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Inside One Of Big Brother's 'Location Harvesting' Contractors, Which Tracks 'Hundreds Of Millions' Of Phones

Inside One Of Big Brother's 'Location Harvesting' Contractors, Which Tracks 'Hundreds Of Millions' Of Phones Tyler Durden Sat, 08/08/2020 - 21:30

A Virginia-based software company founded by two US military veterans with backgrounds in intelligence has been tracking hundreds of millions of mobile phones across the world, according to documents reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

The company, Anomaly Six LLC, draws location data from over 500 apps - partly through their proprietary software development kit (SDK) which they've paid to embed directly in some of the apps, while the company gets location data from partner providers. The SDK allows the company to obtain a user's location if they have allowed the apps in question to access the phone's GPS coordinates.

App publishers often allow third-party companies, for a fee, to insert SDKs into their apps. The SDK maker then sells the consumer data harvested from the app, and the app publisher gets a chunk of revenue. But consumers have no way to know whether SDKs are embedded in apps; most privacy policies don’t disclose that information. Anomaly Six says it embeds its own SDK in some apps, and in other cases gets location data from other partners. -Wall Street Journal

Anomaly Six holds contracts with several branches of the US Government - although they told the Journal that they 'restrict the sale of US mobile phone movement data to nongovernmental, private sector clients,' according to the report. Private sector clients - typically marketing companies or others in the advertising space - buy and sell geolocation data, sometimes 'reselling it to government agencies or contractors' according to the report.

And as the Journal notes, in the case of Anomaly Six, "the direct collection of such data by a business closely linked to US national security agencies is unusual."

Founded by defense-contracting veterans who spent most of their careers in close contact with government agencies, tailored their operation to interface with national-security, according to interviews and court records.

"Anomaly Six is a veteran-owned small business that processes and visualizes location data sourced from mobile devices for analytics and insights," the company told The Journal in response to questions for the article. "We leverage detailed location data from numerous first-party sources to provide insights into groups, behaviors, and patterns."

The company acknowledges the "intense scrutiny" surrounding government access to private location data - but insists they aren't breaking any laws, and that the data it peddles is 'commercially available.'

Anomaly Six said it would support regulation to require more disclosure by apps of how data is collected and used. The exact apps the company partners with couldn’t be determined and the company declined to comment, citing confidentiality agreements. The partnerships between data brokers and app makers are typically closely held trade secrets within the world of commercial-data sales. -WSJ

Calls for greater transparency

Marketing expert and founder of the Location Based Marketing Association, Asif Khan, says government access to harvested consumer location data has been a longstanding problem for the industry - and has insisted that app-makers provide greater transparency with consumers regarding how their data is used once collected.

"You could argue that the government has the right, just like any commercial entity, to buy the data, if the data is available from a commercial supplier," said Khan, adding "But you also need to be able to clearly say ‘this data could be used by government.’"

"I think the average consumer doesn't have a clue," he added.

That said, the data harvested from apps typically doesn't link to the name of the cellphone owner. Instead, devices are typically identified using an alphanumeric code. Still, the movement patterns of a specific phone over time (such as where it is every night) can allow analysts to deduce who owns it.

Consumers world-wide are often in the dark about governments’ acquisition and use of such data. Despite collecting data from consumer apps, Anomaly Six doesn’t have a privacy policy on its website, nor is it registered as a data broker in California, where a state law passed in 2018 typically requires companies to detail how they are acquiring and using consumer data. The company says it doesn’t meet the definition of a data broker under California law and isn’t required to register. The California attorney general’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment.

According to interviews with numerous people in the industry, there is little regulation in the U.S. about the buying and selling of location data, leading to what one industry veteran called “the Wild West.” Consumers have come to expect free apps, and app makers have turned to selling user data to pay for the costs of developing and running the software, people familiar with the industry. -WSJ

Anomaly Six and its founders been sued by a competitor, Babel Street, which provides social-media monitoring services to the intelligence community and law-enforcement agencies. Of note, two founders of Anomaly Six are former Babel Street employees who left in 2018, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed two years ago, offers insight into the secretive world of location harvesting products used by the US government.

Anomaly Six founder Brandan Huff had managed Babel Street's relationship with the Defense Department. His co-founder, former Army contractor Jeffrey Heinz, also manage Babel Street's relationships with the DOJ, US Cyber Command, civilian federal agencies and the intelligence community according to court records.

For example, one of Babel Street's products, "Locate X," provides access to the location records of millions of cell phones harvested from consumer apps. Babel claims their two ex-employees sought to build a competing product.

Babel Street doesn’t publicly advertise Locate X and binds clients and users to secrecy about even its existence, according to contracts and user agreements reviewed by the Journal. Developed with input from U.S. government officials, according to court records, Locate X is widely used by military intelligence units who work on gathering “open source” intelligence, or information taken from publicly available sources. Babel Street also has contracts with the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department, and many other civilian agencies, federal contracting data shows. Babel Street didn’t respond to a request for comment. -WSJ

What's more, both Babel Street and Anomaly Six products can be used to combine traditionally gathered intelligence - such as social media data, satellite imagery, confidential human sources, consumer data from the private sector and intercepted communications, according to interviews with people familiar with the process as well as documents reviewed by the Journal.

The data is combined into what's known as a "pattern of life" analysis, which allows for a deeper understanding of a potential intelligence target's habits which can possibly be used to predict future behavior.

"It’s really alarming to learn about companies like this that claim to have years’ worth of location data from all over the world. Revelations like this just keep coming," said Georgetown University law professor Laura Moy, who directs the school's Communications & Technology Law Clinic.

"Users have no idea that when they install a weather app, a game, or any other innocuous-seeming app that their private location data is going to be harvested and sold. Apparently that’s what’s happening here, and we have no transparency into the practice."


Poll: 1 in 3 Americans would decline COVID-19 vaccine



(AXIOS) 35% of Americans say they would refuse a coronavirus vaccine, even if it was free, approved by the Food and Drug Administration and available immediately, according to a Gallup poll released Friday.

The big picture: Health experts believe a vaccine — coupled with recommended public health measures — will be the path back to societal normalcy. But that outcome relies on a critical mass getting the vaccine so that the population can achieve herd immunity.

Many Americans, however, are split along party lines as to whether they'd be willing to obtain a vaccine for COVID-19.

81% of Democrats said they would be willing to have a vaccine, while 47% of Republicans said the same.

Independents fell in the middle, with 59% reporting they would get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

Read the full story ›

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If Bill Gates Were President…


Wow, Spiro Skouras is joined by James Corbett to discuss what we can do about this Globalist juggernaut led by Bill Gates, to vaccinate “the entire Global population”, as he says.


Spiro: On the exact same day as Event 201, the pandemic simulation of the global coronavirus outbreak, which was hosted by Johns Hopkins, in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, the World Military Games were holding their opening ceremonies, on the exact same day.

Right before the coronavirus outbreak, 10,000 military athletes – not including the support personnel – from 110 different nations around the world, all in Wuhan China, which we are all led to believe is Ground Zero of this outbreak. What are the chances of all of this? And what is your take on this, in general?

James: Well, let’s look at the generation-defining Black Ops of the past century, like for example JFK or 9/11. In operations like that, if there’s anything that we’ve learned over the years, it’s that there’s going to be 18 different cookie crumb trails embedded in these stories, so that there’s something crazy over here that’ll capture your attention – there’s something crazy over there that’ll capture your attention – that never, never will be resolved, because it’s all in the past.

Now, and there’s no way to prove anything, so people will fight and ultimately, entire warring, internecine classes of doctrines about JFK and 9/11 and whatever arise, and “You don’t agree with what I think about this particular thing.”

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that that’s actually by design, because of course, if you do want a successful Black Op to go ahead, you will have to implant a lot of crazy trails and stories and things that seem to connect in weird ways and “What the Hell is that about?” mysteries embedded in there, that of course, are fascinating and will attract the conspiracy theorists (uh, the realists) who actually want to look into what happened.

I think we’re going to have to assume that that is what is happening, with regards to this. So yes, there are all sorts of crazy things like Event 201, like the Wuhan games, like that bizarre whatever was happening around Fort Detrick last year, with the outbreak of this, and then there was the vaping thing – they were trying to blame it on…there were clusters of these these pneumonia-like illnesses that were happening. And I mean, there’s so many different things that we could look at.

And again yes, I don’t have the definitive, “Here is exactly what happened”, and I don’t think anyone will ever come to that, at this point, unless we get the signed, sealed, delivered confession from one of the insiders of the plot. Unlikely.

But what we do know and what we can absolutely prove is, all of that institutional framework and all of the preparation, all of the planning that, for decades that has gone into this very scenario; the pandemic outbreak scenario most obviously announced by the front man for this agenda right now, Bill Gates back in 2015, when he started doing the media rounds warning about the next pandemic.

So, that kind of framework. And that preparation has been laid – and I talked about this 12 years ago, in a podcast I did on Medical Martial Law, which I updated this year, when this all started rolling out, where I go through all of the the types of planning and the documentation and the model State Emergency Health Preparedness Act, that was created back around 9/11 and that was rolled out, in state after state…that has basically brought us to this point, that I can point to and I can say, “Look!”

Clearly, whether spontaneous – maybe it really did come from bat soup. It doesn’t actually matter, insofar as the way that they have responded to it is exactly what they they’ve been lusting after.

So, I think at some point, obviously the decision was made, “Okay, this is the one we’re going to use; we’re going to jump on this, let’s go for it.” But whether or not that was designed, whether it escaped, whether it was completely natural, I don’t know…

And who gets to decide that and what are their financial ties? And what does it mean that something like the Bill and Melinda ates Foundation, which is, by the way also a foundation trust, which is invested in pharmaceutical manufacturers and others that have financial ties to what happens here.

What does it mean, that they’re donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the World Health Organization, the second biggest donor to the World Health Organization, right behind the United States? Which, if they actually do withdraw their funding next year, as they’re threatening to do, would make the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the biggest contributor to the World Health Organization.

That is something that is a very, very big conflict of interest, that to be fair, was almost sort of broached in a recent interview with Bill Gates. The interviewer actually did push a little bit saying, ‘Well, don’t aren’t you invested in certain some of the companies that will benefit from these vaccines and of course he completely danced around that question.

But could you imagine a world in which the press actually held Gates’ feet to the fire on that issue? Because, that would start to tease out some of these the implications of what you’re talking about there. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation being one of the largest contributors to the World Health Organization.

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce



Bad medicine: Fauci's HCQ Waterloo

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been hailed in the press as the nation's top infectious disease expert. He's been feted with presidential honors, and high praise for his medical acumen. His policy disagreements with President Trump, supposedly as the voice of 'science,' have made him a hero on the left.


20 Basic Life Skills Your Teenager Should Have

teen doing laundry

Your teen is an adult now, but how are their life skills for adults? Take a look at some of the things your teen should know how to do on their own.

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The DNC Convention Is the Election



For nearly a year it has been my primary thesis that the DNC nominating convention would determine the fate of the presidential election here in the states. These four days may, in fact, be more dramatic than any Democratic convention since 1860 when incumbent James Buchanan was tossed aside to ensure a lawyer with railroad ties from Illinois, Stephen Douglas, squared off against Republican Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was also a railroad lawyer from Illinois. Just sayin’.

The convention is less than two weeks away and serious questions about the Democrats’ strategy should be plain to see for anyone who pays even cursory attention to presidential politics.

How can they possibly run Joe Biden?

It’s not that Biden hasn’t been a good soldier for the empire, he has. It is that he is unpresentable as a candidate in public. The evidence of his cognitive decline, which has accelerated in recent months, mounts every time he fails to even read a teleprompter correctly.

The only thing the Democrats are united on is their hatred for Trump. But that hatred cannot be an animating principle to base an election strategy on, though, to this point, they certainly have tried.

Internally, there has been a three-sided war on for control of the party’s future. There is the Boomers, represented by Hillary Clinton’s faction, who lost spectacularly when she backed a male version of herself, the profoundly disconnected and unlikeable Mike Bloomberg, as a stalking horse to pad her delegate count.

There is the frustrated Gen-Xers, represented by Barack Obama who was supposed to lead the party after his two terms as president. Biden is his representative and was the clear winner in the primaries as the candidate who theoretically could swing the center of the country away from Trump.

And then there is the Millennials, represented in the primaries by Bernie Sanders and the so-called squad. They are led now by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whose goal is to kick out all of these globalists and remake the party as the vanguard of a U.S. cultural revolution.

None of these people are acceptable to the center of the U.S. who today, no matter how hard they are being gaslit to believe, ultimately blame Donald Trump for their current problems.

And Obama pressed for Biden to be the candidate. He finally beat Hillary for nominal control of the party, getting his candidate through the primary miasma.

You can’t blame a President for a natural disaster, but that’s been the Democrats’ strategy all year with COVID-19. Whatever Trump said or did in response to the virus was wrong, even if that meant exhibiting blatant hypocrisy or openly contradicting previous positions.

In fact, this has been the Democrats’ strategy since before Trump took office and it has made them look hysterical and irrelevant.

So, with the convention less than two weeks away the big question is who Biden’s running mate will be. The fact that he hasn’t chosen one yet tells you that they have no strategy for actually winning the election other than trying to steal it through mail-in ballots.

Because none of the potential candidates can do what the Democrats need a vice-presidential candidate to do, deliver a key battleground state.

