Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Will Spacey scandal expose 'gay' male obsession with young teens?


I’d like to weigh in on the Kevin Spacey (age 26)/Anthony Rapp (age 14) tip-of-the-iceberg pederasty scandal that may rip open Hollywood like the hull of the Titanic.

Speaking as the only person ever charged for “crimes against humanity” (not a joke) in significant part for discussing the pedophile core of “gay” male culture – and one of the first people ever listed as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (for documenting that culture at the core of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party) – I’d just like to say, in advance, “I told you so.”

Frankly, however, pedophilia is too broad a term for this all-too-common aspect of homosexual orientation and misses the gender-specific nature of the problem. The correct term is pederasty, euphemistically known in historic “gay” society as “man/boy love,” as in the infamous North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA – which was a regular participant in the early “gay”-pride parades before the LGBT movement got taken over by the marketing and PR strategists of the Democratic Party.

To be clear, I’m not saying all or even most men who identify as “gay” molest children. Even the word “children” is misleading in this context, since “children” connotes preschool and grammar school ages, while the target of pederasts are young teen and slightly pre-teen boys. And I’m not saying lesbians share this problem to the same extent that it exists in male homosexual culture (though lesbian abuse of girls is a problem, too).

What I am saying is that male homosexuality identity (from the days when the ancient Spartan military routinely drafted pre-teen boys and paired them with adult homosexual men) has always been oriented toward youth, and it is this man/boy sexual culture that not only spawned the modern “gay” movement but remains the largely hidden – in fact, politically protected and shielded – core of “gay” male society today. The American public has only once been allowed a glimpse of the pederast underworld – the Catholic priest scandal – which was exposed only because the left’s smoldering hatred of the Catholic Church briefly overwhelmed its protectiveness of “gay” society – but even they all conspired to falsely characterize the priests’ pederasty as “pedophilia” to obscure the homosexual connection.

Consider just a few salient facts documented in “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party and on my blog ScottLively.net:

The German “Grandfather of Gay Rights,” Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, was molested at 14 by his riding instructor and went on to form the world’s first “gay rights” organization in the 1860s.

The first characterization of homosexual sodomy as a “human right” was by the German Society for Human Rights in the 1920s, whose most famous member was Hitler’s “gay” second-in-command Ernst Roehm (head of the Brown Shirts). Munich police records identified at least 11 boys recruited from a local high school for sex with Roehm – according to journalist Heinz Hoene’s book, “The Order of the Death’s Head” (called a “monumental achievement” by the New York Times).

The first American homosexual organization was the U.S. chapter of Roehm’s Society for Human Rights, started in Chicago in 1924 by Henry Gerber and two other men, all of whom were arrested shortly thereafter for sex with teen boys.

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One of those abused boys, as an adult, molested another teen boy named Harry Hay, who is known today as the “Father of the American Gay Rights Movement.” Until his death, Hay was an outspoken advocate for man/boy sex and wore a sweatshirt reading “NAMBLA Walks with Me” in “gay”-pride parades after the pederast group had been banned by the marketing gurus who took over the “gay” movement.

The Stonewall Riots that are commemorated each year as “Gay Pride Day” were triggered by “gay” male patrons of the Stonewall Bar in New York City, angered at police efforts to arrest a 14-year-old boy transvestite prostitute (Mark Pascal, Varieties of Man Boy Love).

Many early “gay” activists were open pederasts, including NAMBLA founder David Thorstad, who also launched the Gay Activist Alliance in 1969, which spawned – directly or indirectly – innumerable LGBT activist organizations, including today’s political behemoth, the Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, which named me public enemy No. 1 of the global LGBT agenda in 2014.

HRC’s founder was Terrance “Terry” Bean, an Obama fundraising bundler accused of sex with a teen boy in 2014 but who escaped prosecution when (after a public monetary settlement offer) the boy (who had been in hiding at the time) declined to testify.

Terry Bean is based in Portland, Oregon, a sewer of rampant pederasty and home of the “gay” apologist Gus van Sant, whose films have romanticized male teen prostitution, and of Sam Adams, who was also accused of sex with a teen boy while mayor (one of many big-city mayors in recent years – most recently Ed Murray of Seattle, who resigned in September).

Portland is where I had my eyes opened to the destructive LGBT agenda as spokesman for the No Special Rights Act (1992), and where I faced the first four of five major lawsuits by the “gay” movement trying unsuccessfully to silence my criticism.

It was there I learned about the homosexual/Nazi connection that led to writing “The Pink Swastika” with Jewish researcher Kevin E. Abrams – dangerous knowledge that got me targeted by the ultra-powerful Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, long before it would begin smearing the pro-family movement as a whole.

Here is the SPLC’s dirty little secret that sort of ties everything together in one little vignette: the man/boy sex angle, the Hollywood angle, the Nazi angle and the protect “gays” from the pederast connection at all costs angle.

You see, SPLC’s most famous anti-Nazi lawsuit was against white supremacist Tom Metzger of Southern California, by linking him to the beating death of Ethiopian graduate student Mulugeta Seraw by Skinhead death-metal musician Ken “Death” Mieske and two others in Portland in 1988. Mieske was Metzger’s protégé and likely “gay” lover. He was also the darling of Hollywood “gay” giant Gus Van Sant, who once made a film about Mieske upon his release from prison for an earlier burglary conviction, titled “Ken Death Gets Out of Jail.” Mieske’s history as a teen sexual target of older men is documented in a book about the Seraw murder by Elinor Langer, titled appropriately “A Hundred Little Hitlers.” There’s more on the topic here.

I began this column stating that the Hollywood pederast Titanic may be about to sink – but then again it may not, because there is no higher priority on the political left than protecting the “gay” movement from the link to pederasty.

If the SPLC could bury the pederast and Van Sant connection in the Metzger “gay” Nazi case, while simultaneously mocking “The Pink Swastika” as ludicrous – without a hint of media coverage exposing its hypocrisy; and if Terry Bean could get off scot-free without anyone on the left admitting that his teen accuser may have been paid off under their very noses; and if Kevin Spacey can escape any real consequences for his assault of Anthony Rapp by turning his apology into a “coming-out” celebration (the most “sacred” of LGBT ceremonies), then there may never be a day of public reckoning for the many chickenhawks of Hollywood – whose scope of control and abuse would make Harvey Weinstein and James Toback seem like altar boys by comparison.