Wednesday, August 11, 2021



It was sometime in 1988 or 1989 that I sat on my couch reading. In those days I was intent on solving the Kennedy assassinations. I needed to break away from it, as it was obsessive behavior, and yet … I knew if I pushed and pushed that something might give way, and I might attain some new and unforeseen insight. What I got was not the insight I was looking for. It took me by surprise. 

I remember the moment well … reading a book written by ex-FBI agent William Turner and some guy named Warren Hinckle (both most likely controlled opposition), called The Fish is Red. (Those words were secret code and used to start the Bay of Pigs affair.) I paused, looked up at the ceiling in a nearby hallway and realized that there was nothing to fear in the USSR, and that the Cold War was not real. At that moment I experienced for the first time in my life since early childhood …  freedom. I felt a weight lifted off me. I could breathe freely. I had lived in a state of fear for most of my life, deliberately put there by our leaders. I was either 38 or 39 years of age. They took a good chunk of my life from me. 

Of course, after this realization, on 11/9/1989 the Berlin Wall came down. Such was my power!  (Europeans list dates as day/month rather than our convention, so that they would list that day as 9/11.)

I did not understand that evening, but would later see that fear is the primary governing tool. The job of the ruling class is to keep us in a state of fear, never letting up. To be unafraid is to be free, and freedom is not  allowed. After all, there are billions of us, and only tens of thousands of them. So they invent what Mencken called hobgoblins – things that do not exist which they use to instill fear. For a grown man to be afraid of “communism” was absurd. But I was. That irrational fear is the thing that was lifted off my shoulders that day, leaving me light on my feet and dancing. 

An acquaintance of ours belongs to a kayaking group, and told us this story: The group is divided now. Some refuse to ride to places with anyone unvaccinated, and others recommend masks and distancing for the unwashed (unvaccinated). One group member (soon to be former) has the brains to tell the others that she does not care, that she will not vax and that she will boat or ride with anyone, anytime. Another, a retired journalist, cites passages from CDC as if it were gospel, genuflecting, as all journalists do before authority figures. She imagines herself better informed than the others, and carefully explains the nature of this supposed pandemic to her fellow boaters. She is a propaganda conduit. None but the one have figured out that this is all just another fear campaign. Communists morphed into viruses.

People live in state of fear their entire lives! When I was a kid it was The Bomb; later we were given a 1960s version of our current “Delta Variant”, Gooks (not my word choice for human beings), aka Vietnamese “communists” who somehow threatened us. How? We could only imagine. Then came Manson and OPEC and then Saddam Hussein and wars against Iraq that to this day I do not understand (to destroy their will to resist?). 911 brought in Muslims and led to a mass psychotic breakdown, people terrified and irrational due to images on their TV screens. 

And now the virus, and the associated deep psychosis. People are paranoid, perhaps even clinically insane, deliberately driven to irrational behavior by fear. Will they recover? Will there even be time before another fear campaign is launched? Soon will come rigid separation, the vaccinated feeling themselves morally superior and threatened by us lepers, who will have to live separately. It may be by force of law. Oh my, will it come to this? 

Fear is the object, the only thing. Fear drives people to irrational behavior, clouds their perceptions, shuts down their thought processes. They rarely recover. This kayaking group has been reduced to chucklehead status, silly and irrational people who cannot think properly and who don’t know how to reason their way out of a Neoprene water bottle. 

I ask and have not received a satisfactory answer: Why do viruses only attack humans? Why not other mammals? Why not the Yellowstone bison herds or bears or wolves or cattle? Why not horses and mustangs? Why not dogs and cats? Goats? Why not sheep … the real ones, and not our current Kayaker Variant? Surely the means by which they supposedly take us down would work on other species. 

And then I think about it … how are we even here? We are threatened by something that cannot be seen, touched or smelled, and which can kill us! We should not have survived this long. There were no vaccines before recent times for God’s sake! They should have eons ago wiped us out.* Why am I sitting here under flimsy shelter during a rainstorm? It is not that I should be dead, but rather that I never should have been. An enemy like that, invisible, crafty, and undetectable, is more than a match for our species.

Of course, we know the answer. The virus is a hobgoblin. It doesn’t exist. But if people are afraid and don’t know how to think and reason, it might as well be real. It works as well as anything before, bombs and Gooks and Muslims in passenger jets and commies … 

I have come to appreciate just how insane this place is. I have come to appreciate the power of constant unrelenting fear. I have come to accept that people are born to be slaves, and must choose of their own will and intellect to be free. Schooling does all it can to prevent that. Education is Slavery 101.

I have also come to appreciate my own breakthrough, and how unlikely it was, and how sad it was that I would be maybe one in a thousand on whom fear does not work. It’s a lonely existence. I wish sometimes that I had stayed submerged. At least I would belong, and be in company of other insane people. We could be friends, and share mutual deep delusional psychosis, which would bind us together like small bundles of sticks held in a fist. 

*We are told now that the Black Plague was caused by bacteria spread by rats, who must have managed to swim to Iceland, since the plague arrived there ahead of boats with contagious humans. We are told that the 1918 plague was caused by the H1N1 virus, merely coinciding with a tragic war. The science behind such speculations is weak and dishonest. It is contemptible misinformation.