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Eyewitnesses Prove Jacksonville Florida Shooting is a Terminally Corrupt DHS Orchestrated Hoax


Eyewitnesses Prove Jacksonville Florida Shooting is a Terminally Corrupt DHS Orchestrated Hoax

Make no mistake this supposed shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, is a hoax, just like all the others. Of course, it was a lone wolf white male. And of course, as is a signature of these frauds, he is dead at the scene.

To determine the extent of the scam all a person has to do is listen to the eyewitnesses. Clearly, there is no adrenaline running here. It’s all so unemotional, so absolutely canned and staged. Anyone can realize this, and there can be no doubt.

What does anyone expect? It’s a devilish setting; gaming and gambling – a fake and contrived setting, as phony and inane as it can get.

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Watch her, listen to her: “He said he seen the lights of the gun or something.” Really, this is how you describe a mass shooting where blood is splattered about and where people are slaughtered before your eyes?

Why don’t they talk to the original person? Why use her as witness material to gain what amounts to nothing other than hearsay?

The female false witness even had the audacity to say there were children there and that they or others were “trampled.” Specifically, she said she was told there were “a lot of kids that were tampled on.” What were kids doing at the gaing bar? It gets more ludicrous at every further DHS-sponsored, pro-Israeli gun control hoax.

Now, as is also the standard, “Police say there are multiple fatalities.” The female witness seemed to well coached about one element, which is that typical hoax-style numerology element, that her source said “11 people were injured and four are dead.” This, like all her other statements, is a lie. No one died, and no one was injured.

She added, “…there were two shooters. And they think they committed suicide.” If so, where is the evidence for this? That, too, is a fabrication. Let anyone demonstrate otherwise, which, by the way, will be impossible.

Then comes the other supposed witness, R. Alaman, who says he is “still shocked and can hardly talk.” This ‘witness’ says there were “two gunmen” and that these individuals went to the back and just shooting “everyone and everyone was just running.” But, of course, he hid in the toilet, where he claims he heard “at least 20 gunshots.”

When asked, he, too, said there were “two” gunmen,” who supposedly walked into the gaming bar. “Everyone was just dropping…” With all that shooting there should be a legitimate crime scene. It would take days to document and investigate this. HAZMAT would be called in; the detectives would have their work cut out for them.

Yet, the police say there was only one gunman. What a poorly constructed hoax this was. The witnesses immediately give this away with their contrived, emotion-free story lines.

“Everyone was just running around; it was just scattered.” None of this makes any sense.

That this is a Zionist-inspired gun control hoax is obvious for anyone to realize. See the nature of the fake shooter; a Jewish player was selected, that is David Katz. Per Fox News:

David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, was believed to have fired shots during the event at the Chicago Pizza restaurant and bar in The Jacksonville Landing, Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference. Williams did not speak about a possible motive.

(Apparently, then, he blew his brains out; no one finds this plausible, yet, once again, this is the scheme that is perpetrated, as this eliminates any further trail or investigation)

Katz died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he shot multiple people, police said. In addition to the dead, 11 other people were injured — nine of them with gunshot wounds.


You can see it, too, in the militia, the helmeted and armed men, who walk about doing nothing other than offering camera-shoots for mass consumption. On YouTube has been banned. See how the people react. They react to the videos as if the shooting is real, fully bamboozled, never achieving even the slightest degree of independent thinking.

So, where are the images that support this of actual injured people, even of the dead and dying? A world full of cellphones and no one has uploaded any imagery or video proof? That alone is hard proof of the nature of this as merelyyet another non-event, like Las Vegas, Orlando, the Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax, Sandy Hoax, and countless others.


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