Thursday, May 6, 2021

America is Terminal, You are Not


Guest Post by Freed Radical

You probably know somebody who has legitimately died of covid. Trouble breathing, a trip to the ER in an ambulance, transfer to ICU. Then the most ominous word of 2020, ventilator. They may as well name it the terminal ventilator because that’s generally the last stop before the bright white light and pearly gates.

There are terms similar to ventilator that apply to America, terms carrying the implicit adjective terminal. You’ve heard them, debt, unfunded liabilities, educational failure, moral decay, government dependency, cancel culture, and so forth. Most of these rots have been with us for a long, long time, to the point that every limb is gangrenous, every digit black. Some are more recent, fast acting rot. The whole of America is a weeping pustule of liberal consequences.

The net result is that America is terminal. Our friend the late Rush Limbaugh would have never let those words escape his lips, though he got close in his last year on the radio. But as citizens of Realville we have to face the facts. The socialists and liberals, and even communists from across the water have poisoned America to the point it is certain to die. The Federal Reserve has cranked up its ventilator, unlimited money printing. That’s like showing up at a hospice ward with a basketful of gummy bear meth tablets. “Fun for everybody!” Yes, it’s that kind of abomination.

The principles America was founded upon are not sick and dying. Rather America has been lured away from those principles and seduced with the meth of unlimited spending, dependent constituencies, and political power whores. America, once dead, can be resurrected using founding principles. But it’s going to take total death to rid America of this terminal illness. Fortunately, the parasites have no restraint and will soon complete the deed, after which good people can start over. No, it’s not going to be neat and pretty.

Let’s look at some terminal categories, while we sit by America the Beautiful’s bed and hold her hand, waiting for her to croak.


Have you noticed that most talk of budgets, deficits, and debt has quietly disappeared from mainstream media? The Federal Reserve is pumping meth liquidity into the economy as fast as it can. Our national debt curve has gone vertical, standing at around 27,000,000,000,000 dollars! One light-year is about 6 trillion miles, so if every mile were a dollar, we’d be out past Alpha Centauri by now, at 4 light-years. Who says interstellar travel is impossible?

All pretense of fiscal restraint is gone. I knew this guy when I was young and foolish, and he’d stop drinking after about two six packs, protesting that he did not want to go too far. We are way beyond that point in America! We’re in drink-yourself-to-death territory, but with dollars. Cirrhosis of the budget.

The politicians are using whatever crisis of the day presents itself to buy more votes, pay off more corporations, and s(t)eal their reelections. This of course involves promising more and more money to groups, knowing that we have zero way of keeping those commitments. The old folks’ Social Security payments are one of the gangrenous digits. I hope that one does not fall off and leave you sailing over the fiscal cliff. But it probably will, unless you prepare.

It is now obvious that our political leaders have zero intention of ever paying off, or paying down the debt. America has been running an interest-only mortgage on our future for a century, even paying the interest with borrowed money.

As the stimulus payments fatten my bank account, I no longer curse the losers in DC. It’s too late. I may as well take the money and spend it on tangibles, precious metals, food, medicines, and guns and ammo while I can, because those are the only things that are going to be worth anything in a few years. Same for your Social Security check, or whatever bribe you are getting from the government. Use it against them to make more certain the resurrection of America.

Just to keep this from getting too dark, can we stop for a moment of silence for Bernie Madoff, who died in prison for the daring ponzi scheme he ran on Wall Street? This is the fate of all the financial hacks who are running America. There is a cosmic law of sowing and reaping which will have its due, piling Hell plum full of unrepentant thieves, some in hoodies, some in business suits. Do you smell smoke?

Sorry, I guess that was still pretty dark.


I have some experience in education, beyond my own time in public schools. Over time, our educational system has transitioned from mediocre to hideous. Many a textbook is packed with liberal garbage. A seventh grade math text I taught from contained an advertisement for PETA, with a mailing address for donations! It also featured a bio of Henry Cisneros, the disgraced Clinton administration official. The vast majority of teachers have been indoctrinated in and regurgitate liberal garbage. Not only that, they believe it. The current sickness of critical race theory is only the latest example, and there will be worse to follow.

People who are educated to be idiots cannot be good citizens. Our students graduate not knowing even the most basic principles of math, language, science, and certainly not civics. Not only that, it’s the goal of liberalism to produce a population of mindless droids. And they have succeeded.

