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Coca-Cola's work with scientists was a 'low point in history of public health'

Coca-Cola 'paid scientists to downplay how sugary beverages fueled the obesity crisis between 2013-2015,' medical journal study finds Coca-Cola's work with scientists to downplay the role sugar plays in contributing to obesity has been called a 'low point in this history of public health.


A Letter to the Unvaccinated


By Dr. Angela DuranteProf Denis Rancourt, and et al.

Global Research, August 07, 2021Ontario Civil Liberties Association 2 August 2021

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OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public health officials, the news and social media, and fellow citizens.

Control over our bodily integrity may well be the ultimate frontier of the fight to protect civil liberties. Read the letter below or as a PDF here.

Open Letter to the Unvaccinated

You are not alone! As of 28 July 2021, 29% of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, and an additional 14% have received one shot. In the US and in the European Union, less than half the population is fully vaccinated, and even in Israel, the “world’s lab” according to Pfizer, one third of people remain completely unvaccinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaccinated for the troubles that have ensued after eighteen months of fearmongering and lockdowns. It’s time to set the record straight.

It is entirely reasonable and legitimate to say ‘no’ to insufficiently tested vaccines for which there is no reliable science. You have a right to assert guardianship of your body and to refuse medical treatments if you see fit. You are right to say ‘no’ to a violation of your dignity, your integrity and your bodily autonomy. It is your body, and you have the right to choose. You are right to fight for your children against their mass vaccination in school.

You are right to question whether free and informed consent is at all possible under present circumstances. Long-term effects are unknown. Transgenerational effects are unknown. Vaccine-induced deregulation of natural immunity is unknown. Potential harm is unknown as the adverse event reporting is delayed, incomplete and inconsistent between jurisdictions.

You are being targeted by mainstream media, government social engineering campaigns, unjust rules and policies, collaborating employers, and the social-media mob. You are being told that you are now the problem and that the world cannot get back to normal unless you get vaccinated. You are being viciously scapegoated by propaganda and pressured by others around you. Remember; there is nothing wrong with you.

You are inaccurately accused of being a factory for new SARS-CoV-2 variants, when in fact, according to leading scientists, your natural immune system generates immunity to multiple components of the virus. This will promote your protection against a vast range of viral variants and abrogates further spread to anyone else.

You are justified in demanding independent peer-reviewed studies, not funded by multinational pharmaceutical companies. All the peer-reviewed studies of short-term safety and short-term efficacy have been funded, organized, coordinated, and supported by these for-profit corporations; and none of the study data have been made public or available to researchers who don’t work for these companies.

You are right to question the preliminary vaccine trial results. The claimed high values of relative efficacy rely on small numbers of tenuously determined “infections.”  The studies were also not blind, where people giving the injections admittedly knew or could deduce whether they were injecting the experimental vaccine or the placebo. This is not acceptable scientific methodology for vaccine trials.

You are correct in your calls for a diversity of scientific opinions. Like in nature, we need a polyculture of information and its interpretations. And we don’t have that right now. Choosing not to take the vaccine is holding space for reason, transparency and accountability to emerge. You are right to ask, ‘What comes next when we give away authority over our own bodies?’

Do not be intimidated. You are showing resilience, integrity and grit. You are coming together in your communities, making plans to help one another and standing for scientific accountability and free speech, which are required for society to thrive. We are among many who stand with you.

Angela Durante, PhD
Denis Rancourt, PhD
Claus Rinner, PhD
Laurent Leduc, PhD
Donald Welsh, PhD
John Zwaagstra, PhD
Jan Vrbik, PhD
Valentina Capurri, PhD


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Vaccine Refusal

23 April 2021The original source of this article is Ontario Civil Liberties AssociationCopyright © Dr. Angela DuranteProf Denis Rancourt, and et al.Ontario Civil Liberties Association, 2021


Inventor of COVID vaccine technology says Biden vaccine policy will 'cause more harm than good'



Universal vaccination strategy is "bad science and badly needs a reboot."


Once Upon A Time in Wuhan....


Larry Sanger: The Astonishing Hubris Of A Global Experimental Vaccine

Larry Sanger: The Astonishing Hubris Of A Global Experimental Vaccine

Authored by Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger via (emphasis ours),

It is an objective, indisputable fact: never in the history of the world has there been a global push to administer an experimental medicine to all of humanity, billions of us, at the same time.

I want you to stop and reflect on that. Imagine the hubris it required both to carry out this plan and to propagandize the world to carry it out.

“Hubris?” you ask. “What do you mean?”

The Covid vaccines are experimental. The FDA has not approved them. Most vaccines require years to test and approve, in no small part because we want to make sure they don’t have dangerous long-term side effects, which they can have; the CDC has published a list of problems with selected approved vaccines. Many experimental vaccines never make it out of the experimental phase. CNN made similar points back when Trump was, wrongheadedly (I thought so at the time) pushing for rapid approval of the Covid vaccines. Of course, the mercurial news organization hastened to forget all that when the Biden administration decided rapid vaccine deployment was a good idea. They shouldn’t have: for all the good they certainly have done, physicians warn us that vaccines can be dangerous for some, and experimental vaccines are, naturally, even more so.

Again, my point is simple and absolutely factual. Again:

  • experimental vaccine

  • billions of people (over two billion)

  • at the same time

You have to be willing to trust the welfare of billions of people not just to the honesty of our leaders and scientists—because things can go wrong for decent people. You must also trust their competence—and not just that, because competent people can make surprising, unforeseeable mistakes. You must also trust that we avoided the worst, that we dodged a bullet, and that they actually succeeded in making a more or less safe vaccine.

Of course, maybe they did. I sure hope so. But what if we discover some horrifically high incidence of catastrophic side-effects that do not show up for two or five or ten years? Scientists tell us that that is possible. It is unfortunately possible that more people will die from these experimental vaccines than would have died from a virus that kills fewer than 1% of those who contract it.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not claiming that is happening. I am not even saying that it is terribly likely. I am saying it is possible, because these are experimental vaccines.

Frankly, the hubris required for carrying out this plan, and for taking the lead in propagandizing the world to carry it out, is jaw-dropping and scary to me. If a world leader is willing to take such gambles with all of humanity, what else are they prepared to do? I really wonder. If suddenly you became a president or top medical system leader or media organization owner, would you want to take an action that, if you were wrong, might spell the death of millions? First, do no harm. We haven’t heard that old medical byword very much recently.

My family received our childhood vaccinations, by the way, with no issues. I am not an anti-vaxxer. I am an anti-global-all-at-once-experimental-vaxxer. There is a big difference.

