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The Media Whores Can’t Keep Their Lies Straight


Earlier today I demonstrated the laughable and ludicrus mistakes made by a BBC “Reality Check Team” tasked with covering up the Democrat vote fraud in Michigan.  See here.

Now the presstitutes at USA Today have come up with a totally different coverup for the same fraud.

The earlier BBC coverup reported that election officials said they had made a “data entry error.” This error, said to have been  corrected, was the way the BBC explained away a sudden 138,000 votes for Biden in the early hours of the morning when no one was watching.

I blew this lie out of the water.  

So the presstitutes had to find another coverup.

The new coverup lie from USA Today is that there was no “data entry error” and no election officials admitting to one.  According to the USA Today coverup story, the added votes never happened.  Instead, there was “an apparent typo on a lone national media site,” and this typo was picked up by social media and then by President Trump.  

In other words, the USA Today presstitutes are saying that the BBC fact check team is incompetent and unreliable. Why prefer the USA Today’s coverup story over the BBC’s coverup story?

Which coverup story do we believe?  The answer is: Neither.  Both are lies.

The USA Today coverup story says no additional 138,339 votes for Biden suddenly appeared. So what disappeared Trump’s sizable lead.  No Biden votes added but Trump’s lead disappeared.  Magic.

An identical ballot dump for Biden to the one in Michigan also occurred in the early hours of the same morning in Wisconsin, wiping out Trump’s lead.  So far the press prostitutes have not been able to devise a coverup for this second occurance of the same thing.  

So what, media whores, is your coverup story for Wisconsin?  (And for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia— Georgia officials have announced a recount after acknowledging many irregularities.)  Are the miscounts in Michigan and Wisconsin two data entry errors or two typos picked up by social media or one of each?

Think what it means that the entirety of the US media, allegedly the “watchdogs of democracy,” are openly involved in participating in the theft of a presidential election.

Think what it means that a large number of Democrat public and election officials are openly involved in the theft of a presidential election.

It means that the United States is split irredeemably. The hatred for white people that has been cultivated for many years, portraying white Americans as “systemic racists,” together with the Democrats’ lust for power and money, has destroyed national unity. The consequence will be the replacement of rules with force.

Why do Democrats have any more right to force than Trump?

The Democrat theft of the 2020 Presidential election has split the country far worse than the Morrill Tariff did in March 1861, leading to the secession of the southern states and the invasion of the southern states by the North.

The Red States, that is, the homes of the original ethnic American population, have been demonized by the intellectuals, professors, press prostitutes, and Democrats for four years and longer.  The Real Americans are demonized as “white supremacist racist Trump deplorables.”  

The war against Real Americans will intensify under the Kamala Regime.  Biden’s obvious episodes of mental confusion will cause him to be moved aside. The United States will have as President a leftwing “female of color” who has expressed her hatred of white Americans. Unfortunately for the Real Americans, they are unorganized and Trump is the only leader that they have.  

It is not difficult to imagine that one of the first things the Kamala Regime will do is to get rid of the Second Amendment and then begin arresting Red State gun owners to ensure that Red State Americans have no self-protection.  It is easy to imagine, knowing the hate Democrats, intellectuals, professors, and the media whores have for Red State Americans, that next a virus will be released, a pandemic declared, and Red State America moved into internment camps. Why would a demonic moment that is determined to destroy white statues and monuments, white museums, white history and culture, and “white privilege” not also want to destroy white people?

As US armed forces are made up of Red State Americans, Washington’s ability to prance around the world as a hegemon will disappear.  Russia, China, even Iran would be able to easily defeat the “superpower” in war.  

It would be poetic justice if the consequence of the openly stolen election is the end of Washington’s hegemony.

Regardless, America’s influence has been cancelled by the stolen election. As one European observer has noted, “The United States has to spread democracy by violence, since it sure as hell can’t do so by example.” 

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I'm not a #Trump supporter, but #BigTech has cast a shadow over #Biden's win. Read this letter (…) sent Thurs. by 3 US Senators to #Google's CEO, about disturbing pro-liberal #bias we found in our 2020 #ElectionMonitoring project. We found a #SmokingGun:

Dr. Robert Epstein
I'm not a #Trump supporter, but #BigTech has cast a shadow over #Biden's win. Read this letter (…) sent Thurs. by 3 US Senators to #Google's CEO, about disturbing pro-liberal #bias we found in our 2020 #ElectionMonitoring project.

We found a #SmokingGun:



The good news about our #ElectionMonitoring: 4 days before #ElectionDay, WE GOT #GOOGLE TO BACK DOWN ON A POWERFUL VOTE #MANIPULATION: vote reminders on its home page going ONLY to liberals. And we CAUGHT them in the act. That's the #SmokingGun. See:…

Dr. Robert Epstein
The good news about our #ElectionMonitoring: 4 days before #ElectionDay, WE GOT #GOOGLE TO BACK DOWN ON A POWERFUL VOTE #MANIPULATION: vote reminders on its home page going ONLY to liberals.

And we CAUGHT them in the act. That's the #SmokingGun.




Friday, November 6, 2020

Software 'Glitch' In Michigan Erroneously Gave 1000s Of Votes To Biden; Up To 47 Counties Compromised

Software 'Glitch' In Michigan Erroneously Gave 1000s Of Votes To Biden; Up To 47 Counties Compromised Tyler Durden Fri, 11/06/2020 - 15:40

Software used to tabulate votes cast in 47 Michigan counties erroneously gave 6,000 votes to Joe Biden in Anterim County, according to state GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox.

"In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said 'tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the vote.' Since then, we have now discovered the 47 counties used the same software in the same capacity," she said, adding "Antrim County had to hand count all of the ballots, and these counties that used the software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies."

Of note, Trump won Antrim County in 2016 with 62% of the vote vs. 33% for Hillary Clinton.


One Michigan county clerk caught a glitch in tabulation software so they hand counted votes and found the glitch caused 6,000 votes to go to Biden + Democrats that were meant for Trump and Republicans. 47 MI counties used this software. All must check now!

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) November 6, 2020

Antrim county had roughly 18k voters. 6k of those were initially in error?

33% skew?

Multiplied by 47 other counties?

Good God.

— Conservative Corona Graduate (@ExBigRight) November 6, 2020

According to the Detroit Free Press, officials are investigating the error.