For Biden, given the rapidity of his decline, the V.P. pick has the added burden of actually being the President for most of the elected term, because the convention will make it clear to the world that Biden will step aside for health reasons no later than mid-2021 if he wins.

But, more pressing for the Democrats, is the fundamental problem that in order to beat back AOC’s Squad and keep Hillary bound down, they are now saddled with an unelectable candidate and a platoon of potential running mates who are wholly unacceptable to either the DNC establishment, the country at large or both.

Whoever tunes into the virtual convention will realize almost immediately that this time, more than any election in the televised era, when filling in that ballot in November you will be voting on the qualifications bottom half of the ticket rather than the top.

Moreover, since Biden has declined so quickly the odds of an internal coup against him occurring at the convention in Milwaukee is high. It’s why the New York Times is now calling to cancel presidential debates. It’s not because “never made sense as a test for presidential leadership.” It’s because, though the writer doth protest too much, everyone knows that Trump will wipe the floor with Biden.

In fact, I would argue debates between Trump and Biden will be so lopsided they would work to Biden’s advantage as people who see Trump’s attacks on him as ‘elder abuse.’ Trump would have to actually tone down his persona in a way I’m not sure he’s capable of doing.

But I digress.

The other factions within the DNC are sharpening their knives I type this. Hillary will go in filled with all the bile her gall bladder can still produce to thwart the potential ascension of any other woman to the presidency before her.

AOC and company will go in with Bernie’s delegates and play spoiler. Obama will try to figure out how to hold his new-found power together while Biden, frankly, drools on himself in the corner.

And that may be the most damning image of this pathetic and sordid affair I can muster. Biden should have already stepped aside. He should have already accepted the gold watch for his service and moved on to the great globalist golf course. But instead he’s being abused by cynical, power-mad ideologues desperate to avoid not only their own malfeasance, i.e. Obamagate, but have one last shot at delivering the U.S. back into the hands of The Davos Crowd’s move towards their Great Reset.

It’s clear that this election season has been about prepping the stage for the campaign season that puts so much pressure on Trump to perform miracles that Americans simply reject him as incompetent and will accept anyone other than him as President.

In Milwaukee, no matter what happens, we’re going to find out just how incompetent his opposition truly is.

The views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation.

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The Pharmaceutical Narrative Is Failing



So now we don’t have to listen to what those doctors said in front of the US Supreme Court, because it turns out that one of them has some whacky beliefs about sex with demons causing reproductive disorders. What a relief.

I’m not going to pretend that the things Dr. Stella Immanuel has said don’t sound just a little  crazy to me. They do. But I’ve been observing this game long enough to have a pretty good idea of how this works:

Someone says something that contradicts the dominant narrative (in this case, the narrative about medical science), and the machine that supports that narrative goes into overdrive to discredit them, with whatever information they can dig up–as long as it doesn’t involve discussing the actual substance of what the person has said.

I understand that for some people, maybe even for a great many, that is the end of the conversation. So for everyone who is satisfied with the “fringe doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine also believe demon sex causes fybroids” narrative–please, stop here. Your ride is over, and you may go on believing that this group of doctors and other professionals has been thoroughly discredited by these statements.

For everyone else, if you are at all interested in why such a coordinated effort has been launched to silence and discredit this group, why–even before the sex demon stuff was uncovered–videos of the group’s press conference were quickly yanked from YouTube, and why their own website was taken down without warning by its host, SquareSpace, (their new website can now be found here) then please keep reading.


What follows is a brief summary of the key points made by the group America’s Frontline Doctors at their press conference last week. I will not comment on the validity of their claims, however founder Dr. Simone Gold has provided support for much of what the group said, in a white paper that can be found here.

1. They believe that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for Covid-19.

This is the claim made by several of the speakers, including Dr. Immanuel, based on their own clinical experience, as well as on multiple published studies. Many of those studies are listed here, and here.

2. State licensing boards are using their power to forcibly prevent people from having access to this drug.

According to Dr. Gold, many states have empowered their pharmacists to not honor prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine to be used in treating Covid-19. This, she says, is unprecedented: “It has never happened that a state has threatened a doctor for prescribing a universally accepted safe generic cheap drug off-label.”

Meanwhile, says Gold, the drug is available over the counter in many other countries, including Iran and Indonesia, where it can be found “in the vitamin section”.

3. There is a coordinated campaign to discredit and suppress information about the drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for Covid-19:

“If it seems like there is an orchestrated attack going on against hydroxychloroquine,” said Dr. James Todaro, “it’s because there is.”

Dr. Todaro is speaking from experience. He was the co-author of a March 13 white paper arguing for the use of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19. The paper was made public on Google Docs, received a lot of attention, and was then removed–without warning–by Google. (It has since been put back up.)

4. The World Health Organization (the authority upon which YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has said she bases her company’s policy on “misinformation”) halted its trials of hydroxychloroquine based on a blatantly fraudulent study that relied on data that it appears never even existed. The WHO later resumed trials after independent investigators discovered the problems and the study’s authors retracted it.

5. We should be able to have a free and open discussion about this.

Dr. Dr. Joseph Lapado from UCLA, sums it up:

“We’ve been using (hydroxychloroquine) for a long time. But all of a sudden it’s been escalated to this area of looking like some poisonous drug. That just doesn’t make sense… At the very least, we can live in a world where there are differences of opinion about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, but still allow more data to come, still allow physicians who feel they have expertise with it to use that medication, and still, you know, talk and learn and get better at helping people with Covid-19.”


The influence that the pharmaceutical industry wields over media outlets is no secret. As of 2018, an estimated 70% of all news advertising in the US came from pharmaceutical companies. I have written elsewhere about how “reporting” on medical issues can be difficult to distinguish from outright marketing for drug companies.

Social-media platforms are not immune to this influence, whether it comes via advertising dollars; “partnerships” such as that between the CDC Foundation and MailChimp (which like many other platforms, has an explicit policy of censoring content about vaccines that does not align with the positions of the CDC and the WHO); direct investment, such as that of Google’s parent company Alphabet; or indeed at the behest of politicians such as Congressman Adam Schiff, who last year wrote to the CEOs of Amazon, Facebook and Google, requesting that those companies censor information and products that did not conform to the officially sanctioned position on vaccines. All three complied.

So it should come as small surprise that both Google and YouTube have now taken to removing content supportive of hydroxychloroquine, a drug that is no longer covered by patent, and can be made and sold by any generic producer, for a fraction of the price that Gilead, for example, might charge for its still-patented Remdesivir. Twitter and Facebook have likewise removed posts about the drug, most notably–and with no visible sense of irony–removing posts of the video in which the Frontline Doctors speak out about widespread media censorship of the topic. (You can now see those videos on Bitchute.)

One need not have an opinion on the merits of the drug hydroxychloroquine in order to recognize that something very odd is happening here. Something that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with free and open inquiry or honest scientific discourse.

Many argue that the politicization of this drug is founded in a desire to unseat President Trump, that the opposition to it is primarily because it was endorsed by Trump, and if it is deemed to be a failure (or even better, dangerous to patients) it will be a powerful strike against the president. That may well be part of what has motivated this. But there is another motivation, having to do with the desire to push a more expensive medication onto the market, and to push a new vaccine on the world’s population.

More broadly, it has to do with the narrative that those in the business of selling drugs demand we believe: that we are all in desperate need of their products (but only the ones still under patent) if we are to be healthy–or indeed, if we are to survive at all.

If it turns out that this “new” virus is easily treatable, with hydroxychloroquine or anything else, then the industry’s dreams go up in smoke. If hydroxychloroquine turns out to be a safe and effective way of treating Covid-19 (as multiple studies and the experience in many other countries outside of the US indicate it may be) then there is much less reason for anyone to receive a vaccine for it, let alone the entire world’s population. Likewise, there is no pressing need to develop a new, more expensive treatment.

But even more than that: If it turns out that hydroxychloroquine is after all a safe and effective treatment for Covid-19, then this whole episode–the silencing of dissenting voices, the “fact-checking” on social media, the campaigns against “misinformation”–will be revealed in plain sight, for what it has always been: Nothing more than a well-funded marketing campaign and damage-control effort on behalf of the industry that wants you to believe that you need to use its expensive products in order to go on living.

So when a group of doctors took to the steps of the US Supreme Court and told the world how they were having success using a cheap anti-malarial that had been in use for 65 years to treat the most deadly contagion of our generation, it was a massive blow to the narrative upon which the pharmaceutical purveyors’ success depends. And over the next few days, as viewers engaged in a race with the censors, quickly downloading videos before they were removed, to post them on other platforms… it became clear that the censors and the gatekeepers had lost control of the conversation.

This is not only about hydroxychloroquine. Every time media outlets or social-media platforms engage in outright censorship of content, in a way that happens to benefit pharmaceutical companies, both parties lose just a little more credibility. The actions we are witnessing now are not the actions of an industry confident in the value of what it provides to the world. They are the actions of a desperate, threatened creature. They are the actions of an entity that is not strengthened by the truth, but weakened by it. That is what these (increasingly obvious) acts of censorship tell us. What we are witnessing are the pangs of a lumbering, wounded, behemoth.

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YouTube/Google Whistleblower Reveals a Dangerous Agenda


When Zach Vorhies returned to his job at YouTube/Google after a hiatus in the summer of 2016, he was not political and he had tuned out the presidential election. This is why he really noticed how distraught his colleagues at Google were when when Hillary lost in November.

About a week after the Election, the CEOs held a company-wide meeting, where Founder, Sergey Brin declared that he was “personally offended at the election of Donald Trump” and the CFO described a discussion with the New York office about how they “were going to lose this election”, which Zach found disturbing.

“Lose this election? It’s not Google’s to lose – it’s the American peoples’ election,” he thought. “But the most shocking thing for me, which actually went over almost everybody else’s heads, the significance of it, was a question asked by the CEO, Sundar Pitchai about what the most effective thing Google had done during the election and his response was very troubling. He said, it was the suppression of Fake News by their machine learning algorithms and that they were going to be expanding on that.

“And I went, ‘Wait a minute. We’re filtering Fake News? When was that decision made? Because their mission statement is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. When did Google get into the business of filtering Fake News?’

“So, I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to figure out this definition of Fake News’…So, I started browsing through the company – and keep in mind, that Google was a very open company because of Eric Schmidt and so, as a result, I could just go and look at what other teams are doing.

“So, I started looking at what the Fake News team was doing and they actually had…an organization that was generating design documents; on defining exactly what Fake News was. And when I looked through the definitions, it turned out that 4 out of 5 all had to do with Hillary Clinton!

“And I was like, ‘Wait a minute! Is this about filtering Fake News or is this about helping a candidate?’ It seemed to me that it was about a political play.

“And so, I thought to myself, ‘If there’s such a thing as Fake News that’s going to be defined at the company, then there’s going to be something that executes the Fake News classification and removes them from the Search, the YouTube, the Google News.’

“And so, I sought to try to find out what that project was – and I found it. And the name of the project was called ‘Machine Learning Fairness.’ And over the course of a couple years, I gathered intelligence on this inside the company with publicly-available documents and when I was grabbing them, I was just grabbing them for myself, because at the time, I was like, ‘No one’s going to believe this. This is really out there but I need to have physical evidence for myself, so I know I’m not going crazy.’

“I saw Google essentially start seditious activities against the President. They deleted a word out of the Arabic dictionary, ‘Covfefe’, in order to play into the media’s attempt to use the 25th Amendment [to remove Trump from office due to mental incapacitation] – and I went, ‘Wow! This is sedition! This is treasonous – and now, because I know about it and if I don’t say anything, then I’m part of the conspiracy, via silence.’

“So, that’s when I realized I have to step forward, I had to contact someone that was trustworthy within the media, in order to disclose this to the public, no matter what the cost…and that’s how I got connected with Project Veritas. And they did a sting operation and the rest is history.”

All 52 States and Territories are now involved in the antitrust investigation against Google and the other FAANGs. Last week’s Big Tech antitrust hearing in Congress discussed content that Zach had disclosed. He says, “I think we’re on the verge of something big happening with Big Tech.

“One of the biggest problems is that they’re censoring Conservatives and anyone that is a dissident…a bigger problem is that they’re taking all of our data and they’re selling it to China…

“[Google is] a trillion-dollar company right now, they own 90% of the [global] search market, about 80% of the mobile phone market – the technocracy is here…they also own a large amount of these SSL certificates…and they can just go ahead and, with the flick of a switch, disable the certificates at the root level for entire sections of the economy and [websites] just go down, because all of a sudden, their connection can’t be trusted anymore…

“Google has the power to rig the Election. They’ve been caught rigging the Election already, not just in the United States but meddling in Ireland, in Brazil. This is the Technocracy.

“The biggest threat that we face in America, right now is Google.”

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce



Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tucker Carlson Announces George Floyd Fatally Overdosed with Fentanyl and A Lawsuit Is Brought to Force Release of HCQ to the Public


Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

Tucker Carlson on Fox News Announces What I and  John-Paul Leonard Told You Almost 2 Months ago—George Floyd Fatally Overdosed with Fentanyl

A Lawsuit Is Brought to Force Release of HCQ to the Public

The rest of the media continues to lie to protect the anti-white agenda and Big Pharma’s profit agenda.

