Sunday, May 31, 2020

Hundreds of California churches openly disregard COVID-19 rules



(NBC NEWS) -- Hundreds of clergy throughout California, including several in Riverside County, announced plans to openly disregard Gov. Gavin Newsom's recommended cap on in-person worship services Sunday, welcoming as many parishioners as they desire into houses of worship as part of a declaration of religious liberty.

“Restaurants have no stated occupancy limitation but simply require that guests at tables be separated by six feet,” said Robert Tyler, attorney and president of Murrieta-based Advocates for Faith & Freedom. “Additionally, large stores continue operating without being limited in their occupancy from their normal levels.”

“While many churches will have no problem complying with the 100-person limit, some of our clients have churches that seat 2,500 people and more,” he said. “Limiting places of worship to 100 people is arbitrary, unreasonable and unconstitutional. Our clients will continue to make plans to hold services ... and many will not limit themselves to 100 persons.”

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