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Feds Fight To Keep Jeffrey Epstein’s Trove of Documents Secret – Comey’s Daughter Maurene Is the Prosecutor Asking For ‘Categorical Withholding’ To Keep From Influencing Ghislaine Maxwell’s Possible Retrial


Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York have asked the judge to consent to a “categorical withholding” of the all the as of yet unreleased FBI ‘top-secret files’ on Jeffrey Epstein.

Some in the press see this as a tacit admission of the real danger of a retrial for disgraced socialite and convicted sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. Others, especially in the conservative camp, see this as another move to hinder public information about the case, and also to protect powerful people implicated in the documents.

Not only do experts think that Maxwell’s bid for a second trial is unlikely to succeed, but also it, has lately been reported that Maxwell is ‘flat broke’ has no money for lawyers, and may need to represent herself in the appeal – which is almost a complete guarantee of failure.

Read more about that below:

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Flat Broke: Disgraced Socialite Has No Money to Fund Her Appeal – Convicted Sex Trafficker Suggests Ex-Husband Swindled Her Out of Millions From Sale of Luxury House

The unreleased Epstein files, according to the prosecution filing, include ‘exhibits that were not publicly filed at the first trial, specific information about witnesses who may testify at a new trial, as well as information and documents authored by potential trial witnesses’.

Knewz reported:

“In their latest filing in the near six-year lawsuit, Maurene Comey, the lead prosecutor against Maxwell, admitted the FBI is sitting on unreleased information that could impact a jury appeal in any appeal from Maxwell.”

The letter to the judge was signed by Maurene Comey — the daughter of former FBI director James Comey, who was involved both in the interrupted prosecution of Epstein and on the trial of Maxwell.

“The withheld records include statements from and evidence regarding many more victims of Epstein and numerous witnesses who were not called or referenced during the first trial, including some who the Government may elect to call and/or reference if this case were to be retried.”

Maxwell has filed an appeal for a retrial, and claimed she was targeted as a ‘proxy’ for Epstein to ‘satisfy public outrage’ after his suspicious death in a Manhattan jail. She is currently serving a 20-year jail term at a federal facility at FCI Tallahassee, in Florida.

The documents in question are the object of a suit moved by, alleging that the FBI and DOJ are denying a properly-filled FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request.

The material in question was seized both in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and his Caribbean home in the U.S. Virgin Island.

“Previously, Comey told the judge the ‘release of the FBI’s records relating to the investigation and prosecution of Epstein would provide Maxwell with greater access to the agency’s investigatory files than she would otherwise have through the criminal discovery process; contravene the Protective Order entered by Judge Nathan in the criminal case against Maxwell; risk influence by the media upon witnesses and the jury; potentially influence witnesses’ trial testimony by providing the opportunity for them to shape their testimony by conforming it with other evidence gathered during the investigation; and be reasonably expected to impair the ability to seat a fair and impartial jury’.”

The FBI, via the Justice Department, alleges that the release of its Epstein case file could interfere with the prosecution of Maxwell.

“Comey added, ‘Premature release of the withheld records, particularly if the records are released in part or without full context, may influence the perception of jurors who have been exposed to media coverage containing speculation and theories relating to Maxwell’.”

While the judicial reasons for withholding the docs sound reasonable, there is a widespread understanding that it is NOT the only reason.

The material contained in the hundreds of CD’s DVDs and Hard disks from Epstein’s archives is potentially destructive for an undisclosed number of ‘clients’ that got ensnared in Epstein’s ‘Honeypot’ and were filmed abusing underage girls. The scope of Epstein’s kompromat against these power brokers could cause a systemic crisis in some sectors of the US society.

One is left wondering what will be next excuse they will use to keep all that in secret once the issue of the Maxwell appeal is dealt with.

The Gateway Pundit is doggedly attempting to unseal the Epstein Client List.  You can help cover our legal costs here.

EPSTEIN CLIENT LIST UPDATE: Gateway Pundit Doggedly Seeks Unsealing of Sex Client List at Second Circuit Court of Appeals

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