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BREAKING: ‘Ricky Vaughn’ Convicted of Election Interference for Posting Memes in 2016


Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Douglass Mackey, better known by his online alias “Ricky Vaughn,” which took inspiration from the main character of the smash hit, politically incorrect “Major League” movie series, has been convicted of federal election interference charges in the Eastern District of New York, one of the federal bench’s most notoriously left-wing courts. The conviction marks a low point for political free speech in America and has been compared to the Soviet-style targeting of political enemies.

Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, has been convicted of federal charges and faces a decade in prison for posting memes, which were obviously intended as a joke. The memes in question told Hillary Clinton voters to “vote from home” by texting in their vote to a fake phone number, or by posting it along with a “Presidential Election” hashtag, instead of showing up to the polls on election day.

According to federal prosecutors, several Democrat voters actually believed the gags and texted in or hashtagged their “vote” for Hillary Clinton, thereby “depriving” them of their right to vote at the hands of Mackey’s satirical online persona.

Ironically, while voting from home sounded like such a pipe dream in 2016 that the very idea of it was considered a joke, just four years later, Democrats illegally changed election laws all over the country to allow millions of people (or alleged people) to vote from home.

Ricky Vaughn MemesThe memes pictured above have landed Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, in federal prison for up to a decade.

“Douglass Mackey, also known as ‘Ricky Vaughn,’ was convicted today by a federal jury in Brooklyn of the charge of Conspiracy Against Rights stemming from his scheme to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote,” an official statement from the Eastern District of New York reads, announcing Mackey’s conviction. “When sentenced, Mackey faces a maximum of 10 years in prison,” the statement goes on to say.

Notably, Douglass Mackey is a Floridian, but was charged by the openly left-wing Eastern District of New York in 2021 and extradited to that state to face trial.

This situation is still developing. Stick with National File for more coverage of the Douglass Mackey/Ricky Vaughn trial and sentencing in the Eastern District of New York.

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Your Anti-Authoritarianism Is Borked

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Belief In Traditional American Values Plummeting: WSJ Poll

Belief In Traditional American Values Plummeting: WSJ Poll

Authored by Eric Utter via American Thinker (emphasis ours),

According to a depressing new poll from The Wall Street Journal, belief in the importance of traditional American values has plummeted in the United States in recent decades.

The poll queried U.S. respondents about the importance of patriotism, religious faith, having children and other traditionally American values in their lives. Only 39% of Americans surveyed said their religious faith is very important to them, and just 38% said patriotism is very important.

The Journal compared those numbers to the results from the first time it ran the poll in 1998… when 62% of Americans said religion was very important to them, and 70% said patriotism was. And that was during the Clinton administration!

So, apparently, a majority of Americans no longer believe either religion or patriotism is important.

If that is the case, Democrats will never be out of power again. They never tire of dissing the country, its founders…and the concept of objective truth, morality…and God. (“Male and female He made them? Screw that, I decide if I am male or female…or any other gender, including ones I make up out of whole cloth!”)

Remarkably, the survey also purported to find that a plurality of Americans believe the U.S. has not gone far enough in promoting equality between men and women, accepting people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual, or in promoting racial and ethnic diversity in business and universities. If we go any further down that road, no one but members of the BIPOC LGBTQ Community will ever again be allowed to head a company or attend college.

The results of this poll, if they are reasonably accurate depictions of Americans’ values, or lack thereof, are disheartening to say the least. If, essentially, 23% of Americans lost their belief in a higher power, and 32% lost their belief in the goodness of their country in just the past 25 years…it is time to turn out the lights, as the party is unquestionably over.

The founders knew this was a distinct possibility at some point. John Adams famously observed, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” This is one reason “progressives” disdain them so. They disdain the very concepts of morality and religion, as they tend to put boundaries on people’s behavior. A God would be competition for them, and that they cannot countenance.

Conservatives, on the other hand, wish to conserve the best of the past, and pass on the accrued wisdom and best practices of millennia past. (We are not reflexively against change, such as voting Democrats out of office, potentially eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts, defunding National Public Radio, proposing school choice and voucher initiatives, or re-funding the police.)