Here is Tucker Carlson’s report:

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the censoring Nazi media have been protecting the official lie on Floyd, just as they do on everything else, such as HCQ, Russiagate, 9/11, Iranian nukes, peaceful protests, Russian invasions, so watch Tucker before the “free American media” cancels him.  Note that both Tucker and his guest are sufficiently intimidated by the media claim that Floyd was murdered to make it clear that they are not claiming that the police had no responsibility in Floyd’s death, but they don’t identify what the responsibility is. When even Tucker Carlson can be intimidated, you can see the power of the lie.

As Minnesota’s black attorney general, Keith Ellison, clearly admits on Tucker Carlson, he withheld the police video of their encounter with Floyd in order to aid his prosecution of the police officers who he falsely indicted.

In other words the video does not support the indictment or the official story that the despicable lying presstitutes have beat into your heads by endless repetition and misrepresentation.

The video clearly reveals an agitated and uncooperative Floyd complaining of difficulty breathing long before the infamous knee-on-neck, a routine restraint part of police training.  The police did not use excessive restraint. They eventually realized that Floyd was in distress. They accommodated Floyd’s request to be taken out of the squad car and allowed to lay on the ground.  You might remember that a large number of presstitute scum misrepresented Floyd’s being removed from the squad car and put on the ground as police brutality.  A number of Internet idiots screamed: “they had him safely in the car and took him out so they could kill him!”

The police realized Floyd was on drug overdose and called for medics.  Floyd was being held still so as not to exhaust his restricted oxygen capability in agitation. Floyd died because the ambulance did not get there in time.

When the top law enforcement official in Minneapolis withholds exculpatory evidence in order to frame and convict innocent police, and the law enforcement official is black and the police are white, it puts a different color on the lies we have been told.

Here is one person’s analysis of the police video:

Here is a link to the video of the police trying to get Floyd into the car:  Notice that RT is so intimidated that RT warns “disturbing video.”

Notice that Floyd is very agitated and very confused. He was sitting in a car with the windows up, but refuses to get in the police car because he is claustrophobic. The police assure him that they will roll down the window and stay with him.  He is too confused to comply with police instructions to show his hands, put his hands on the steering wheel, put his hands on his head.  Instead, he gives non-relevant replies.  Note that the police do not taser him or strike him. One officer keeps Floyd covered with a pistol until he shows his hands.

Note that Floyd complains of breathing problems following his resistance to being put in the police car. The breathing problem associated with fentanyl overdose is beginning to set in. Fentanyl’s effects include confusion, problems breathing, and unconsciusness. “An overdose occurs when a drug produces serious adverse effects and life-threatening symptoms. When people overdose on fentanyl, their breathing can slow or stop. This can decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can lead to a coma and permanent brain damage, and even death” .

The lessons to be learned from the George Floyd tragecy are these:  A black state attorney general withheld exculpatory evidence in order to falsely indict police officers. The presstitute media is so totally devoid of integrity that a sustained campaign of disinformation was used for the purpose of convicting the police in the minds of the public.  To find an unbiased jury is probably impossible.

When will  Americans ever learn to stop listening to the media?

The presstitutes have done the same thing to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which is proven to be the most successful and safe treatment for Covid-19.  The media–print, TV, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google–have covered up the safety and effectiveness of HCQ and have stricken from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Internet searches evidence provided by doctors treating Covid-19, and by virologists, epidemiologists and immunologists attesting to the safety and efficacy of HCQ.

I was, perhaps, the first to give you the true information about HCQ.  I also reported that CDC, NIH, WHO, and FDA are in cahoots with Big Pharma which does not want the information out that a cheap cure for Covid exists, because Big Pharma and its shills at the public health agencies want to sell you Big Pharma’s expensive vaccine and “cure.”  For them, Covid is a money-making opportunity.  In pursuit of this opportunity, they are jointly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.  There should not only be class action suits against these criminals, but also murder indictments.  If officer Chauvin can be indicted for Floyd’s death, Fauci, Redfield, Big Pharma, and the rest can be indicted for murder not merely of one person but hundreds of thousands of people.

Here is an explanation of why and how Anthony Fauci has blocked HCQ as a treatment for Covid:

Here is an account of how the CDC’s Redfield survived fraud in AIDS research to rise to the head of CDC:

You might wonder how such a compromised individual can rise to such a responsible position.  The answer is that Redfield is the kind of person Big Pharma wants in the position.

The Assoiation of American Physicians and Surgeons has filed a lawsuit to compell the release of HCQ to the public.  We will see if Big Pharma also owns the federal courts, as well as NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, and Trump’s Department of Health  Human Services —

Information about Fauci’s corruption is beginning to get around:

Once again, the HCQ accurate information:

And this from a friend who grew up in Africa:

“I am a child of hydroxychloroquine. I spent my childhood using it against Malaria. I have used it for many, many years, one tablet a week. It kills Malaria in the blood. A pill a week works as prevention, if we were bit by Malaria mosquito, the hydroxychloroquine instantly killed the Malaria. In Eastern Congo, the Belgians farm it. Miles and miles of farming of the hydroxychloroquine trees.  The medicine is made from the bark layer of the stem, they just cut the bark, dried it and made it into pills. Which even makes it organic, at least the type we used.”

Once again, the information on Fentanyl: 


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Democrats planted false stories in effort to derail Biden investigations, Grassley says

One of the longest serving members of Congress in a scathing speech on Wednesday accused Democrats of resorting to dirty tricks in order to derail investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine.  "This is the behavior of cowards. And it has to stop," Sen.


Investigative Journalist, Susan Bradford – Who’s Behind The Deep State?


Susan Bradford joins John Michael Chambers on the new Making Sense of the Madness YouTube channel to discuss her book, which wins my vote for the best book title, ever, ‘UNMASKED: THE CORONAVIRUS STORY: The Nauseating Truth Behind the Global Quest to Bring the World to Heel, Destroy Nationalism and Undermine the Trump Presidency through Fake Scandals, Simulated Pandemics, Junk Science, Political Puppets, Brazen Extortion, and Rapacious Money Grabs.’

Bradford worked at the Atlantic Council of the UK as a senior research fellow, writing and editing publications on foreign policy, in addition to working as a writer, editor and producer for Fox News and Voice of America.

Susan begins by explaining her view that the British Monarchy has been stealthily working to reclaim the United States as a colony in order to consolidate the world’s wealth and power into their own hands. To that end, they’ve been working through the US government and public-private partnerships to create a New World Order, a dictatorship with themselves at the top.

She says that during the Obama Administration, they they made a strong effort to implement their Globalist agenda, of which Obamacare was a part but this had the effect of bankrupting the healthcare industry. In order to recoup their losses, they were hoping to eliminate some of the older people who would be drawing upon public resources and to generate profits through vaccines and they also wanted to launch their contact tracing technologies that they had developed for war.

