Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Christine Anderson: Serious Vaccine Adverse Events Endangering Passengers Across Europe


Member of the European Parliament for Germany, Christine Anderson joins Steve Bannon to discuss the global “Airmegeddon” of canceled flights and flight delays that have made commercial aviation a nightmare around the world.

Anderson opines that this is a result of the vaccine mandates that caused those pilots unwilling to submit to the jab to resign and for those who took the jab to remain employed to now suffer from the resulting adverse events.

She says, “When you look at the data collectors, like EMA – that’s the European Medicines Agency – the data shows, within the first 7 months of rolling out this so-called COVID vaccine, there was 20 times more adverse events reported and 23 times more deaths reported in regards to this COVID ‘vaccine’ than in all other vaccines combined in the last 20 years.

“So, they should have pulled this stuff off the market right away. The adverse reporting system of the United States is basically showing similar data. And when we’re talking about severe adverse events, we’re not talking about some redness around the injection site or arm hurting or something like that. No, the definition of a severe event is basically hospitalization, so this is what we’re talking about.

“Now, when it comes to flight safety, there’s various regulators in charge of this, there’s the French civil aviation authority, in Germany, it’s the Luftfahrt Bundesamt, you have the EASA [European Union Aviation Safety Agency], the European division of it, you have the FAA. They all should have done their job and made sure that none of these issues in relation to these ‘vaccines’ would pose a potential threat or risk when it comes to flight safety but they haven’t done that.

“When you look at the EASA, the European safety agency, they put out a bulletin on March 25th of 2021 basically stating, ‘Well, you know, there is no data available regarding the impact of in-flight conditions on the severity of the side effects, nor is there a resulting impact on the ability to ensure safety onboard – but hey, it’s all good! All of the flight crew should get vaccinated anyway!’

“And the point is this: they put this on March 25th of 2021 and they haven’t done anything ever since. So…over a year now, there is so much more data out and they just didn’t bother to maybe review their initial assessment, here?

“And when you look at the international coalitions of medical regulatory authorities and the manufacturers’ documents, they explicitly state, ‘Well, there was no testing done, as far as genotixicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity is concerned,’… So the testing simply was not done…

“Safety on board a plane is no longer guaranteed, because most of the flying crew is now vaccinated…This will turn out to be the biggest crime on humanity.”

In essence, the vaccines may well kill off the airline industry and what’s nuts is that Clif High predicted this over a year ago, in June 2021, when he told us that as far back as 2003, his Web Bots data referred to 1.24 billion people on Earth dying prematurely.

According to the latest figures, 66.7% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, which is nearly 5.2 billion people. 12.13 billion doses have been administered globally and 5.92 million are now administered each day but only 20.2% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.

I guess, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce