Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What could Trump accomplish without the witch hunt?


They couldn't believe it. The Sean Hannitys of that era – namely Bob Considine and Tex McCrary – said that it was a circus. In fact, the big tent under which these trials were staged had been a circus when, on New Year's Eve l958, Fulgencio Batista fled Cuba, handing power over to Fidel Castro and his band of bearded "liberators." The circus people had fled, leaving tents and tigers to the victors who decided to stage "trials" under the big top.

The tent was filled with angry, triumphant Castro supporters who continuously yelled, "Kill them!" The press corps was allowed seating right behind the table where the attorneys sat. I, as a young reporter, was seated in the sawdust underneath the attorneys' table. No matter what was said by either side the tent was shaken with cries to "Kill them! Kill them!"

The first of the Batista police standing trial was Jesus Sosa Blanco, a notoriously sadistic police chief famous for spearheading late-night bashing down of doors and murdering those inside. A survivor of one of these murderous rampages was a woman in her 20s who was asked by the prosecution to identify Sosa Blanco. That should not have been very difficult. The Batista henchman was seated by himself with his hands cuffed behind his chair. The young lady panned the people under the big tent, slowly looking back and forth to try to identify this hated villain. To help in her search the crowd obligingly increased the volume of their shouting the closer her eyes came to Sosa Blanco, and then trailed off as she continued shifting her gaze without being able to pinpoint the man on trial.

Considine and his fellow correspondents continued their reporting with contempt and disbelief that a triumphant revolutionary who promised democracy would allow such a spectacle. And there hasn't been such a spectacle put on by those pretending serious democratic procedure – until now! When it comes to mockery pretending to be transparency, we've seen nothing that reminds me more of Castro's first war crime trials than the mockery currently waged by the Democrats pretending to be serious and solemn soldiers of democratic procedure.

How dare Castro, pretending to be a liberator, visit such a screaming fraud upon us?

And how dare today's Democrats pretend their attempt to unseat President Trump is serious statesmanship! Trump yells, "Witch-hunt!" which indeed it is. And now the Democrats have divorced their once-beloved issues, such as medical care, infrastructure, minimum wage – the works! – explaining they would love nothing better than to revisit those great issues but, "Alas, we can do nothing until we get rid of Donald Trump!"

You'd think shame would be cracking its whip, reminding those Democrats that history is watching. There seems to be no fear whatsoever that this breathtaking abandonment of serious governing will be noticed by serious voters. Those voters now have the right to be shocked at the obvious cynical motives and actions of the Democrats. As soon as they regain their balance they will revisit the obvious trashing of all standards and ask pointed questions as to why the Democrats threw all imperatives under the bus in their feverish dash and totally transparent efforts to overthrow the Trump administration.

In political arguing we all expect some exaggeration, but the Democrats have raised the octane to a grotesque new level.

What the Democrats are really telling us is, "Sorry, Folks, we know Americans deserve coherent health plans, but there's a danger Trump might win again in 2020! We know our allies, the Turks, are slaughtering our other allies, the Kurds, but please understand, there's a danger Trump might win again! We realize major issues involving infrastructure, spending, foreign policy and, God knows, a hell of a lot more are drifting aimlessly, without coherent direction, but please understand, the danger is real that Americans will once again choose Trump!"

I remember Democrats expressing fear of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan and others, but never anything approaching the clinical insanity of the fear and loathing for Donald Trump now burning hotter than California wildfires across our nation.

You'd think Donald Trump were an evil demon who'd hijacked the nation's gold and bankrupted America rather than the president who made the economy soar and unemployment – especially for blacks and Hispanics – virtually disappear.

What Trump has managed to accomplish thus far makes some of us – those who aren't so consumed with animus that they put the very welfare and future of our nation behind their obsession with defeating Donald Trump – long to see what more he might accomplish if half his remarkable energy weren't being diverted into fending off these endless and ever-more-desperate assaults.

It all reminds me of a version of a bit of wisdom and advice I first heard many years ago. When your neighbors have hired a man to dig a ditch (for the purpose, let's say, of draining a swamp), you can grab a shovel and help him, or you can stand back and watch him dig. But what you don't do is kick the dirt back into the hole!


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