid, and this cannot occur by simply adding hCG to a vial of tetanus vaccine.

The conjugation — the chemical linking or bonding — of hCG to the tetanus toxoid can only occur during the manufacturing process. This is the smoking gun that proves the neonatal tetanus vaccine campaign was a cover for a population control campaign.

Muraguri also lied when he claimed the Kenyan government had only one supplier of tetanus vaccine. As it turns out, there were two. Biological E. Limited provided a regular tetanus vaccine, while the hCG-positive batches came from Serum Institute of India — the same country where most of the WHO’s anti-fertility research had been conducted.

To imagine there’s a system somewhere, that some people somewhere are behind my inability to carry pregnancy to term, that is a diabolical agenda! ~ Antoninah Mutinda

Both Ngare and Karanja paid a steep price for their vigilance. The medical board called them for disciplinary action. Karanja was issued a gag order, and since 2014 was not allowed to speak publicly about vaccines in Kenya. He broke that gag order for this film. April 29, 2021, Karanja died, allegedly from COVID infection.

A Truly Diabolical Agenda

Speaking for millions of women just like her, Mutinda, who has now struggled with infertility for years, says:

“To imagine there’s a system somewhere, that some people somewhere are behind my inability to carry pregnancy to term, that is a diabolical agenda!”

Before his untimely death, Karanja shared a message with the world, through the makers of this film:

“When they are through with Africa, they’re coming for you.”


We can’t trust the renewed “polio vaccination” push. Here’s why.


Guest Post by Kit Knightly

Last week we wrote about the new “polio outbreak” reported in the UK and around the world, and how it was likely yet another constructed narrative designed to sell yet more vaccines.

After all, it was reported that the market for polio vaccines had “stagnated” through 2021, and the first-ever vaccine granted approval under emergency use license by the World Health Organization was a new “triple-locked” polio vaccine.

In early June, the WHO granted Chinese pharmaceutical giant SINOVAC international approval for their new polio vaccine too.

So, they had brand new products, but no one to buy them.

The motive was there to create a population of ‘incentivised’ customers. That’s a simple mechanic of marketing we’re all very familiar with.

Since March, Israel has been running the “Operation Two Drops”, a polio vaccination drive (using that new “emergency use” polio vaccine), which apparently resulted in a huge increase in vaccine uptake in children of all ages.

This program was reported to be “over” just yesterday, with the Jerusalem Post headlining that “Israel’s polio outbreak finally under control”.

Just as with the Covid “vaccines”, Israel has acted as the world’s guinea pig.

Following the proclaimed  “polio outbreak” in London (yes, they’re actually calling it an outbreak despite literally zero reported cases) the UK government declared an “emergency” and laid plans to “increase vaccine coverage”.

The EU meanwhile has pledged to provide 40 million euros worth of polio vaccines to Afghanistan,

And just today Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique announced they have already administered over 36 million doses of polio vaccines as part of a new joint initiative, despite the region reporting just two cases in the whole of 2022.

So, clearly, a big part of this is selling vaccines.

A lot of vaccines.

But at the same time, some questions remain. In a world with an ongoing (fake) covid “pandemic” and an incipient (fake) monkeypox scare, why bring back polio of all things? What agenda can polio propaganda serve?

Well, the answer might be that it plugs important gaps in the Covid narrative.

Take this article, from the Guardian

The discovery of the polio virus in Britain proves we can never let our guard down

It argues that just because we think a disease is gone, doesn’t mean it definitely has. Even if there’s no cases for literal decades, we must always be prepared for it to come back…

Do you see how this works?

The article is seeding the idea that just because there haven’t been any actual cases in 20 years doesn’t mean we should halt vaccination programs.

That’s an argument that can (and will) be used to give Covid jabs to kids in perpetuity.

This article from the Times is even cleverer, headlining:

UK polio outbreak ‘is our price for obsession with Covid’

It claims that, in some ways, lockdown was “worse than Covid” for children, because it disrupted too much – including the polio vaccination program.

This little narrative twist is designed for a very specific purpose – to corral covid sceptics into a pro-vaccine position.

It’s very subtle propaganda.

Look”, they say, “maybe lockdown was a bit of an over-reaction and we got a bit obsessed with Covid. Sorry, our bad.

It’s perfectly understandable you don’t want to give your kids the experimental Covid vaccine – Covid doesn’t even affect kids much after all, does it?

But unfortunately – due to our own incompetence (silly us) – we’re now behind in our polio vaccinations. It’s OK to give your kids the polio vaccine…isn’t it?”

They cede that lockdown may have been “worse than the disease”, and criticise “our obsession with Covid” to get the sceptics on side, then they point to the supposedly neglected polio vaccination program as an aspect of criticising the government’s approach to Covid.

Just like that, wanting to vaccinate against polio becomes a covid sceptic position. And the same people who would never let their kids get the Covid shot are signing up to get them double-jabbed with another emergency use vaccine…only for polio.

Are these new polio vaccines safe and effective? Are they really necessary?

Are they even really polio vaccines, not just covid shots with a different label? Or something else entirely?

We don’t know, and a lot of people won’t think to ask, such is the cultivated trust in the polio vax.

It’s all about getting people “vaccinated”, and creating the cultural norm of regular state-mandated injections for “protection” against the disease du jour.

The “polio outbreak” is just a dragnet picking up all those who may have slipped through the Covid cracks.

