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“A Nest of Radical D.C. Activists Masquerading as Educators” – Rep. Barry Moore Introduces Bill to Abolish Woke Department of Education


A House lawmaker has introduced a bill to “terminate” the U.S. Department of Education.

Representative Barry Moore (R-AL 2nd) has introduced legislation that would abolish the Department of Education and give States control over public school spending for elementary and secondary education.

The U.S. Department of Education is one of the newest Cabinet-level agencies in the United States, having been established in 1979.

“The Department of Education is a nest of radical D.C. activists masquerading as educators pushing indoctrination schemes of radical anti-American ideas. For our children’s protection, it must be abolished,” Moore said in the release.

“Across our country, we have seen taxpayer dollars used to expose children to radical gender and race ideologies without the consent of their parents. The education of our children should not belong to the federal government – it is time to return those rights to parents,” he added.

This week I introduced legislation to abolish the Department of Education, which has become a nest of radical D.C. activists masquerading as educators pushing indoctrination schemes of radical anti-American ideas.

— Rep. Barry Moore (@RepBarryMoore) February 10, 2023

The bill is cosponsored by Reps. Ralph Norman (SC-05), Matt Gaetz (FL-01), Byron Donalds (FL-19), Marjorie Taylor Green (GA-14), and Eli Crane (AZ-02).

Moore provided some examples of the radical left indoctrination being pushed through our schools by the Department of Education:

You can read and download the bill here.

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It Begins: Brazilian Socialist President Lula da Silva Forces Poor Families to Vaccinate their Children So They Can Receive Financial Aid from His Regime Or Risk Receiving Nothing (VIDEO)


Lula during the inauguration of the ophthalmology and diagnostic units in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro.

Stolen elections have consequences.

Brazil’s socialist President, Lula da Silva, has made mandatory childhood vaccinations a condition of receiving government subsidies.

The socialist president announced that parents would once again need to provide proof of vaccination for their children in order to participate in the Bolsa Familia program and receive the benefit, or else families will not receive any help from the government.

“The Bolsa Família Program (BFP) in Brazil is a conditional cash transfer program with national coverage that aims to support families living in poverty or extreme poverty, as well as expanding access to education and health services. The program was created by the federal government in October 2003 and enshrined in law in January 2004,” according to Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The program targeted families with children and adolescents aged 0-17, where the household income is equal to or less than R$ 85.00 ($16.30) per person in extreme poverty, or between R$ 85.01 ($16.3) and R$ 170.00 ($33) in poverty.

Tens of millions of people are promised something akin to a universal basic income, but they will only receive it if they comply with Lula’s demands, The Rio Times reported.

“For God’s sake, we can’t be ignorant to the point of thinking it’s not worth getting vaccinated,” said Lula during the inauguration of the ophthalmology and diagnostic units in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro.

“I keep asking myself what kind of love does this mother have for her children, that she doesn’t take care of them at the most important moment when they can be vaccinated and can avoid a more delicate disease in their lives,” Lula continued.

Lula announced that the campaign of Zé Gotinha, a mascot used to make vaccination campaigns more attractive to children, will begin.

“We can’t hesitate; we can’t play around. It is a question of science,” he said.

It is still unclear which vaccines would be required in the program, but Lula hinted about COVID vaccines in his speech.

“If there are ten covid vaccines, 50 to take, I will take as many as necessary because I like my life. I think everyone has a duty to their children’s life, take them [to vaccinate] at the right age, that’s why they say the Bolsa Família is coming back,” Lula said.

“The Bolsa Família is coming back, and it is coming back with something important; it is coming back with conditions,” he added.

The Bolsa Familia program has four conditions:

  • First, children up to 6 years old will receive R$ 150 ($29) more.
  • Second, the children have to be at school, if they’re not at school, the mother loses the benefit.
  • Third, the children have to be vaccinated, if they’re not vaccinated, the mother also loses the benefit
  • Fourth, if the mother is in gestational stage, she has to take all the tests that medicine requires so that she can have a child that is “robust, strong and beautiful like me [Lula].

