Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Michelle Williams: ‘Sometimes You Just Have To Ask Yourself, ‘How Many People Do I Have To Kill To Get An Acting Career?”


Via The Babylon Bee


HOLLYWOOD, CA—At the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, Michelle Williams gave an impassioned speech about her acting career, and how if she hadn’t had the ability to knock off a few people, the audience and the viewers at home would have had to suffer an existence without her being an actress.

“You have to do a little math,” Williams said. “Human life, or fame and fortune? Which one has more intrinsic value?” Williams laughed, as did many in the crowd.

Williams was accepting the award for best actress in a limited series or motion picture made for TV for her turn as Gwen Verdon in Fosse/Verdon. “Imagine if this TV series existed with someone else playing this role,” she implored. “I’m sure you will agree, it was worth a few souls being snuffed out. A lot of people die every day. It’s important to keep our priorities straight in this life. I just can’t imagine the horror I would have had to endure if I’d allowed those lives to be lived. Even to put them up for adoption would have been too much of a hassle. I had acting classes to get to.”

She argued that in the end, she had made the humane choice not just for herself, but for the children who didn’t have the right to exist anyway. “Imagine the suffering my previous kids would have felt every day knowing that their own existence had robbed their mother of something of much higher meaning and worth than their lives could ever amount to. This award right here, this is what life is all about. I could never allow my children to live knowing they robbed of this. If they could thank me, they would.”

Williams was visibly pregnant during the speech and took the opportunity to speak about her decision to let this one live. “I’m just thankful we live in a culture where we can define human life according to our own whims. I’m blessed to have had my cake and I got to eat it too. I offed a kid or two, got rich and famous, and now I can finally allow one to live since there will be no risk of them robbing me of what is rightfully mine. I want this child to grow up knowing that if my career had not taken off…” Williams then ran her finger across her neck and made a whimsical death noise. The audience applauded.

The actress says that her expected newborn will be named “Lucky,” to remind the child every day how lucky they are that their mother got that Golden Globe that they may live.