Either you take the clotshot for Covid, or you take smallpox vaccine for monkeypox or you take the polio vaccine…just to be safe.

In the end they just want everyone to get at least one vaccine, and it seems they don’t much care which.

It makes one wonder if there’s some “secret ingredient” all three could have in common.


Friday, July 8, 2022

New Study Contradicts ‘Experts’ – Shows Unvaccinated Adults Found “No increase in Myocarditis and Pericarditis” Following COVID Infection


A new study from Israel reveals that there was “no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis” in unvaccinated adults who had COVID-19 infection.

This contradicts the findings of earlier studies that suggested there may be a connection between cardiac inflammation and coronavirus infections.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, the researchers concluded that there is “no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis in COVID-19 recovered patients compared to uninfected matched controls.”

NEW – Israeli cohort study involving 196,992 unvaccinated adults found “no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis” after COVID infection.

— (@disclosetv) July 7, 2022

“Myocarditis and pericarditis are potential post-acute cardiac sequelae of COVID-19 infection, arising from adaptive immune responses,” the study stated. “We aimed to study the incidence of post-acute COVID-19 myocarditis and pericarditis.”

A total of 787,968 Clalit Health Services adult members were included in the study between March 2020 and January 2021. Out of that total, 196,992 adults were found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus (16,632 adults with previous vaccination were excluded from the group).

The control cohort of 590,976 adults with no Covid were age- and sex-matched, according to the study (5 adults with previous vaccination were excluded from the group).

A. Myocarditis

B. Pericarditis

“Nine post-COVID-19 patients developed myocarditis (0.0046%), and eleven patients were diagnosed with pericarditis (0.0056%). In the control cohort, 27 patients had myocarditis (0.0046%) and 52 had pericarditis (0.0088%),” the study stated.

“In the control cohort, 27 patients had myocarditis (0.0046%) and 52 had pericarditis (0.0088%),” the researchers reported.

“In the current large population study of subjects, who were not vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, we observed no increase in the incidence of myocarditis or pericarditis from day 10 after positive SARS-CoV-2.”

The researchers went on and stated, “Multivariable analysis did show male sex as associated with a higher risk of developing myocarditis or pericarditis, regardless of previous COVID-19 infection.”

Dr. Peter McCullough responded to the findings.

Tuvali et al, Israel, huge study N=196K cases, N=590K controls, no excess rate of ICD-10-code identified myocarditis in unjected with natural infection. Counters prior false claims. Can focus on mandated products as source of myocarditis at hand and move forward on management.

— Peter McCullough, MD MPH (@P_McCulloughMD) July 6, 2022

You can read the rest of the study here and below:

The Incidence of Myocarditi… by Jim Hoft

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Watch: Greenwald Slams Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup As "Biggest Media Fraud" In A Decade

Watch: Greenwald Slams Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup As "Biggest Media Fraud" In A Decade

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

As yet more evidence of potentially illegal business practices (in addition to debauchery) has emerged from the Hunter Biden laptop debacle, journalist Glenn Greenwald described the saga as “the single biggest media fraud” in the past decade.

Appearing on Jesse Watters Primetime, Greenwald discussed the topic, noting that any information that comes to light through the Hunter Biden story is tightly controlled.

“The media deploys information to conceal it or divulge it for the interest of their sources inside the democratic party and the U.S. Security state and I just want to emphasize because I can’t talk about the Hunter Biden situation without doing so,” Greenwald asserted.

He continued,  “this was the topic of the single biggest media fraud in the last, I think at least decade, which is right before the election. The CIA spread to the media which repeated it and then big tech censored on the basis of it the lie that all these documents were Russian disinformation.” 

“Biden wins the election because they suppressed that story,” Greenwald continued, further declaring “Then all of a sudden, they want to start doing reporting on Biden as he’s getting weak and all of these documents start emerging in The Washington Post and The New York Times come out and say oh now we’re able to confirm their authenticity.”

“So what you see is cynical as your suggestion might be, that the media has already been playing these kinds of very extreme games with exactly this case for those kinds of motives,” the journalist further urged.

Greenwald continued, “had this only been about corruption by Hunter Biden, it would be an embarrassing scandal,” but “we’re clearly talking about protecting Joe Biden as well and at this point at the very least we should have an independent prosecutor who’s not beholden to the chain of command that ends with Joe Biden to make decisions not just about Hunter Biden but also about the President himself.”


Earlier this week, Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, charged that Biden’s Treasury Department is actively blocking efforts to probe into the shady business dealings.

Comer stated that officials have refused to hand over suspicious activity reports without the sign off of the committee’s Democratic leaders.

“Despite Treasury’s assertion in the press that it ‘provides SARs to Congress in a manner that enables robust oversight,’ Treasury is refusing to release SARs connected with Hunter Biden or his family and associates — including the President, Comer wrote in a letter Wednesday to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

*  *  *

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NEW: ‘My name is Spartacus’: COVID-19 Deep Dive Part I

There are five viruses in the genus Betacoronavirus that are known to infect humans: OC43, HKU1, SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2. The alphacoronaviruses 229E and NL63 and the betacoronaviruses OC43 and HKU1 cause the common cold. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2 are not the common cold.