This is not even to touch the question whether these experimental vaccines should be mandated, i.e., if you should lose your basic civil rights if you fail to be vaccinated. Maybe I will write about that question, definitely a non-medical question, separately another time. There is indeed much, much more to say.

But my present point is simple: experimental vaccine—billions of people—at the same time. It utterly boggles the mind that so many otherwise reasonable people have been influenced to think this is a good idea.

Tyler Durden Fri, 08/06/2021 - 23:00


Former Biden COVID adviser concedes cloth masks 'are not very effective'

A key SARS-Cov-2 expert acknowledged this week that a mainstay of the global coronavirus response — the use of cloth masks — does little to stop the spread of the virus.


California to be first state to mandate COVID vaccine for health care workers



Workers would have to comply with the new order by the end of September.


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Safe and Effective, Then and Now

"Safe & Effective", Then and Now. I dig into the history of an infamous pharmaceutical. It was said to be safe & effective. History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes... Please support my channel ▶ Leave me a tip! ▶



Call the COVID Hysteria What It Is

Do you know what one of the most common psychological torture tactics is? Isolation.  Other common tactics of psychological torture, according to the Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas at the University of California, Davis, include indefinite detention and a sense of futility.


Government Wants to Dictate Truth

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Dr. Mercola, unless otherwise noted. Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked.


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Victor Davis Hanson On The Democrats' Vaccine Weaponization

Victor Davis Hanson On The Democrats' Vaccine Weaponization

Authored by Victor Davis Hanson via,

The Biden Administration should look in the mirror before casting stones at others...

It was always going to be Herculean to inoculate, with an untried vaccine, a multi-ethnic nation of 330 million, across a vast continent—in an era when the media routinely warps the daily news. 

Some minorities understandably harbored distrust of prior government vaccination programs. 

Nearly 40 million foreign residents in America are from countries where corrupt governments had long ago lost the trust of the population. 

The anti-vaccination movement was distrustful of what the government said was safe—given the rush to produce previously untried mRNA inoculation methodologies. 

Rural and inner-city poor were sometimes not so easily reached, much less persuaded. 

Yet politics played the most obstructive role early on.

Candidate Joe Biden talked grandly of reviving the World War II war production board.

He deliberately omitted that it was Donald Trump who emulated FDR’s mobilization of private enterprise under government auspices. 

Trump offered legal protections for companies to accelerate their research and development—in hopes that competition, profits, and public oversight would result in COVID-19 vaccinations just 10 months after the pandemic hit. 

And it worked.

Mostly safe and effective vaccinations were rolled out shortly after the election. Some 17 million were inoculated by the time of Joe Biden’s January 20 inauguration. 

Yet Dr. Anthony Fauci, in the days when he still posed as a bipartisan professional, had dismissed the idea of any viable vaccination in the election year 2020. Joe Biden publicly doubted that Trump’s vaccination efforts would either work or be safe. 

In a nationally televised debate, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris shamefully said she would never be vaxxed with any shot associated with President Trump. All that proved disastrous messaging for an already skeptical nation. 

Pfizer had promised a breakthrough vaccination announcement in late October on the eve of the election. Then it mysteriously went silent—only to suddenly announce its successful  vaccination, just a few days after the November 3 voting. 

Joe Biden continued the politicization of the vaccination program by bizarrely and falsely declaring on CNN that there had been no vaccinations given until he entered office. Yet Biden himself was first vaccinated on December 21 on live television. 

Soon Biden grandly promised that all those who were vaccinated would be safe from infection from the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus. And thus they could resume normal lives without masks, quarantines, or social distancing. 

Those who refused vaccinations were almost immediately equated in the media to Trump supporters, reviving the Left’s clingers/deplorables/irredeemables/dregs/chumps narrative of uneducated, white, and idiotic resistance to government. 

The truth was that apart from Asian Americans, whites were percentage-wise the most vaccinated of the population.

Elites charged that backward southern states like Alabama and Mississippi were not just lagging in their inoculation rates, but endangering vaccinated Americans by resuscitating a now constantly mutating virus. 

Again, in truth, low vaccination rates among African-American populations in the South were a chief but unspoken reason why majorities there were not inoculated.  

Once the so-called Delta variant arrived in force in early summer, the government’s earlier assurances that the vaccinated were now free to resume a normal life lost credibility. Weekly confused and mixed messages followed—simultaneously both downplaying and exaggerating the efficacy of the vaccinations. 

In reality, most who were vaccinated were almost assured that they would not become seriously ill from COVID-19, would likely not need hospitalization, and almost certainly would not die from it. 

No matter. The media-government fusion now blame-gamed unvaccinated “super-spreaders” for sometimes infecting those already vaccinated—as if the over 100 million adults still not fully vaccinated were red-state rubes who packed honky-tonk bars and motorcycle rallies. 

Yet the reality was quite different. 

Last summer over 1,000 medical providers had given blanket exemptions solely to BLM protestors, dangerously to mass in the streets for weeks on end to demonstrate. 

Currently, two million illegal aliens are scheduled to cross the southern border in the next year—with legal impunity, but without vaccinations, or COVID-19 tests, or lectures from Washington. 

A recent breakout of COVID-19, among even the vaccinated in Provincetown, Massachusetts, was not due to alt-right Neanderthals. It was attributable to the annual gay pride celebrations where some thousands of partiers swarmed bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels. 

Former President Barack Obama was scheduled to host 500 guests and 200 staffers at his Martha’s Vineyard estate—when the government was again insisting masks be worn almost everywhere. 

Don’t look to COVID-19 czar Dr. Fauci to clear things up.

He has already confessed he had lied about masks and herd immunity—allegedly for the people’s own good.

Fauci still denies he helped fund dangerous gain-of-function viral research at the Wuhan virology lab—at ground zero of the later coronavirus pandemic. 

If the Biden Administration cannot vaccinate half of America, or assure vaccinated Americans that COVID-19 mutants won’t seriously hurt them or rekindle the earlier pandemic, then it might first look in the mirror before casting stones at others. 

Tyler Durden Thu, 08/05/2021 - 21:00


Apple to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse



(AP NEWS) – Apple unveiled plans to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse, drawing applause from child protection groups but raising concern among some security researchers that the system could be misused by governments looking to surveil their citizens.

Apple said its messaging app will use on-device machine learning to warn about sensitive content without making private communications readable by the company. The tool Apple calls “neuralMatch” will detect known images of child sexual abuse without decrypting people’s messages. If it finds a match, the image will be reviewed by a human who can notify law enforcement if necessary.

But researchers say the tool could be put to other purposes such as government surveillance of dissidents or protesters.

Read the full story ›

The post Apple to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse appeared first on WND.


