Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Llpoh: Narratives


narratives everywhere - Tony Stark Eye Roll | Make a Meme

Everywhere I look, I see narratives. Truth and logical reasoning has given way to narrative. People are buying into the MSM and politically driven narrative system, and become so entrenched in their positions that no amount of truth or facts can alter their views. This gives the narrators enormous control over the entire population. The lemming mentality is taking us down a dark path, which in the end leads to a cliff.

The left is entirely consumed by narrative, but the right is catching up rapidly. They are two sides to the same coin, and I encourage everyone to break free of the narrative system, and focus rather on facts and truth.

Following are but a few of the narratives that I see, day after day:

Narrative: Bernie Sanders complains because Bezos and Buffet have more wealth than bottom 40% combined. Reality: What he does not mention is that he himself has more wealth than the bottom 34% combined. The bottom 34% of Americans have a combined net worth of zero.

Narrative: Media laments that police target blacks and kill them disproportionately. Reality: What they do not say is that 3% of population – male blacks between the ages of 16 and 35 commit approximately 1/2 the murders and violent crimes in the country, which brings them disproportionately into contact with police.

Narrative: black educational outcomes would improve if more money is put into education. Reality: Baltimore is one of the highest spending cities per student in the US, with only about 1% of its students attaining competency at their grade levels.

Narrative: Masks work. Reality: no studies have substantiated this claim.

Narrative: Inequality is inherently bad. Reality: equality of opportunity is what matters, not equality of outcome.

Narrative: manufacturing jobs can be returned to the US. Reality: the jobs no longer exist anywhere, and have been eliminated by automation.

Narrative: debt levels and government spending and lending will have no negative consequences. Reality: interest rates are a 5000 year low so as to limit the interest repayments, retirees have had their income streams destroyed, the easy money available has created a financial bubble that must burst, and the entire system has now evolved away from rewards going to the productive, where they belong, to speculators being rewarded for adding zero value. Risk has been outsourced to the taxpayer, while any gains go to speculators. Stagflation, inflation, asset value collapse, world-wide depression – any and all are on the cards.

Narrative: the welfare state is sustainable. Reality: the US has $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Every welfare nation in the world is headed down the same unsustainable path. What cannot be paid will not be paid.

Narrative: whites commit all the mass shootings, and are the reason gun control/elimination is needed. Reality: blacks commit vastly more gun violence, and use illegally acquired guns. Reality: the cities with the highest gun violence rates are also those with the strictest gun laws. Reality: those areas with the least gun restrictions tend to have the least gun violence.

Narrative: climate change is man made and the global temperatures are going up. Reality: how about last winter?

Narrative: Electric vehicles must replace gas/diesel powered, because of climate change, and it will benefit all of society. Reality: the US would consume 40% more electricity if this were to happen. The push to eliminate electric vehicles will also end up eliminating large vehicles, will force people onto bicycles, will reduce the distances people will be able, or allowed, to travel, and will promote increased urbanisation.

Narrative: peaceful protest. Reality: looting and rioting.