She says the coronavirus was manufactured by the Pirbright Institute in the UK, which receives funding from the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, the European Commission, DARPA and the Wellcome Trust. Both the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome are connected to the Rothschilds and they have a long history of developing medicines and chemicals that have been weaponized against the populace, typically to eradicate them during times of war, so that they could either seize natural resources, land, money, etc.

She says the Pirbright Institute acquired the patent for both the coronavirus and the vaccine back in 2018. She notes that last October, the Event 201 pandemic simulation sponsored by Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and the World Economic Health Forum was held simultaneously with the Military World Games in Wuhan, China, which was sponsored by the International Military Sports Council, which brings together the world’s armed forces and the world’s healthcare providers together, to coordinate their responses to global pandemics and to forge new markets for the pharmaceutical companies.

She says, “Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus was released at the Military World Games and that set off the pandemic around the world.”

George Webb, of course has been asserting the same thing for months and this is what got him de-platformed by YouTube and embroiled in a lawsuit.

Susan Bradford shares many other interesting items from her perspective as a Globalist defector.

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce



When Science Doesn’t Work

Religion no longer plays the role it did in past cultures, where it was the first and last directive. Western religions today pale in comparison to the power once wielded by the medieval Catholic Church or the Mayan priests.


Destroying Western Media's "Swedish Public Health Disaster" Narrative In Two Simple Charts

Destroying Western Media's "Swedish Public Health Disaster" Narrative In Two Simple Charts Tyler Durden Wed, 08/05/2020 - 05:00

Via SKWealthAcademy,

"In order to control public opinion of the masses, the ruling class should “regiment the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments [soldiers’] bodies."

– Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

– Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

Recently, the Western media has made a point to publish a plethora of stories about the public health disaster of Sweden’s no lockdown policy in order to deliberately discredit, in the minds of most people, the only science-based approach to covid19 undertaken by any nation in the world.

Since the end of July, there have been a lot of completely false and misleading stories about the failures of Sweden’s no lockdown policy and Sweden officials’ choices to not tyrannically shut down businesses in Sweden, to only suggest that the elderly vulnerable population self-quarantine, and to allow for the complete normalization of life under the conditions. Of course, the criticisms of portraying life as completely normal in Sweden had some merit. The most normalized behavior occurred in Stockholm, and though no businesses were ordered to close, some more cautious, conservative business owners chose to shut down their cinemas and ski resorts chose to voluntarily close and GDP in Sweden is still forecast to shrink by 4%. Still a 4% annual shrinkage in GDP is 1000 times more preferable to the annual pace of a 32.9% drop in GDP forecast in America just this past quarter.

Furthermore, if the most human interaction is happening in Stockholm, the most densely populated city in Sweden with a central population of 1.5M and a metropolitan population of over 2.4M, then this fact would serve as stronger proof, not weaker proof, that their no-lockdown, normal life behavior approach was a resounding success. This logical, science-based and humanitarian approach starkly contrasted with the totalitarian, misanthropic ruling class’s approach to restrict the movements of everyone, including fully-abled healthy people with strong immune systems, and legislating mandated stay-at-home orders for large swaths of entire nations, orders which the United Nations claim may bring 260 million people to the verge of starvation by year’s end, which would make the State leaders responsible for an outcome, if it happens, guilty of genocide on a scale that would make Hitler, Mao, and Mussolini’s repugnant genocidal feats appear as child’s play.

In fact, in response to my legitimate claims that Sweden’s no-lockdown response was the only science-based response to covid 19 in the entire world, and also, non-coincidentally, the most successful response, I heard many Westerners attempt to rebut my arguments with counterclaims that were not the result of any research or intellect, but the consequence of obedient parroting of Western media headlines, that on the surface, seemed to dispute the science I had presented.  

In response to Sweden’s massive success rates with its no lockdown policy, the only State that dared stand up to the global banking cartel that was likely behind the global economic lockdown policy, the Western mass media deployed a pre-emptive counterstrike by literally releasing hundreds of articles about the grave “failure” of Sweden’s no lockdown policy and disseminating these articles to millions of websites online. So even though I debunked their false claims already in this article, since social media has reduced everyone’s attention span to small chunks of a few seconds at a time, with the exception of a handful for every million, I’ve created a couple of charts, drawing data from the sites of the US Centers for Disease Control and Folkhälsomyndigheten, the Public Health Agency of Sweden, to address this problem whereby the false Western mass media narrative about Sweden’s virus response will be destroyed in a glance.

In the top chart, when we compare the mortality rates of covid19 in Sweden v. the US, including all data until the end of July, the US’s mortality rate of covid 19 in the age group of less than 39 years of age was 0.58%, more than 1,230 times greater than the 0.00047% mortality rate of Sweden. Furthermore, in the age demographics of 40-59 and 59-69, the death rate in the US from covid19 versus Sweden was respectively 215 times and 211 times greater than Sweden.

In the bottom chart, I compared Sweden’s mortality rate for different age demographics compared to the US mortality rate for the common flu. For the comprehensive age group of all ages less than 60 years of age, the Swedish mortality rate of covid19 is less than 1/3rd of the American mortality rate for the common flu. Clearly, as can be easily observed in the bottom chart, the overall covid19 mortality rate for Sweden’s population was greatly skewed by nearly all covid19 deaths occurring in the above 70 year old demographic, with the majority of Sweden’s covid19 deaths occurring in those older than 80 and 90 years of age!

I created the above graphics, using official date of both the US Centers for Disease Control and and Folkhälsomyndigheten, the Public Health Agency of Sweden. The major disclaimer I have about the graphics I created is that the US lockdown response to covid19 that is hundreds to thousands times worse in result versus Sweden’s no lockdown, free and open society response is likely skewed a little higher than reality. This bias originates from the inaccurate reporting of covid deaths in America, as already four states, Washington, New York, Texas and Colorado, have admitted to many cases of falsely categorizing non-covid19 deaths, including even deaths from fatal transportation crashes and murders, as covid19 deaths. However, it is not my fault that US health agencies have reported wildly inflated covid19 deaths that make their management of the virus appear pathetic in comparison to Sweden’s chosen strategies of continuing to operate their nation as if covid19 was less dangerous than the common flu for healthy, working-age people, which their statistics have thus far validated. Secondly, the only other factor that introduces some slight margins of error in the above graphics is the fact that the data available for mortality rates among different demographics do not exactly match the population data also provided for these demographic groups to determine mortality rates. Thus I was required to make some extrapolations with the data to determine mortality rates of covid19 for the Swedish age demographics.