‘A Variant Worse Than Delta’: Fauci Dials Fear To 11 As Emerging ‘Lambda’ Strain Appears More Resistant To Vaccine


This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease specialist who funded controversial coronavirus research in Wuhan, China – and is now managing the coronavirus pandemic response for the US government, says the country could be “in trouble” unless everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated gets the jab.

“What we’re seeing, because of this increase in transmissibility, and because we have about 93 million people in this country who are eligible to get vaccinated who don’t get vaccinated — that you have a significant pool of vulnerable people,” said Fauci, who added that delta variant cases are rising in a “very steep fashion” and may hit 200,000 cases per day.

“And so when you look at the curve of acceleration of 7-day averages of cases per day, it is going up in a very steep fashion.”

No stats from Fauci on who’s dying, who’s getting hospitalized, or who’s the most vaccine ‘hesitant’ of course.

The CDC reported today that only 28.4% of the black community have received the Covid vaccine. With states like CA and NY mandating vaccine passports to enter restaurants and businesses, the black community would be most affected by this modern day segregation

— Dr. Drew (@drdrew) August 4, 2021

And while the Biden administration is now framing this as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” McClatchy notes that “recent data shows that vaccinated people who still get infected with the delta variant also have high viral loads and can spread it to others, even when they aren’t showing symptoms or are experiencing mild disease.”

Fauci said that data shows people infected with the delta variant have viral levels “about 1,000 times higher in quantity” than were recorded in people who were infected with the alpha variant, also known as the U.K. variant, which earlier this year became predominant in the United States.

Studies have emerged in recent weeks indicating that vaccinated individuals are at risk of “long COVID” — a series of conditions associated with infection such as fatigue, shortness of breath and loss of smell that can last for weeks or months — even if they are largely protected from severe illness and death, Fauci said.

We already know that people who get breakthrough infections and don’t go on to get advanced disease requiring hospitalization, they too are susceptible to long COVID,” Fauci said. “You’re not exempt from long COVID if you get a breakthrough infection.” -McClatchy

Fauci also said he fears strains which are even scarier than delta!

“If we don’t crush the outbreak to the point of getting the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated, then what will happen is the virus will continue to smolder through the fall into the winter, giving it ample chance to get a variant which, quite frankly, we’re very lucky that the vaccines that we have now do very well against the variants — particularly against severe illness,” he said, adding “We’re very fortunate that that’s the case. There could be a variant that’s lingering out there that can push aside delta.

“If another one comes along that has an equally high capability of transmitting but also is much more severe, then we could really be in trouble,” Fauci continued. “People who are not getting vaccinated mistakenly think it’s only about them. But it isn’t. It’s about everybody else, also.”

Lambda evading vaccine?

While the highly infectious Lambda variant of Covid-19 may or may not be deadlier than any of the other strains – meaning the vast majority who contract it won’t be hospitalized or die – researchers at the University of Tokyo have warned in a new study that it may be vaccine-resistant, according to Newsweek.

Like the Delta variant, Lambda is highly transmissible but Japanese researchers believe that three mutations in the variant’s spike proteins make it more resistant to antibodies induced by vaccination.

Lambda, which is also known as the C.37 variant, is responsible for 1,037 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., according to data from the GISAID Initiative, which promotes the rapid sharing of information about influenza and coronaviruses.

The variant was first identified in Peru in August, 2020, where it has now become the dominant strain of the virus, and it has been reported in 29 countries including the U.S. -Newsweek

“…because the Lambda variant is relatively resistant to the vaccine-induced antisera, it might be possible that this variant is feasible to cause breakthrough infection,” reads the paper, with “Vaccine-induced antisera” referring to antibodies which arise from vaccination.

There MAY be an Omega Death Variant coming if we don't lock down and wear masks forever and get vaccinated and get 15 booster shots and never go outside but maybe not still let's be on the safe side and do all of it anyway even if it destroys the country.

Am I doing this right?

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) August 4, 2021

The post ‘A Variant Worse Than Delta’: Fauci Dials Fear To 11 As Emerging ‘Lambda’ Strain Appears More Resistant To Vaccine first appeared on SHTF Plan - When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.


Media Blackout: Renowned German Pathologist’s Vaccine Autopsy Data is Shocking… and Being Censored


Submitted by RiNS

Via NOQ Reports

In a sane world, the work of Dr. Peter Schirmacher would be front-page news. But we’re in THIS world and Pandemic Panic Theater is suppressing his bombshell report.

Media Blackout_ Renowned German Pathologist's Vaccine Autopsy Data is Shocking... and Being Censored

Dr. Peter Schirmacher is not just an average pathologist. The German doctor is world-renowned in his field, honored by The Pathologist as one of the 100 most influential in the world. He is the acting chairman of the German Society of Pathology, director of the Institute of Pathology at Heidelberg University Hospital, and president of the German Association for the Study of the Liver. Bottom line, this professor and doctor understands pathology like very few on the planet.

This is why it’s so perplexing that a bombshell report he released this week has been absolutely censored. Mainstream media won’t report on it and Big Tech has eliminated accounts who attempt to share it. Considering the incessant push towards universal vaccinations by government, academia, media, and Big Tech, it really shouldn’t be perplexing at all that his work is being quashed because it details mind-blowing data about the dangers of the so-called Covid “vaccines.”

In short, Dr. Schirmacher performed autopsies on 40 people who had died within two weeks of receiving a Covid jab. Of those, 30%-40% could be directly attributed to the “vaccines.” He is calling for more autopsies of those who die shortly after getting injected to see if his numbers pan out. But Germany has thus far been reluctant to act. Meanwhile, the report of this highly respected pathologist and pro-vaccine doctor is being suppressed.

Through all of our searches, we found one respected German publication,, that posted it. On a tip from our friends at Press California, we had the page translated. Here’s what it says; apologies for the poor translation at times. And as you’ll see, mainstream media in Germany reported on it but clearly tried to downplay the implications of Dr. Schirmacher’s research:



Heidelberg chief pathologist calls for more autopsies of vaccinated people

In order to better understand the effect of vaccines, many more corpses would have to be autopsied, demands the Heidelberg chief pathologist. Peter Schirmacher assumes a considerable number of unreported cases of vaccination deaths – but reaps clear opposition.

The chief pathologist at the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, urges many more autopsies of vaccinated people. In addition to corona deaths, the corpses of people who die in connection with a vaccination would also have to be examined more frequently, said Schirmacher of the German Press Agency in Stuttgart.

The director of the Pathological Institute in Heidelberg even warns of a high number of unreported cases of vaccination deaths and complains: The pathologists do not notice anything about most of the patients who die after and possibly from a vaccination. However, other scientists disagree with him on this point, as do the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) and the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

For a year now, corona deaths have been autopsied at the university clinics in the southwest in order to better understand the disease. The state supports the Covid-19 autopsy research of the university pathologies with around 1.8 million euros. Schirmacher heads the autopsy project.