Watch the video below:

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The Gateway Pundit previously reported that six bills are currently being introduced in the Brazilian senate that would criminalize those who refuse the mandated dose of COVID shots or who comment negatively about the vaccine’s efficacy and safety.

Senator Angelo Coronel of the Social Democratic Party of Brazil authored a bill (PL 5555/2020), which proposes adding a one- to three-year prison sentence to the Criminal Code for those “who omit or oppose the mandatory vaccination of children or adolescents” during a declared “public health emergency.”

Those who choose not to comply with the country’s forced vaccination schedule will face a prison sentence of two to eight years.

Anyone spreading “fake news” regarding the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines will face the same prison time.

If the person works for the government, the penalty will be doubled.

Brazilian Senator Proposes Legislation that Criminalizes Those Who Refuse to Take the “Mandatory” COVID-19 Shot

— The Gateway Pundit (@gatewaypundit) February 2, 2023

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American Public Schools, RIP

Many of the bizarre features of the pandemic response can be explained by industrial self-interest, graft, power lust, confusion, and so on. One feature does not have such an obvious explanation: the closure of public schools in some places for as long as two years.


Judicial Watch : Records show U.S. and UK 'confidentiality agreement' tied to vaccine adverse events

Judicial Watch announced today it received 57 pages of heavily redacted records from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that show, just two days prior to FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, a discussion between U.S.


Who Benefitted From This Chaos?

Who Benefitted From This Chaos?

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The Epoch Times,

Two years ago on this day, I posted a piece that was very hard to write. It concerned precisely who was benefiting from the lockdownsmasking, and all that was associated with it, including school and business closures and travel restrictions.

As much as we would all prefer for everyone to be concerned about big issues like public health and human rights, it’s sadly the case that industrial interests (and even ruling-class evildoers) sometimes prevail over both.

Obviously, most people all over the world have lost so much over three years, not only health and income but also hope. It’s tragic. Meanwhile, many others seem to have made out like bandits during the biggest transfer of wealth in the shortest time in the history of humanity.

(null xtract/Pexels)

Many groups and sectors had a kind of hankering for a pandemic. They turned a widespread and mostly manageable pathogen—doctor/patient relationships and reasonable cautions on the part of the vulnerable—and converted it into the basis for a global panic of compulsion and coercion that overthrew centuries of progress in law and liberty.

Let’s just go through the list of beneficiaries I first compiled two years ago.

1. The tech companies that became so enraptured with the digital world—and we can include online retailers in this—that they forgot all the people who cannot and do not want to live entirely outside the physical world. To be sure, many of these high flying companies are now coming back to earth thanks to higher interest rates. Even Zoom may be falling on hard times. To which I say: Schadenfreude.

2. The pharmaceutical companies with hundreds of billions of investment in labs and distribution circles that wanted to ply their wares in the midst of emergencies, in addition to the PCR testing industry, not to mention mask and ventilator makers and so many other grifting companies in this space. They not only gain from tremendous subsidies and indemnification from damages; they even got governments to conscript their customer base.

3. Public health intellectuals, who for at least a decade and a half had fallen for the romance of computer modeling, were itching to try out a new method for disease mitigation. They must have gotten quite a kick out of watching the experiment tried out in real time. Speaking of: we haven’t heard from these people in a very long time. They seem conveniently very quiet. Notice how the prophets of doom who were all over the news three years ago, with their magic ability to see the future with precision, have completely vanished?

4. The mega-billionaire Bill Gates found himself vexed by computer viruses that were wrecking his Windows operating system and thereby developed a passion for blocking viruses in general, while failing to understand the difference between biology and computer hardware. He seems to have done very well for himself, not only with his investments but now with his new book telling us how he will single-handedly change the path of the global climate.