“Spartacus” is back again – COVID-19: A Web of Corruption

My name is Spartacus, and I’ve had enough. We shared this document with numerous news outlets and sent it directly to Dr. Robert Malone, who linked it on his Twitter account. From there, it was reposted on the Automatic Earth blog, and then, on ZeroHedge, where it garnered over a million hits.


Viral Spartacus Report Exposes the Covid-19 Agenda, Warns the Elite “You Will Not Have Your New World Order”

An anonymous document posted online by an individual who calls themselves Spartacus has gone viral. The ‘Covid letter’ sums up the current state of the ‘pandemic’, calling out the so-called ‘science’ attributed to Covid-19 and the vaccines.


Blue and Red Do Have Something in Common. They've Both Been Ripped Off, Repeatedly

Good, honest, hardworking people, white collar, blue collar. Doesn't matter what color shirt you have on… People of modest means continue to elect these rich cocksuckers who don't give a fuck about them. They don't give a fuck about you.


Christine Anderson: Serious Vaccine Adverse Events Endangering Passengers Across Europe

Member of the European Parliament for Germany, Christine Anderson joins Steve Bannon to discuss the global “Airmegeddon” of canceled flights and flight delays that have made commercial aviation a nightmare around the world.


Groundbreaking Study finds Monkeypox Outbreak is result of Biolab manipulated Virus released intentionally

If you believe in germ theory then you will be shocked to find that a new study, published by Portugal’s National Institute of Health has uncovered evidence that the alleged virus responsible for the Monkeypox outbreak supposedly sweeping across Europe, America and Australia, has been heavily mani


Thursday, July 7, 2022

Judge Strikes Down Los Angeles School Vaccine Mandate, Siding With Parent

Judge Strikes Down Los Angeles School Vaccine Mandate, Siding With Parent

Authored by Bill Pan via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

A plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccine shots for hundreds of thousands of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will remain on pause after a Los Angeles County judge ruled on July 5 that the district lacks the authority to do so.

A nurse administers a pediatric dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to a girl at a clinic in Los Angeles on Jan. 19, 2022. (Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

In his ruling, Judge Mitchell Beckloff of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County sided with a parent, whose 12-year-old son attends a public magnet school in North Hollywood. The parent filed the complaint in October 2021, about a month after the LAUSD announced its vaccination mandate.

Under the district’s mandate, all eligible students aged 12 and above must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or get approved for exemptions by Jan. 10 in order to attend school in person. Those who don’t comply would be transferred into the district’s remote learning program, City of Angels, which offers a mixture of live instruction and self-study.

The suing parent, identified as G.F., argued that it is unfair and unlawful for the child, identified as D.F., to have to lose his hard-earned place at a competitive school just because he and his parent have chosen to not get vaccinated on the basis of personal beliefs.

According to G.F., his son had acquired natural immunity after recovering from COVID-19. He also said he worried that vaccinating the child would put the child’s health in jeopardy.

Either I get him a vaccine that I fear could harm him, or I send him to a virtual school that I know from experience and LAUSD’s own data would prove academically vastly inferior,” the father said earlier this year in a sworn declaration, reported City News Service. “The idea of dumping him into an online school, free of a rigorous academic program and torn away from his like-minded classmates, breaks my heart.”

Beckloff, who wrote in March in a tentative opinion that he might dismiss the case, agreed with the father in his final ruling, acknowledging that if D.F. refuses to comply with the mandate, he will be forced to accept a very different education.

“The [mandate] is not merely about how education is delivered or who may be physically present on campus as the court previously viewed it. Instead, the [mandate] dictates which school the student may attend, and the curriculum he may continue to receive,” the judge wrote, reported the Los Angeles Times.

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Twitter reinstates Alex Berenson after settling censorship lawsuit

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Journalist and author Alex Berenson’s Twitter account has been reinstated as part of a resolution to a censorship lawsuit that both parties agreed to settle earlier this week.

Berenson shared an official reinstatement statement where Twitter acknowledged its error in suspending his account:

“The parties have come to a mutually acceptable resolution. I have been reinstated. Twitter has acknowledged that my tweets should have not led to my suspension at that time.”

Twitter suspended Berenson last year after flagging one of his tweets that questioned the effectiveness of COVID vaccines and suggested that they’re “at best…a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS.”

Berenson responded by suing Twitter and accusing the tech platform of acting “on behalf of the federal government in censoring and barring him from access to its platform.”

After being reinstated, Berenson tweeted and pinned the statement that led to his suspension.

Berenson also noted that the settlement “does not end my investigation into the pressures that the government may have placed on Twitter to suspend my account” and said he’ll provide more information on this issue in the near future.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion, responded to Berenson’s reinstatement by asking for further details on the pressures the government may have placed on Twitter.

“I wish I could,” Berenson tweeted in response to Musk. “But the settlement with @Twitter prevents me from doing so. However, in the near future I hope and expect to have more to report.”

The reinstatement of Berenson is the first time a large tech platform has admitted it should not have banned a prominent user and reinstated their account as part of a legal settlement.

“This has NEVER happened before,” Berenson noted.

Previous lawsuits that have accused Big Tech of censoring users in response to government pressure have been dismissed and the affected users have not been reinstated. For example, a lawsuit that was filed in March and alleged that Twitter had censored several accounts in response to federal government pressure was dismissed in May.

Jenin Younes, one of the civil liberties attorneys that filed this March lawsuit, welcomed Berenson’s reinstatement and the information he plans to provide on pressure that the government may have placed on Twitter.