Tom McMillin, a former state lawmaker from Oakland County and a member of the State Board of Education, said he noticed irregularities with the Antrim County vote totals late Tuesday, when he was checking out returns for Board of Education candidates.

In some precincts, but not all, Biden and other Democratic candidates had far more votes than normal, McMillin said.

"It just looked weird," he said. "Two-thirds of the townships looked really messed up."

Meanwhile, in Oakland County, Michigan, another computer glitch was uncovered which gave an upset win to Democrat Melanie Hartman. Once it was fixed, her win was nullified and incumbent Adam Kochenderfer was declared the winner. 

"Apparently, there was a technical glitch in Rochester Hills. And so, I actually ended up winning by a little over 1,100 votes," said Kochenderfer. According to the Free Press, "The margin was 1,127 votes, to be exact. That gave him a 51.67% share of the total (with 48.23% going to his opponent, Hartman)."

"I’m very grateful to the officials who caught the error, but we need to ensure that we catch these issues, or prevent them entirely," Kochenderfer added.


The Huckster & The Hack: UK Govt Report Undermines 'Heroes' Of Cambridge Analytica–Russiagate Scandal

The Huckster & The Hack: UK Govt Report Undermines 'Heroes' Of Cambridge Analytica–Russiagate Scandal Tyler Durden Fri, 11/06/2020 - 03:30

Authored by Alexander Rubinstein via The Grayzone,

Self-styled whistleblower Christopher Wylie and The Guardian reporter Carole Cadwalladr earned film deals and flashy awards by blaming Brexit and Trump on a sweeping conspiracy between data firm Cambridge Analytica and Russia. A British government investigation shatters their claims to fame.

Two years after the stunning June 2016 passage of the Brexit referendum, affirming the British public’s desire to withdraw from the European Union, and the equally unexpected November 2016 election of Donald Trump to the White House, a scandal erupted that seemed to explain these rogue right-wing victories as the handiwork of an especially devilish data-mining scheme.

In 2018, a hipster techie named Christopher Wylie emerged as a supposed whistleblower from the UK data firm SCL-Cambridge Analytica. Wylie claimed inside knowledge of how his former employer illicitly harvested the personal data of British and American voters through Facebook to conduct micro-targeting operations in favor of Brexit and Trump. Further, and most memorably, he asserted that “known Russian agents” were involved in the right-wing plot.

“Here is what I know,” Wylie tweeted , “when I was at Cambridge Analytica, the company hired known Russian agents, had data researchers in St Petersburg, tested US voter opinion on Putin’s leadership, and hired hackers from Russia – all while [former Trump Chief of Staff Steve] Bannon was in charge.”

As soon as Wylie went public, his accusations against Cambridge Analytica became a central pillar of the Russiagate narrative, bridging Trump-Putin across the Atlantic to Brexit and the rise of Euroscepticism.

Wylie, a self-proclaimed progressive Eurosceptic , has since published a book, “ Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America,” and inspired an Oscar-shortlisted Netflix documentary about the supposed scandal called “The Great Hack.” In 2018, Wylie’s supposed revelations earned him a spot on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. A film based on the rebel techie’s interview with The Guardian is on the way.

Wylie has boastfully described himself as “the gay Canadian vegan who somehow ended up creating ‘Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool,’” who enjoys a wild ride “from fashion to fascism to fashion.” (After starting out as a fashion school student, he said he was hired by H&M in 2018.)

The hipster whistleblower was cultivated over the course of 2017 and 2018 by The Guardian’s Russia-obsessed correspondent Carole Cadwalladr. Operating as Wylie’s de facto publicist and churning out a stream of reports based on his spectacular claims, Cadwalladr has won admiring media profiles , an array of journalism awards, and a finalist nomination in the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting.

In July 2018, Cadwalladr issued a bold prophesy that stirred liberal audiences across the Atlantic: “From [former FBI director Robert] Mueller’s most recent indictments [of Trump officials], it is clear that the data trail must be coming soon: the chain of evidence that is required to understand how the Russian government’s influence operation targeted American voters.”

She pointed to a forthcoming report by the British Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and its commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, on the role of SCL-Cambridge Analytica in Brexit and 2016 US elections: “ And here is the clue and where it is believed Denham comes in – what data it was based on.”

Her self-styled whistleblower source, Wylie, has also praised Denham:

“ I want to point out this Russia/Facebook/[Cambridge Analytica] investigation is being led by women like Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner, and Carole Cadwalladr at the Guardian. When the tech bros looked away, these women paid attention and put in the hours to investigate.”

But the data trail promised by Cadwalladr never arrived. Instead, Denham and the British ICO produced a report that contradicted virtually ever major prediction and assertion that Wylie and Cadwalladr made about SCL-Cambridge Analytica and its role in UK politics. Published this October, the ICO report reinforces a British parliamentary investigation into Brexit that found no evidence of Russian meddling.

With the release of the ICO report, the Cambridge Analytica-Russiagate bombshell that erupted two years ago has been exposed as another dud. Now, there are serious questions about the credibility of the figures who inspired the debunked narrative.

Another Russiagate plot point reaches a revealing denouement

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) spent over two years investigating Cambridge Analytica (CA) and associated entities, including its parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL); the Canada-based Aggregate IQ (AIQ); and the research facility Global Science Research (GSR).

Strategic advisory firms like Cambridge Analytica work with political campaigns, governments, and corporate clients, offering them a variety of services from public relations to black operations. The ICO report, for example, found that Cambridge Analytica purchased large amounts of commercially available data on US citizens. The data was then used to build profiles on American voters so that they could be targeted with election advertising tailored to them.

After examining Cambridge Analytica’s role in the 2016 presidential election in the United States, the 2016 Brexit referendum in the UK, and allegations of ties to Russian government influence operations, the ICO found a chaotic, largely ineffectual operation with no connection to the Kremlin. The closure of the investigation marked yet another anti-climactic denouement of a key Russiagate plot point.

Elizabeth Denham methodically discredited the baseless allegations of collusion between the data firm, the Russian government, and the Trump campaign. Further, her report poured cold water on the influence of Cambridge Analytica in Brexit, demonstrating the company’s negligible impact on the vote.