The findings of more than 200 autopsies so far have led, among other things, to better treatment and ventilation of Covid sufferers, he says. “The knowledge gained here helps to treat the sick better and more successfully and to save lives,” says Science Minister Theresia Bauer (Greens). Schirmacher, a member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina since 2012, hopes that the funding will continue next year.

The doctor now wants to get to the bottom of rare, serious side effects of vaccination – such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases. The problem from his point of view: Vaccinated people usually do not die under clinical observation. “The doctor examining the corpse does not establish a context with the vaccination and certifies a natural death and the patient is buried,” reports Schirmacher. “Or he certifies an unclear type of death and the public prosecutor sees no third-party fault and releases the corpse for burial.”

40 vaccinated people autopsied within two weeks

In Baden-Württemberg, the pathologists therefore worked with public prosecutors, the police and resident doctors, reports Schirmacher. More than 40 people have already been autopsied who died within two weeks of being vaccinated. Schirmacher assumes that 30 to 40 percent of them died from the vaccination. In his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated – a politically explosive statement in times when the vaccination campaign is losing momentum, the delta variant is spreading rapidly and restrictions on non-vaccinated people are being discussed.

Schirmacher received a clear contradiction from other scientists. The statements that there is currently too little knowledge about side effects and the dangers of vaccination are underestimated are incomprehensible, said the Paul Ehrlich Institute. In particular for serious reactions, which also include when a person dies after a vaccination, there is a reporting obligation under the Infection Protection Act. “I do not know of any data that would allow a reasonable statement to be made here and I am not starting from an unreported number,” said the head of the Standing Vaccination Commission, Thomas Mertens.

There is no reason to assume a high number of unreported vaccination complications or even deaths, emphasized the immunologist Christian Bogdan from the Erlangen University Hospital. “There can also be no question of neglecting the possible dangers of COVID-19 vaccines.” The last few weeks and months in particular have shown that the surveillance system is working well. In Germany, for example, the rare occurrence of cerebral vein thrombosis after vaccination with Astrazeneca (1-2 cases per 100,000 vaccinations) was recognized as a complication, says Bogdan.

Schirmacher insists on his opinion. “My colleagues are definitely wrong because they cannot assess this specific question competently,” he responded. He doesn’t want to spread panic and is by no means opposed to vaccinations, says the professor, who says he himself had himself vaccinated against corona. Vaccination is an essential part of the fight against the virus, he clarifies. But you have to weigh up the medical reasons for vaccination individually. From his point of view, the “individual protection consideration” is overlaid by the idea of ​​a rapid vaccination of society.

The Federal Association of German Pathologists is also urging more autopsies of vaccinated people. This is the only way to exclude or prove connections between deaths and vaccinations, says Johannes Friemann, head of the autopsy working group in the association. However, from his point of view, too little autopsies are carried out to speak of an unreported number. “You don’t know anything yet.” General practitioners and health authorities need to be made aware of this. The federal states would have to instruct the health authorities to order autopsies on site. The Federal Association of Pathologists requested this in a letter to Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in March. It went unanswered, says Friemann.

The publication seems to go out of its way to find dissenting views while only giving a sentence to the most important takeaway from the research. Whether one is fighting for the pro-vaccine agenda or not, they should not dismiss that this respected pathologist is calling for more autopsies to confirm or debunk his claims of 30%-40% death by vaccine. One would think that if they’re such strong believers in the efficacy and safety of the experimental drugs, they’d want the autopsies to reaffirm their beliefs.



The only English report that we’ve found so far from a known news outlet came from our friends at Free West Media:

The director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of their vaccination. Schirmacher expressed alarm over his findings.

The regional daily Augsburger Allgemeine reported: “Schirmacher assumes that 30 to 40 percent of them died from the vaccination. In his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated – a politically explosive statement in times when the vaccination campaign is losing momentum, the Delta variant is spreading rapidly and restrictions on non-vaccinated people are being discussed.”

The Merkel administration quickly moved to respond to this “politically explosive” statement from Heidelberg. According to the German Press Agency (dpa), the Paul Ehrlich Institute announced that Schirmacher’s statements were “incomprehensible”. The Chancellor’s lackey, senior German immunologist Thomas Mertens dismissed the findings right away: “I don’t know of any data that would allow a justifiable statement to be made here and I am not assuming an unreported number.”

The immunologist Christian Bogdan from the Erlangen University Hospital, member of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), also contradicted Schirmacher’s assumption of a “high number of unreported vaccination complications or even deaths”.

The pathologist however received support from his own ranks, and the Federal Association of German Pathologists stated that more autopsies of vaccinated people who died within a certain time frame after vaccination should be performed.

The head of the “Autopsy Working Group” in this association wanted to make general practitioners and health authorities aware of this. In other words, doctors of the patients who die within a few days or weeks after vaccination should apply for an autopsy in case of doubt or the health authorities should take action.

The Federal Association of Pathologists had already requested this in March in a letter to Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), but it went unanswered.

Schirmacher’s warning could of course ruin a multi-digit long-term billion-dollar business for various pharmaceutical companies, while the already low willingness to get the jab in the remaining unvaccinated group could further decrease dramatically and ultimately the entire pandemic strategy of the federal government could unravel.

But the seriousness and reputation of the director of the Pathological Institute at the University of Heidelberg are unassailable.

Schirmacher himself is already leading an autopsy project on people who have died from Covid-19, which is subsidized by the state. He himself then expanded the focus and also autopsied more than 40 deceased vaccinated people. Even if his results are only a snapshot, it is a dramatic one: 30 to 40 percent died from the vaccination itself. The pathologist cited “rare, severe side effects of the vaccination – such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases”.

Schirmacher responded to the criticism from some colleagues. He denied a lack of competence: “The colleagues are definitely wrong because they cannot assess this specific question competently.” Moreover, he has not tried to spread panic, and he is not an opponent of vaccinations – Schirmacher himself has been vaccinated.

The Robert Koch Institute meanwhile refers to the regular safety reports of the Paul Ehrlich Institute on its website. However, should it become apparent in the coming weeks that politics, science and the media are campaigning against Schirmacher and his alarming results are being completely ignored, it would be another red flag regarding the safety of the products.

Twitter meanwhile suspended the account of former New York Times science correspondent Alex Berenson for sharing details of a Pfizer clinical trial with similar findings which completely obliterates the narrative of the political establishment.

According to Pfizer: “During the blinded, controlled period, 15 BNT162b2 and 14 placebo recipients died; during the open-label period, 3 BNT162b2 and 2 original placebo recipients who received BNT162b2 after unblinding died. None of these deaths were considered related to BNT162b2 by investigators.” It stated that the causes of death were balanced between BNT162b2 and placebo groups: 15 people who took the vaccine died and 14 people who took the placebo died.

But tons of people who were in the placebo group have now taken the jab, thus “the trial blind is broken now” and “this is all the data we will ever have,” Berenson pointed out.



All of this is reminiscent of the election audits happening in the United States. The Democrats who claim that there was not widespread election fraud are so adamant about stopping the audits from proving them correct. Meanwhile, the pro-vaxxers are so sure the “vaccines” are safe that they are attempting to prevent the very autopsies that could prove it.

Here’s the thing. Just as Democrats know there were major challenges to the 2020 election that would be discovered through audits, so too do the pro-vaxxers know that a close examination of people dying after they received the jabs would spark questions about the safety of the injections. Those who have nothing to hide do not try so hard to keep it all hidden.

We must demand autopsies be performed on everyone who dies within two weeks of getting the injections. The initial data is so striking, anyone who objects to this is pushing an agenda, not science or healthcare.


Vaccine propaganda BOT FARM catapults Big Pharma lies across social media while those who tell the truth are silenced

Social media algorithms are being used to not only identify and eliminate certain facts and truths, but these AI systems are also being used to promote certain types of propaganda, to brainwash the public into accepting falsehoods as if they are popular messages of truth.


People Are Rebelling Against Lockdowns, Masks Worldwide

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What the CDC Says About Obesity and COVID-19

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BREAKING: Biden admin expected to make vaccination mandatory for all active duty soldiers

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is likely to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for all active-duty troops this week. This comes after President Joe Biden asked the military to examine how and when to make that happen on July 29.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

CDC just admitted that 74% of those infected in Massachusetts covid outbreak were “fully vaccinated”

The U.S.


First autopsy of dead person vaccinated for covid found to contain spike proteins in every bodily organ

Researchers from Germany have conducted the world’s first-ever postmortem study on a corpse that prior to death had been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).


New York City says restaurants, gyms must require guests to show proof of covid “vaccination”

The first American city to do so, New York City is now demanding that indoor diners, fitness enthusiasts and partakers of the arts show proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” in order to enter restaurants, gyms and theaters.


The Smoking Jab: Fauci and the NIH Knew Covid-19 “Vaccines” Could Lead to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement


Ep17 - 2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece - Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media Studies (10th of June 2021)


Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

"I Know It Seems Weird": NIH Director Suggests Parents Wear Masks At Home Around Children

"I Know It Seems Weird": NIH Director Suggests Parents Wear Masks At Home Around Children

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times,

The head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggested Tuesday that parents should wear masks while at home around children even if they don’t have COVID-19.

“It’s clear that this variant is capable of causing serious illness in children. You heard those stories coming out of Louisiana pediatric ICUs, where there are kids as young as a few months old who are sick from this,” Dr. Francis Collins said during a CNN interview, although he admitted that such cases “[are] rare.”

But he added that “anyone who tries to tell you, ‘ah you don’t have to worry about it if you are a young, healthy person,’ there’s many counterexamples.”

“That’s the reason why the recommendations are, for kids under 12, that they avoid being in places where they might get infected, which means recommendations of mask-wearing in schools and at home,” Collins said.

“Parents of unvaccinated kids should be thoughtful about this and the recommendation is to wear masks there as well. I know that’s uncomfortable. I know it seems weird, but it is the best way to protect your kids.”

The NIH director says that vaccinated parents should be wearing masks *at home* to protect their kids, who have essentially zero risk of dying from COVID.

These are the ravings of a mad man. This guy should be locked in an asylum. It’s that crazy.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) August 3, 2021

So far, about 400 children under the age of 18 have died with COVID-19, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While “studies have consistently shown that children, adolescents, and young adults are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infections,” the agency also said, “children and adolescents have had lower incidence and fewer severe COVID-19 outcomes than adults.”

COVID-19 is the illness caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2 or the novel coronavirus.

A number of studies, separately, have also shown that children are at an extremely low risk of suffering severe health problems or dying from COVID-19.

A study from July obtained by the Wall Street Journal suggested that a child’s odds of surviving a COVID-19 infection is about 99.995 percent. It also noted there is no evidence yet that the Delta COVID-19 variant causes more deaths or severe illnesses among children.

Last week, the CDC issued an update to its guidance around mask-wearing, saying that vaccinated individuals should wear face coverings in high-transmission areas. The agency also is now recommending that children, staff, and teachers wear masks in public schools regardless of vaccination status.

“If your child is younger than 2 years or cannot wear a mask, limit visits with people who are not vaccinated or whose vaccination status is unknown and keep distance between your child and other people in public,” the agency says in its recent revision.

The CDC, however, does not recommend that people wear masks at home unless they are sick.

Tyler Durden Tue, 08/03/2021 - 21:45


Americans Are Taking On Debt As If Tomorrow Will Never Come


If you make a conscious choice to ignore all long-term consequences, managing your personal finances can be a lot of fun.  For example, instead of rationally evaluating what sort of mortgage payment you can actually afford, why not take a plunge and buy a $600,000 house?  You only live once, right?  And instead of making your current dumpy vehicle last another year or two, why not take out a huge loan on a brand new $60,000 SUV?  You know you deserve it.  While you are at it, why don’t you go on another huge spending spree and max out all of your credit cards again.  Paying off those credit cards will be very painful in the long run, but nobody thinks much about long-term consequences these days.

Just look at the federal government.  They are 28 trillion dollars in debt and yet our politicians continue to throw money around like a bunch of drunken sailors.

Of course the federal government is far from alone.  State and local governments have never been so deep in debt, we are in the midst of the greatest corporate debt binge of all time, and U.S. consumers are certainly doing their part.  In fact, last quarter we witnessed the largest increase in consumer debt since just before the last financial crisis

Americans have more debt than ever before.

A surge in credit card spending and home purchases caused US household debt to increase by $313 billion, or 2.1%, in the second quarter, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
That’s the largest nominal jump since 2007 and the biggest percentage increase in seven and a half years.

Overall, U.S. consumers are now $14,960,000,000,000 in debt.

We will shortly hit the 15 trillion dollar mark, and I think that we should commemorate the crossing of that threshold with some sort of celebration.

Of course any celebration should involve going into even more debt, because there are few things that Americans enjoy more than getting even deeper into debt.

Mortgage debt is rising particularly quickly.  Housing prices have been going through the roof recently, and this has created a frenzy on a scale that we haven’t seen since just before the subprime mortgage meltdown of 2008…

Mortgage debt, the single biggest contributor to overall household debt, rose $282 billion to $10.44 trillion. A whopping 44% of the outstanding balances were originated over the past year, accounting for both new mortgages and refinancings.

But even though the US housing market is red hot and borrowing to purchase homes is through the roof, “there are still 2 million borrowers in mortgage forbearance who are vulnerable to financial distress once the forbearance programs come to an end,” said Joelle Scally administrator of the Center of Microeconomic Data at the New York Fed.

Is it just me, or does it seem like we have been here before?

All of this just seems so oddly familiar.

Of course the experts are assuring us that this even bigger housing bubble will end so much more nicely than the last one did.

You believe them, don’t you?

After being showered with trillions upon trillions of dollars by the federal government, you would think that most Americans should be in pretty good financial condition these days.

Unfortunately, it turns out that all of that money just made the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us even larger

Americans added nearly $4 trillion to their savings during the coronavirus pandemic, but most of the gains went to the wealthy, according to a new study.

Stimulus checks, rising stock markets and fewer spending choices led to a massive savings boom over the past year, with Americans saving about $3.7 trillion, according to a study from Oxford Economics. Yet 70% of the gain went to the wealthiest 20% of Americans, the study found.

As I discussed the other day, there are millions and millions of Americans that were in danger of being thrown out into the streets once the eviction moratorium ended, but now Joe Biden has decided to come to the rescue

President Joe Biden’s administration Tuesday issued a targeted moratorium on evictions in areas hardest hit by COVID-19, replacing a nationwide evictions freeze that expired Saturday despite legal concerns about doing so unilaterally.

The new action, in effect for 60 days, bans evictions in counties with high rates of COVID-19 transmission, reflecting where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccinated residents mask indoors and in public settings.

But is this legal?

After all, we have already seen several courts rule on this, and they have said that it isn’t.

Well, just like any good career politician, Biden isn’t going to let a little thing like “legality” stand in the way

The president said he sought input from constitutional scholars to determine whether the CDC had the legal authority to issue a new evictions action but it was unclear whether it could pass constitutional muster.

“There are several key scholars who think that it may, and it’s worth the effort,” Biden said.

Biden says that even if the courts strike this new moratorium down, it will buy some time for his administration to get aid money to those that need it.

Needless to say, what Biden has decided to do has absolutely horrified those that still actually have respect for the U.S. Constitution.  Here is an excerpt from Jonathan Turley’s reaction

…What was astonishing is that Biden acknowledged that it is still likely unconstitutional but that they could tie it up in courts to get the money out in the interim…

Sadly, Biden’s approach is typical of how most Americans deal with things.

Most of us do whatever we feel like doing in the moment, and we don’t really give too much consideration to the long-term consequences.

Let us party today, because tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us!

Of course the truth is that “tomorrow” always arrives eventually, and our “tomorrow” is going to be more painful than most people would dare to imagine.

But for the moment, the consequences of our actions have not caught up with us quite yet, and so it is still party time.

Most Americans fully intend to enjoy this party for as long as they possibly can, but at this point time is not on our side.

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CDC to issue new eviction ban effective through Oct. 3, source says

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to announce a new federal eviction moratorium on Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the matter. The eviction ban will be targeted at areas of the country experiencing high levels of coronavirus infections.


After Russiagate, Why WOULDN’T People Be Skeptical About Covid?

You hardly ever hear about Russiagate anymore.


Two Shots Is Not Enough: Germany and The UK Will Offer COVID Booster Shots


They talked a lot of people into taking two shots of the experimental gene therapy, and now they are going to try to convince them to take the third shot, and then boosters. Germany and the United Kingdom will now offer COVID-19 “vaccine” boosters starting in September.

We should have all seen this coming.  They were projecting this very situation from almost the beginning of the “vaccine” rollout.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Two shots won’t be enough for the rulers who want total control over the human population of earth.

Pfizer Requests EUA For A Third Dose Or “Booster” Of Experimental Gene Therapy

Booster Shots: Getting a Third Experimental Gene Therapy Shot Resulted With “More Severe” Side Effects

BioNTech CEO Says “Booster” Shots of Pfizer Vaccine Will Be Required Every 12-18 Months

This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

Germany will prioritize offering the booster shot to those considered more at risk, such as people with weak immune systems, according to a report by Reuters. The country has also made plans to make vaccination available to all children aged 12 to 17. The UK is slated to offer nearly 32 million doses to its citizens starting tentatively on September 6.

The White House is also saying that somehow, 70% of adults in the U.S. have gotten at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Monday.  That number feels like a lie, as it jumped huge Monday.  Are we supposed to believe that 70% of adults have gotten one shot? It could just be a ploy to make it look like people are lining up for this jab, so they can say: “See? Everyone is doing it!” in a peer pressure fashion to convince more people.

Milestone Monday just in: Today we hit 70% of adults w/ at least one dose! +468K doses reported administered, incl. 320K newly vaccinated (vs. 257K last Monday). 7-day average of newly vaccinated highest since July 4. Let's continue working to get more eligible vaccinated! 🇺🇸

— Cyrus Shahpar (@cyrusshahpar46) August 2, 2021

Joe Biden’s goal to have 70% of Americans injected with one shot by July 4th fell short. Apparently, that goal has finally been reached.

Stay prepared. Whether those numbers are real or not, is irrelevant at this point. They want more vaccinated and they want us to take boosters whenever they command us to.

The post Two Shots Is Not Enough: Germany and The UK Will Offer COVID Booster Shots first appeared on SHTF Plan - When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.


"Don't Go Anywhere Near Your Grandkids": Australian Health Official Warns Grandparents

"Don't Go Anywhere Near Your Grandkids": Australian Health Official Warns Grandparents

Authored by Caden Pearsen via The Epoch Times,

Queensland Chief Health Officer (CHO) Jeannette Young has warned unvaccinated grandparents not to go “anywhere near” their grandchildren as the CCP virus Delta variant spreads to four schools in the Australian state.

This comes as Queensland recorded 16 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, all linked to a cluster at Indooroopilly High School in the state’s capital city, Brisbane.

One of the new cases was another student at Indooroopilly High School, two at Brisbane Grammar School, two at Brisbane Girl’s Grammar School, three at Iron Side State School, five household family members connected to the new cases, and one neighbour of one of the known cases.

“If you’re a grandparent of one of these kids, one of these households, and you haven’t been vaccinated, please don’t go anywhere near your grandkids,” Young told reporters on Tuesday.

Young is also concerned that authorities have not yet been able to trace the outbreak to its source.

“We know the very first two cases that arrived into Queensland on the 29th of June, but I don’t know how it’s got from either of those two people to the first family in that Indooroopilly, Taringa area,” she said.