“His removal was a disgrace, esp. because it was clearly coordinated by the Government,” Younes tweeted. “I hope that he is able to shed light on the degree of unconstitutional government involvement in social media censorship as he has promised.”


“We Are Not Slaves, We Are Farmers!” – Polish and Italian Farmers RISE UP Against Government Elites Destroying Their Family Businesses

Farmer protests continued in The Netherlands on Thursday. And now the movement is spreading. Farmer protests were launched in Italy and Poland on Thursday.


How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own

How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own

To hear more audio stories from publications like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android. One steamy morning last July, Ana Rausch commandeered a shady corner of a parking lot on the northwest side of Houston.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Christine Anderson: Serious Vaccine Adverse Events Endangering Passengers Across Europe


Member of the European Parliament for Germany, Christine Anderson joins Steve Bannon to discuss the global “Airmegeddon” of canceled flights and flight delays that have made commercial aviation a nightmare around the world.

Anderson opines that this is a result of the vaccine mandates that caused those pilots unwilling to submit to the jab to resign and for those who took the jab to remain employed to now suffer from the resulting adverse events.

She says, “When you look at the data collectors, like EMA – that’s the European Medicines Agency – the data shows, within the first 7 months of rolling out this so-called COVID vaccine, there was 20 times more adverse events reported and 23 times more deaths reported in regards to this COVID ‘vaccine’ than in all other vaccines combined in the last 20 years.

“So, they should have pulled this stuff off the market right away. The adverse reporting system of the United States is basically showing similar data. And when we’re talking about severe adverse events, we’re not talking about some redness around the injection site or arm hurting or something like that. No, the definition of a severe event is basically hospitalization, so this is what we’re talking about.

“Now, when it comes to flight safety, there’s various regulators in charge of this, there’s the French civil aviation authority, in Germany, it’s the Luftfahrt Bundesamt, you have the EASA [European Union Aviation Safety Agency], the European division of it, you have the FAA. They all should have done their job and made sure that none of these issues in relation to these ‘vaccines’ would pose a potential threat or risk when it comes to flight safety but they haven’t done that.

“When you look at the EASA, the European safety agency, they put out a bulletin on March 25th of 2021 basically stating, ‘Well, you know, there is no data available regarding the impact of in-flight conditions on the severity of the side effects, nor is there a resulting impact on the ability to ensure safety onboard – but hey, it’s all good! All of the flight crew should get vaccinated anyway!’

“And the point is this: they put this on March 25th of 2021 and they haven’t done anything ever since. So…over a year now, there is so much more data out and they just didn’t bother to maybe review their initial assessment, here?

“And when you look at the international coalitions of medical regulatory authorities and the manufacturers’ documents, they explicitly state, ‘Well, there was no testing done, as far as genotixicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity is concerned,’… So the testing simply was not done…

“Safety on board a plane is no longer guaranteed, because most of the flying crew is now vaccinated…This will turn out to be the biggest crime on humanity.”

In essence, the vaccines may well kill off the airline industry and what’s nuts is that Clif High predicted this over a year ago, in June 2021, when he told us that as far back as 2003, his Web Bots data referred to 1.24 billion people on Earth dying prematurely.

According to the latest figures, 66.7% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, which is nearly 5.2 billion people. 12.13 billion doses have been administered globally and 5.92 million are now administered each day but only 20.2% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.

I guess, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce



"TruckPOCALYPSE" begins in California this week as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads due to Democrat idiocracy

"TruckPOCALYPSE" begins in California this week as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads due to Democrat idiocracy

(Natural News) The California Truckers Association is warning that 70,000 independent truck owner-operators will be taken off the roads of California later this week as a draconian new law, “AB-5” kicks in: (emphasis ours) In addition to the direct impact on California’s 70,000 owner-operators

Nazi Albert Speer’s Final Nuremberg Statement On Technocracy/ Technocracy News

Nazi Albert Speer’s Final Nuremberg Statement On Technocracy/ Technocracy News

This blog began in 2007, focusing on anthrax vaccine, and later expanded to other public health and political issues. The blog links to media reports, medical literature, official documents and other materials.

Medical licensing boards face pushback for enforcing CDC vaccine recommendations, gender ideology

Medical licensing boards face pushback for enforcing CDC vaccine recommendations, gender ideology

Medical professionals are pushing back against licensing investigations based on their statements challenging both longstanding and recent medical orthodoxies. Investigations have proliferated in the COVID era.

Trudeau Panics as his Government reveals the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 COVID Deaths in Canada since February

Trudeau Panics as his Government reveals the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 COVID Deaths in Canada since February

The Government of Canada has confirmed that the vaccinated population account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths to have occurred across the country since the middle of February 2022, and 70% of those deaths have been among the triple vaccinated population.

“We Have Entered the Last Stage of Tyranny” – Dr. Naomi Wolf

“We Have Entered the Last Stage of Tyranny” – Dr. Naomi Wolf

Feminist icon and bestselling author, Naomi Wolf joins Sarah Westall for an excellent interview about the breathtaking controlled demolition of our civilization. During her 35-year career, Naomi had almost only known extraordinary success.