For example, the population data I used for the Swedish population split the demographic data into age brackets of 45-55, 55-65,and so on, that slightly differed from the age brackets of 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and so on provided by the Public Health Agency of Sweden for the number of deaths from covid19. Therefore to determine the mortality rates for covid19 and the common flu, I was required to extrapolate the population data for age categories to match the age categories for the data provided regarding number of deaths. The methodology I used to estimate the Swedish population to arrive at mortality rates for each age group was a direct linear extrapolation.

For example, Sweden reported 1.282M citizens between the ages of 35 and 44, an age group of 10 years. Consequently, to estimate how many citizens were among those aged 35 to 39, I merely divided the number of the total citizens for that age group of 1.282M citizens in half to arrive at 641,000 citizens and then added this figure to the 4.448M Swedes that are 34 years of age or younger to arrive at a total population of 5.1M Swedes for the demographic of 0-39 years of age for my mortality rate calculations. Of course, if the number of 1.282M citizens is more heavily skewed in favor of the 35 to 39 year old group than the 40 to 44 year old group, than my total population of 0-39 years of age will yield a slightly higher mortality rate than reality. However, since all census data is based upon estimates from sampling a much smaller portion of the population, I assume that my own estimates of portions of the demographic categories to yield my mortality rates that were based on simple mathematical extrapolations should not introduce any significant margins of error that will distort the true message and reality contained within my two charts.

Despite this overwhelming scientific evidence of the Swedish approach as the most effective combined dual health and economic-based approach in the entire world, I was amazed at the volume of Western media lies and propaganda about Sweden’s approach being a horrific failure.

Western media in the US and the UK were all too eager to oblige in spreading complete lies and fabricated garbage by painting Sweden’s massive success as a complete failure by printing headlines that blared,

Sweden has nearly 10 times the number of COVID-19-related deaths than its Nordic neighbors”,  

“Sweden's coronavirus death rate is nearly 6 times that of neighboring Norway and Finland”, 

“A Very Swedish Sort of Failure”,  and

“Sweden’s Coronavirus Experiment Has Well and Truly Failed.”

And just in case you’re not the type to watch the nightly news, the Western media flooded the internet with the same false narrative to ensure that everyone that heard about these stories and consequently searched for additional stories about Sweden’s no lockdown policy would receive plenty of confirmation about these false narratives.

The mission of these fake, non-science and non-mathematical based stories was to ensure that the maximum amount of people around the world remain completely unthinking, obedient slaves to State mandated, martial-law style lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, in which the consequent social isolation from others would not only produce devastating  financial and  psychological effects but also have the added bonus, for the ruling class, of producing a mental state among the global population extremely receptive to hate and fear.  Yesterday, I conducted a search on the Google Search engine for “the failure of Sweden’s coronavirus response”, and Google, as an apparatus of the parasitic ruling class, returned 52M results for this topic. 

And though a search for “the success of Swedens’ coronavirus response” returned 63.9M results, and one may see the results and perhaps think that for the first time in history, the Google search engine did not have an agenda in its search results, a quick glance at the titles of the articles on the entire first page quickly dispel such faith. The first articles for this search were titled,

“Has Sweden’s Controversial Covid19 Strategy Been Successful?”,

“Dramatic Drop in Deaths Doesn’t Mean Plan Worked”,

“Misinformation and De-Contextualization”, “Sweden’s Prime Minister Rejects Criticism”, and

“A Warning from Sweden’s Coronavirus Response”.

Although a few of these articles appear that they may focus on the positive aspects of Sweden’s response, they did not. Every single article focused on the slightly negative outcomes of their response, and completely ignored their much more heavily positive outcomes, whereby the results of this “positive” search were nearly indistinguishable from the results of the “negative” search about Sweden’s covid19 response.

In any event, the hypocritical Western media that blasted Sweden’s response as a complete failure for having six times the mortality rate of its neighbors in Finland and Norway, these faux journalists should have turned their propaganda lens inward to within domestic borders and blasted a covid19 death rate in the US in the under 40 year old population that was more than 1,230 times that of Sweden. If Sweden’s response was a disaster, how would you categorize a response that was worse by a factor of more than twelve-hundred times? A complete apocalypse? And why was this rate so much higher in the US than in Sweden? As I already stated,  it was so much higher because nearly no one died in Sweden who was under the age of 60 from this virus, so printing a headline that US deaths in the under 40 category were “apocalyptic” when compared to Sweden, though it would never happen in a million years, would still be a headline upon which I would heavily frown, as publishing such a headline would obviously only be done with the to deceive. Even though the data of mortality rates for the under 40-year old category would qualify as a comparison of apples to apples, in some instances, comparing apples to apples does not mean that such a comparison would not be deceitful.  Quoting statistics should not be used when one knows that their use will paint biased, misleading views of the actual situation, yet the mass media repeatedly engages in such deception with no qualms about doing so.

Likewise, the reason Sweden possessed a covid19 death rate six times higher than Finland and Norway was because

(1) Sweden’s elderly population was much greater than the elderly population  of either of those two nations; and

(2) As small as was Sweden’s mortality rates were for all age groups except the elderly, Finland and Norway’s mortality rates were even more minute.

Consequently, compare minute to minute statistics, a 6 times higher mortality rate is very easy to manufacture and can be extremely misleading.  For example if one country reports six deaths out of 100,000 and another country reports 36 deaths out of 100,000 and both nations have populations under 10 million people, reporting a mortality rate six times higher in the former nation versus the latter nation is truly misleading. Now if both nations had populations over 150M people and this were still the case, then it would be okay to report such a statistic as there would be much more truth in such a stat.

As is evident in the bottom chart, the bulk of deaths from coronavirus in Sweden happened in the over 70 year old demographic, but particularly in the over 80 year old category. If a nation has many more elderly citizens, percentage wise than another nation, then of course its overall mortality rate will be much higher, as its overall mortality rate will be greatly skewed by its large elderly population. This is why it would be fake science to extrapolate the high mortality rate of covid19 in Lombardy, a region with a high percentage of elderly, to the entire nation of Italy.

All of the Western media’s headlines about this particular set of data in Sweden in comparison to its neighboring nations was completely disingenuous and deliberately intended to mislead the American public about the “failure” of the Sweden no lockdown policy, that in reality, was among the most successful, if not the most successful, in the entire world. If you compared the mortality rate of Sweden to another Nation A in which only 5% of Nation’s A population was over 70 years of age with 90% of its population under 60, and then published headlines, “Sweden’s Covid19 Death Rate 3,000 Times Greater than Nation A”, you would not be a journalist interested in spreading truth but a spineless coward whose printed propaganda would be directly responsible for the extension of lockdowns that would likely cause many unnecessary deaths.

In the end, I’m astonished at how many people readily parrot the complete garbage implications contained within some of the misleading headlines I’ve stated above that appeared in Western media about Sweden’s virus response “failure” with not even a single minute of consideration if the headlines were really true or not.