The ICO even concluded that Cambridge Analytica’s widely touted psychographic micro-targeting of voters was mostly hype. Its tactics were neither new nor particularly effective.

“The scale of the investigation I conducted was unprecedented for a data protection authority,” declared the ICO commissioner in her 18-page report. “It highlighted the whole ecosystem of personal data in political campaigns.”

“During my investigation a large amount of material and equipment was reviewed including; 42 laptops and computers, 700 TB of data, 31 servers, over 300,000 documents, and a wide range of material in paper form and from cloud storage devices,” Denham said.

The Guardian reported “40 full-time investigators working on the case, 20 specialist contractors, and they have an interview list that numbers 264 people.”

“The ICO has conducted a reverse engineering exercise to try to identify and confirm as far as possible, how SCL/CA processed the personal data they held… my findings were also informed and corroborated based on accounts obtained from witness interviews and the contents of statements taken during the investigation,” Denham said.

The methodically detailed investigation’s findings were a damning commentary on the Western media that opportunistically painted SCL-Cambridge Analytica as a batcave command center for Putin and the Bannonite far-right.

Reaching for the Russia ruse

In March 2018, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pointed to Cambridge Analytica’s alleged work with Russia in order to deflect from her loss to Trump in 2016. “You’ve got Cambridge Analytica… and you’ve got the Russians. And the real question is how did the Russians know how to target their messages so precisely?” she posed to the UK’s Channel 4 News in an interview for the network’s documentary on the data scandal.

“If they were getting advice from let’s say Cambridge Analytica or someone else, about, ‘ok, here are the 12 voters in this town in Wisconsin…’ that indeed would be very disturbing,” Clinton declared.

Cadwalladr seized on the statement as confirmation of her own reporting.

So, this is pretty extraordinary. Hillary links Kenya, Trump & Brexit. Says all "projects" of Cambridge Analytica

— Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) September 19, 2017

That same month, Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic congressional point man on allegations of Trump-Russia collusion, had invited Wylie to testify as a part of “ ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.” In the Senate, Richard Blumenthal called to have Cambridge Analytica investigated over its “ties to Russia” and “services for Russians.”

The uproar that ensued from Wylie’s testimony resulted in Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg being dragged before Congress to apologize like a whimpering puppy for his role in enabling the British data firm to meddle in elections.

Corporate media leapt on the salacious story, devoting copious air time to the topic. One journalist noted dozens of tweets about Cambridge Analytica written in 2018 by CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju, the network’s media critic Brian Stelter, and its primetime host Jake Tapper.

— David Harsanyi (@davidharsanyi) October 9, 2020

When Wylie testified behind closed doors to members of the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee and an Oversight and Government Reform panel in April 2018, he stunned the lawmakers with claims that Cambridge Analytica had tested messaging with American voters about Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies in Eastern Europe.

Wylie claimed that people who worked on the US and UK campaigns had connections to two Russian intelligence outfits, as well as to Russians and Russian companies which were in turn linked to the Kremlin itself. According to the self-styled whistleblower, Cambridge Analytica hired “known Russian agents.” He painted a sprawling, conspiratorial portrait of a hostile foreign information warfare operation that seemed almost custom made for a US media and Democratic Party eager to impeach Trump and wage a new cold war against Putin.

“There was a lot of relationships and a lot of communications with different fairly senior Russian officials,” Wylie told NPR. He has claimed that a Russian gas company with alleged ties to the Kremlin named Lukoil inquired about political, non-commercial online targeting in the United States to the company.

“Wylie also revealed Cambridge Analytica’s links to Russia. Wylie had the documents and tapes to back him up,” NPR reported.

Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) has said it discussed working with “Lukoil Turkey [to] better engage with its loyalty-card customers at gas stations,” but that nothing came from the meeting. Tellingly, Lukoil received not one mention in the short section on Russia in the ICO’s report.

While the ICO report mentioned “possible Russia-located activity” – referring to Russian IP addresses found in some data – the information was ultimately referred to the National Crime Agency, which has not taken any action. “These matters fall outside the remit of the ICO,” the report says.

In July 2018, Wylie claimed this information was also in the FBI’s hands, and that he had “been helping their investigation.” However, the reported DOJ-FBI investigation that ran parallel to the ICO has offered nothing to corroborate his remarkable assertion.

The ICO’s Russiagate section concluded as follows: “We did not find any additional evidence of Russian involvement in our analysis of material contained in the SCL / CA servers we obtained.”

In other words, virtually everything Wylie told US Congress and the media about Cambridge Analytica’s role as a secret Russian weapon – the entire basis of his fame – has been discredited by the ICO report he helped to spur.

Blustery claims of influence exposed as hot air

UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham’s report also surgically dismantled many of the most sensational claims about Cambridge Analytica advanced by Christopher Wylie’s promoters in the media, like Cadwalladr.

In one of the report’s most revealing sections, its authors found:

The methods that SCL were using were, in the main, well recognised processes using commonly available technology. It was these third-party libraries which formed the majority of SCL’s data science activities which were observed by the ICO… We understand this procedure is well established within the wider data science community, and in our view does not show any proprietary technology, or processes, within SCL’s work.

However, it is important to stress that the output was only a prediction… the real-world accuracy of these predictions – when used on new individuals whose data had not been used in the generating of the models – was likely much lower.

As in so many previously misreported Russiagate stories, the subjects of the controversy may have been a victim of their own self-promotional bluster. In a press release following Trump’s victory in 2016, for example, Cambridge Analytica claimed it was “instrumental in identifying supporters, persuading undecided voters, and driving turnout,” and bragged that it had “informed key decisions on campaigning communications, and resource allocation.”

“We are thrilled that our revolutionary approach to data-driven communications played such an integral part in President-elect Donald Trump’s extraordinary win,” CEO Alexander Nix boasted at the time.

The ICO report, on the other hand, noted “evidence that [SCL’s] own staff were concerned about some of the public statements the leadership of the company were making about their impact and influence.”

“SCL’s own marketing material claimed they had ‘Over 5,000 data points per individual on 230 million adult Americans.’ However, based on what we found it appears that this may have been an exaggeration,” the report stated.

The investigation not only exposed SCL-Cambridge Analytica’s claims of driving tectonic shifts in global politics as hot air; it also found the company’s data protection was almost comically sloppy, “with little thought for effective security measures.”