The state’s CHO also said that while she wished to vaccinate every teacher, there weren’t enough vaccine doses, but she urged any teacher of the age of 60 to get the AstraZeneca jab. “Younger teachers need to go and make that decision with their GP,” she added.

A view of Indooroopilly State High School in Brisbane, Friday, July 30, 2021. (AAP Image/Dan Peled)

The Indooroopilly High School cluster has now grown to 47, with over 4,000 people now directed by the CHO to quarantine at home as a result.

Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles reminded residents of their legal obligation to remain at their homes if the CHO has directed them to do so.

“While all of us in the southeast (of Queensland) have to stay home, those who are subject to home quarantine directions are legally required to stay home,” Miles said.

“They cannot leave home except in an emergency or to get a test.”

Outlining the rules of home quarantine, Miles said people under these directions could not leave their residences unless it is to seek essential medical care, avoid injury or illness, escape the risk of harm, or to get tested for COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

People who are subject to home quarantine directives who need supplies or assistance can contact the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said, “The message this time, for this lockdown, is simple: don’t ask yourself ‘Can I go out?’ ask yourself ‘Should I go out?'” D’Ath said. “‘Is the reason I’m leaving my home so important it is worth risking an extension to the lockdown?'”

The Queensland government on Monday urged people to reconsider the need to attend work, even if they had done so during previous lockdowns.

Home learning is in place for Queensland state schools from Tuesday until the end of the week, with private schools having similar arrangements, Miles said on Monday. “This is the first time that we’ve seen an outbreak like this one, spreading in schools amongst students, teachers, and parents,” he said.

“It will likely see thousands of people subject to home quarantine directions,” he added.

Tyler Durden Tue, 08/03/2021 - 19:45


MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

This video was made in collaboration with Academy of Ideas. They create videos explaining the ideas of history's great thinkers in order to help supply the world with more knowledge, to empower the individual, and to promote freedom. Please check out their youtube channel for more brilliant content.


Homeschooling soars as parents find kids perform well at home

(FAITHWIRE) – As many schools across the country prepare to reopen this year, the number of parents opting to homeschool their children has surged in the wake of COVID-19 school lockdowns.


“Dealing with” People Who Believe in Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

How do you deal with people who have not just a different opinion, but a dangerous one? I’m referring to those who believe in conspiracy theories or other misinformation about Covid-19. Their opinions lead to behavior that puts others at risk.


Coercive ‘Vaccinate or Face Testing’ Plan for Federal Workers Tramples Rights, Violates Nuremberg Code


Biden Calls on Schools to Host COVID Vaccination Clinics for Kids 12 and Up + More

The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines. The Defender is experiencing censorship on many social channels.


Pilots May Hold Key to Mobilizing Against Military COVID Vaccine Mandate

When the military mandated the anthrax vaccine and military pilots showed they were willing to throw away careers and pensions in order to avoid the vaccine, it got the military’s attention — maybe they can do the same with COVID vaccine mandates?


CDC Says Vaccinated May Be as Likely to Spread COVID as Unvaxxed, as Reports of Serious Injuries After Vaccines Surge

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Monday, August 2, 2021

The truth about 'breakthrough' infections post-vaccine



One of many COVID pandemic falsehoods is that if people just get vaccinated, all will be well for the individual and the nation. This is pure deceit. Why is the government feverishly spewing out this message? One simple reason, namely to promote even more vaccination. In the fight against vaccine hesitancy and rejection, the government must keep reassuring the public that once you get vaccinated you are home free.

So why is the government now mandating masking even for the vaccinated and in some places more lockdowns? Aside from a huge amount of data on deaths (now more than 50,000) and injuries from the experimental vaccines themselves, there is big media suppression of data on how the vaccinated are suffering from reinfection, called breakthrough infections.

You may hear that getting reinfected after vaccination is better than not getting vaccinated and getting COVID for the first time. But this argument fails to fully acknowledge all the deaths and serious injuries from getting any experimental vaccine in the first place.

To see the truth about breakthrough reinfection a close look at data is necessary.

According to CDC, "as of July 19, 2021, more than 161 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. During the same time, CDC received reports from 49 U.S. states and territories of 5,914 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection who were hospitalized or died." A newer CDC report said that "as of July 26 there were 6,587 breakthrough cases of the 163 million Americans who've been fully vaccinated." Of that total, 6,239 people were hospitalized and 1,263 died, according to the data. That is a lot of Americans who never expected to get hit by COVID after being vaccinated.

For a number of reasons, that is surely an under-counting. As of June 1, CDC stopped gathering data on breakthrough infections for people not hospitalized or dying but many with COVID symptoms. Indeed, even the New York Times noted: "Of course, now, it looks like maybe it would have been a good thing to track them, just so we could at least say how much more frequent it is with Delta than with any other variant."

Importantly, an earlier CDC publication noted "10,262 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections identified in the United States during just January–April 2021." In other words, when all the breakthrough infections were counted the total was about twice as high as now being counted. The real total now is probably more like at least 12,000 and rising every day.

To get to greater truth it is necessary to examine some state data. This reveals just how seriously under-counted are the CDC breakthrough data.

Tennessee has reported 1,000 cases, and Massachusetts reported 5,000 cases. Those two populations (about 14 million) when extrapolated to the entire U.S. indicate a total of perhaps 143,000 breakthrough COVID cases. Not farfetched considering that many people would not have major symptoms or require hospitalization. It's a relatively low but still very significant fraction of fully vaccinated Americans, especially when considering that those vaccinated people can be transmitting the virus to unvaccinated Americans and that many more are likely to get breakthrough infections.

In a smaller region in Massachusetts, CDC reported that for two weeks in July, out of 469 cases tied to gatherings at restaurants, bars and vacation homes, 74% were breakthrough infections in people who had been fully vaccinated. Four of these had to be hospitalized. Only one-third of the cases were genetically sequenced, and 90% were caused by the Delta variant or an offshoot of the strain. "Among persons with breakthrough infection, 274 (79%) reported signs or symptoms, with the most common being cough, headache, sore throat, myalgia, and fever." All of these people, like most vaccinated Americans, thought they could go back to normal living. Imagine how angry they became with a new COVID infection.

The most important danger of breakthrough infections is death. If reinfection can kill just as getting COVID without vaccination does for a very tiny fraction of people, then looking at death data is critical. For those two states of Massachusetts and Tennessee, there were 107 reported breakthrough deaths; when extrapolated to the whole country it indicates a possible 2,550 deaths. What a catastrophe for people and their families who decided to listen to the government and get vaccinated.

To add still more truth to the misinformation coming from the government, consider that there have been many reports that vaccinated people are not being tested for COVID even when they are hospitalized for it and possibly dying from reinfection. The clear purpose of this charade is to make vaccination seem better than it really is and necessary even if you have natural immunity, which is as good or better than artificial immunity from experimental vaccines.

There are no good data on whether breakthrough infections are occurring for people with natural immunity who also got vaccinated. Critics of the experimental vaccines have noted safety issues with giving them to people with natural immunity. The drug companies that did the clinical trials for the experimental vaccines intentionally excluded people who had been infected with the COVID virus. Also, they only tested vaccinated people for just a few months and, therefore, would not have tracked reinfection over the longer term in real-world settings.

Also relevant is that new variants of the COVID virus may also cause more breakthrough infections.

Data from other countries also shed light on the problem.

Data from Israel found that "more than [new COVID] 3,000 cases – or approximately 40% – occurred in people who had received a COVID-19 vaccine." The same fraction has been reported for U.K. Any indication by the government that the situation is very different for the U.S. is nonsense.

Data were just reported for 283 workers at two San Francisco hospitals. About 80% of the COVID cases had been fully vaccinated. Two workers required hospitalization.

It is important to stress that infected vaccinated people are now known to have the ability to transfer the virus to others.

What apologists are saying

There is no shortage of vaccine advocates who work hard to dismiss the problem of breakthrough infections.

Dr. David Dowdy said where there are more cases of COVID-19 and you're having closer interactions with people, "then we expect more breakthrough infections – not because the vaccines aren't working but just because people are being exposed [to the virus] more often." In other words, attempts at normal living has risks for the vaccinated.

Dr. Leana Wen said something similar. She likened the vaccines to a very good raincoat. "If it's drizzling outside, you're going to be fine; you will be protected and not get wet. However, if you keep going in and out of thunderstorms, at some point you could get wet." Here, too, beware of risks from normal living despite being vaccinated.

The perspective of vaccine advocates is that breakthrough infections are the fault of the unvaccinated spreading the virus, but this ignores the fact that those people are often just trying to avoid the serious medical impacts of taking the experimental vaccines and, moreover, that the vast majority of people suffer no serious medical problems even if they are initially infected.


Here is the distasteful bottom line. Choose between getting harmed if you get a jab of an experimental vaccine, or get harmed after you get vaccinated. What is not being widely said is that those who get natural immunity from being infected (and do not get vaccinated) have not shown any proclivity to get breakthrough infections. This means that natural immunity is more protective than artificial immunity conferred by experimental vaccines. Dr. Joseph Mercola has made a strong case that natural immunity is significantly more effective than the artificial immunity obtained from experimental COVID vaccines.

The eminent Dr. Peter McCullough has emphasized that a wiser pandemic strategy would have been to do only limited vaccinations on high-risk people, perhaps about 20 million people. That is, use vaccines for the elderly, health care workers and those with serious underlying medical problems. This strategy would have generated a large population without harmful vaccine impacts and effective natural immunity. But drug companies would not have supported this strategy because they could not make as much money.

McCullough also has always emphasized the use of early home/outpatient treatments using cheap, safe generics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as fully detailed in "Pandemic Blunder." These should have been promoted by the government for unvaccinated people who got infected. He has said that these two generics "are as about effective as the vaccines in preventing acquiring COVID-19." Also, "I think it's a travesty we have 600,000 dead Americans. The vast majority did not get an ounce of treatment" – treatment that could have prevented over 500,000 COVID deaths.

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Helicopter deployed, military going door to door to enforce COVID lockdown in Australia



If you think the COVID insanity is hitting hard here in the U.S., just take a look at the insanity coming from the land Down Under.

Beachgoers at Gordon's Bay near Sydney were caught by surprise recently when a police helicopter flew overhead, blaring its sirens and issuing a warning for everyone to go home or be fined for breaching stay-at-home lockdown restrictions, according to an Australian news outlet.

Video of the incident went viral on TikTok on Sunday, with commenters noting that beachgoers weren't masking up in the outdoor setting.

@seeshotsHave you ever heard a 👮‍♀️ warning from a 🚁 before? #sydneylockdown #policeoperation #lockdownlife #gordonsbay #easternsuburbssydney #coogee #police♬ Know Yourself - Drake

But that's not the only display of insanity coming from the Aussie nanny state.

The country's current provisions require Sydney residents to stay within three miles of home, according to Reuters, and only those who receive COVID tests every three days are authorized to perform essential work outside of that radius.

Isn't that insane? What about the long-touted vaccines? Those with natural antibodies? Should they be treated the same?

Better yet, what qualifies the "oligarchy" to make decisions for everyone -- regardless of personal risk, COVID history or livelihoods at stake?

To supplement its stay-at-home orders, Australia has bolstered its other COVID-related protocols, going so far as authorizing police forces to shut down noncompliant businesses and fine dissenting civilians, and demanding that residents wear masks even in outdoor settings.

And just when we thought the stringent attempt to rein in civilians couldn't get any worse, The U.S. Sun reported on Sunday that the country has deployed soldiers and military helicopters to help enforce its restrictions.

The despotic effort serves to enforce Australia's "Zero COVID" strategy and, as officials have threatened, police will track down any dissidents and slap them with a fine of £265, approximately $500.

So far, 250 fines have been issued to noncompliers, and the number is sure to rise in the days and weeks to come.

Some residents aren't taking the totalitarian push lying down, however.

Just last week, protesters gathered for an anti-lockdown protest in Sydney. The incident, which later turned violent, according to the Sun's report, prompted police to respond by blocking streets to prevent any further disruption on Saturday.

Approximately 300 unarmed military officials will work in conjunction with Aussie police in their door-to-door effort to ensure that residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 are staying at home.

We can imagine how such an invasive measure might go over here in the States -- especially in the uber-conservative American South, and considering Americans have already voiced their disquiet with the proposition of door-to-door COVID vaccine promotions.

Thankfully, however, these efforts have been fulfilled by nonprofits rather than government employees so far and have turned out to be generally different than we imagined at first.

Still, what if we were in the same boat as our Aussie friends? What if we had our individual liberties stripped of us to such a dramatic degree? What if police and military officials were at our doorsteps -- unwelcome, uninvited and there to discuss whether you're in the exact spot the government necessitates ... or else?

I could say something for the lockdowns and mask mandates we've experienced thus far, but I expect readers to draw their own conclusions as to whether these have been "fair" or "overreaching" -- and whether they're satisfied to see them coming around once more.

It's safe to say what's going on in Australia is an overreach far more drastic, far more elaborate than anything most of us have seen yet.

But obtaining an inch of power can quickly prompt the push for a mile.

Let this be a lesson to us here in the U.S.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

The post Helicopter deployed, military going door to door to enforce COVID lockdown in Australia appeared first on WND.