US Army Says Unjabbed National Guard & Reserve Soldiers Can’t Drill & Won’t Be Paid

US Army Says Unjabbed National Guard & Reserve Soldiers Can’t Drill & Won’t Be Paid

The US Army has announced that unvaccinated National Guard members and reservists who missed the deadline to get fully jabbed against covid, will not be allowed to take part in federally-funded drills or training, and will not be paid or receive retirement credit.

San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vax Mandates

San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vax Mandates

Perhaps the smartest move the people of Los Angeles County ever made was to elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who refused to enforce unconstitutional vax mandates.  The decision probably saved them from losing a quarter or more of their law enforcement officers within the sheriff's department.

‘Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?’ Asks Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member


By Susan C. Olmstead

Global Research, July 06, 2022

Children’s Health Defense 5 July 2022

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Allysia Finley, a member of Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, Monday called into question the motives behind the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision to extend emergency use of Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines to infants and toddlers.

A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editorial board member Monday called into question the motives behind the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to extend Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines to toddlers and infants as young as 6 months old, writing that the decision was motivated by politics and pressure rather than science.

In her WSJ opinion piece — “Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?” — Allysia Finley wrote:

“The FDA standard for approving vaccines in otherwise healthy people, especially children, is supposed to be higher than for drugs that treat the sick.

“But the FDA conspicuously lowered its standards to approve COVID vaccines for toddlers. Why?”

Finley started her piece with a quote from President Biden, which praised the FDA’s recommendation: “This is a very historic milestone. The United States is now the first country in the world to offer safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as six months old.”

She responded, writing, “In fact, we don’t know if the vaccines are safe and effective.”

She continued:

“The rushed FDA action was based on extremely weak evidence. It’s one thing to show regulatory flexibility during an emergency. But for children, Covid isn’t an emergency.

“The FDA bent its standards to an unusual degree and brushed aside troubling evidence that warrants more investigation.”

“Mr. Biden’s hypocrisy is hard to stomach,” she wrote, listing many reasons for caution in vaccinating young children against COVID-19, including:

  • Children are at low risk of dying from COVID-19: Only 209 kids between 6 months and 4 years old have died from COVID-19 — about 0.02% of all virus deaths in the U.S. About half as many toddlers were hospitalized with COVID-19 between October 2020 and September 2021 as were hospitalized with the flu during the previous winter.
  • The two children in Pfizer’s trial who got sickest with COVID-19 also tested positive for other viruses. It’s possible that many hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19 this winter were instigated or exacerbated by other viruses.
  • The FDA authorized vaccines for toddlers based on a comparison of the antibodies they generated to the original Wuhan variant with those in young adults who had received two doses. But two doses offer little if any protection against Omicron infection in adults, and even protection against hospitalization is only around 40% to 60%.
  • Vaccinated toddlers in Pfizer’s trial were more likely to get severely ill with COVID-19 than those who received a placebo. Most children who developed multiple infections during the trial were vaccinated.

“FDA granted the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for toddlers an emergency-use authorization allowing the agency to expedite access for products that ‘prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions,’” wrote Finley.

“While adult COVID vaccines clearly met this standard in late 2020, the toddler vaccines don’t.”

As to why the FDA “rushed” and “bent its standards,” Finley suggested, “perhaps [the FDA] felt pressure from the White House as well as anxious parents.”

White House COVID-19 response coordinator Ashish Jha repeatedly told parents that he expected vaccines for toddlers would be available in June, she wrote.


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Susan C. Olmstead is the assistant editor of The Defender.

Featured image is from CHD

The original source of this article is Children’s Health Defense

Copyright © Susan C. OlmsteadChildren’s Health Defense, 2022


Weird. Dirtbag Chris Wray Takes Short Break from Persecuting Trump Supporters and Raiding Their Homes to Comment on Communist China


This was weird.

We are all used to Chris Wray running coups against Trump and arresting his supporters in pre-dawn raids.

Under Chris Wray’s leadership the Stasi FBI tracked down, stalked and arrested a 69-year-old grandmother and Los Angeles County employee on in June 2021 for walking into the US Capitol 5 months earlier.

Lois Lynn McNicoll was charged with “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.”

Lois McNicoll was neither “disorderly” nor “violent” during her walk around the US Capitol on January 6th with hundreds of other American patriots.

And as far as having the “lawful authority” to enter the US Capitol — The FBI slipped up and posted a photo of Lois walking through the door with a US Capitol police officer holding the door for her.

Dirtbag Chris Wray and his goons also arrested retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown after he would not work as an undercover operative for them at the January 6 protests in Washington DC.

As we reported last year, Jeremy Brown refused to be an informant for the dirty FBI — They wanted him to be one of their operatives at the Jan. 6 Trump rallies. He refused them so they stormed his home at 3:45 PM on Thursday, September 30th, and arrested him on bogus misdemeanor charges.

The FBI sent 20 vehicles to his home to make the arrest. DHS and Pinellas County law enforcement were also present. The FBI was in Jeremy’s home for 5-and-a-half hours looking for evidence. We were told the FBI did not read Jeremy Brown his rights.

The same FBI agents who attempted to recruit him for January 6 were at his arrest months later.

Today, Jeremy is still being held without bail for a charge of trespassing! While others in NYC, & other places, with a history of violent crimes, are out with no, or very little, bail Jeremy Brown is still sitting in jail for committing a misdemeanor on Jan. 6, 2021.  Jeremy entered the imaginary no-go zone around the US Capitol that was not marked and where police officers were waving Trump supporters in.  Jeremy also is on film saving a woman’s life from the Capitol Police that day.  He did not enter the US Capitol. This is a clear violation of the US Constitution and international law.

Chris Wray and his FBI minions have arrested over 800 Americans over the January 6 protests and riot. Wray and the FBI have threatened, harrassed, and abused thousands more for attending the rallies and walking in their pretend perimeter.

Wray and the FBI have still not come clean on the number of operatives and cut-outs they had hired to work at the US Capitol and initiate the rioting that day.

Ray Epps leading the mob to the US Capitol

But today Chris Wray joined the head of MI5 to make a joint statement on Communist China.

What a strange development? Since when does the FBI care about real threats facing the country?

The Daily Mail reported:

The heads of Britain and America’s intelligence agencies have promised more investigations into China as they jointly warned the world faces a ‘game changing challenge’ from the ruling communist party.

Director general Ken McCallum said MI5 is running seven times as many investigations into China as it was four years ago, and plans to ‘grow as much again’ to tackle the nation’s widespread attempts at interference.

In an unprecedented joint address with the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, at MI5’s Thames House headquarters in London on Wednesday, business leaders and academic chiefs also heard warnings that a Chinese takeover of Taiwan could ‘represent one of the most horrific business disruptions the world has ever seen’.

In their historic speech, the security chiefs warned of China’s ruling community party, headed up by President Xi Jinping, attempting to ‘covertly apply pressure across the globe’.

And at the same time Joe Biden is talking about dropping China tariffs.

You just can’t make this up.

The post Weird. Dirtbag Chris Wray Takes Short Break from Persecuting Trump Supporters and Raiding Their Homes to Comment on Communist China appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


WEF Launching ‘Very Sinister’ Digital Passport – Yes, Your Blood Will Be Required

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has announced plans to launch a Covid-19 digital passport to with the stated objective of “enabling people to visit countries, conferences and sports events safely.


Mexican President Will Start ‘Campaign To Tear Down The Statue of Liberty’ If Julian Assange Is Convicted


Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for the Statue of Liberty to be removed if WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is extradited and prosecuted in the U.S.

Obrador said Tuesday he is going to urge President Joe Biden to address the Assange issue and even said Mexico could “open its doors to Assange” if he was released.

Speaking at a morning news conference on July 4th, Obrador explained why he believes the Statue of Liberty should be taken down if Assange is convicted. “We need to start the campaign to remove the Statue of Liberty that the French gave and is in New York because it is no longer a symbol of freedom.”

“It’s a matter of humanism,” the Mexican President added. “If they don’t do it, they will be stained.”

On July 12, Obrador is set to meet with President Biden in Washington, D.C.

The Mexican politician has vocally supported Assange and his WikiLeaks release of the U.S. government’s classified documents. Obrador called Assange “the best journalist of our time,” labeling the charges against him “an embarrassment to the world.”

U.S. authorities are hoping to charge Assange on 18 counts. One of the charges is for espionage after Assange’s website, WikiLeaks, released loads of classified U.S. military records which discovered troves of U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Assange’s extradition request was recently approved by the United Kingdom, so he may have to face U.S. prosecution soon.

Mexico’s president defended Assange and his publication of the U.S. classified documents:

“When this information was released, various media participated [in its publication], they agreed to release all the information because they considered that it was a contribution to the defense of human rights, to freedom of expression, not to continue with the double talk, with the lies, with saying one thing and doing another.”

Stay tuned to National File for any updates.

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The Deception Is Getting More Brazen


One of the most disappointing aspects of the COVID pandemic has been the willingness of adults to impose untested restrictions and policies on young children, while ignoring any potential negative impacts to their mandates.

Without pushback from the media, supposed “experts” have recommended school closures, remote learning, forced masking and now, universal vaccination for children ages 6 months-<5 years.

The lack of data or evidence suggesting a benefit to these policies has seemingly never been a hindrance to their recommendations. In fact, it often feels as if they dare others to point out that their policy mandates are not based on any high quality research.

Instead of engaging with the mountains of substantive criticism of their methodology or the discrediting flaws of the “studies” they reference, they simply revert back to appeals to authority.

They’re right, because they say so.

This phenomenon has often been applied to “interventions” forced on children, but it’s also easily applicable to the debate over the origins of COVID.

For much of the first year of the pandemic, “experts” and the “fact checking” media colluded to ensure that discussion of the lab leak theory would be censored and users banned for suggesting it as a possibility.

Only after the approved political sources deemed it acceptable to discuss did social media companies relent.

Except one of the world’s supposed leading “experts,” the head of the World Health Organization, has apparently been telling people privately that he believes the lab leak is the most likely explanation for the origin of the virus.

Of course, none involved in the expert approved censorship will apologize or demand changes as a result.

Because whatever they say is right. No matter how many times they’re wrong first.

You’d think that being caught lying, misrepresenting evidence or flouting their own rules would be enough to instill a level of shame in politicians and their ideological allies, but the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade shows there truly is no limit to the hypocrisy they’re capable of.

It’s important to shine a light on these three issues — the lying, the hypocrisy and the purposeful misrepresentations. Holding the “experts” and politicians accountable is the only chance to stop the madness of COVID policy from becoming permanent.

More Embarrassments for the FDA & CDC

Possibly the most important thing to know about the FDA authorizing vaccinations for young children is that there is virtually no evidence to support their decision.

