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West Point cadets COVID vax religious exemptions denied en masse, given a day to respond



"Feels like another attempt to isolate and pressure cadets into getting the vaccine over a weekend where they will be limited in their ability to consult with attorneys or medical professionals," said attorney R. Davis Younts.


The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About Germany


By Mike Whitney

Global Research, August 13, 2022

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First posted on Global Research on February 13, 2022, prior to the Russian invasion


“The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars– the First, the Second and Cold Wars– has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us. And to make sure that that doesn’t happen.” George Friedman, STRATFOR CEO at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs

The Ukrainian crisis has nothing to do with Ukraine. It’s about Germany and, in particular, a pipeline that connects Germany to Russia called Nord Stream 2. Washington sees the pipeline as a threat to its primacy in Europe and has tried to sabotage the project at every turn. Even so, Nord Stream has pushed ahead and is now fully-operational and ready-to-go. Once German regulators provide the final certification, the gas deliveries will begin. German homeowners and businesses will have a reliable source of clean and inexpensive energy while Russia will see a significant boost to their gas revenues. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The US Foreign Policy establishment is not happy about these developments. They don’t want Germany to become more dependent on Russian gas because commerce builds trust and trust leads to the expansion of trade. As relations grow warmer, more trade barriers are lifted, regulations are eased, travel and tourism increase, and a new security architecture evolves. In a world where Germany and Russia are friends and trading partners, there is no need for US military bases, no need for expensive US-made weapons and missile systems, and no need for NATO.

There’s also no need to transact energy deals in US Dollars or to stockpile US Treasuries to balance accounts. Transactions between business partners can be conducted in their own currencies which is bound to precipitate a sharp decline in the value of the dollar and a dramatic shift in economic power. This is why the Biden administration opposes Nord Stream. It’s not just a pipeline, it’s a window into the future; a future in which Europe and Asia are drawn closer together into a massive free trade zone that increases their mutual power and prosperity while leaving the US on the outside looking in.

Warmer relations between Germany and Russia signal an end to the “unipolar” world order the US has overseen for the last 75 years. A German-Russo alliance threatens to hasten the decline of the Superpower that is presently inching closer to the abyss. This is why Washington is determined to do everything it can to sabotage Nord Stream and keep Germany within its orbit. It’s a matter of survival.

That’s where Ukraine comes into the picture. Ukraine is Washington’s ‘weapon of choice’ for torpedoing Nord Stream and putting a wedge between Germany and Russia. The strategy is taken from page one of the US Foreign Policy Handbook under the rubric: Divide and Rule.

Washington needs to create the perception that Russia poses a security threat to Europe. That’s the goal. They need to show that Putin is a bloodthirsty aggressor with a hair-trigger temper who cannot be trusted. To that end, the media has been given the assignment of reiterating over and over again, “Russia is planning to invade Ukraine.” What’s left unsaid is that Russia has not invaded any country since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and that the US has invaded or toppled regimes in more than 50 countries in the same period of time, and that the US maintains over 800 military bases in countries around the world. None of this is reported by the media, instead the focus is on “evil Putin” who has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border threatening to plunge all of Europe into another bloody war.

All of the hysterical war propaganda is created with the intention of manufacturing a crisis that can be used to isolate, demonize and, ultimately, splinter Russia into smaller units. The real target, however, is not Russia, but Germany. Check out this excerpt from an article by Michael Hudson at The Unz Review:

“The only way left for U.S. diplomats to block European purchases is to goad Russia into a military response and then claim that avenging this response outweighs any purely national economic interest. As hawkish Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, explained in a State Department press briefing on January 27: “If Russia invades Ukraine one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.” (“America’s Real Adversaries Are Its European and Other Allies”, The Unz Review)

There it is in black and white. The Biden team wants to “goad Russia into a military response” in order to sabotage NordStream. That implies there will be some kind of provocation designed to induce Putin to send his troops across the border to defend the ethnic Russians in the eastern part of the country. If Putin takes the bait, the response would be swift and harsh. The media will excoriate the action as a threat to all of Europe while leaders around the world will denounce Putin as the “new Hitler”. This is Washington’s strategy in a nutshell, and the whole production is being orchestrated with one goal in mind; to make it politically impossible for the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to wave NordStream through the final approval process.

Given what we know about Washington’s opposition to Nord Stream, readers may wonder why earlier in the year the Biden administration lobbied Congress NOT to impose more sanctions on the project. The answer to that question is simple: Domestic politics. Germany is currently decommissioning its nuclear power plants and needs natural gas to make up for the energy shortfall. Also, the threat of economic sanctions is a “turn-off” for Germans who see them as a sign of foreign meddling. “Why is the United States interfering in our energy decisions,” asks the average German. “Washington should mind its own business and stay out of ours.” This is precisely the response one would expect from any reasonable person.

Then, there’s this from Al Jazeera:

“Germans in the majority support the project, it is only parts of the elite and media who are against the pipeline

“The more the US talks about sanctioning or criticizes the project, the more it becomes popular in German society,” said Stefan Meister, a Russia and eastern Europe expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations.” (“Nord Stream 2: Why Russia’s pipeline to Europe divides the West”, AlJazeera)

So, public opinion is solidly behind Nord Stream which helps to explain why Washington settled on a new approach. Sanctions are not going to work, so Uncle Sam has flipped to Plan B: Create a big enough external threat that Germany will be forced to block the opening of the pipeline. Frankly, the strategy smacks of desperation, but you have to be impressed by Washington’s perseverance. They might be down by 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th, but they haven’t thrown in the towel just yet. They’re going to give it one last shot and see if they can make some headway.

On Monday, President Biden held his first joint-press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House. The ballyhoo surrounding the event was simply unprecedented. Everything was orchestrated to manufacture a “crisis atmosphere” that Biden used to pressure the chancellor in the direction of US policy. Earlier in the week, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki repeatedly said that a “Russian invasion was imminent.” Her comments were followed by State Department flak Nick Price opining that the Intel agencies had provided him with details of an alleged Russian-backed “false flag” operation they expected to take place in the near future in east Ukraine. Price’s warning was followed on Sunday morning by national security advisor Jake Sullivan claiming that a Russian invasion could happen at any time maybe “even tomorrow.” This was just days after Bloomberg News agency had published its sensational and utterly-false headline that “Russia Invades Ukraine”.

Can you see the pattern here? Can you see how these baseless claims were all used to apply pressure to the unsuspecting German chancellor who seemed oblivious to the campaign that was aimed at him?

As one might expect, the final blow was delivered by the American president himself. During the press conference Biden stated emphatically that,

“If Russia invades … there will no longer [be] a Nord Stream 2.. We will bring an end to it.”

So, now Washington sets policy for Germany???

What insufferable arrogance!

The German chancellor was taken aback by Biden’s comments which clearly were not part of the original script. Even so, Scholz never agreed to cancel Nord Stream and refused to even mention the pipeline by name. If Biden thought he could sandbag the leader of the world’s third biggest economy by cornering him in a public forum, he guessed wrong. Germany remains committed to launching Nord Stream regardless of potential flare-ups in far-flung Ukraine. But that could change at any time. After all, who knows what incitements Washington might be planning in the near future? Who knows how many lives they are prepared to sacrifice in order to put a wedge between Germany and Russia? Who knows what risks Biden is willing to take to slow America’s decline and prevent a new “polycentric” world order from emerging? Anything could happen in the weeks ahead. Anything.

For now, Germany is in the catbird seat. It’s up to Scholz to decide how the matter will be settled. Will he implement the policy that best serves the interests of the German people or will he cave in to Biden’s relentless arm twisting? Will he chart a new course that strengthens new alliances in the bustling Eurasian corridor or will he throw his support behind Washington’s crazed geopolitical ambitions? Will he accept Germany’s pivotal role in a new world order— in which many emerging centers of power share equally in global governance and where the leadership remains unflinchingly committed to multilateralism, peaceful development and security for all– or will he try to prop up the tattered post-War system that has clearly outlived its shelf-life?

One thing is certain; whatever Germany decides is bound to affect us all.


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This article was originally published on The Unz Review.

Michael Whitney is a renowned geopolitical and social analyst based in Washington State. He initiated his career as an independent citizen-journalist in 2002 with a commitment to honest journalism, social justice and World peace.

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

Featured image is from TUR

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Mike Whitney, Global Research, 2022


Facebook blocks #diedsuddenly hashtag


Facebook has hidden posts with the “#diedsuddenly” hashtag because it claims that some of these posts violate its far-reaching community standards. When users search for this hashtag, no results are displayed and Facebook shows a message stating that the results are hidden.


Discreetly Deleted From CDC Website: “mRNA and the Spike Protein Do Not Last Long in the Body”


By JD Rooker

From the beginning, we've been told the Covid jabs are safe and effective. But evidence says they're neither. Now, the CDC seems to be admitting one of its biggest claims is false.

How many Americans took the Covid-19 jabs because they believed people like Anthony Fauci or organizations like the CDC when they said the spike proteins didn’t stay in the bodies of the injected? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

If reports that the spike proteins last indefinitely weren’t ignored by corporate media and suppressed by Big Tech, would more Americans have opted out of taking the “vaccines”? Absolutely.

Now, the CDC has discreetly removed from their website the important claim they’ve made from the beginning that spike proteins, whether injected directly into the body through J&J jabs or created by the body through the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA jabs, do not last long in the body.

NEW - U.S. CDC appears to have deleted the statement that the "mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body" from their website.

— (@disclosetv) August 13, 2022

Don’t expect any retractions from the NY Times or new reports from CNN that the CDC made the change.


The Miracle Not Heard Around the World: The Success of India’s Uttar Pradesh



The north Indian state of 231 million people eradicated Covid with an ivermectin treatment program, representing one of the greatest public health achievements in history. It was kept a global secret. Below […]


The TWA 800 Whistleblower Is Legit


Submitted by AP

Guest Post by Jack Cashill

In the past few weeks, I have received numerous inquiries about ten-year Navy veteran William Henry Teele III. After years of quietly providing information to me and other investigators into the July 1996 destruction of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island, Teele has gone public and is naming names.

I shared some of Teele’s information in my 2016 book, TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy. Teele did not claim to be on the ship that fired the missile. He was on the USS Carr, a guided missile frigate that was one of the “combatants” in the battle group that destroyed the unfortunate 747 and killed the 230 souls on board. Everything that I could verify about Teele’s account back then checked out.

In the six years since, Teele has reached out to many of his fellow sailors and fleshed out his account. Although he has appeared on several podcasts in recent weeks, his uninterrupted narrative on the Duke Report is the most compelling. I would welcome those with relevant experience to contact me through my website,, to offer your assessment of Teele’s account or to provide additional information. My research suggests Teele is the real deal but I remain open, as all journalists should, to contrary information.

In the way of background, Teele joined the Navy in 1994. In 1996, according to his Navy transcript, he was serving as a “seaman apprentice” receiving advanced training in “specialized Navy occupations.” Teele’s training went well enough that in 1998 he was made an “operations specialist,” one who, “operates radar and associated equipment; identifies and maintains a display (plot) of the movement of ships, aircraft, missiles, and natural objects detected by observing a radar.” In 1999, he was made an instructor.

As to the USS Carr, after undergoing major upgrades in 1995, the ship began a Combat Systems Ship Qualification Test, the goal of which was to certify her newly installed Mk 92 Mod 6 Fire Control System. In early 1996, according to a Navy history site, this testing “ultimately led to two highly successful dual missile firing exercises in the North Puerto Rican Operations area.” On July 12, 1996, just five days before disaster, Commander Keith L. Wray took control of the ship. The Carr history then skips from July 12 to November 25, 1996, when the Carr “got underway from Norfolk, Va., with the Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group.” The real story is what happened between those dates.

On the evening of July 17, 1996, as Teele relates, the Carr was trying out new AN/SPY-1 Alpha radar as well as new AN/SPS 49 radar. For this simulated air attack, the target was to be a drone pulled by a military aircraft using a thousand-or-so foot chain. Teele was among the personnel monitoring this activity from within the ship’s combat information center (CIC).

In its November 1997 summary the FBI acknowledged that three submarines — the USS Normandy, the USS Trepang, and the USS Albuquerque — were in the “immediate vicinity of the crash site.” So too, said the FBI, were the USS Normandy, an Aegis cruiser, and a US Navy P-3 Orion. The P-3, in fact, just happened to be flying about seven thousand feet above TWA 800 when the plane was blown out of the sky.

Teele puts the USS Carr in this group as well. Although he has not said so publicly, Teele strongly believes that the USS Leyte Gulf, another Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, was involved. With Teele confirming there was a drone in the mix, the U.S. Navy had all the “combatants” needed for a Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) missile test.

In 1996, the Navy was in the process of introducing this enormously complex system. The CEC was created to integrate the information coming from each of the combatant’s sensors — range, bearing, elevation, Doppler updates etc. — and feed the integrated picture back to the individual combatants. In the CEC live-fire tests, which began as early as 1994 in Puerto Rico, drones played the role of “unknown assumed enemy.” The P-3’s role was to relay data among the various units involved. In this way, as Teele explains, one ship could track the assumed enemy, and another ship could fire.

Teele describes the assumed enemy as a “low, slow flier flying toward us.” The tragedy that followed would likely have been averted had not air traffic control held the Paris-bound TWA 800 at 13,700 feet to allow US Air 217 heading north to pass safely overhead. “I believe we jumped the gun,” said Teele. “We had a track on a contact that came out that fit the profile that we were given.” TWA 800 became the “assumed enemy.” Says Teele, “It matched the drill.”

Two missiles were fired. Over his headset, Teele heard the announcement, “Birds away.” A few minutes later, he heard “Splash,” meaning the missiles had hit the target. Soon after that, he heard someone say, “Wo, wo, wo.” And another person added, “Wait a minute. We hit an Airbus.”

In fact, eight years earlier, at the tail end of the Iran-Iraq War, an Aegis cruiser, the USS Vincennes, fired two Standard Missiles at a commercial Iranian Airbus, IR 655. IR 655 had reached 13,500 feet, a final altitude almost identical to TWA 800’s. Capt. Will Rogers III gave the order to fire. Rogers and his crew had mistaken the ascending passenger jet with 290 people on board for a descending Iranian F-14, a fighter plane. Stuff happens.

The stuff that happened on the night of July 17, 1996 outraged Teele’s CO, Captain Wray. “These have got to be the dumbest idiots I’ve ever seen in my life,” Teele remembers Wray as saying. “How do you accidentally fire a missile? You don’t know the color of missiles? One is blue. One is white. Blue mean training. White means live. You’ve got to be stupid to put a white on the rail.” Although his memory as to which ship was responsible is admittedly uncertain, Teele believes it was the Leyte Gulf.

Despite the long-established mandate that neighboring ships rush to the scene of an accident, the Carr turned tail and headed out to sea “at top speed.” Teele’s leading petty officer made it so clear that he was to say nothing of what he saw or heard. He then issued the order, “Pull the RD390 tapes, close all positional log books, including the bridges, tape them and leave them on the DRT table!”

The documents were then taken to a place called the “shred room” where they were destroyed using salt water and a shredder. “We ran to Bermuda where we were not allowed to leave the ship, no phone calls, emails secured, and nothing was to be discussed!” says Teele. “Everyone that was involved was told in CIC, ‘This didn’t happen!’” As far as the major media are concerned, it never did.


Friday, August 12, 2022

“Expert” Narratives Are Collapsing


Guest Post by Ian Miller

General mask mandates for most of the country have all but ended.

Outside of a few fanatical true believers like Los Angeles County and entertainment industry events like Comic-Con, almost no one is still mandating masks to go about daily life.

What they are doing however, is forcing masks back onto children in schools.

Perhaps the most indefensible “intervention” during the pandemic, school masking has confusingly become the most prominent reoccurring mandate across the country.

While it has seemed like this inexcusable policy would mostly be limited to far left areas, the most recent announcement comes from a much more surprising city; Louisville, Kentucky.

Starting Monday, July 25th, Louisville schools are now requiring masking at all facility locations and on buses:

Louisville joins San Diego schools, who also announced a mandate of their own recently.

Incredibly, that mandate was defended by a local official who claimed that students who can’t or don’t want to wear masks should just not come to school:

This is despite the overwhelming amount of data and evidence that’s accumulated over the past several years that school masking is completely ineffective. Not to mention the tremendous learning loss from virtual schooling and missed in person education that Whitehurst-Payne ignores.

Just recently, a study on school masking was released comparing two school districts in North Dakota during the fall and winter of 2021-2022.

The Fargo district had a mask mandate in effect starting when school returned in August, while their neighboring schools in the West Fargo district did not.

The results were nearly identical, with Fargo (in black) having a higher peak than their maskless neighbors:


The study authors even attempted to get compliance rates, which based on their conversations, showed that roughly 5% or less of students in the non-mandate schools were masking, compared to 95+% in the mandate district.

Many more studies and comparisons show the same results.

After the school mask mandates were lifted in Virginia, cases fell dramatically, and comparisons of states with and without school mask mandates showed case rates were higher overall in the forced masking locations:

virginia-new-cases forced-vs-optional

There is simply no justification for continuing to mandate masks in schools.

While it’s unsurprising that cities in California or New York or Illinois will inevitably bring back mandates to assuage their own fears, it’s disturbing that a city in a red state like Kentucky would also return to forced masking.

Parents in these areas might have assumed that their children would be spared from this ineffective, destructive policy. But Louisville shows once again that the commitment to anti-science appeals to authority is possible anywhere.

Once again, Ron DeSantis has shown that he is head and shoulders above most politicians, correctly realizing that banning school masking is the only way to ensure that kids aren’t forced to placate delusional adults.

Mandates Aren’t Working

Even now, well after mask mandates have been completely disproven as a potential “intervention” against the spread of COVID, many parts of the world remain committed to this ineffective policy.

A new report from the Daily Mail highlights how comparisons of Australia to New Zealand and Singapore indicate, yet again, that mandates and mask wearing does not reduce COVID cases.

New Zealand continues to have a strict mask mandate that covers nearly all indoor settings, yet cases there continue to rise and are now among the highest in the world, after adjusting for population:


Similarly, Singapore has experienced a rapid increase in COVID cases and other metrics, despite maintaining a mask mandate with exceptionally high compliance and vaccination rates.

Even more embarrassingly, Singapore was specifically singled out as a supposed success story by Jerome Adams, the former U.S. Surgeon General.

Adams claimed on Twitter earlier in 2022 that the city “controlled surges” with “masking and mitigation:”


Meanwhile, Australia currently has nearly identical case rates, despite lifting many mask mandates and seeing significantly lower compliance percentages:


This is the exact opposite of what was predicted by many supposed “experts” and major media outlets.

No matter how often they’re proven wrong, they continually return to the inaccurate assumption that lifting mask mandates will lead to inevitable disaster.

Conversely, Ashish Jha, the Biden administration’s chief COVID coordinator, claimed in a recent interview in support of LA’s upcoming mask mandate, that wearing masks “really will make a difference:”

“CDC has very clear guidance on this as well through their COVID community levels. And the CDC recommendation is that when you’re in a high zone, that sort of orange zone, you know, people wearing masks indoors is really important, and it really will make a difference.”

Jha never has to face a follow up question asking him why mask wearing indoors is currently not working in other countries, if it’s “really important” and “will make a difference.”

There’s simply uncritical acceptance that what he says is fact, because he is the one saying it. Data, science and evidence are unnecessary when it comes to authorities repeating inaccurate talking points.

Even an Australian infectious disease professor succinctly explained how important imposing a new mask mandates is to slowing the spread: “It doesn’t matter.”

Hospitals Are Finally Admitting That Virtually No One is There For COVID

Los Angeles continues to do its best to take the crown of most anti-science city in America.

Recently the head of LA Public Health announced that the city would return to mask mandates if the region remains in the CDC’s arbitrary “high transmission” zone for two weeks.

Of course, in their announcement, no one pointed out that Los Angeles has made a substantial contribution to the evidence base proving that mask mandates do not work.

Los Angles officials continue to pretend that they can control the spread of the virus through indefinite restrictions.

But what’s worse is that despite the rising case and hospitalization rates used to justify endless mandates, a major LA medical system recently posted a video detailing how little COVID currently impacts their hospitals.

During their remarks, it emerged that “Only 10% of COVID positive admissions are admitted due to COVID.”

Meaning that if there are 100 hospitalized COVID “patients,” only 10 are there to be treated for it and 90 are there for other medical issues and just so happen to test positive.

Even more extraordinary is that they admitted that “virtually none of them go to the ICU,” and “they are not intubated…we have not seen one of those since February:”

As noted by Phil Kerpen, the video does not appear on any of the LA+USC Medical Center feeds, perhaps in an attempt to avoid creating doubt about the necessity of the upcoming mask mandate.

Beyond the implications, that COVID is no longer causing a significant threat to hospitals in the nation’s second largest city, this story provides yet another example of hypocrisy from Gavin Newsom.

Newsom recently released and promoted a political ad claiming that he’s creating a climate of “freedom” in California as opposed to Ron DeSantis in Florida.

Except when asked whether or not he supported Los Angeles potentially imposing a mask mandate two and a half years into the pandemic, Newsom deflected and refused to answer directly.

Somehow in Newsom’s mind, “freedom” doesn’t mean the ability to walk around without a mask, well after their efficacy has been disproven.

It’s not surprising that LA is likely returning to mask mandates despite the lack of severe impacts on hospitals from COVID. When the director of public health, who is not a doctor, makes nearly $500,000 per year to impose destructive, anti-science policies, it’s clear that no amount of data matters to city officials.

Young Kids Aren’t Getting Vaccinated

It’s now been a month and a half since the FDA inexcusably authorized the mRNA vaccines for children aged 6 months to 5 years old.

The decision, based on efficacy estimates that would have failed the standard set by the FDA to authorize the vaccines for adults, was greeted with acclaim by COVID fanatics and dismay by evidence based experts.

In fact, many top employees at the regulatory body and other public health agencies have quit in protest, believing that the authorization was politically motivated.

The rush to push the mRNA shots on young children was bewildering for several reasons.

COVID vaccines were initially authorized on an emergency use basis; except with the risks of severe illness so remarkably low amongst young kids, there is no real emergency for this age group.

Not to mention the lack of long term safety data, especially considering the now established risks of myocarditis. There’s also the fact that the vaccines were based on the original variant, which essentially no longer exists.

Discussions have already begun about updating the vaccines for the Omicron variant and mutations will continue indefinitely. Why rush to authorize the shots when they’re already out of date?

It seems that most parents across the country agree with these flaws.

According to recent data, only 2% of children under 5 across the country have been vaccinated for COVID.

That is an utter disaster for the Biden administration and the public health agencies they control.

They pushed the FDA to rush these vaccines out, and they’ve been overwhelmingly rejected.

While the report provides several excuses such as parents being used to getting their young kids vaccinated during visits to the pediatrician, this is the most widely publicized virus on earth. If parents really believed these shots were necessary or “safe and effective” for children, they would be making appointments at government run vaccination sites.

Instead, despite the Biden administration’s best efforts, most have correctly realized that there is no demonstrable benefit for this age group and not an insignificant amount of risk.

Each time the “experts” and their political bosses roll out another supposed “intervention” with the implication that this will finally be the one to prevent the spread of COVID, they get less uptake.

Booster shots have not been as widely adopted as the original series. The second boosters will be even less popular.

Now parents have shown little to no interest in early childhood vaccinations.

This is the only way to ensure COVID does not become a permanent feature of discussion; showing those in charge that no one is listening to them anymore.

For years, the media, “experts” and politicians have created narratives that mask mandates don’t work in the US because of lack of compliance. They’ve defended the need for school masking and that parents were desperate to get their kids vaccinated. Or they’ve claimed that COVID was the cause for the overwhelming majority of hospitalizations.

All of these continue to be disproven.

Hospitals are finally acknowledging that COVID is not the cause for many of the COVID designated hospitalizations. School masking has been disproven by continued high quality research. International locations with high compliance are not controlling the virus with mandates.

Unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of this before.

It’s been clear for years that they were hopelessly incorrect, and yet they’ve continued to push for indefinite mandates and refused to admit mistakes.

Narrative collapse is but a small hindrance, easily dismissed as criticism from unqualified detractors.

But with the fall and winter rapidly approaching, it’s important to continue to dismantle their arguments and head off upcoming potential policy “interventions” before they start.


Rent Is Becoming A Crisis In The U.S.

Rent Is Becoming A Crisis In The U.S.

The growing rental crisis in the U.S. has shown no signs of stopping.

That was the topic of a new Bloomberg report this week that highlighted the stories of numerous Americans struggling to meet their rental obligations. 

The cost of rent in the U.S. is moving higher at the highest pace in three decades, the report notes, blowing past a median of $2,000 per month for the first time ever. Rents are now above where they were prior to the pandemic in most major cities.

Areas just outside cities, which saw a large influx of new renters during the pandemic, have seen their rents rise disproportionately higher. People returning to large cities, post-pandemic, have also not helped prices cool off.

Additionally, rising interest rates have now deterred some would-be buyers, who are now becoming renters. Tight inventory continues to lead to bidding wars, even in the rental market, the report says. 

Kate Reynolds, principal policy associate at the Washington-based Urban Institute, said: “It’s pretty much the perfect storm for renters right now. Those renters and their landlords don’t have a place to turn if they’re unable to pay the rent.”

At the same time, renters are trying to cope with the affects of inflation nearly everywhere else in their lives. 

Bloomberg notes that people of color and those with lower incomes are most disproportiately affected by the rise in rents:

In the US, about 58% of households headed by Black adults rent their homes, along with nearly 52% of Latino-led households, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data. In comparison, about a quarter of households led by non-Hispanic White adults, and a little under 40% of Asian-led households, are rentals. Some 54% of renters earn less than $50,000, and the annual median household income among renters is about $42,500, below the national median of $67,500, according to Zillow.

Single family rents were up by a record 14% in May from the year prior this year. In some cities, like Miami and and Orlando, rents skyrocketed 40% and 25%, respectively. Las Vegas rents were up 16.7% in May from the year prior. 

Cities like Atlanta have also seen rents rise 14.8% from a year prior. People moving from the West or the Northeast to the South have also boosted rents. 

Duluth, Georgia resident Karla Kelley said: “We’re getting a lot of people from the Northeast or from the West Coast. To them, these rents are not huge.”

40% of all households that are not current on their rent say they are likely to be evicted or foreclosed within the next two months. This represents about 5.4 million households, according to the report. 

And as we have documented on this site many times over, people are now turning to debt to try and cover their costs - including their housing costs. Credit card balances were up $46 billion in Q2 of this year and 30% of Americans have admitted to using credit cards or loans to meet "spending needs in the prior week". This number was up from 23% in early January.  

Tyler Durden Fri, 08/12/2022 - 17:40


Add to the COVID vaccine disaster: High cancer rates post-jab



The main propaganda line is that vaccines and boosters are "safe and effective" and prevent severe illness and death. These are lies, as shown by the data.

COVID propaganda lies set a record in the history of the human race. The propaganda has killed millions of people.

The recent sharp increase in COVID deaths caught my attention. I have been watching daily COVID statistics in The Washington Post. A few months ago, the 7-day average for deaths was about 300. In last Sunday's paper, it was 500.

That is about a 70% increase!

And it's despite all the vaccine and booster shots a majority of Americans have taken.

Yet there is no attention to this anywhere.

Why are more people dying from COVID?

Because what hospitals are doing is ineffective. It's not working.

Have the vaccines and boosters wrecked the immune systems of many people? As the transmission of the virus continues, people are getting sick enough to die.

If more people took a high dose of vitamin D, this high death rate could be prevented. See my previous column on Vitamin D.

When will the truth about the vaccines and boosters be widely seen?

Another explanation may be the vast numbers of illegal aliens coming across the southern border. Many likely have poor immune systems and have not been vaccinated. But hospitals are not reporting whether such people are dying from COVID.

What is the cancer connection to COVID?

A researcher who queried the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) discovered a 10,661.4% increase in cancer reports as a result of experimental COVID-19 gene-based vaccines as compared with all FDA-approved vaccines over the last 30 years.

It's important to always remember that VAERS likely only reports as little as 1% of actual impacts because it is voluntary and burdensome reporting most doctors and others do not take the time to use.

Brian Shilhavy, who is the editor of Health Impact News, traced his steps in the search, providing links to documentation of his various findings.

Having first queried the cases of "the most common cancers [that] had been reported following COVID-19 vaccines," he found "837 cases of cancer, including 88 deaths, 66 permanent disabilities and 104 life-threatening events."

He emphasized that even these numbers were not exhaustive, and the VAERS database could not handle the larger search of "ALL cancers listed in VAERS" under this category of COVID inoculations.

"Using the exact same search terms for cancer," he wrote, "I then searched ALL FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years and found only 140 cases of cancer reported."

"That result is for 360 months (30 years), whereas the 837 cases following the experimental COVID-19 vaccines were reported in just 20 months, since the roll-out of the COVID-19 shots beginning in December of 2020," Shilhavy wrote.

"That is an increase of 10,661.4%!" he concluded.

Shilhavy also made note of the significant number of the cancer cases in the database that were young people, from age 12 up through many young adults in their 20s.

Last October, a Swedish lab study found that the spike protein associated with the COVID-19 illness and its experimental vaccines enters the nucleus of cells and significantly interferes with DNA damage-repair functions, compromising a person's adaptive immunity and perhaps encouraging the formation of cancer cells. In other words, COVID vaccines can significantly impair immunity.

In March 2021, board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole reported that he was seeing a massive "uptick" in various autoimmune diseases and cancers in patients who have been COVID-vaccinated, LifeSiteNews reports.

There are still many unknowns, but one is becoming clear: There is a connection between COVID and CANCER!


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Government data show that 1 out of every 246 covid vaccinated people DIES within 60 days

Skulls-Death.jpg (Natural News) When the British government decided to change the ways in which it calculates and releases data about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” injuries and deaths, the obvious coverup that resulted prompted the public filing of dozens of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. This led to the revelation that one out of every 246 people...


Did White House Advisor Use MIT "study" to Take Down Our Twitter Accounts?

put together a set of visuals and deep “analysis” takes based on Twitter interactions around Covid.


‘Stunning’ Link Between Pfizer Fake Vaccine and Myocarditis in Teens, Study Shows


A preprint study of adolescents conducted during Thailand’s national COVID-19 vaccination campaign showed what one physician described as a “stunning” association between myocarditis and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

A prospective study in Thailand conducted during the country’s national COVID-19 vaccination campaign for adolescents showed what one physician described as a “stunning” association between myocarditis and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The preprint, accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, involved 314 participants ages 13-18 who were healthy and without abnormal symptoms after receiving their first vaccine dose.

Participants with a history of cardiomyopathy, tuberculous pericarditis or constrictive pericarditis and severe allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine were excluded from the study.

Although the study included 314 adolescents, 13 were excluded from the findings as they were “lost to follow-up.”

Of the 301 remaining participants, 202 (67.1%) were male.

Researchers found that 18% of the 301 teens analyzed had an abnormal electrocardiogram, or EKG after receiving their second dose of Pfizer, 3.5% of males developed myopericarditis or subclinical myocarditis, two were hospitalized and one was admitted to the ICU for heart problems.

Read More: ‘Stunning’ Link Between Pfizer Vaccine and Myocarditis in Teens, Study Shows

The Trap


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Now They Are Telling Us That The Rain That Falls From The Sky Is Extremely Dangerous And Can Cause Cancer


Is the rain that falls from the sky safe?  When I was growing up, I would have laughed at you if you would have told me that I could get cancer by drinking the rain that comes from the sky.  And I am sure that it will sound like an absolutely ridiculous idea to a lot of people that will read this article.  Unfortunately, it is true.  Everywhere on the entire planet, rainwater is now packed with extremely dangerous chemicals that cause cancer.  And as you will see below, there is nowhere in the world that you can go to escape this.  This is yet another example that shows that we are literally committing societal suicide and that the clock is ticking for humanity.

If all of our rainwater is now too dangerous to drink because of the high levels of extremely dangerous chemicals that are in it, that also means that all of our lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and oceans are also completely defiled.

We are literally ruining our planet, and that should make you very angry.  The following originally comes from Popular Mechanics

Remember when you were a kid, and it was fun to tip your head back during a rainstorm and open your mouth to drink the drops? You shouldn’t do that anymore. That’s because you’ll be ingesting too many particles of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), the hazardous chemicals that leach from the ultra-durable plastics we’ve created for about the past 120 years.

A shocking new study was just released that examined this crisis in detail, and it found that levels of PFAS chemicals in our rainwater “often greatly exceed” what our government considers to be safe…

There are thousands of different PFAS substances floating around. The study compared the levels of four common forms (PFOS, PFOA, PFHxS, and PFNA) in various sources: rainwater, soils, and surface waters such as streams, lakes, and oceans. They found that levels of at least two forms of PFAS in rainwater, PFOA and PFOS, “often greatly exceed” the safe levels in drinking water, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises.

We aren’t talking about substances that will just affect your health a little bit.

What we are talking about are substances that can give you cancer and kill you

PFAS chemicals, which have turned up in drinking water in cities across the US, have been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and kidney, testicular, prostate, breast, liver, and ovarian cancers. A new study is going one step further to try to explain how some of these PFAS compounds, a family of thousands of synthetic chemicals that have been used for decades in everything from food packaging to nonstick cookware, might cause cancer on a molecular level. This group of chemicals is also prevalent in firefighting foam (Class B) and firefighter PPE (turnout gear); and firefighters have been shown to have a higher incidence than normal of the associated cancers.

Are you starting to understand the seriousness of what we are facing?

These chemicals are in thousands upon thousands of products that we regularly use, and that means that they are literally everywhere

You can find PFAS chemicals in non-stick and stain-repellent properties. As such, they’re found in a lot of household food packages, electronics, and even cosmetics and cookware. However, it seems that these chemicals are now mixing with our rainwater. As a result, it has made rainwater unsafe to drink.

One of the primary ways that PFAS chemicals get into our environment is through microplastics.

As I have discussed previously, humanity produces approximately 400 million tons of plastic a year, and much of that plastic ends up being discarded.

Once it is discarded, it doesn’t go away.

Instead, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces.  Eventually, those pieces break down into exceedingly small bits of plastic known as “microplastics”

Microplastics—the end result of all the plastic products and industrial waste we throw away—are one source of PFAS, and they often wind up in oceans and other waterways, impacting wildlife. While trash in landfills takes thousands of years to completely degrade, it forms minute bits of plastic that are tinier than 5 millimeters long. Their size means they end up everywhere, even in our blood, where they range in size between 700 nanometers and 5,000 nanometers. (A human hair is about 17,000 nanometers).

Today, there are trillions upon trillions of these microplastics all over the planet, and they get swept up and dumped on us by the storms that bring our rain.

The researchers that conducted the study that I referenced above say that at this point there is “nowhere on Earth where the rain would be safe to drink”

“There is nowhere on Earth where the rain would be safe to drink, according to the measurements that we have taken,” Ian Cousins, a professor at the university and the lead author of the study published in Environmental Science and Technology, told AFP.

A compilation of the data since 2010 that his team studied showed that “even in Antarctica or the Tibetan plateau, the levels in the rainwater are above the drinking water guidelines that the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) proposed”, he said.

Please read that again.

All of the rain that falls on our planet is now unsafe because it contains such high levels of cancer-causing chemicals, and we have no way to fix this.

Even if we stopped using all dangerous chemicals immediately, the damage that we have already done would still be with us indefinitely.

Unfortunately, most people out there simply do not get it.

We are literally systematically killing ourselves and everything else on this planet.

If we stay on the path that we are currently on, there is no future for humanity.

We desperately need to change our ways, and we desperately need help.

Sadly, most people are way too proud to admit either of those things right now.

But as conditions continue to deteriorate, I am hopeful that more people will wake up.

Because time is running out for humanity, and we cannot save ourselves.

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Former FBI Deputy Asst. Director: We May Have Highest Level of Government Penetrated by Chinese Agents… The Revolution Is Here – Communist Revolution (VIDEO)


Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie joined Jesse Watters on FOX News on Thursday following AG Merrick Garland’s disgraceful actions this week storming President Trump’s home and refusing to release any evidence on why it was necessary.

Turchie warned that China may have infiltrated the highest levels of government. This is not such a bold statement considering who is sitting in the Oval Office today and his Chinese business dealings.

And then Terry Turchie compared what is happening in America today to a communist revolution.

We agree.

History Repeats Itself: Democrats Are Using Tactics of the Marxists of 1917 in Russia – Their Final Assault on America Begins… Tonight

Here is the former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie with Jesse Watters.

Terry Turchie: we may very well have our highest level of government penetrated by Chinese agents. The evidence is certainly on the surface. And the patterns are there. I worked this stuff. I know what it looks like. And many agents feel this way… What this is – This is the revolution, the real revolution. It’s been going on in America. It’s been going on for several years. The people in power are moving America towards the communist ideology-type place. The people today are all concerned there’s no precedent for this. Well, no there isn’t. They’re looking in the wrong place. The precedent is in the Cuban revolution, the Russian revolution, and everywhere when the communists have eventually taken over.

Via Jesse Watters Primetime.

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Ontario doctor’s license suspended after speaking out about COVID vaccine dangers

You’re invited! Join LifeSite in celebrating 25 years of pro-life and pro-family reporting at our anniversary Gala August 17th in Naples, Florida. Tickets and sponsorships can be purchased by clicking here. 


New CDC guidance treats unvaccinated same as vaccinated

An Oregon teacher screams at anti-lockdown protesters (Video screenshot)

An Oregon teacher screams at anti-lockdown protesters (Video screenshot)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has relaxed its COVID-19 guidelines, essentially giving unvaccinated people the same guidance as vaccinated people.

Dr. Nicole Saphier, a radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a Fox News contributor, tweeted that the recommendations "no longer differentiate based on a person's vaccination status – acknowledging breakthrough infections are common, and taking natural immunity into consideration."

Stanford epidemiologist Dr. Jay Bhattacharya said that with the new guidance, the CDC has taken "a substantive step toward ending lockdown-by-stealth, dismantling vax segregation & discrimination, and eliminating unnecessary disruptions in the lives of kids this school year."

NPR summarized the new guidelines:

The CDC has dropped the recommendation that Americans quarantine themselves if they come into close contact with a person infected with COVID-19.

And people no longer need to stay at least 6 feet away from each other.

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The CDC’s Greta Massetti, an author of the guidelines, told the Associated Press the changes are based on a recognition that an estimated 95% of Americans 16 and older have acquired some level of immunity, either from being vaccinated or infected.

"The current conditions of this pandemic are very different from those of the last two years," she said.

The changes are particularly important for schools, with classes in most districts across the country beginning in a few weeks.

Students can stay in their classroom if they have been exposed to COVID-19 instead of quarantining at home.

NBC News noted the "transition away from quarantining signals an end to several years of remote schooling that stunted learning and increased mental health problems."

Dr. Richard Besser, a pediatrician and president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, said in an email reported by NBC that the new guidance is "essential for their social and emotional development, physical and mental health, and academic success."

Masks continue to be recommended for high-risk people and in areas where officials determine community transmission is high.

The American Federation of Teachers, one of the nation’s largest teachers unions, said it welcomes the guidance, the Associated Press reported.

"Every educator and every parent starts every school year with great hope, and this year even more so," President Randi Weingarten said. "After two years of uncertainty and disruption, we need as normal a year as possible so we can focus like a laser on what kids need."

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EDITOR’S NOTE: During the Biden era of rapidly metastasizing madness, the greatest madness of all may be today’s shockingly widespread campaign to indoctrinate, seduce, groom and flat-out RECRUIT America’s children into the dark world of transgenderism. Countless LGBT activists, including many public-school teachers, have taken to proselytizing the new transgender salvation to America’s children, both on social media and within the schools themselves. Even Biden’s far-left Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra fully supports taxpayer-funded amputations of healthy body parts of these vulnerable children, declaring ghoulishly, “We should help those have the life-affirming care that they need.” The result? Untold numbers of America’s kids are being led into lives of not just unending conflict, confusion, suffering, deformity and disability, but far too often – as multiple studies prove – suicide. The whole unbelievable story – including the underlying reasons, almost entirely unreported elsewhere, for what amounts to the most massive child sexual abuse campaign in American history – is explored as never before in the July issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND THE TRANSGENDER CRAZE?

Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact


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Groundbreaking Ruling: Italian Court Orders Analysis of Covid 'Vaccines' to Determine if 'Harmful' (Video)


For the first time in Italy, a court in Pesaro ruled that the contents of mRNA vaccines must be investigated. The decision comes after a 50-year-old man who has already contracted Covid and does not want to undergo the vaccine to work. However, despite already having Covid, the man was suspended due to his ‘non-compliance’ after refusing to take the jab.

The Pesaro court accepted the request of the man’s lawyer, Nicoletta Morante, who had asked the judge for a lab analysis of Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid “vaccine” contents and its effects on a patient who has recovered from the infection and whether it is harmful in general to people’s health. Furthermore, the lawyer is questioning how the state can apply “informed consent to a case of mandatory vaccination”:

The first query is whether mandatory vaccination suits patients who have recovered from Covid. So firstly, we need to ask expert witnesses whether vaccinating the recovered is an appropriate medical practice.

The second query is based on my client’s research on non-human usage excipients contained in the vaccine. Moreover, based on a dossier that we had already prepared and of Dr. Ansovini’s technical consultancy, we have asked to ascertain how mRNA vaccines work since we are dealing exclusively with mRNA vaccines here and investigating whether mRNA vaccines or enzymes contained in mRNA vaccines, can be harmful to our health. Hence the request for technical assessment.

Let’s remind ourselves that there is also the peculiar issue concerning informed consent among the submitted queries. The informed consent form which the ASL [Regional Healthcare Service] of Marche asks people to sign, even in the cases of mandatory vaccination. Informed consent is something that usually applies to contracts. Because it usually sets out the contract terms.

So, applying informed consent to a case of mandatory vaccination is quite a contradiction. That is why we have submitted a request for court-appointed technical consultancy. And since it deals with a juridical matter, we will ask the judge to ascertain that too.

We want the court to examine the informed consent form in detail, which needs to be signed even in cases of mandatory vaccination.

The man at the heart of the civil case has already been cured of covid, yet his “freedom of movement was restricted at his job in an education facility in Italy because he did not want to get vaccinated. Moreover, since he falls within the age parameter and profession for which the vaccine was mandatory, he was also met by the “administrative sanction for violation of the vaccination obligation.”

In addition to “asking to establish whether vaccinating people who had recovered from Covid satisfies the proper administration of medicine,” the education professional wants to know “what proteins are present in the vaccines and whether they contain excipients for non-human use or are dangerous to people’s health,” a summary of the complaint read.

As part of the civil suit filed in Pesaro, Morante submitted medical professional’s research to support the man’s case. She included a medical researcher and virologist, Dr. Raffaele Ansovini, who believed that “mRNA vaccines do not fulfill the protective function for which they are injected.” The Doctor wrote that the mRNA vaccines “do not have the declared functional conformation,” and the immune response they generate “is ineffective.”

An analysis of enzymes in mRNA vaccines had already been done unofficially by Ansovini, who found the presence of about 25 substances not declared by pharmaceutical companies.

“Thanks to the advice of Dr. Raffaele Ansovini, the plaintiff already having healed from a Covid infection, unjustly [so we argue] limited in his profession and freedom of movement, as well as hit by administrative sanction for violation of the obligation to vaccinate, explained his concerns about the administration of mRNA vaccines, asking whether it corresponds to good medical science to vaccinate the healed,” the lawyer said.

Morante added: “We wanted to understand whether informed consent, which he would be obliged to sign, is compatible with compulsory vaccination if there are excipients for non-human use or harmful to health, or enzymes already found in analyses recently published in a US scientific journal at the bottom of Dr. Ansovini’s report, which had already been drafted for this judgment.”

The Pesaro court accepted the appeal and ordered the technical assessment on the analysis of the content of the mRNA vaccines. The analysis of pharmaceutical contents, which will focus on proteins, will probably begin towards the end of September. 

Another case in Italy

This is not only the first case brought to the court by Morante with the request to investigate the mRNA injections. In Rovereto, Italy, Dr. Paolo Lisi, a dentist working in the area, was also suspended from clinical activity because he did not want to get vaccinated against Covid, reports Euro Weekly News.

Dr. Lisi, who will be back in court at the end of September, has asked for damages from the health authority and the Medical Association regarding the suspension from his profession. The Doctor said, “In addition to the analysis of vaccine products, we are asking for tests on the blood of vaccinated patients compared to the tests on the blood of non-vaccinated patients.”

Judge Giuseppe Barbato reserved the right to produce a recent Swedish study on vaccines after agreeing to a request from the dentist’s lawyer.

It seems that lawyer Nicoletta Morante has figured out that one of the more effective ways to fight against Covid oppression is to sue those who mandate the vaccine and force legal discovery when they are hauled into court. That’s the only way the contents of the mRNA “vaccine” will ever be publicly revealed, and the adverse effects of the jab will ever be forensically identified.

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Epic Collapse Is Upon Us

Epic Collapse Is Upon Us

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

What’s wrong with the world? Let me count the ways…

The Western gambit against Ukraine is a bust, a foolish miscalculation that was obvious from the start. All it accomplished was to reveal the pitiful dependence of our European allies on Russian oil and gas, leaving their economies good and truly scuppered without them.

The Russians will likely end up with control of the Black Sea and probably the Ukraine breadbasket as well. So now Europe will starve and freeze.

Did they really want to commit suicide like that? Do the populations of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the rest just aim to roll into oblivion? Probably not. Rather, we are entering the season of upended governments.

Europe is suddenly a magnificent mess with governments falling like duckpins, industry shuttered from lack of fuel and citizens rising up against insane World Economic Forum (WEF) diktats to drastically reduce livestock and shut down farming — in effect declaring food production an unacceptable environmental hazard.

Cutting Your Own Throat

This, of course, after the governments of Euroland cut their own throats by self-sanctioning themselves out of Russian oil and natgas.

It’s especially bizarre in Germany, the largest economy of the region, which had just this year conclusively realized and admitted that its “green energy” policy was a complete bust, forcing them to shut down major wind turbine installations and resort to producing electricity with coal.

Nice job, greenies. Your idiotic policies are forcing economies to turn to coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel. Of course, the governments of Merkel, and then Olaf Scholz, have revealed themselves as the sheerest hypocritical idiots.

The globalist stooges implanted everywhere will probably be overthrown. I can envision a scenario where NATO and the Euro Union will dissolve in impotent ignominy, and the various countries involved will have to renegotiate their destinies, forgoing U.S. advice and coercion.

They might even become adversaries of the USA, not allies. Did you forget we fought two wars against Germany not so long ago? And all those countries have been fighting each other since the Bronze Age, too.

History’s a Prankster

It may seem unbelievable, but history never stops reminding us what a prankster it is. A strange and terrible inversion has occurred in this Fourth Turning.

Somehow, Mr. Putin’s Russia will be left to represent what remains of international rule-of-law while the Western democracies sink deeper into a morass of deranged despotism. Anyway, they are too busy conducting war against their own people to even pretend to assist their Ukrainian proxies.

We can’t forget that “Joe Biden” crammed nearly $60 billion into the Ukraine money-laundering machine since February, which will just spew hallucinated capital back out into increasingly disordered financial markets.

Look: The indexes are up worldwide this morning. Why? Because global business is so good? I don’t think so.

Meanwhile, there are reports of huge amounts of Western-supplied weapons turning up on the black market. Apparently, some Ukrainians are even selling these weapons to the Russians!

“An Epic Crackup Is Upon Us”

An epic crackup is upon us. Every place in the world is primed for meltdown, and a few lands in the periphery are already sinking. Sri Lanka is broke and out of gas after being set up as a WEF  low-carbon ecostate experiment.

Panama is in revolt over extreme government corruption, food scarcity and the aftereffects of an especially severe two-year-long COVID lockdown that the rest of the world hardly heard about — perhaps because China has operational control over the vital Panama Canal and the CCP has operational control over the World Health Organization, which set up Panama as a lockdown lab project.

In the U.S., moving toward autumn, what we have to look forward to is the blatant desperation of the claque behind “Joe Biden.” Their propaganda machine will probably go all out on climate change and renewed COVID hysteria.

There are always heat waves in midsummer. CNN acts shocked that it’s over 100 degrees in Texas. Really? Never seen that before?

Meanwhile, behind the news about emerging Omicron subvariants, the vaccine injuries and deaths mount and the CDC pretends not to notice. They are just lying as usual. You’re used to it. You pretend it’s to be expected. You’ve forgotten that it wasn’t always so. Soon, it will matter.

Help Is on the Way — A Few Years From Now

Meanwhile, the November midterm elections are only a few months away. Democrats are panicking they’re going to get smoked at the polls. Well, here’s a prediction: A new pandemic is declared in early October, complete with lockdowns, while Google partners with Facebook to roll out a new vote-by-phone app. They’ll say it’s all necessary “to save our democracy.”

By some miracle, then, the Democrats add 30 more seats to their house majority and five in the Senate. Then we enter the new frontier of the Green New Deal and Build Back Better. In other words, the USA heads towards complete collapse.

Speaking of “Joe Biden,” whose idea was it to send the wind-up doll president to Saudi Arabia? I can just imagine what went on in the chamber in private with “JB” and MBS (Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman), virtual autocrat of the oil-soaked desert land. And wasn’t that fist pump just priceless?

What concessions did “Joe Biden” win from the Saudis? Saudi Arabia graciously agreed to bump up its oil production somewhere in the 2025–2027 time frame — a real triumph for U.S. diplomacy. Nice. Doesn’t really do much for us in the short term, does it?

People, Get Ready

And now the ground is even shifting under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as China’s extravagant matrix of city-building, mortgage debt and banking fraud rattles its financial system. What a surprise!

Potent as it has been in bribing politicians around the world, infiltrating governments and cultural institutions in every land and getting the news media to do their bidding, the CCP is apparently losing its grip on the Chinese people, who are sick of being locked down, tracked and swindled.

The tanks are out. This is not the same movie as Tiananmen Square, 1989. This is the CCP bankruptcy, an epic event that will thunder through “the global south,” sending Africa into famine and chaos and South America into yet another rotation of elites.

Pretty soon, it’s going to be every country for itself in this main event of the fourth turning (aka the long emergency). Global unity is a mirage, along with all the preposterous narratives of a world government.

And in every country for itself, it’s going to be every community, every family, every person for itself until, emergently and painfully, everyday life can be reorganized from the ground up.

People, get ready.

Tyler Durden Thu, 08/11/2022 - 13:45


New Orleans School District Will Require COVID Jabs for Students Aged Five and Up

Most school districts across the nation have scrapped vaccine mandates, but the school districts of Washington D.C. and New Orleans plan to keep them for the 2022-23 school year. The policy will ultimately bar thousands of children from attending in-person classes. In Washington D.C.

Democrat Megadonor Tells Fox ‘Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Have Been Killed by’ COVID-19 Vaccines

Tech millionaire and longtime Democrat donor Steve Kirsch told Fox News on Wednesday night he’s fed up with the party and blames the American political establishment for killing “hundreds of thousands” of citizens with experimental Covid jabs.

1 in 25 Clients Had Treatment For Side Effects Of Covid Jabs In 2021 Says Germany’s Largest Health Insurer

1 in 25 people received medical treatment for the side effects of covid vaccinations in 2021 Germany’s largest public health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has revealed. In 2019, among the 11 million insured, 13,777 medical treatments were required because of vaccine side effects.

WHO Renews Push for Global Pandemic Treaty, as World Bank Creates $1 Billion Fund for Vaccine Passports

(by Michael Nevradakis, PhD | The Defender) – The World Health Organization (WHO) is moving ahead with plans to enact a new or revised international pandemic preparedness treaty, despite encountering setbacks earlier this summer after dozens of countries, primarily outside the Western world, ob

Whistleblower Nurse in Washington Describes Vaccine Injuries from Employment Mandate


World Economic Forum brags that China is controlling weather with "cloud seeding" chemtrail operations

(Natural News) The world’s largest communist dictatorship, China, has invested some $168 million into efforts to control the weather, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).


Majority of Texas teachers are considering quitting: survey

The study, which was conducted by the Texas State Teachers Association, says that 70% of the 688 teachers surveyed are seriously considering leaving their profession.


Without Clinical Trials, FDA Authorizes Modified Monkeypox Vaccine, Expands Eligibility to ‘High-Risk’ Children


Bypassing normal clinical trial guidance, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday expanded the Emergency Use Authorization for the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine to allow for an alternative method of injection and for “high-risk” children under 18 to get the vaccine.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday expanded the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine to allow for an alternative method of injection the agency said would help conserve low supplies.

The expanded EUA also allows the vaccine to be used in children under age 18 who are at “high risk” of infection.

Prior to issuing the expanded EUA, the FDA confirmed that “numerous” children were granted access to the vaccine on a “case-by-case basis” through a special permission process — even though the vaccine was not approved or authorized for emergency use in that age group — ABC News reported on Aug. 4.

News of the potential dose-sparing recommendations prompted some congressional staff — including from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — to question federal health officials about whether using the alternative injection method could affect the efficacy of the shot.

“They seemed to have no good answers for us, other than denying that it would impact things,” an individual who attended a briefing on the matter told Politico. “But they didn’t present any data.”

According to CNBC, monkeypox is rarely fatal and no deaths have been reported in the U.S. However, some patients need to be hospitalized to manage lesions, which can be painful.

Read More: Without Clinical Trials, FDA Authorizes Modified Monkeypox Vaccine, Expands Eligibility to ‘High-Risk’ Children

The Trap