5. Government officials certainly had a field day trying out new uses of power. My goodness, they even got their mitts on social media, scripting who gets to speak and who cannot. The national security state hasn’t had this much fun since the Cold War. It was, in short, the most successful ramp up of government power the world over in modern times or maybe ever. Disease panic proved more advantageous to them than ever war and economic depression.

6. Media companies, who live on clicks and know with certainty that public panic is the best way to guarantee consumer attention, did especially well, given that millions were locked at home with nothing else to do. Talk about a captive audience!

7. The Chinese government, which was supremely annoyed at the Trump administration’s trade policies, successfully trolled the West into believing that China nixed the virus through totalitarian controls. It can now brag to have scripted the pandemic response for the whole world, and is now goading the World Health Organization into doing ever more of it.

8. Rabid opponents of the Trump administration, who had failed to wreck it through accusations of Russian collusion and then impeachment over a phone call to Ukraine, finally turned to creating tremendous social, economic, and political chaos by massively overblowing the severity of a widespread viral pathogen, which itself became a metaphor for the political infection they believed afflicted the country. This was the final undoing of the administration, much to the celebration of his political opponents.

9. School teachers’ unions that have been wanting to strike for years in order to extract pay and benefits from the taxpayer, worried that doing so would turn their public against them; for them, lockdowns were the perfect excuse to find another way. They abandoned their jobs and got paid anyway. Then they tried to make the racket last as long as possible.

10. A ruling-class population that has lost touch with people who cannot live on their computers, had become increasingly detached from the flow of life as it exists in the physical world, utterly failed to empathize with the suffering of others under lockdown. But they rather warmed up to the mess they had created because it meant they could make the big bucks while never changing out of their PJs.

Social distance: A cyclist rides past a Santa Monica beach parking lot in Santa Monica, Calif., on March 24, 2020. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images)

Those were my choices two years ago and they hold up rather well, if I may say so. No one interest group could have achieved this on its own. It required a perfect storm. It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy much less a specific plot. It only requires that the right confluence of events present themselves in a way that prompts action and cooperation.

I might add one more push for pandemic that touches on a general philosophy of life. The world is overflowing these days with people who are consumed by ideology. They have a perception that something is fundamentally wrong with the world and are possessed with a burning passion to fix it. They long for big change, mighty drama, epic shifts in history. For them, the marginally improving world of bourgeois existence seems dull and uneventful. The pandemic was for them something exciting and momentous: it presented a chance for a Great Reset.

That we will look back with astonishment at what has happened to the world is a near certainty. The folly! And people of the future will never stop asking that great question of why. The answer is finally unsatisfying. It was a massive screwup by people and groups who wanted to try something completely new, none of whom were willing to bear responsibility for the results. And from that screwup, all the wrong people got riches and power.

It will be up to the rest of us to pick up the pieces and get life on the right track again. This does not happen without accountability and some measure of justice.

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What funeral directors know that you don’t


Guest Post by Steve Kirsch

In 78 years, they never had a 15 year old who died from a heart attack. In December 2022, they had 1 a week for three weeks straight. Nobody is talking about it publicly.

What Does a Funeral Director Do? Role and Duties | LoveToKnowFew funeral directors are saying anything. I just talked to the owner of a large number of funeral homes in the US. They know what is going on, but are not going to say anything publicly.

Executive summary

Ever since the vaccines rolled out, deaths are up, particularly among young people.

I talked to the owner of many funeral homes across the US; collectively they handle over 3,000 funerals a year. He asked that his name be kept confidential for fear of retribution.

Overall, their business is up by 50% after the vaccines rolled out and it’s not proportional… young people are a greater portion of the deaths.

For example pilot deaths at Southwest Airlines are up six-fold after the vaccines were mandated.

My source said that normally they’d see 1 stillbirth/month pre-vaccine. After the vaccines rolled out, they were seeing as many as 12 stillbirths a month. But they noted that many hospitals will dispose of these cases directly and NOT involve the funeral home, so they are only seeing a fraction of these deaths; the actual increase could be much larger than the 12X increase they observed.