When you review the FDA documents, it’s shocking to see how little data they used to make their decision and how ineffective the trials proved to be.

Unsurprisingly, the CDC joined in by misrepresenting the risks of COVID to children.

The CDC has deservedly been at the forefront of the erosion of “expertise,” beginning with their early flip flop on masks. In spring 2020, the CDC recommended against mask wearing by the general public, in line with pre-COVID evidence. By summer 2020, the director of the organization was claiming that masks would provide better protection than vaccines.

They continued to mislead the public on the effectiveness of masks, collaborated with teacher’s unions to keep schools closed and claimed that vaccinated peopledid not “carry the virus.” Repeatedly, the CDC has shown that they are willing to mislead in order to achieve their policy goals.

But this latest misstep might be their worst yet.

Seemingly out of a desire to justify authorizing vaccinations for young children, the CDC presented misleading data on the risks of COVID.

At a recent meeting of the Advisory on Immunization Practices group, as chronicled in a post by writer Kelley K, the CDC presented a graphic claiming that COVID was a leading cause of death among kids 0-4.

Except this graphic is completely false.

It came from a preprint posted by researchers in the UK, who reviewed mortality data from the National Center for Health Statistics. That dataset includes deaths where COVID was the main contributor as well as those where it was present, but not the underlying cause.

This discrepancy creates a significant issue with accuracy, since the preprint claimed to “only consider Covid-19 as an underlying (and not contributing) cause of death”.

As Kelley points out, there is a noticeable difference between the NCHS statistics and the CDC’s own “WONDER” database, which delineates between contributing and underlying causes.

NCHS, which includes incidental COVID deaths, shows that 1,433 children died with COVID, but the WONDER database shows 1,088 deaths from COVID. That’s a 24% difference and would dramatically alter the graphic.

They used COVID data that included deaths with COVID and compared it to data that includes deaths from an illness.

It’s completely discrediting.

Even worse, the misleading graphic represents COVID deaths cumulatively and compares it to annualized data. Simply, they took two years of COVID related mortality and compared it to one year of data for all other causes.

Kelley re-ran the data using the correct comparisons, which significantly altered the outcome.

While the CDC rankings claimed that COVID was the 4th leading cause of death for children under the age of 1, the corrected annualized ranking was 9th, after using exclusively underlying cause data.

Similarly, the NCHS data used in the preprint and by the CDC claimed 124 deaths in that age group, but COVID was the underlying cause in only 79 deaths.

Rankings for childhood mortality are also overly simplistic, since even the “leading” causes of death pale in comparison to accidents, which caused ~25x more annualized deaths than COVID.

But the worst part about this is that the CDC likely knew that the data they were presenting was wrong and dangerously misleading. And they used it anyway.

They were so desperate to justify their desire to vaccinate young children that they were willing to use inaccurate information and comparisons to do so.

They knew that the media and influential “experts” around the internet would pick up on the graphic, creating unnecessary fear amongst parents and higher demand for the vaccines. And of course, they were right; CNN’s Leana Wen immediately shared the slides:

These CDC ACIP slides make the case for vaccinating children <5.#covid19 may be milder in kids than adults, but it's still a top reason for child fatality.

We give routine childhood vaccinations for other diseases that cause less deaths–because the point is to prevent them.

— Leana Wen, M.D. (@DrLeanaWen) June 18, 2022

Instead of accurately informing the public and allowing parents to make a risk-benefit calculation, the CDC is essentially trying to coerce behavior through fear.

Even better, the lead researcher posted on Twitter that they were aware of the issues and would be making corrections.

Our preprint on Covid mortality in children and young people ( in the US was cited at the FDA VRBPAC and CDC ACIP meetings this past week. It shows: Covid-19 is a leading cause of death in children in the US. 1/3

— Seth Flaxman (@flaxter) June 19, 2022

But of course, it’s too late. The data has now been spread far and wide; the CDC and their allies did their damage. The vaccines were authorized regardless and many parents will make the decision to vaccinate their children based on misrepresented information.

It’s yet another episode in the depressing saga of experts disgracing themselves to achieve their goals and undercutting the public’s trust in the process.

The Lab Leak

A new story from theDaily Mail reports that World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus privately admits that he believes that the COVID-19 pandemic originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

Tedros apparently made the remarks to a prominent European politician that a “catastrophic accident” was the “most likely explanation” for the beginning of the pandemic.

The WHO in early 2021 started an investigation into the origins of the pandemic, which concluded that the lab leak hypothesis was “extremely unlikely.” However, the researcher who led that investigation claimed that China “pressured” the team to “dismiss” the lab leak theory.

Scientific journal The Lancet attempted an investigation, which was disbanded over conflicts of interest. Eco Health Alliance head Peter Daszak failed to disclose his close ties to the Wuhan lab, resulting in criticism of the committee’s objectivity.

While privately Tedros is now seemingly admitting that the lab leak is the most likely origin, the official position of the WHO is that “all hypothesis” are still possible.

It’s extremely unlikely that they will ever change their official, public statements given China’s importance to the organization.

In early 2020, for example, China contributed an additional $30 million to the WHOin what was described as a “political power move” to “boost its superficial credentials.”

The true origins of the pandemic are obviously an extremely important issue not just for China and the WHO, but the global political landscape. Beyond officially determining where the virus came from, if it is conclusively determined to have resulted from a lab leak, it would be a crushing blow to “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci who tried repeatedly to shut down the theory.

