Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why Lincoln memorials are being targeted


Many people are scratching their heads wondering why Abraham Lincoln has been singled out as a target in the leftist crazy frenzy against all symbols Confederate.

It actually makes sense in a strange way.

Of course, I was once possessed of the deranged mind of so-called “progressive,” but bear with me nonetheless.

Everyone is thinking, “OK, it’s one thing to reignite the War Between the States by attacking the historical symbols of the South and slavery, but why would the mania extend to the president of the Union and the guy who delivered the Emancipation Proclamation?” Let me explain.

Lincoln was a Republican.

But not only was he a Republican, like Donald Trump, he was the first Republican president. And, not only was he the first Republican president, he’s a real-life symbol of the fact that Confederates were all – 100 percent of them – Democrats!

The same nut jobs unceremoniously tearing down historical statues all over the country are nearly 100 percent Democrat, too. And the politicians encouraging them and cheering them on are almost 100 percent Democrat as well.

So, it could be a way for them – consciously or subconsciously – of blurring that distinction. The defenders of slavery at the time of the Civil War were all Democrats. In fact, the Ku Klux Klan was merely the military wing of the Democratic Party.

Republicans were the ones who abolished slavery, imposed Reconstruction of the South, for better or worse, and went on to lead the march toward civil rights and equality in the 1960s. Martin Luther King was a Republican – and the generation of African-Americans up to that period were overwhelmingly Republican voters. That’s why the opposition to voting rights came, almost exclusively, from Democrats.

Do you think the idiots tearing down statues know this history?

I doubt it, knowing the state of education in America today. But I’m pretty sure their leadership does.

What the angry mobs do know, or think they know, is that America is evil. And because America is evil in their minds, tearing down all of American history is not only justified, but a courageous act of defiance. These are people who disrespect the American flag as much as they dishonor the Confederate flag.

And, ultimately, that is what this maniacal hysteria is all about.

You see, in the so-called “progressive” mind, America – all of it – was built on the backs of slaves. Ultimately, there’s little difference between the kind of slavery experienced in the 19th century and the kind that is experienced under 21st-century capitalism.

It is literally one and the same in the hearts and minds of today’s leftists.

I know this is hard to believe because you would never hear verbalized like this in the Big Media, dominated as it is by leftists. You won’t hear it in academia, which is also dominated by leftists. That’s why I have to make these obvious observations.

There won’t be any stop to this rampage against history. Because it’s more than a war on history. It’s a war on reality – the reality of the fact that Donald Trump is actually president.

The left cannot accept it.

You will note, if you have been paying attention, this conflagration coincides with a dearth of any more Russian collusion conspiracy mongering. It’s been replaced – totally – by an uprising. It’s been replaced with efforts by the left to link Trump with white separatism, neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and fascism.

Ironically, of course, the methodology of this insurgency is identical to the tactics of Nazis, the Klan and the fascists the Antifa crowd, the Black Lives Matter crowd and the other leftists tearing down statues claim to hate.

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