In the 78 years they’ve been in business, they can’t recall ever having seen a 15-year old die from a heart attack. In December 2022, they had 1 a week for three weeks straight.

A very experienced nurse I consulted had never even heard of a 15-year old with a heart attack in her entire career. Now, she hears of these cases on a regular basis.

These funeral homes are also seeing the strange rubbery clots that they’ve never seen before.

The medical examiner was called and verified it, but nobody is saying anything publicly for fear of being fired.

Basically, ever since 2021, they have been seeing very strange things: stillbirths, number of “found dead,” healthy people having heart attacks and strokes, blood clots, etc. They’ve never seen anything like that before; it’s a “noticeable” difference.

Like most funeral homes, they don’t tally statistics but they remember the anecdotes. The most noticeable thing is that the events are happening disproportionally to younger people (i.e., people under 65).

So if elderly deaths are only up by 15%, but younger age groups are increased by 100% or more, the overall all-cause mortality for all ages will only increase modestly (since younger people rarely die).

Also, the CDC stats for 2022 say that the data is not fully reported due to reporting delays. This means checking with funeral directors is a way to estimate what is happening in real-time.

Bottom line: everyone knows what is causing this, but they are all afraid to speak out. For the few who do speak out, their stories are never covered in the mainstream media.

If kids dying of heart attacks are up by 100X over normal, why aren’t we seeing it in the all-cause mortality stats for young people?

It’s simple… kids under 16 dying from heart attacks pre-vax is nearly 0. So even after a 100X increase, it’s still a negligible number compared to overall all-cause child deaths (from accidents, cancer, etc).

So this is why you can have dramatic increases in key categories of death, even though the all-cause death rates for the larger category aren’t significantly increased.

However, despite this, the most important thing is the all-cause mortality numbers for everyone, and those are still up, which is very unusual as noted here.

Petition for the FAA to investigate 6X increase in pilot deaths

Pilot deaths at Southwest airlines used to average 1 or 2 a year. Now they are dying at a rate of around 1 a month.

Mike Gollins tried to get signatures on a petition to the FAA to investigate these deaths, but found that even though people agree this is important to investigate, they were too afraid to sign the petition:

Mike Gollins trying to gather signatures. People agree, but are afraid to sign.

Update on the Medicare data I talked about

I hope to have something in the next few days. I want to make sure the data is reliable. Stay tuned. I’ve been spending a lot of time on this work which is why I haven’t been publishing new content for a few days.


We have anecdotal evidence that the vaccines are causing great harm:

  • Stillbirths up by over 10X post-vax rollout.
  • Pilot deaths are up by 6X or more.
  • Young people (such as 15 year olds) dying of heart attacks are up by over 100X above normal.

The mainstream medical community will continue to remain silent in order to keep their jobs. Not a single one will ask for the data transparency (exposing correlated death-vaccine records) that would enable the truth to be revealed.

Basically, the medical community believes that we need to keep the data hidden and kept from public view; otherwise, they would be fired (or lose their medical license).

Also, if the data was made public, people would find out the truth and lose faith in the medical community. If people lost trust in their doctors, they wouldn’t follow their advice to take the vaccine anymore. We can’t have that!

That’s how science works today.


Doctors prove a Graphene like substance is being shed from the C-19 Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, destroying Blood Cells & causing Strange Blood Clots

In his latest set of slides of blood samples taken from both “vaccinated” and unvaccinated people, Dr.


While everyone was distracted, they added the COVID injections to the childhood vaccine schedule

Please refer to my previous write-up on this subject matter, for information on the childhood vaccine schedule of the NHS. I wrote up another article on this subject but I have written so many, I literally can’t find it. Help me to find it? :)


Friday, February 10, 2023

Something wonderful is happening in Ecuador!

On February 3, Ecuador’s health freedom movement scored a major legal victory against that country’s “Ministry of Health,” which must now release their contracts with the companies that pushed for global “vaccination.


Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Flagged to FBI

The USSA Gestapo (i.e FBI and CIA) are projecting their heinous crimes against We the People by labelling anyone opposed to their felonious operations as “domestic terrorists.