“The science” has been repeatedly referenced by media outlets, public health authorities and politicians as an immutable set of beliefs that are unassailable and infallible.

If a deadly global pandemic that has resulted in the deaths of millions of people, destroyed economies, increased poverty and furthered educational deterioration started in a research lab, it could mark a devastating shift in the public’s view of “science.”

What’s most infuriating about Tedros finally (and privately) giving credence to the lab leak is that for much of 2020, proponents of the hypothesis were decried as “conspiracy theorists.”

The Washington Post famously published an article calling it a “debunked” conspiracy theory and were forced to issue a humiliating correction afterwards.

Media outlets like the Post never had any justification to call the lab leak a “debunked” conspiracy, but it’s obvious they felt safe in describing at as such because it was promoted by the wrong people. Tom Cotton, a Republican Senator, had advanced the hypothesis, therefore it must be “debunked” because Cotton belongs to the wrong ideology.

That myopic, politically motivated thinking has been a common function of most major media outlets who are often desperate to declare their allegiance to the correct set of approved liberal opinions.

Social media companies like Facebook used the media and WHO as authoritative sources of information and as a result, banned users from even discussing the lab leak.

Only in mid-2021 did Facebook reverse course after admitting it was not “debunked.”

This story contains all the infuriating elements of COVID discussion – “experts” lying to the public and bowing to political pressure from China, a fake consensus of opinion created by the media, and social media outlets protecting “science” by censoring opposing viewpoints.

While China’s opposition to an actual investigation will likely prevent any conclusive findings, it’s notable that the head of the WHO admits privately that the “conspiracy theorists” were probably right all along.

Vaccine Mandate Hypocrisy

The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturning Roe v. Wade has dominated the news cycle since the opinion was released Friday.

Reactions from the pro-abortion side have been ranged from deliberately misleading to woefully inaccurate to offensive, with one comedian labeling half the country as “terrorists.”

But yet another type of hypocrisy has emerged from supposed public health “experts” and politicians.

Best exemplified by U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it’s yet another indicator of how the response to Roe v. Wade is about nothing more than maintaining allegiance to the correct political ideology, intellectual consistency be damned.

In 2021, President Joe Biden attempted to mandate COVID vaccination for millions of workers throughout the United States by appealing to OSHA authority. Any employee who worked for a company with more than 100 employees would have had their freedom of choice removed by being forced to take a vaccine that does nothing to protect the safety of others.

The mandate was ultimately deemed to be illegal, but the attempt was celebrated by public health “experts” and many politicians as the correct decision, regardless of its impact on bodily autonomy.

Back in November of 2021, Murthy defended the government mandating a private health decision by saying: “It’s a necessary step to accelerate our pathway out of the pandemic.” He also referred to it as entirely “appropriate:”

“The president and the administration wouldn’t have put these requirements in place if they didn’t think they were appropriate and necessary,” Murthy told host Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week.” “And the administration is certainly prepared to defend them.”

Murthy believes that when it comes to COVID vaccination, the “essential principle of maintaining an individual’s autonomy and control over their health decisions” is null and void.

Unsurprisingly, he had the exact opposite reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision:

Today's decision is a major step backward for public health. Reproductive health decisions – like all health decisions – should be made by patients and their health care providers. 1/7

— Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General (@Surgeon_General) June 24, 2022

It’s amazing how flexible the “essential principle” of “individual autonomy and control over their health decisions” apparently is.

When it suits Murthy’s political needs, he’s a staunch defender of individual choice. When he wants to mandate control over other’s bodies and personal health decisions, choice is a meaningless, easily dismissed concept.

Justin Trudeau exemplifies the same remarkable lack of shame.

Less than a year ago, Trudeau mandated vaccines for anyone attempting to travel by plane or train across Canada, as well as for all “federally-regulated” workers.

This decision, of course, removed bodily autonomy and choice for millions who need to travel or didn’t want to lose their government jobs.

Undeterred by the abject hypocrisy, Trudeau on Friday declared that “no government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.”

It’s hard to imagine a more blatant example of political posturing and virtue signaling.

Trudeau, who is a man, politician, and a representative of the government, told many women in Canada exactly what they had to do with their body.

Get vaccinated or lose your job and stay home.

He had no problem removing the “right to choose” when it suited his needs. Only now when he has an opportunity to signal his ideological virtue is he a champion of individual liberty.

It’s nothing new for politicians and public health authorities to be hypocritical. But their ability to blatantly disregard the principles of bodily autonomy and personal control over health decisions just a few months ago means it’s impossible to take them seriously now.

It’s almost assuredly too much to ask “experts” and politicians to be intellectually consistent, but it’s yet another example of why trust in institutions and those that run them continues to deteriorate.

It’s all part of the same depressing pattern. Experts and politicians are willing to lie or purposefully withhold information to achieve their goals. 

They mislead and contradict their previous statements, knowing that the media will protect the hypocrisy and misrepresentations.

The FDA buries the data behind the authorization in documents they know no one will read.

The head of the most powerful international health body hides his true feelings to protect China and his financial partners.

It’s hard to see how this gets fixed without these individuals and the organizations they lead coming to terms with their mistakes, apologizing and changing course.

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

After all, Joe Biden already wants to give them more money for the next pandemic.

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