In Virginia, there is outrage about the possible elimination of advanced math courses in the name of equity. Parents are outraged. Citizens are outraged. Several dead possums are outraged. But I have a news flash for you, the kids do not need competently taught advanced math courses. They need competently taught basic math courses. High school students today take statistics, pre-calc, calculus, geometry, honors-this and honors-that, but they still count on their fingers. In the millenial vernacular: They. Don’t. Even. Know. Arithmetic. It gets comical when they have to add two numbers greater than ten. When they run out of fingers… They. Just. Give. Up. Mostly, the advanced math courses are a waste of time because when you don’t understand what multiplication is, you cannot understand trigonometry.

A teacher came to my place for dinner one night with her husband. In the course of making conversation, I naively said, “So, how’s work?” Big mistake! What ensued was a half hour of tense complaining, about the administration, the parents, the students, the paperwork, the other teachers, the working hours, the pay, and on and on. I’ll tell you what, I received a big education that evening. One of the critically important things she told me is that the administration tells the teachers to teach to the middle of the bell curve. Ignore the top 10% and bottom 10%. Crowd everybody else in the middle. I have experienced this first hand, being on the very top, and the very bottom in various courses in public school, and being ignored. Have you experienced this? What a waste of the brightest minds, a write-off of failing kids who could be salvaged, and the channeling of everybody else into the sheep chute.

The youth embody the energy and drive to lead any society forward, and without that, society lags and falters. Welcome to lagging and faltering. When I see young people oblivious to reality, vacant eyes glued to the stream of vacuous junk emanating from their phones, and the waste of lives, it crushes my spirit. The liberals have destroyed an entire generation (actually several) with lying fact checkers, left wing memes and porn. Their falling IQ tracks their failing sperm count. Their phones are educational and chemical castration devices.

Of course, there are some youth who inspire, but they are few and far between. I wish there were more, and I dump intellectual and spiritual gasoline on every spark I see. But it’s real hard to start a forest fire in a swamp.

Without a vibrant, moral, educated, inquisitive youth, pushing limits and stretching boundaries, America is terminal.


We’re beyond tragedy in American government. We have wrapped around to comedy. I read great articles on TBP every day decrying the tragedy of corrupt government, corrupt politicians, corrupt justice, and on and on. We have gotten to the point where it’s just falling on your butt funny, and I am sometimes embarrassed to be laughing when I should be crying. The buffoons and boobs who run the government are the best we have to field, apparently. For example, Dr. Jocelyn Elder told us, in the Clinton administration, that we need safer guns and safer bullets. Congressman Hank Johnson grilled a Navy Admiral about whether Guam would tip over and capsize when more Marines were stationed there. Dr. Fauxci says, masks, no masks, two masks, mask + vax, and on and on. I have a hard time telling the difference between AOC memes and her real quotes. A total joke. All these governmental hacks are dropped out of the same mold. There are numerous videos showing the utter cranial bankruptcy of our political leaders.

There’s no salvaging our government, bureaucracy, body of laws, or systems. There comes a time when the weeping pustule has to be lanced, or be allowed to kill its host to be composted and recycled into new life. We have reached that time.

Don’t take them seriously, for that really annoys the hell out of them! Don’t argue issues with them, for they are beyond logic and reason. Laugh in their faces. We know their end, and their fate. They are integral to a dying system. Laugh in their faces.


What could be a better definition for a suicidal nation other than it castrates it males? That very thing is happening in America in so many ways. I mentioned porn as an avenue to effective castration of men. Young men are apparently so sexually gratified with their phones that they have little use for women. Young women complain of the lack of quality men. Well, the hetero ones do anyway.

Parents, schools, and doctors are eager to change little boys into little girls, poisoning them with hormone treatments, with the only guarantee being lifelong sterility.

How can any country survive this level of moral decay? I seriously doubt the founding fathers foresaw this evil in their worst nightmares. No, our generations own this rot.

Our Constitution is suited only to a moral people. Unfortunately, our amoral people do not find value in the Constitution, and they make law and custom moving off in obscure directions where we will only find destruction. Our Constitution is not in effect today, but the immoral tenets of liberalism rule in its place. If you attempt to exercise your free speech rights on the street, you’ll be assaulted, but if you dress like a circus whore and twerk in an elementary school, you are a pioneer of freedom.

How can this alone not result in the death of America?


There are about 150 million people dependent on the government for their daily bread and circus. That’s a huge future problem for the socialist government because if capitalism cannot feed them without literally a trillion dollars of deficits every year, then certainly socialism is not going to feed them. Fortunately for the commies, the dependents are only needed to vote for bigger government until government is so big that voting devolves into a banana republic show where el Presidente receives 95% of the vote, with 95% turnout. We’re almost there. At that point, expect a real pandemic, alien invasion, or some such depopulation extravaganza.