Widespread data manipulation tactics painted as uniquely evil Republican mind-weapons

Yet as recently as September of this year, media outlets like Channel 4 have continued to milk the scandal, using Cambridge Analytica data to fuel its investigative exposés on the 2016 election. Like reporting over the previous years, the coverage was premised on the dubious notion that Cambridge Analytica’s impact was meaningful.

When the scandal broke, few journalists penned anything counter to the prevailing narratives on Cambridge Analytica. Among the very few skeptics at the time was Yasha Levine, author of “ Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet.” In March 2018, Levine panned media coverage of the firm’s activities.

“This story is being covered and framed in a misleading way,” Levine wrote. “So far, much of the mainstream coverage, driven by the Times and Guardian reports, looks at Cambridge Analytica in isolation—almost entirely outside of any historical or political context.”

“Everyone” working in contemporary data-driven politics employs the tactics employed by Cambridge Analytica, Levine explained to The Grayzone.

“The Koch brothers have their own firm that sucks in data from Facebook and a million other sources to micro-target voters,” he said. “The Democratic Party has its own software that does exactly the same thing. Facebook has a whole team that works with campaigns to utilize data and profile voters. It’s a huge business with billions slushing around. Everyone promises huge results, way overselling their capability. If you knew even a little bit about the way political campaigns use data, it was clear that the whole thing was a sham the moment this scandal hit.”

While Wylie has claimed that SCL conducted “counter-extremism” information operations in the Middle East on behalf of the British government, and suggested that Bannon sought to deploy these tools to foment extremism in the US, the reality is that the technology was hardly limited to the 2016 election, or to one party.

This May, for example, Fox News reported that technology that received initial funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was deploying AI-driven information warfare tools originally meant to fight ISIS propaganda in order to target pro-Trump voters.

An award-winning narrative collapses

According to Elizabeth Denham’s ICO report, SCL-Cambridge Analytica’s targeted advertising was “likely the final purpose of the data gathering.” However, it “has not been possible to determine from the digital evidence reviewed” whether the firm’s online tactics influenced any political campaign.

In March 2018, Christopher Wylie testified to the UK parliament that Cambridge Analytica had shared surreptitiously obtained Facebook data with AggregateIQ (AIQ), a firm that was contracted by several pro-Brexit campaigns including Vote Leave. Wylie claimed AIQ was the Canadian front for SCL. However, the ICO report referred to AIQ merely as “a company associated with SCL/CA.”

The ICO report concluded that SCL had only a negligible impact on Brexit: “From my review of the materials recovered by the investigation I have found no further evidence to change my earlier view that SCL/CA were not involved in the EU referendum campaign in the UK – beyond some initial enquiries made by SCL/CA in relation to [the UK Independence Party] data in the early stages of the referendum process,” Denham wrote. “This strand of work does not appear to have then been taken forward by SCL/CA.”

The ICO report went on to state that the data harvested by SCL from Facebook could not have been used by anyone in the course of Brexit campaigns:

It was suggested that some of the data was utilised for political campaigning associated with the Brexit Referendum. However, our view on review of the evidence is that the data from GSR could not have been used in the Brexit Referendum as the data shared with SCL/Cambridge Analytica by Dr. Kogan related to US registered voters.

In one revealing finding laid out in the report, GSR “shared subsets of the data harvested by the App” with Eunoia Technologies Inc, among other companies.

Unmentioned in the report was that Eunoia Technologies was founded by none other than Christopher Wylie after he left Cambridge Analytica in 2014.

To be sure, there were real connections between the Donald Trump operation and Cambridge Analytica. Trump’s then-campaign manager, Steve Bannon, was a vice president at Cambridge Analytica before he joined the Trump campaign. Top Trump moneyman Robert Mercer had funded the firm, along with Bannon’s assorted media projects and the Trump campaign. Anti-Trump forces exploited these ties to try to frame Cambridge Analytica as a non-existent bridge between Trump Inc. and “the Russians.”

There is also no doubt that there was illicit data that was likely misused in the course of political campaigns by Cambridge Analytica. But Western media once again crossed the line from mundane fact into Russiagate fiction by alleging that the Kremlin exploited data non-consensually harvested by Cambridge Analytica to micro-target US and UK citizens with political messaging meant to sway the presidential election and the Brexit referendum.

These conspiracy theories were amplified and seemingly legitimized by Wylie, who was touted as an experienced company insider who came forward out of a commitment to democratic values. But was he truly who he said he was, or was he another opportunist seeking to exploit the paranoid atmosphere of Russiagate for fame and fortune?

A Wylie web of deceptions and suspect associates

Throughout the Cambridge Analytica pseudo-scandal, a series of conflicting narratives raised questions that were conveniently overlooked by US and UK media. Was AIQ, the Canadian firm, truly part and parcel of SCL? Was Christopher Wylie a co-founder, a contractor, or a mere intern? Questions about the provenance of the data Wylie blew the whistle on have not been posed.

While Wylie focused on the most seemingly explosive connections, such as former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s meetings with Cambridge Analytica prior to Trump’s announcement that he was running for president, he omitted crucial pieces of evidence that undermined the conspiracy theories the media feasted on.

For example, Wylie neglected to mention that his own company, Eunoia, met with Lewandowski at about the same time in an attempt to retain the soon-to-be campaign as a client, offering them services similar to Cambridge Analytica’s.

Reporting from Buzzfeed indicated that Eunoia pitched the Trump campaign – a Cambridge Analytica client – on micro-targeting services. Wylie told the website that he deleted the illicit data in 2015. According to BuzzFeed, Wylie “bragged to associates about meetings he had with potential corporate clients, including Walmart, Monsanto, the American Petroleum Institute, Burberry, DKNY, Ford, and Virgin.”

That was before Wylie “blew the whistle.”

According to the former campaign director for Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, who today serves as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief advisor, “Wylie tried to sell me the same crap he accuses Cambridge Analytica of doing.”

While Wylie claimed that after leaving Cambridge Analytica he was subjected to lawsuits from the company in order to make it impossible for him to ever “work in any kind of political thing again or data thing again,” and to keep quiet about the data, Buzzfeed’s reporting and Cummings’ account of his apparent attempts to poach Vote Leave and the Trump campaign from his former employer corroborates accusations against him in a report commissioned by Cambridge Analytica.