In Edward Bernay’s 1925 book, Crystallizing Public Opinion, the person whom many consider as the father of US propaganda, stated,

“People accept the facts which come to them through existing channels. They like to hear new things in accustomed ways. They have neither the time nor the inclination to search for facts that are not readily available to them. The expert, therefore, must advise first upon the form of action desirable for his client and secondly must utilize the established mediums of communication, in order to present to the public a point of view. This is true whether it is that of a majority or minority, old or new personality, institution or group which desires to change by modification or intensification the store of knowledge and the opinion of the public.”

The most effective propaganda, which certainly the propaganda about this virus used to justify State leader mandates to lockdown economies around the world fall under, convinces the victims of the propaganda that they came to the conclusions contained within the propaganda on their own merit, and that they were not ordered to embrace such false beliefs. Bernays stated in 1925 that for propaganda to be effective, it has to fall under the category of information for which the public has “neither the time nor the inclination to search for facts” because the facts “are not readily available.” Quite sadly, this once staunch pillar of disseminating effective propaganda is not even necessary today given the century of brainwashing and dumbing down of society that has taken place since 1925. The data I complied above that would easily disprove all the lies in thousands of articles circulating around the world about the failure of Sweden’s no lockdown approach was readily available on the public website of Folkhälsomyndigheten, the Public Health Agency of Sweden. But today, most people do not want to spend even two minutes of time to vet information as wrong or true when the information to do so is readily available. Instead, society at large still prefers to have the parasitic ruling class think for them and tell them what to believe.

For this reason, I devoted an entire course in my skwealthacademy curriculum just to the development of critical think skills, and I will launch my course as soon as the parasitic world leaders life the global lockdown, of which I’ve been subjected for 134 days and counting, and allow me to return home. Of course, if you made it to the end of this article, you are not among that group, but that also makes you a rarity in today’s world.

*  *  *

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell Court Docs Reveal Conspiracy Theory Turned Fact


Originally Posted at FMShooter – Authored by Jon Hall

Ghislaine Maxwell, a long-time associate and one-time girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by the FBI at the beginning of July. Maxwell has henceforth been accused of being the ringleader of his sex trafficking operations which saw girls as young as 14 into Epstein’s mansion. Recently released documents filed in a 2015 civil lawsuit that Maxwell has been fighting with the courts to keep away from the public eye have unearthed some heavy revelations concerning Ghislaine Maxwell and several other different people.

Firstly, the documents exposed that Ghislaine Maxwell lied when she claimed she hadn’t been in contact with Epstein for “over a decade” prior to his death. In 2015, the e-mail address “GMaxl@ellmax.corn” writes to Epstein, saying:

I would appreciate it if shelley would come out and say she was your g’friend – I think she was from end 99 to 2002.

The next day, Epstein responded to Maxwell from the e-mail address “JeeVacation@Gmail”, telling her “You have done nothing wrong and i woudl (sic) urge you to start acting like it. go outside, head high, not as an esacping (sic) convict. go to parties. deal with it.” Maxwell’s lawyers claimed in a July court filing that she hadn’t been in contact with Epstein for over a decade before his death in 2019. Her lawyers made this claim while arguing in defense of Ghislaine being released on $5 million bond whilst awaiting trial.

The recently unsealed documents also see Maxwell accused of having sex with girls as young as 15 years old. In a 2015 defamation case by Virgina Giuffre, Giuffre alleges that she was trafficked to famous men by Maxwell and Epstein when she was a teenager. When speaking of the girls she had seen “with her… own eyes” having sexual contact with Maxwell, Giuffre said:

There’s so many I don’t know where you want me to start. There were blondes, there were brunettes, there were red heads. They were all beautiful girls. I would say the ages ranged between 15 and 21. Some of them looked really young.

Giuffre also claimed that it was “100 percent” that Ghislaine Maxwell had sexual encounters with girls at “Jeffrey’s island” – Little St. James – “in cabanas, in Jeffrey’s room”. Giuffre detailed that “the island was a place where orgies were a constant thing that took place”. 

The defamation case against Maxwell was settled privately in 2017.

Giuffre also alleged that Maxwell was responsible for the brunt of the abuse she received. “She’s the one who abused me on a regular basis. She’s the one that procured me, told me what to do, trained me as a sex slave, abused me physically, abused me mentally”. Describing Epstein and Maxwell, Giuffre said they were constantly “joined at the hip” and that “Jeffrey was just as a part of it as [Maxwell] was. [Ghislaine] was just as a part of it as he was”.

Giuffre didn’t stop at accusing Maxwell and Epstein, however.

Giuffre claimed that former President Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s island (and his name is indeed on Epstein’s flight logs) with “two young girls”. When asked if Bill Clinton also stayed on the island, Giuffre confirmed it. “He had about 4 or 5 different villas on his island separate from the main house, and we all stayed in the villas”. Giuffre was asked to name people she saw on Epstein’s private plane flying to his island. She listed Naomi Campbell, Prince Andrew, Heidi Klum, Al Gore, and The Simpson’s creator, Matt Groening.

An addendum to my previous reporting – the Reddit profile the Internet believes to have uncovered as belonging to Ghislaine Maxwell hasn’t posted for a month, the same length of time Maxwell has been in custody. That’s merely another coincidence in the already long list though, don’t worry.

In a recent Op-Ed for Spectator, Alan Dershowitz opened his piece with a personal (and eye-opening) anecdote:

My wife and I were introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell by Sir Evelyn and Lady Lynne de Rothschild…

Ghislaine Maxwell connected to even the Rothschild family? One can only wonder how deep this intricate and rotted-out rabbit hole goes.

It’s important to point out, though – that some of this new information backs up long-whispered conspiracies. Why else would Bill Clinton be on Epstein’s flight logs if not to take advantage of and sexually abuse underage girls? The unsealed documents also allege of frequent orgies on Little St. James island involving prominent celebrities and underage girls – and many have long believed since Harvey Weinstein that the entire movie industry is rotten inside and out, manipulating and abusing children for naught other than sheer deviancy and degeneracy.

If Ghislaine Maxwell is being introduced to other powerful people by the Rothschild family, the potential for anyone to be connected to the disgusting and depraved sexual trafficking Maxwell stands accused of is truly unlimited.

Time and time again, conspiracy theory turns to fact and the willing masses ensure ignorance to it, instead opting for Netflix shows, movies, television, music, celeb drama, and whatever is going viral that week – distractions. In the dystopian nightmare we are trapped in, the truest and simplest form of censorship is slowly allowing ideas and concepts once labeled as insane or unfounded into the public consciousness as normal and matter-of-fact; exactly the tactic we see being enforced in regards to Maxwell’s recently unsealed court documents.