It is no coincidence that testosterone and sperm levels have fallen during this same period. Or that IQs have declined, too. It all ties together. As Andrew Breitbart averred, it is true that politics is downstream from culture. And the current cultural cesspool feeds the stream that flows through—and poisons—our political class.

Objectively, this leads to one inescapable conclusion: sickeningly, the incessant lies that “progressive” Democrats—and their sycophantic lapdogs in the mainstream media—have told the American people…have been effective. Bullshit is viable.

Indoctrination works.

Tyler Durden Thu, 03/30/2023 - 17:40


Two years later, Jan. 6 video footage raises new questions about police and prosecutors [Google blocked original posting]

Two years after the Jan.

Imagine If All Officials Were Interrogated By Reporters Like This [Google blocked original posting]

A fascinating exchange took place at a UN press briefing the other day between China Global Television Network's Xu Dezhi and the UN's Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General Farhan Haq about the US military occupation of Syria.

The Pfizer Effect : Government Reports suggest COVID Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome is partly to blame for 2 million Excess Deaths in the West over the past 2 years [Google blocked original posting]

Recent reports from the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of Europe have raised alarm bells as they confirm that 2 million excess deaths have been recorded since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

What Happened at Georgetown Law with Covid?

For questioning Covid restrictions, Georgetown Law suspended me from campus, forced me to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, required me to waive my right to medical confidentiality, and threatened to report me to state bar associations.


Italian Doctor Suspended for Suggesting Autopsies of Sudden Deaths

We do not need no stinking autopsies, say Italian medical officials.

Originally Published on Igor’s Newsletter.

Italian doctor Valerio Petterle was publicly asked about sudden deaths. He suggested that sudden deaths of adults are on the rise and recommended doing more autopsies to discover why people are dying unexpectedly.

For this suggestion, Dr. Petterle was suspended for two months (English translationarchive link in Italian).

Italian medical authorities and boards are not interested in doing autopsies to understand excess mortality in Italy. Instead, they suspended the doctor, who suggested looking into the sudden deaths of Italians.
[Google translation] What are the “offending” statements? «Sudden deaths are on the rise and half of the deaths are due to Sads, the sudden adult death syndrome» Petterle explained to La Verità «one out of two middle-aged deceased was healthy and in all known damage to the gland pineal, as if their immune system is impaired. The corpses are still swabbed: if positive they are removed from relatives». Petterle, always to the newspaper, said he was concerned about the increase in deaths from myocardial infarction and the need to perform more autopsies to get to the causes.

The Italian health authorities have a problem they should investigate: in 2022, Italy had excess mortality of 11-25%.


What made Italians die at excess rates in 2022? We have no idea! We only know that Italian health officials do NOT want us to know the answer. Instead, they suspend doctors who recommend doing more autopsies.

I am sorry for the brave Italian doctor Valerio Petterle. I hope that he does not give up.

As the suddenly dying people are buried or cremated, we may never have the proof of why they died – which is exactly what Italian medical boards want.

A perfect crime needs a perfect coverup!

Dr. Petterle is not alone. When a brave British parliamentarian Andrew Bridgen suggested that excess deaths in the UK were a national emergency, he was falsely accused of antisemitism. Matt Hancock, a mastermind of British lockdowns, and Rishi Sunak, a WEF member who profited mightily from COVID vaccine companies, were at the forefront of these false accusations.

So, ignoring excess deaths and vilifying those who call for investigations into their causes is not a purely Italian problem.

Now, when autopsies are done properly, as University of Heidelberg pathologists did in Germany, they discover damage caused by the COVID vaccines:

Do you think they will be able to cover up the causes of sudden deaths in Italy and elsewhere?

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The Greatest Crime In Human History Ever Recorded Is Coming Soon in Paperback Form

The damning information that Pfizer, and as such, what the FDA knew, and wanted to keep hidden for 75 years, has been thoroughly documented and compiled into a paperback book.

These important summaries, which detail astonishing ranges of deaths, disabilities, and other systematic harms to subjects, contain vastly important headlines: twenty forms of menstrual damage to women — how Pfizer covered up a flood of adverse events — PEG in breast milk — within a month of rollout, Pfizer knew the mRNA vaccines did not work.

All funds and proceeds raised go to the research project — and put food on the table for those devoting their time to this noble cause. So, please, show your support and get your (or a loved one’s) hands on this critical information in one place — by ordering your copy today.

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Hunter Biden Sues Laptop Repair Shop—Confirming Authenticity, ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin, Kamala Beclowns Herself (Again), & More [Google blocked original posting]


US Officials Really, REALLY Want You To Know The US Is The World’s “Leader” [Google blocked original posting]

Listen to a reading of this article: In response to questions he received during a press conference on Monday about Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin cementing a “new era” in strategic partnership between China and Russia, the White House National Security Council’s John Kirby made no fewer than s

#Placentagate: One of the Biggest Scandals in Medicine [Google blocked original posting]

Jikkyleaks has been doing some of the most important work exposing the slow kill bioweapon injections. His latest tweets are absolutely devastating, citing a study that showed how lipid nanoparticles (LPNs) deliver the poisonous mRNA into the placenta; to wit: LPNs enhance mRNA eugenics.

Hunter Biden Sues Laptop Repair Shop—Confirming Authenticity, ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin, Kamala Beclowns Herself (Again), & More [Google blocked original posting]


The caving of ex-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis [Google blocked original posting]

The left is upping the lawfare against conservatives, even attempting to prosecute them, as they proceed to indict former President Donald Trump. The 65 Project was specifically created to disbar conservative election attorneys.

Why Are Colleges Still Mandating COVID Vaccines for Students? [Google blocked original posting]

Via The Defender If college bureaucrats aren’t willing to end their reckless and outdated COVID-19 policies now, parents will shift their support to colleges that do.

Monday, March 27, 2023

The IRS Makes a Strange House Call on Matt Taibbi

Democrats are denouncing the House GOP investigation into the weaponization of government, but maybe that’s because Republicans are getting somewhere. That includes new evidence that the Internal Revenue Service may be targeting a journalist who testified before the weaponization committee.


CDC greatly exaggerated, lied about severity of covid: STUDY

The CDC made at least 25 different statistical or numerical “errors” throughout the saga that resulted in the severity of the manufactured “crisis” being massively overstated, the paper found.


W.H.O. Do You Trust?


Trust in public health has been shattered–half of America has lost faith in the scientific community altogether. Our current government is doubling down on World Health Organization (WHO) decrees that directly circumvent public oversight. The WHO has drafted a new global Pandemic Accord. The U.S. ambassador to the WHO, Pamela Hamamoto, on February 27 imprudently promised "The United States is committed to the Pandemic Accord." This comes immediately after the exposure of yet another disgrace undermining trust in public health institutions. It turned out the February 2020 Lancet article calling the lab origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus a "conspiracy theory" was itself the true conspiracy, contrived behind closed doors contemporaneously with a March 2020 publication in Nature. If that coordinated media campaign was designed to conceal malfeasance by Drs. Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci–who, as leaders of America's National Institutes of Health, reportedly sent American tax dollars to fund China's dangerous gain-of-function research and circumvent Obama administration-introduced restrictions–we may be witnessing the deadliest cover-up scandal in history. News media are also beginning to acknowledge facts that refute the original reasons behind lockdowns. Despite protestations to the contrary, all signers of the Pandemic Accord clearly relinquish critical autonomy to the WHO. Most ominous is that WHO defines "public health emergency" on its own terms.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on government corruption and the coronavirus from reliable major media sources.


Science or Political Propaganda?

Politics has no place in science. I mentioned the publication Nature in my article on Fauci’s failed door to door vaccine campaign, and how it claimed that incentivizing vaccinations did not have negative consequences.