Wylie claims he was appalled at the direction of the company following Bannon’s takeover, however, he has been credited with personally developing the illicit data harvesting tactic, and likely exploited it while at Cambridge Analytica before leaving the company to start his own firm – which also had access to the data. He then allegedly attempted to court the very same right-wing clients with essentially the same services. It was only after the failure of his private company that Wylie began sounding the alarm.

It is not clear exactly when Wylie experienced a change of heart. Cadwalladr says she first approached him on LinkedIn in 2017. Years earlier, in 2013, Wylie was discussing plans to found Eunoia Technologies and build it into “the NSA’s wet dream.”

Buzzfeed noted that Wylie approached SCL colleagues about joining his Palantir-like data firm. Promotional materials later produced by Eunoia pitched the targeting of voters for political clients, just as SCL did.

Wylie has also claimed to be a founder of Cambridge Analytica. “I got recruited to join a research team at SCL Group, which, at the time, was a British military contractor based in London. Most of its clients were various ministries of defense in NATO countries,” he boasted to NPR.

However, the report Cambridge Analytica commissioned in the aftermath of Wylie’s emergence as a supposed whistleblower claimed he was little more than an intern on a student visa who only worked two days per week.

That record stands in stark contrast to the claim by The Guardian’s Cadwalladr that Wylie was the man who “came up with an idea that led to the foundation of a company called Cambridge Analytica.”

Coupled with the damning conclusions of the UK ICO report, the conflicting accounts of Wylie’s background seem to shatter his credibility, along with that of the Western press that accepted his spectacular claims at face value.

So was his most enthusiastic promoter, Cadwalladr, acting purely as a journalist, or as a partisan advancing an ulterior Cold War agenda?

At around the same time Cadwalladr was spinning out the now-discredited Cambridge Analytica story, she was  listed by a covert, UK Foreign Commonwealth Office-funded, anti-Russian propaganda operation, the Integrity Initiative, as part of a UK-based cluster of journalists that operated under its watch. In fact, Cadwalladr participated in a November 2018 Integrity Initiative conference with other members of the cluster called “Tackling Tools of Malign Influence.”

Cadwalladr also appears to have enjoyed some form of relationship with the dubious former British spy and author of the discredited Steele Dossier, Christopher Steele. Beyond repeatedly hyping Steele and his dossier, the Guardian writer appears to have meet with the British spook. In fact, Steele spoke about “imminent and urgent threats to democracy” at a screening of “The Great Hack,” the documentary about Cadwalladr and Wylie. His comments, however, were off the record.

Christopher Steele, ex-head of MI6 Russia desk & author of so-called ‘Steele dossier’, has made very few public pronouncements. If he talks - as he does below - we really should listen. Lack of action against election interference = ‘scary’

— Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) January 5, 2020

On Twitter, the Guardian writer has spun out unfounded conspiracies, declaring that “ Trump = Brexit = Russia. ” She has also decried being “mocked as a crackpot conspiracy theorist for pursuing Cambridge Analytica. Let’s hope I’m as [sic] wrong about Brexit’s centrality in Trump-Russia axis.”

Brexit-Trump-Russia. Same Cambridge Analytica. Same Steve Bannon. Same Robert Mercer. Same Facebook. Same Russian ambassador. Same undisclosed meetings. Same offered business deals. One difference: you’ve got Mueller

— Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) July 9, 2018

Wylie, for his part, enjoyed a speaking gig alongside Cadwalladr and Bill Browder, the vulture capitalist fugitive from Russian justice whose distortion-laden tale of persecution by the Kremlin inspired the US government’s Magnitsky Act and helped fuel the anti-Russian politics that now dominate Washington.

Russia is attacking our democracy. Facebook did nothing to stop them. Brexit is the product of crime. And I suck at dress codes.

— Christopher Wylie 🏳️‍🌈 (@chrisinsilico) November 28, 2018

Since the UK’s ICO report demolished the claims that were central to Wylie’s hipster-whistleblower persona, and which provided the basis for Cadwalladr’s award-winning reporting, one has gone off the radar while the other has gone into apparent damage control mode.

Wylie and Cadwalladr ignore, dismiss a report they had eagerly anticipated

On Twitter, Christopher Wylie has chosen to ignore the damning ICO report that he once predicted would validate his explosive allegations.

Carole Cadwalladr, for her part, has pumped out a series of Tweets attacking outlets that claimed the ICO report undermined her award-winning reporting. In apparent hopes of shielding her reputation from scrutiny, she linked to a commentary by The Guardian Observer’s editorial board which bizarrely insisted “this newspaper’s exposé of the exploitation of private data has been vindicated [by the ICO report].”

The column highlighted certain aspects of the report that seemed to corroborate the paper’s reporting. However, it dismissed the meat of the investigation, declaring that “it stretches credulity to present [the ICO investigation] as a full investigation into potential Russian influence on Brexit.” Like Cadwalladr, it attacked other publications for misreporting the story.

“The ICO report confirmed massive mishandling of private data and its exploitation for political campaigning. The Observer is proud of its role in the exposure of these abuses,” the article proclaimed.

The editorial is correct about one thing, at least: the ICO investigation has resulted in a number of penalties. Cambridge Analytica was fined before it shuttered; Facebook was fined for allowing applications to harvest data from friends of users; Vote Leave and other campaigns and companies were also hit with fines for data crimes relating to the Brexit campaign – including pro-Remain entities.

But the high-tech huckstering hipster Wylie and his media muse Cadwalladr have faced no consequences for the hyperbolic bluster and now-debunked hype about foreign infiltration they spun out to win fame, film deals, and flashy journalistic awards. No matter the evidence, the Russiagate show must go on.


Thursday, November 5, 2020

UK: Woman threatened with police visit after refusing to download NHS corona tracking app



A British woman has been threatened with a visit from police for refusing to download the NHS coronavirus tracking app on her smartphone and allowing herself to be tracked. This the latest story in how the coronavirus is leading to an erosion of civil liberties in many countries.


Facebook Censors Massive Pro-Trump Group Protesting "Widespread Ballot Fraud"

Facebook Censors Massive Pro-Trump Group Protesting "Widespread Ballot Fraud" Tyler Durden Thu, 11/05/2020 - 15:19

Facebook has confirmed it is actively censoring pro-Trump groups that are concerned over potential vote count irregularities in various states when it issued a bombshell announcement saying it has removed a large protest group from its platform.