I had a neighbor who owned a Caterpillar loader, and the state would call him to plow roads after deep snowfalls. If you own such heavy equipment, your number will be on government speed dial once depopulation reaches full swing, but you are not going to be pushing snow.

Either way, now with or then without the dependents, the America we knew is headed to the mass grave.


Trust the science.” That was the sucker line to get us to submit to the covid lockdowns. And scientists lined up to support the hoax and receive their grants and extensions of funding.

When principle bows to the government check, then everything resting on principle collapses. Everything.

I no longer trust the science because the science is being paid for by the government, pharmaceutical companies, or some other industrial concern with a financial interest in a particular outcome. The more letters you sign after your name, the less I trust you.

In the 1980’s, I joined a professional organization because it looked good on my resume. But I soon realized that the organization’s high dues were high because they were paid by employers. The people running the organization were middle and upper managers of the companies floating all the dues. Then I noticed the organization was shilling for guest visa increases, to bump up the supply of cheap, highly educated labor from other countries. At no time did any of the officers of this organization appear before Congress to advocate higher wages for me, or anyone, or to increase the stature of the profession. No, they were there only for the companies who paid the dues and sponsored the conferences, to actually depress wages. My last membership expired during the Reagan administration, if I remember correctly.

This science prostitution is certainly nothing new, but it is so blatant now. I cannot trust what any paid professional says, without additional verification. Several times I have independently researched a medication or procedure only to find some critical information the doctors withheld. I know the doctors despise Internet medical sources, but they at least gives laypeople some questions to ask. An elderly relative’s heart stopped due to a medication side effect, and I was the one to inform the cardiologist, who promptly stopped a different medication, until the next day when we had a second discussion. I should have been a doctor; at least I can read a package insert.

Not only are the intellectuals (legally) on the take, but many of them are intellectually deficient. I have taken business from several PhD’s over the years as customers came to me to fix problems they created through lack of experience or ego-centered inaction. I suppose if the high school graduates of 2020 are inferior to the graduates of 1960, then the same must be true of the PhD’s.

One has to wonder how today’s world can continue its technological advancement. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the post-WWII generation put men on the moon (or a Nevada sound stage) with less computing power than you have in your cell phone. They would have killed for just one of those phones (minus the pig operating system). The post-WWI engineers built WWII aircraft carriers with no computing power whatsoever. Tour one of those old ships and marvel at the sheer volume of piping, all designed and laid out by hand on paper, with little more than a slide rule and some engineering tables.

Today, intellect has been divorced from morality. Contract scientists and engineers design the government’s next weapon systems with no concern for how they will be used. Contractors are sucking up all our private information and serving it to the government on a platter. The corruption of science is complete, now with human/animal hybrid experimentation, certainly plus a load of other stupidity that is classified.

When the brightest minds in a country will do anything for a buck, how long can it live?

Every Other Sector

There are so many other categories of decay, we could go on for weeks. Rather than do that, I refer you to the entire content of TBP back to its inception. And 99% of conservative writings. There’s no lack of documentation, no lack of awareness, and I only did this short survey for the stick-it-to-em-again readers who can’t get enough of snorting the straight truth. There you go.

But there is one more…

Your Family

Get your hand off that bottle of antidepressants from 2020, this is actually an article of hope!

Your family, conservative, is the last healthy flesh on America’s bones. You have a budget and you stick to it. You know how to read a book, and you actually read books. Shoot, you know how to write a book. You have morals, and know how to keep your pants on in the presence of good looking people of any of 97.3 genders. You don’t listen to idiot media. You know what 9×6 is from memory, and you see the government for the destroyer of freedom that it is.

Please, please, prepare your family to survive America’s trip to the morgue. Store food, water, supplies, and build skilled community in your area. There are many, many like minded people you will find, once you start the conversation. I’m counting on you to survive!

While America is terminal, you are not terminal! You are the last repository of intelligence, virtue, and decency. There are literally no other people on Earth to move humanity forward, none other than freedom loving people of all languages and lineage. You reject the evil that is spewed at us from the weeping pustule of liberalism, 24 hours a day. You embrace the truth. You live freedom. The fool’s drama we today call America will not survive, but you and the principles of America will survive, to be reborn in new generations who, for another couple hundred years, will enjoy its benefits. We are on a roller coaster moving from freedom to complacency to slavery to revolution back to freedom, and our moment is now, where we reject the slavery imposed on us and take back our freedom.

We have no need of a ventilator, medical or financial or otherwise. We rather are the organism that invigorates this planet, and beats back the forces of death that would enslave us all.

This is our moment. Let the terminal die. We are not terminal, we live!