Saturday, January 6, 2024

Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory

Since the end of World War II, government operations have acquired a level of secrecy that would not have been tolerated in previous eras.


Prosecutors Propose Unbelievable Sentence for Ray Epps

Ray Epps was the only person captured on video telling people on Jan. 6 to storm the Capitol in 2021. He has been recommended to receive a six-month prison sentence. Other people who entered the Capitol after police opened its doors and took selfies for some time face years behind bars.


Thursday, January 4, 2024

The Cycle of Perpetual Fraud

I’ve been watching Dopesick, and it’s The Big Short. It’s the same story. He forgot medicine. Eventually we’ll have a Big Dopesick Short about the Covid-19 vaccines, and everyone who goes to the theater — sorry, I’ll start over.


Quaker Guns

Claudine Gay is Anthony Fauci. One of the most common responses I get is I don’t care about this topic: about Israel and Gaza, about California, about Harvard and stupid Claudine Gay. What’s the point? Why write about that one thing?


Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Florida Surgeon General calls for a Complete Halt

Below is the official statement from Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo calling for a halt on the use of mRNA Vaccines.


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Patriot service-members issue a Declaration of Military Accountability for COVID crimes committed by their leadership

Two hundred-thirty active duty service members and veterans just issued a scathing rebuke of their leadership in an unprecedented declaration of accountability. These prominent men and women want accountability for the COVID crimes committed by their flag and general officers.


Ireland Confirms Their Pandemic Was Just a Psy-Op

You can still go on to the Irish Covid dashboard and see the scary charts they produced to enforce lockdowns. Here is the chart for deaths by date notified. It looks very similar to the charts produced in other countries. ‘Oh My God, deaths are spiking, let’s lock down the whole country!’


Russian Textbooks Revised: US Rigged 2020 Presidential Election

Russian schools are teaching the youth that America rigged its own election in 2020. Students in the 11th grade have posted excerpts from their revised textbooks to the internet.


Whistleblower Docs Expose Key Tactics Of The Censorship Industrial Complex: Matt Taibbi

Documents recently provided by a whistleblower reveal offensive tactics used by government and outside organizations to counter and preempt the spreading of undesirable information, said independent journalist Matt Taibbi. Mr.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Consumers Are Rejecting The Great Reset

• COVID vaccine uptake has plummeted. Pfizer's stock is down 50% from 2 years ago. Moderna's is down over 70% in the same time frame. • Zuckerberg's Threads has failed. There's a lack of enthusiasm for heavily censored social media platforms.


Sunday, December 31, 2023

Norwegian study reveals weakening link between education and cognitive ability

A study conducted in Norway, using administrative register data spanning over four decades, explored the relationship between educational attainment and cognitive ability in men.


AMEN! 3000 doctors, scientists say NO! 'New lawsuit challenges HHS rule that forces doctors to perform controversial gender transition procedures on children'; The number of doctors and medical

professionals filing legal action against the Biden administration over its Transgender Mandate continues to grow. The directive would force doctors to perform gender transitioning procedures


It's the VACCINE, stupid, it's the VACCINE!; it's the mRNA & spike protein, stupid, it's the spike protein! My substack below mainstreamed VACCINE, not virus as cause of any 'heart failure pandemic';

Not the virus, and they are trying to scare you to lockdown with this new fraud sub-variant bullshit! Driving you to take boosters (and your children) when they know it’s DOA, ineffective and toxic. They want you on a booster treadmill forever with this ‘binary’ bioweapon.


'Dark Money Nightmare': How Qatar Bought the Ivy League

The hapless testimony by three Ivy League university presidents from Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce can be traced to Qatar and its insidious campaign to buy itself influence in US academia.