"In line with the exceptional measures that we are taking during this period of heightened tension, we have removed the Group 'Stop the Steal,' which was creating real-world events," a Facebook spokesman said. 

The mention of "real-world events" appears simply an expressed desire to hold demonstrations, which is basic protected free speech and right of assembly.

"The group was organized around the delegitimization of the election process, and we saw worrying calls for violence from some members of the group," Facebook claimed Thursday without providing evidence.

The censorship comes after a number of Trump's own tweets alleging "fraudulent" activity and that the election is being "stolen" from him have been slapped with labels by Twitter.

The massive group — which grew to 361,000 members within 24 hours — was devoted to protesting the administration of the election, which the organizers allege has been marred by "widespread ballot fraud." 

"Stop the Steal" was among the largest pages organizing protests against the election impasse. Even the WSJ is acknowledging Thursday afternoon that this is among—

"the social-media giant’s most aggressive moves yet to police online activity over the election results." 

The WSJ further notes that "In the minutes before the group was removed, it was adding new members at a rate of more than 25,000 people an hour." Thus it appears the rapid popularity also brought it to the attention of Facebook's election content censors.

The move appeared to come synonymous with multiple mainstream media outlets attacking the group as advancing "conspiracies" geared toward "quashing a Biden victory" - as The Daily Beast put it on the same day as the sudden Facebook ban.

However, clearly this is a massive private tech company that is essentially banning Americans' attempt to assemble politically in an egregious and blatant violation of 1st Amendment principles.

It also appears another - yet hugely consequential given the timing - example of Facebook taking cues from major media in tandem with establishment political insiders. We've seen this in recent years on an array of issues from Syria content to criticisms of Russiagate to videos critically examining Black Lives Matter protests and riots, to anything independent or 'alternative' and lying outside the mainstream consensus. 


Put Simply...The Swamp Is Just Too Big To Be Drained

Put Simply...The Swamp Is Just Too Big To Be Drained Tyler Durden Thu, 11/05/2020 - 16:20

Authored by Duane Norman via,

I haven’t been able to write for awhile, but I’m thankful to have Jon Hall picking up the slack around here.  Coronavirus life has kept me busy (in a good way, I’m blessed and fortunate to say).  With the election coming up, I wanted to get some thoughts into an article that I’m sure very few will read in its entirety, but I believe will be informative, helpful and possibly entertaining for the few that do.  Given that the country has been prepping for election unrest to a significant extent, the contrarian in me expects many to be underwhelmed by the result of election season.  Any actual unrest will be handled quite well by those who have prepared to any extent, and handled quite poorly by those who have not.  No matter what happens, I wish you all the best of luck, and god speed.

While President Trump has changed federal-level politics in this country forever, the globalist cabal has proven that they’ve been able to carry on without a hiccup no matter who sits in the Oval Office.  The entrenched government bureaucrats – including those in the judiciary and law enforcement – have been enabled and abetted by billionaire elites and their media mouthpieces without fail over Trump’s entire first term. Even if we are to believe that Epstein didn’t really kill himself, nearly everyone in America thinks he escaped justice.  In spite of the fact that every one of the above pictured people plotted and schemed to undermine Trump both during and before his presidency, not one of them has faced any criminal charges as a result of their conduct.

It is folly to expect this to change, no matter who wins the 2020 election.

Even though no government officials have been held to account for their misconduct, Trump has changed politics in the US forever.  The rise of internet-based alternative media and Trump’s magnification of these tools has led an ever-growing percentage of the population to become fed up with a complete lack of justice in America.  The term “deep state” – once seen as taboo – is now so commonplace, Trump himself routinely uses it, and the mainstream media outlets that are the deep state’s mouthpiece will even come to its defense.  This is ironic, considering that mainstream media itself is living on borrowed time, and Trump’s ability to give them a boogeyman as narrative is perhaps the only lifeline they still have left.

In spite of all-time record highs in the equities markets, the US economy remains in a precarious state.  Trump has successfully kicked the debt can for nearly four years, and he was able to do so while raising the fed funds rate from the near-zero level it had hovered at for close to a decade.  A flu strain that was biologically engineered in 2007 broke contain (I believe, accidentally) in late 2019, and spread quickly throughout the planet. Like nearly all politicians (with some exceptions, such as Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley), Trump was dead wrong on the coronavirus early on, insisting it was “just the flu”.

However, Trump did reverse course long before the others, enacting a too-late travel ban from China while the likes of Schumer and Pelosi took it as an opportunity to score anti-Trump political points in Chinatown.  Blue state governors bungled the handling of the virus early on, leading to the vast majority of coronavirus deaths on a per-capita basis, primarily in elderly populations.  While the global economy economy was paralyzed, the deep state brought rates crashing back to zero and asset prices have made all-time highs, in spite of crippling unemployment and draconian lockdowns.

The record highs in the equities markets have not been a boon to the average American, increasing the antipathy towards the ruling elites.  Middle America and small business owners, nearly all of whom benefited substantially from Trump’s tax reform, have been particularly hard-hit by the lockdowns and media-fueled destructive riots on perceived racism in policing (which ignore all statistical and visual evidence to the contrary).  The anti-Trump consortium of billionaire-owned state and local governments have happily allowed this behavior to run unchecked by states and municipalities everywhere.  Corporate share prices soaring to new all-time highs is demonstrative of their ability to withstand losses that devastate their smaller, more localized competition.

All the while, these evil corporations are more than happy to pay lip service and pretend to care about the rioters’ claims of institutionalized racism, as nearly all of them are staffed with the same breed of anti-Trump globalist individuals filling state and local governments.

No matter what the election result is, once the votes are in, the value of lockdowns and riots as a political tool will decrease dramatically.  Previously-failing states and cities are facing substantial budget shortfalls as the wealthiest of the tax base has fled to cheaper locales, bolstered by the work-from-home culture enabled by low latency and high bandwidth internet.  Cities will thus be highly incentivized to quell any continuing riots.  Dropping temperatures as winter approaches are sure to send fickle bugmen back to their warm abodes, putting a natural damper on any protests that may materialize.

