Friday, April 24, 2020

We've seen it before: Fake hysteria, name-calling, manipulation



As the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 moves through the daily stages of action and reaction, it may seem more familiar all the time. As if you have experienced this before.

You have.

In October 2016, Barack Obama ridiculed candidate Donald Trump for even suggesting a presidential election could be tampered with. Obama attacked Trump by citing anonymous experts, who he claimed all agree that the election cannot be rigged or manipulated. Within six weeks, Democrats and major media hysterically claimed the exact opposite: That President Trump colluded with Russia to tamper with the election, causing Hillary Clinton to lose.

In the 1970s, we were all warned by liberal alarmists that experts said a "new ice age" was imminent and the planet would soon be devastated by falling temperatures unless we gave massive power to the government to control populations. By the late 1980s, leftists completely changed their panicked predictions, again citing experts to warn of soaring global temperatures and a hole in the ozone that would bake the earth, devastate crops and lead to mass starvation.

In January 2020, as some began expressing concerns of reports leaking out of China about a flu-like epidemic, major media and health experts assured Americans there was little to worry about. Not only was seasonal flu said to be more of a concern, the World Health Organization reassured everyone that, whatever was happening in China, the virus was not contagious. Within weeks Americans were told the exact opposite, and it was claimed to be so serious that Americans needed to be locked in their homes and businesses shut down on threat of arrest.

As the Russian collusion narrative dragged on and began unraveling, Democrats and major media intensified their attacks and floated increasingly outrageous claims based on anonymous sources asserting treachery by Donald Trump. Liberals ridiculed anyone pointing out inconsistencies by accusing them of promoting conspiracy theories for not completely believing anything said by anonymous people in government agencies. Career bureaucrats in the intelligence community were paraded before assembled media to talk about intelligence reports from unknown people. The media assured Americans these men were wholesome professionals, above partisan politics and that their claims should never be questioned or scrutinized.

As global warming experts' climate model predictions of catastrophic destruction all proved wrong, liberals have shrugged off their failed prophecies and pushed ahead with new predictions. Questions regarding the experts' motivations or mention of their unending string of incorrect forecasts of doom is not allowed, because to question the experts is portrayed as being unscientific.

With the coronavirus, previously unknown lifelong bureaucrats from assorted health agencies, citing computer models prepared by unknown experts, predicted millions of Americans were about to die in a major pandemic. We were told hospitals would be overwhelmed, refrigerated trucks were needed to handle stacked bodies, and surgeries, treatments and all kinds of medical procedures for millions of Americans needed to be canceled to free up hospital space. As the shocking predictions of death on a catastrophic scale failed to materialize, the media have circled the wagons to defend the medical experts' new predictions by pronouncing them above inquiry and any questioning of their predictions or motives to be an attack on science and modern medicine.

In the Russian collusion hoax, it turned out the experts were not impartial. James Comey, John Brennan and their Trump-hating underlings pretended to be purely professional until their emails, text messages and other communications revealed them to be partisan political operatives working to undermine the Trump administration and help Democrats.

Email leaks and WikiLeaks email dumps from climate alarmists showed an agenda to manipulate numbers to achieve desired results to continue the push supporting socialist solutions and increasing government restrictions and control over the populations of Western nations – solutions and policies promoted by the political left.

In our coronavirus distress, Americans largely pulled together and agreed to unprecedented restrictions on their business and personal lives. The result so far is trillions of dollars in economic damage, loss of personal liberties and the postponement or cancellation of graduations, weddings, home purchases, vacations and other significant life events. As Americans waited for the promised apocalypse, most noticed the hospitals nowhere near capacity and health care workers actually being furloughed in many places due to lack of patients. We were originally told the economy needed to be shut down and people confined to our homes because hospitals would be over capacity, but now liberal politicians and their experts have shifted the goalposts to claim we need to continue the economic destruction and loss of freedom until nobody can get sick anymore.

Americans are noticing a common denominator emerging among the coronavirus issue and other liberal agendas. There is an "emergency" claimed by the left, supported by experts we are not permitted to scrutinize or question, and a demand for dramatic action in spite of obviously wrong predictions. As their basis for demanding draconian action (overthrowing a president; adopting massive, open-ended government controls to save the planet; shutting down the economy and restricting freedom) falls apart, the left changes tactics and levels personal attacks at dissenters. Those questioning intelligence experts are branded as unpatriotic; questioning global warming experts is ridiculed as climate denial; and expressing concern about health experts' models gets one labeled as backwards and unscientific.

In Democrats' attacks on the president, the left enlisted social media platforms to suppress dissent by labeling critical stories as fake news, shadow-banning or outright banning users and "fact-checking" dissenting views as false. The left has similarly pressed tech companies to characterize online disagreement with the global warming agenda as misinformation. Now that Americans are beginning to protest continued societal shutdowns, Facebook has agreed to ban online protest organizing on its platform as "coronavirus misinformation."

Just as with the other issues, there is an unmistakable pattern to the coronavirus hysteria: dishonesty, shrill demands for drastic action at the insistence of liberals and the demonizing of dissent.

We are being manipulated once again to advance a partisan political agenda.


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