Saturday, January 20, 2024

Justice Department Confirms Authenticity of Hunter Biden Laptop, Says It Matches ICloud Data

Federal prosecutors have confirmed in a new court filing the authenticity of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop and that when investigators took possession of the device and searched it, they found its contents largely overlapped with records obtained from President Joe Biden’s son’s Apple iCloud


Friday, January 19, 2024

Medical Doctor Drops Post-Vaccine Ivermectin Bombshell

Ivermectin, AKA “horse dewormer,” has not only been vindicated as an effective treatment for COVID, but now it is proving to be one of the best remedies for vaccine injury. Dr. Mary Talley Bowden attests to this. In her own clinical practice, ivermectin has offered profound… pic.twitter.


Experts Say They Don't Know What Thing Is Causing Everyone To Suddenly Collapse But It's Definitely Not That One Thing

U.S. — Medical experts are absolutely stumped as to what could be causing the recent uptick in healthy, young people everywhere that are suddenly collapsing with heart failure. Despite their uncertainty, experts do feel confident that we can rule out that one thing as the culprit.


Judging a Message By Its Messenger

Long before Covid arrived, I’d joked with friends that if the ever boasting and self-promoting President Trump discovered the cure for cancer, his detractors would rather forgo the treatment than acknowledge he’d done something of value for humanity.


Focused take-down of the bad guys

There is a lot of ongoing ‘debate’ pertaining to whether or not there was a pandemic.


BREAKING: American Cancer Society Projects Cancer Diagnoses To Exceed 2 Million Cases For First Time Ever In 2024

The turbo cancer epidemic coincided with the rollout of the slow kill bioweapon “vaccines.” That trend is only becoming more horrifying. The American Cancer Society are now projecting over 611,000 deaths from cancer, with more than 1,600 deaths per day.


Thursday, January 18, 2024

The Silent Epidemic Eating Away Americans’ Minds

Billy was a bright 10-year-old boy with two Ivy-League-educated parents. He was book smart—got straight A’s in school—but lacked street smarts. He was also a poor sport.


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Why I'm Rooting for the 1972 Landslide I Once Feared

I am not supposed to be rooting for Trump and MAGA. I’m supposed to be one of the million and change who huddles on my couch in terror, watching MSNBC as the results from Iowa trickle in. I’m supposed to somberly nod when Rachel Maddow tells her viewers they won’t show Trump’s speech.


Ursula von der Leyen: misinformation is world’s gravest problem

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today declared that “misinformation and disinformation” are greater threats to the global business community than war and climate change.


Tuesday, January 16, 2024

AI As The Information War Superweapon

Many people, even those who do not fall prey to mainstream narratives, do not know what to make of AI.


Government used 'love your neighbor' theology, financial pressure to coerce religious leaders on vaccines

HHS 'targeting virtues instead of vices'


How to Escape the Matrix

This morning a friend sent me a link to a long essay about our U.S. government’s ever-blundering Middle East policy, which included a citation of a 2019 Jerusalem Post report headlined: Netanyahu: Money to Hamas part of strategy to keep Palestinians divided.


Unseen Crisis

The number of people suffering problems after Covid vaccines continues to grow as researchers learn more about how to diagnose and treat the lingering illnesses.


Breaking: AZ- Maricopa County GOP Passed 'Ban the Jab' resolution!!!

Shout out to patriot Dan Shultz of!!! State Committeeman Dan Schultz submitted the ‘Ban the Jab’ resolution to the Maricopa County GOP Saturday January 13th in Arizona. The resolution passed with 87.4% of the vote! A total 1494 votes were cast, 1306 in favor, 188 against.


Monday, January 15, 2024

Here is the evidence (from 200 : 014) that our governments tried to kill us by restricting HCQ. WHY? Hydroxychloroquine doesn't kill *people* unless you overdose. But it does kill *coronaviruses.*

After SARS-1 occurred in 2002-2003, many nations’ scientists tried to find remedies for it.


Japanese doctors reconfirm what we track here : THOUSANDS of papers have reported crippling and/or deadly side effects of "vaccination"—an "unprecedented" crisis in the history of medicine

Those desperate to deny what’s going on—or paid to do so—like to claim that all those “sudden deaths” and crippling injuries worldwide prove nothing: that all such reports are merely “anecdotal,” with no “science” confirming what that overwhelming “anecdotal” evidence (which in