As for who will win the election?  It’s perhaps best I leave that take to Bob Gore at Straight Line Logic:

If he gets anything approaching an honest vote count Trump will win in a landslide. The “reputable” pollsters have become another arm of the entrenched powers’ narrative management. Like everything else the corruptocrats have tried, this effort will prove inept. The purported double-digit Biden leads will motivate, not discourage, Trump’s voters. By every other indicator—voter registrations, growing black and hispanic support, the crumbling entertainment and sports complex, the crumbling mainstream media, the ascendent alternative media, millions of new gun owners, backlash against the riots, slowly fading coronavirus hysteria, and off-the-charts attendance and enthusiasm at Trump rallies—Trump’s winning by a country mile.

While the Trump campaign’s energy has been on display to all conservatives, Joe Biden rallies have sparse attendance (even with Obama propping him up).  At times, more Trump supporters showing up to bomb some Biden events than Biden supporters themselves.  Biden voters and even the elites themselves can’t even be enamored with the thought of low energy Biden running the country and routinely calling a lid on his day due to the high stress of the job.  They may be even more opposed to deeply-unpopular Kamala Harris taking the reigns from him.  Biden’s campaign has the same look and feel that Bob Dole, John Kerry and Mitt Romney’s all had – unexciting patsy candidates unable to compete with popular incumbents.

Practically a Trump drive-in rally here now outside the Biden drive-in event. Biden has just finished speaking

— MJ Lee (@mj_lee) October 24, 2020

Obama woos the masses.

— Big Fish (@BigFish3000) October 22, 2020

However, if the national expectation proves accurate and the election is contested as (fraudulent) mail-in ballots are slowly counted in swing states, states and cities may have an incentive to allow the riots to continue unabetted.  If Trump is the clear victor, the ultimate goal could be “allowing” (read: extorting) a Trump victory claim – with the precondition of a massive bailout of states and municipalities akin to the “compromise of 1876” (contrary to the popular belief, the election of 2020 will almost certainly not be the most contested election in American history – not by a long shot).  If Biden wins, these bailouts are all but assured, which will further rankle the divide between flyover states and urban coastal elites.

Even if Biden is able to win, what will really change in America?  As much as the globalists would wish it to happen, there is no going back to the era “before Trump”.  Trivial issues that inflame tensions among Americans on partisan lines will continue, but nothing will change the fact that Americans no longer have an appetite for endless global wars.  The untouchable “third rails” of politics (Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and defense spending) will continue to drive the country towards its ultimate financial insolvency, and any politician who dares to touch them will lose their next re-election campaign in a landslide defeat.

Trump has been about as impressive a president as anyone could expect given his circumstances.  He has had to deal with all of the opposition a political outsider could face, and then some.  The deep state, the billionaire class and their corporate entities, and the “revolving door” between the two have accurately proven to be too large for any one man to take on.  As I’ve previously stated – anyone who thought that a real estate developer and reality TV star was going to be the silver bullet to all of America’s problems is naive and/or ignorant to America’s problems.

Put simply – the swamp is just too big to be drained.

Anyone operating under the delusion that “second term Trump” will all of a sudden change course and find the temerity (or even the ability) to prosecute and imprison any deep state bureaucrat that has worked to undermine him is operating under an aura of delusion.  Second term presidents over the past 50 years have a track record of being more feckless than they were under a first term, with the most significant legislative and executive accomplishments coming in the first two years (Clinton crime bill and assault weapons ban, Bush’s Iraq War, Obamacare, Trump Tax Reform).  Those expecting this to change are the same ones who believed Trump was really going to “lock her up” in 2016.  Trump could start proving me wrong by firing FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel and replacing them with his own people.  Given the source of that rumor, I consider that outcome to be about as likely as Hunter Biden facing a criminal inquiry of any kind.

As America reaches the conclusion of year 12 of unfettered growth in asset prices from the 2008 crash, another crash of even more epic proportions seems just around the corner.  It could even be triggered by the previously mentioned failing states and municipalities bankruptcy and default on their costly pensions and obligations, bringing down the whole house of cards. While I have previously postulated that Trump (and Trump’s voters) would be the perfect scapegoat for such a calamity, Trump has proven more than competent in the art of can kicking during his four year term.  At this point, it would be folly to underestimate Trump’s ability to do it again for another four years.

Regardless, an economic collapse will not change the fact that the internet has changed the way everything about how our society operates, notably the dissemination of media and information.  The establishment would very much like this not to be the case, but access to information has shifted attitudes, and populism/nationalism are the order of the day.  Trump is ultimately a different side of the same coin as Bernie Sanders – loathed and hated by the establishment for their populist/nationalist appeal.  The difference being – one is a successful businessman and a winner, and the other is a senile old communist who has no idea what’s going on.

Whether the economic house of cards falls on Trump’s watch or not is anyone’s guess, but what happens next will almost certainly not be a peaceful transition.

The odds of the US democratic republic surviving in its current form are low, even if one assumes that this country hasn’t just become a “corruptocracy” of deep state bureaucrats and megarich corporate elites.  The most likely outcomes of an economic or other national calamity are communism and fascism, with the winning side being the first one to go full Caesarism with the American political apparatus.

While it would be wonderful to be proven wrong and see our republic survive, the elite’s army of NPC bugmen has become more than willing to cheer on the destruction of their own communities because “racism, and orange man bad”, which is not a recipe for anything but an authoritarian outcome, from one side or the other.

Since that hasn’t happened yet, I’ll still go to the polls on Election Day and vote for Trump.  I’m certain the deep state, corporate elitist class, and all of the useful idiot NPC bugmen masses all hate every fiber of his existence, which is more than enough reason that any of us need to send a big middle finger their way at the ballot box.

But until an economic collapse or other national calamity materializes, no matter who wins, I don’t expect a thing to change.  The deep state will still remain on top and running the show, unencumbered by whoever occupies the Oval Office.  


Dr. Fauci admits the PCR test for coronavirus is all but useless as it is administered in the US

There has been a great deal of controversy over claims that Kary Mullis, the creator of the PCR technology that is being widely used to test for so-called ‘cases’ of COVID-19, did not believe the technology was suitable for detecting a meaningful presence of a virus.


