Sunday, August 7, 2022

Friends of Dr. Simone Gold Are Concerned About Her Safety in Prison After Checking into Center Where Recorded Violence Is High


Friends of Dr. Simone Gold are fearful of her safety in prison.  

Dr. Simone Gold is one of the few outspoken doctors in the US to stand up to the government’s response to the China coronavirus.

As a result of sharing her concerns at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, after being invited into the Capitol by Capitol police, she sits in prison today.

Dr. Gold checked into prison in late July.

OUTRAGEOUS: Dr. Simone Gold Checks Into Prison for 60 Days for Trespassing Misdemeanor on Jan 6

Dr. Simone did nothing wrong.  Her crime was a simple misdemeanor for trespassing.  How could she trespass if she was invited into the US Capitol? She committed no violence. She left the building when she was asked to leave.

Then the good doctor was placed with a corrupt Obama Judge, who she rebuffed in college many years ago when he asked her out.  He didn’t recuse himself and instead placed her in prison for 60 days for her ‘crime.’

Corrupt Obama Judge Christopher Cooper Doesn’t Recuse Himself Then Gives Dr. Simone Gold Harsh Sentence After She Turned Him Down for Date in College

Now a friend of Dr. Simone’s is worried about her safety in prison.  She wrote a letter this week fearing for the doctor’s personal safety. Here are her concerns:

Dear Friend,

I promised Dr. Simone Gold I would write you. Because of her entry to a Federal Detention Center for misdemeanor trespass, frankly, I’m concerned for her safety.

The Miami Federal Detention Center is a very political Federal Detention Center, where, according to Zoukis Consulting Group, the level of violence is high. According to one inmate, “there is an altercation every day and the use of weapons (e.g., knives, locks, etc.) is not uncommon.” The report did not distinguish between the men’s and women’s sides of the prison.

As if this were not enough, the use of criminal informants is everywhere in the U.S. justice system, although almost invisible to the public. From street corners to jails to courthouses to prisons, every year the government negotiates thousands of deals with criminal offenders in which suspects can avoid arrest or punishment in exchange for information.

Government informants inside prison pretend to be regular inmates, recording others or submitting affidavits about what others say, for pay and/or lighter sentences.

Not to mention that FDC Miami maintains the highest (Level 3) COVID restrictions. That means no visitation, mandatory face masks, “social distancing”, and a 10-day quarantine when entering without vaccination.

Besides which, Federal Prisons have switched to scanning mail rather than providing physical copies to inmates “to reduce costs,” in what The Intercept called a “surveillance nightmare.”

What has happened to this country?  How can we sit idly by when a bitter partisan judge can throw an innocent doctor into prison on trumped up charges who worked at inner-city emergency rooms and who has no record on frivolous charges? 

This has to stop.

Americans need to wake up to what is happening to their country before it is too late.

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