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

North Carolina Senate Approves ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ Legislation


The North Carolina Senate approved a “Parents’ Bill of Rights” law on Tuesday written to give parents transparency and authority over their children’s education. Senate Bill 49 (pdf) promotes a partnership between parents and educators that prioritizes the safety of students ensuring the parents’ right to know what their child is being taught, Republican state Sen. Phil Berger said in a statement Tuesday. Republican state Sen. Amy Galey, a primary sponsor of the bill, said the legislation “requires that public schools inform parents of their rights and of the procedures to exercise those rights.” “Parents should be confident that when there is a problem, a remedy is available,” Galey said....


US Congresswoman Says She Was Injured by COVID-19 Vaccine


A U.S. congresswoman on Feb. 8 says she was left injured by a COVID-19 vaccine. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) disclosed during a hearing with former Twitter executives while decrying how Twitter had censored posts from medical experts, including Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff. “I, along with many Americans have long-term effects from COVID. Not only was I a long hauler, but I have effects from the vaccine. It wasn’t the first shot but it was the second shot that I now developed asthma that has never gone away,” Mace said in Washington. “I have tremors in my left hand, and I have the occasional heart pain that no doctor can explain—and I’ve had a battery of tests,” she added....


How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

The U.S. Navy’s Diving and Salvage Center can be found in a location as obscure as its name—down what was once a country lane in rural Panama City, a now-booming resort city in the southwestern panhandle of Florida, 70 miles south of the Alabama border.


Why I Won’t Talk to ‘Fact Checkers’ About Our Mask Study [Google blocked original posting]

In my recent post, I gave reasons why I am very wary of talking to the media. I thank those who sent messages of support. While I do not give two Hancocks for what the establishment thinks, I do care about what our supporters think and am deeply grateful for the responses. So I have more for you.

BREAKING : John Paul Mac Isaac Says Hunter Biden Broke the Law : Requests Probe After Hunter Claimed Last Week that His Laptop Was "Stolen" : Letters Included [Google blocked original posting]

The New York Post reported on this action today by John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer store repairman, whose life changed late one Friday in 2019 when Hunter stumbled into his store drunk and high and dropped off his laptop computers.

Exclusive : Jan 6 Defendant Jon Mellis Leaks Footage from Inside the DC Gulag to Gateway Pundit : Prisoners Are Forced to Drink Dirty Brown Water (VIDEO) [Google blocked original posting]

Jonathan Mellis was arrested on February 16, 2021, a month after the January 6 protests in Washington DC. Jon pleaded not guilty to all charges against him after his arrest.  He has been held in prison for nearly two years now without trial.

Watch: Hens Go From No Eggs to Dozens After Chicken Farmer Ditches ‘Tainted’ Feed [Google blocked original posting]

A chicken farmer claims his hens which had stopped laying for months once again began producing eggs after he switched out his chicken feed.

Major media silent on massive study showing masks don't prevent COVID [Google blocked original posting]

By Mary Lou Masters Daily Caller News Foundation A recent study found that wearing masks isn’t effective in preventing how many people catch COVID-19 or other flu-like illnesses, and most major news outlets aren’t covering it.

WEF Vows to BAN ‘Dangerous’ Eggs After Study Finds They Cure COVID Naturally [Google blocked original posting]

Eggs are suddenly more dangerous than crack or heroin, according to the global elite who say they want to ban people from consuming them for their own good.

Russia exposes Ukrainian biolab operator Metabiota and its connections to the Pentagon, Hunter Biden, EcoHealth Alliance, and the WEF [Google blocked original posting]

(Natural News) As part of their special military operations in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry has obtained over 20,000 documents connected to a US biolab project in Ukraine called Metabiota.

Congress Is Set To Expose What May Be The Largest Censorship System In US History

Below is my column in the Hill on the first hearings this week to be held by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. It could be one of the most consequential investigations for free speech in decades if it pulls back the curtain on government censorship programs.

Will they apologize later for this manipulative reporting? "Jamie Salé was Canada’s sweetheart on ice. Now the Olympian is championing something darker"

This presumption of error by reporters who have not or will not look at actual data, is so pervasive. 
Salé has questioned, without evidence, the safety of vaccines, tweeted memes that seemed to support military tribunals and appeared to compare Justin Trudeau to Hitler. To be blunt, most Canadians would find Salé’s stance appalling. Most, but not all. The ideas she espouses are consistent with a growing movement, born of cherry-picked data, conspiracy theories and the opinions of scientists rejected by their peers that rose to new heights during three years of pandemic public health measures and isolation.

Writing like this is a clear red flag to me, an attempt to assure the audience of points not actually made.

As pandemic restrictions wore on, many people moved their social lives online. For many, those digital worlds were a refuge, a place to seek out like-minded friends and build community. But they also provided the opportunity to build worlds based on fear and misinformation, not based on evidence, says Tim Caulfield, the Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta who studies misinformation.

Yes, there was misinformation. But the author is painting with a broad brush, and missing the fact that the media is selective about what information it shares, and that's it's been shown through the Twitter files that there was active collusion to misrepresent information, to filter, and to block those who were often telling the truth. 

There is plenty of evidence. It's one thing not to look at it. It's another to tell us that it's misinformation when some of the worst of it has been proven true.

Shame on you. 


SPIKE Protein Detoxifier : COVID gene injection SPIKE Recovery may help manage LONG COVID, the amount of spike protein in your body & inhibit effects & blood vessel blockage, supporting T-cell activity

Spike protein (due to the COVID vaccine or virus) is becoming increasingly concerning and people are begging for solutions. They are scared and in many instances distraught as to the spike circulating within them. As a result, a spike detoxifier is needed.


Ten Symptoms Associated with Covid and Ten Symptoms Associated with the Covid Jab

Dr. Vernon Coleman provides a concise list of the 10 symptoms associated with covid and the covid injections.  The list of symptoms are not the same. By Dr. Vernon Coleman


Spike Protein Detox Guide

This is an evolving guide with emerging information on how to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body. The lists of herbal and other medicines and supplements have been compiled in a collaboration between international doctors, scientists, and holistic medical practitioners.


CDC Data confirms COVID Vaccination knocks up to 24 years off a Man’s life

The damage to health caused by each vaccine dose does not lessen over time. It continues indefinitely. In fact, CDC All-Cause Mortality data show that each vaccine dose increased mortality by 7% in the year 2022 compared to the mortality in year 2021.


Monday, February 6, 2023

Exclusive: Jan 6 Defendant Jon Mellis Leaks Footage from Inside the DC Gulag to Gateway Pundit – Prisoners Are Forced to Drink Dirty Brown Water (VIDEO)


Jonathan Mellis was arrested on February 16, 2021, a month after the January 6 protests in Washington DC.

Jon pleaded not guilty to all charges against him after his arrest.  He has been held in prison for nearly two years now without trial.

After nearly two years in jail, Jon Mellis has yet to receive a Bond Hearing. He needs our help.

Mellis warned Americans in December 2022 that he and other J6 defendants in the “Patriot Pod” of the DC Gulag are being tortured by “racist, hateful, and abusive correctional officers,” sexually assaulted and treated like animals for being Trump supporters.

While attempted murderers, illegal alien rapists, and acid-throwing Antifa thugs are quickly returned to the streets, the son of a two-time Purple Heart award recipient is held on charges that allege no injuries or harm, nor property damaged while protesting the corruption of justice as is his civic right and duty.

**Let’s support Jonathan in his stand against this gross miscarriage of justice HERE.

On Monday night Jon Mellis leaked this video out of the DC Gulag.  As you can see, the political prisoners in this facility are forced to drink dirty brown water.

This is human rights abuse that all decent Americans should speak out against.

This is Joe Biden’s America.

** Let’s support Jonathan in his stand against this gross miscarriage of justice HERE.

Jonathan Mellis: My name is Jonathan Mellis. I am a January 6th detainee inside the D.C. Jail. I have been incarcerated for over 700 days without trial and treatment.

What I have endured since my arrest has shaken my faith in humanity. I thought I was in a country where citizens were deemed innocent until proven guilty. I thought I was in a country where citizens are afforded dignity, who treated humanely. Democrat rioters who stormed the White House in the summer of 2020. They injured 100 federal officers, burned St. John’s Church and forced President Trump to be evacuated to an underground bunker. The next day of mainstream media and Democrats only laughed at President Trump. No Democrat experienced the inhumane and unconstitutional conditions we J6ers have endured for two years. One year of solitary confinement. Two years denied visitation. We live under threat by violent and hateful correctional officers with black mold, brown drinking water,rats and cockroaches. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

We J6ers still sing the Star Spangled Banner every night. may look better Every night a great deal.

The wickedness of this regime and their DC colleagues is something we never thought we would witness in America.

What a dark period for this country.

Let’s pray these wicked men and women will face their own justice one day.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FROM INSIDE THE DC GULAG! Jon Mellis is one of a dozen J6ers in jail for trying to save Rosanne Boyland: @DennisPrager @gatewaypundit @michellewittho1 @RogerJStoneJr @Bannons_WarRoom #january6th

— Jonathan Mellis – Jan 6 Prisoner (@wearegoodmenj6) February 6, 2023

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WEF Vows to BAN ‘Dangerous’ Eggs After Study Finds They Cure COVID Naturally



Eggs are suddenly more dangerous than crack or heroin, according to the global elite who say they want to ban people from consuming them for their own good. You can shoot up street heroin and [...]

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Why Do Doctors Push Dangerous Pharmaceuticals on Patients? [Google blocked original posting]

I am presently working on an article documenting California’s misinformation epidemic (which builds on the themes shared here) and reached out to some colleagues in California for help filling in the details I am missing.

US Economy Actually Lost 2.5 Million Jobs in January – Reported as a “Gain” of 517,000 [Google blocked original posting]

The mainstream media cheered the news that the U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs last month. Sadly, that just isn’t true. According to reports and the St. Louis Federal Reserve, the US economy actually lost 2.5 million jobs in January.

So THAT'S why eggs are so deviled these days!

So this came to the attention of the inner worlds today. It is not new, but it is fresh! Just like those eggs those gorgeous chickens lay that we fry, poach and scramble.

Experienced Pathologist confirms COVID Vaccination causes giant Blood Clots, Cancer & Infertility

According to an experienced pathologist, Covid injections’ toxic lipid nanoparticles and mRNA induce the body to make hazardous spike proteins, which then distribute themselves throughout the entire body increasing the risk of inflammation, micro blood clots and fibrous blood clots.

US Department of Defence has been running the “covid vaccine” fraud worldwide

“[Pfizer] did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered.” Sasha Latypova used these words to describe the basis on which Pfizer has requested the dismissal of a False Claims Act case brought against them for their covid “vaccines.

CRITICAL ADDITIONAL POINTS - "Dissecting The New Plea for COVID Amnesty"

I was fascinated to see that even the critical and detailed response by A Midwestern Doctor to the Newsweek opinion piece "It's Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives | Opinion" by Kevin Bass missed some of the most fundamental arguments against the attempt to revise (shape) the narrative of why they were wrong.

Please read A Midwestern Doctor's analysis and then note:

  • Kevin states that this was "the largest public health crisis of our lives," thereby giving some rationale for the dramatic actions taken. Maybe for a moment it appeared that way, but very quickly it became apparent this was not the case to those who were reading and watching carefully. This shaping of the decisions is, in itself, an indicator for me not to trust the article. In the same way that I immediately question an author who addresses a complex and unresolved issue by not-so-casually calling the other side's position "the discredited conspiracy theory of xyz" when no such real discrediting has been made, and no attempt is given to state with clarity what the other side's position is and why they do not find the traditional explanation credible.
  • The required long-term testing normally required for such an injection was not close to being completed when the shot was being mandated. What a huge red flag for anyone who was thinking clearly.
  • The breaking of the control group, for the flimsiest of reasons, SHOCKED those of us who were paying attention, and should have SHOCKED anyone in the medical field.
  • The abdication of the medical field to the principles of informed consent and bodily autonomy was obvious and were and is downright SCARY. 
  • The hiding of negative information about the side effects, including the FDA stating that it would take 75 years to provide the freedom of information act Pfizer data.
  • The vilification of actual safe alternatives seemed clearly designed to allow the continued emergency use authorization, and again, anyone who cared and was paying attention should have noticed this as a huge red flag.
  • Kevin states that "the government conspired with Big Tech to aggressively suppress it, erasing the valid political concerns of the government's opponents." This is such a misdirection to frame these as political concerns. THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY SCIENTIFIC AND VALID. This was not about politics for most of us, and framing it as not being sensitive to others' political views--and bringing in class and race to his arguments--is deceptive... enough for me to think that they are intentional.
  • This is just total crap: "we have witnessed a massive and ongoing loss of life in America due to distrust of vaccines and the healthcare system..." What Kevin is saying is that the problem here is that by not being politically, racially, and class sensitive that this caused people to be vaccine-hesitant, and that cost lives. NO, what's costing lives is the administration of an untested, seriously problematic, ingredient-secret shot into a huge percentage of the world's population.
I understand that there are some deep psychological issues associated with people going along with the mandates and restrictions. But to claim now that you should have known better--but without actually stating the really important medical reasons why you should have known better, and pretending they were political and privilege-oriented, does appear to make this particular opinion piece seem like part of an attempt to re-shape the narrative now that so much damning evidence is becoming clear. 

No, you hurt people and tread on sacred personal rights, so SHAME ON YOU. And double shame on you for now trying to reframe what the problem actually is.

HUGE! Japanese Professor Fukushima sues government of Japan stating Japanese government not disclosing the data & COVID gene injection threatens Japan's survival : Japan data shows new cases/infection

Japanese Professor Sues the Government for Hiding Inconvenient Truths About the Jab Prof. Fukushima: "This is a historically serious problem that threatens the very existence of the nation of Japan." "As a medical doctor ... I had no choice but to dare to take legal action.


How the “Unvaccinated” Got It Right

Scott Adams is the creator of the famous cartoon strip, Dilbert. It is a strip whose brilliance derives from close observation and understanding of human behavior.


Sunday, February 5, 2023

Video : Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide

Visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to repost and share widely Global Research articles. The following video interview with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky pertains to the Confidential Pfizer Report released as part of a Freedom of Information (FOI) procedure.


Bernie Sanders' Pharma Money

“Bernie Sanders’ pharma money”—In the world that we’ve been shown, this phrase isn’t even supposed to exist.

The Compulsive Delusions of the Imperial Mind

Sadly, there are few people today who openly refer to themselves as anti-imperialists.

CAUSE UKNOWN: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021-2022

Today I received reports that Dutch pro cycling star Lieuwe Westra (40) and University of Arizona star swimmer, Ty Wells (23) have, in recent days, died suddenly. Judging by media reporting, the cause of their deaths is unknown.

The Real Disinformation Was The ‘Russia Disinformation’ Hoax – Ron Paul

Thanks to the latest release of the “Twitter Files,” we now know without a doubt that the entire “Russia disinformation” racket was a massive disinformation campaign to undermine US elections and perhaps even push “regime change” inside the United States after Donald Trump was elected pr

Dissecting The New Plea for COVID Amnesty

Note: I am going to wait a few days to email this one out so everyone has time to digest the series on the Pfizer Whistleblowers. Many of you may remember Emily Oster’s disingenuous plea for amnesty in The Atlantic.


What’s going to happen in 2023?

It’s the end of 2022 and this is video 319.