Massive Fraud: Rudy Giuliani Says Major Lawsuits Will Be Happening


If the censorship of the “Laptop from Hell” by the Mainstream Media and Big Tech, to block evidence of Joe Biden’s crimes seems dystopian, then the gaslighting about the 2020 Election results is even more surreal.

At 2:30AM Wednesday morning, I was watching the election results on Twitter and USA Today. Trump was ahead in several states and it looked like he was about to win Virginia. Odds-makers from Vegas to London started favoring Trump, causing the Chinese Yuan to tank.

Suddenly, several key states announced that they had suspended counting for the night.

Then Trump made a brief 2AM speech, warning of new ballots being cast at “4AM”.

Soon afterward, Wisconsin gained an instantaneous 120k+ votes out of nowhere that were 100% for Biden, reversing Trump’s lead. This was a statistical impossibility.

I finally went to bed. When I woke up a couple of hours later, the exact same thing had happened in Michigan, 138k+ votes in a span of a few seconds landed in their voting coffers at 6AM. Beyond a statistical impossibility!

On Wednesday afternoon, Rudy Giuliani went to Philadelphia, PA where he held a press conference detailing the massive fraud in that city with respect to the mail-in ballots, where Republican observers were illegally prevented from even seeing these ballots. He described the same thing occurring in Milwaukee, Detroit, Arizona and Nevada and asserted that these uncorroborated ballots were thereby invalid and should be deleted from the final count.

He said, “You know these big city machines are crooked. You know that 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50, 100 years of one-party rule leads to corruption of all kinds. Voter fraud is one of the biggest, because that’s how you keep your power.

“But we’re not going to let them get away with it. They’re not going to steal this election. This election is decided by the people. These people – the elite – they don’t care about the people. The people are the ‘deplorables’, the ‘chumps’, you know. They’re not important.

“To President Trump, it’s the whole reason that he ran for office and it’s the whole reason for which he’s carrying on this campaign, so that your vote can mean something, so that your vote doesn’t get wiped-out by a hundred thousand fraudulent, meaningless paper ballots that no one gets to observe.

“So, we are going to continue the lawsuit here, we’re going to bring a second one and then we’re going to bring a federal lawsuit and we’re going to take a very good look at whether we bring this nationally. We certainly are going to bring it here and in Wisconsin. Quite possibly, we’ll do a national lawsuit and really expose the corruption of the Democrat Party.

“But this is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. This comes when you think you have so much power and you own the media, that you can do anything you want. Well, sorry, we’re going to fight for the people. We’re going to vindicate their right and the ultimate result is President Trump has won Pennsylvania.

“I’ve never heard of a count, where you’re ahead by 400,000, with 80+% counted and they haven’t called it for you yet. They called California the moment the polls closed. How many votes do you have to be ahead to win – for a Republican to win here?…

“Do you think we’re stupid? You think we’re fools? You know something, the Democrats do think you’re stupid and they do think you’re fools and that’s why you get called ‘deplorable’ and ‘chumps’.

“It’s over. We’re going to stick with this. We’re going to win this election – we’ve actually won it. Just a matter of counting the votes fairly.”

Additional evidence of massive voter fraud was widely reported. This is just a small sample:

• Michigan: A United States Postal Service whistleblower contacted Project Veritas with details about a directive he had from superiors to separate late mail-in ballots from standard letter mail and hand-stamp them with yesterday’s date, as “Received November 3rd, 2020” so they would be accepted. (The Postmaster General has since contacted Project Veritas and is mulling an investigation).

• Michigan: A poll watcher filmed highly-suspicious activity at a vote-counting center in Detroit at 4 a.m., the morning after election day. In the footage, taken by Kellye SoRelle, a Texas lawyer and member of Lawyers for Trump, a person in a white van was filmed loading up a red wagon with a large lock box and bringing it inside.

• Michigan: Seven voters older than the oldest human being alive today voted in Michigan, including one man born in 1850 and another who passed away in 1984.

• Michigan: Poll workers set up a police barricade and covered the windows of a counting facility, forbidding poll watchers from entering or even being within 30 feet of the building (the Trump Campaign is suing Michigan after access to ballot counting was denied).

• Wisconsin: Seven Milwaukee wards reported more presidential votes than registered voters. The state voter turnout was at nearly 90%, which is virtually impossible.

• Georgia: David Shafer, Chairman of the Georgia GOP, reported that Georgia’s Fulton County instructed observers to leave, while they “took the ballots home with them” and “continued to count ballots in secret”, despite claiming that they were “closing up” for the night.

• Texas: Biden’s Texas Political Director has been implicated in massive mail-in ballot harvesting scheme in Harris County (Houston).

• Pennsylvania: Joe Biden is on track to get 100,000 more votes out of Philadephia than did Hillary Clinton and 90,000 more than Barack Obama did in 2008, despite Democrat registered voters being down 30,000 since 2008.

• National: Comparing eligible voters per state vs number of votes (even before all votes counted) 19 states were found to have more votes than registered voters. Millions of “votes” are likely fraudulent.

• National: Judicial Watch found 1.8 million ‘ghost voters’ in 29 states.

• National: Fox News claimed that Joe Biden received a total 71 million votes – more than Barack Obama.

• National: Project Veritas received numerous reports from people who voted early and on Election Day and their ballots are not showing up when they check the status. (Independently, I saw many people from Arizona voters tweeting this).

• The top two grant recipients to boost mail-in/absentee/ballot harvesting were Philadelphia, with $10 million and Detroit, with $3.5 million (Center for Tech and Civic Life, with Mark Zuckerberg, Google and Pierre Omidyar as the largest donors).

There are those who theorize that the Democrats have been allowed to fall right into the trap of a sting operation and that their fraud will be exposed for all the world to see. The certified ballots are printed on specially-watermarked paper containing radioactive isotopes and registered on a QFS blockchcain to prevent fraud.

If the FBI, District Attorneys, Governors, Secretaries of State, the DOJ and judges are ensnared in this alleged voter sting op, it said that Trump can legally claim that the courts cannot function and thereby issue a Presidential Emergency Authorization Document (PEADS) and invoke Ex parte Milligan to justify legal military tribunals on civilians.

The Trump campaign thinks President Trump will be declared the winner by Friday after NC, GA, PA and AZ count their votes. Even without MI, WI and NV Trump wins 279-259.

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce