Friday, March 4, 2022

COVID Rules Failed: Facui Blames Those Who Refused To Obey Him

It has become apparent that the narrative regarding COVID-19 is crumbling quickly. People are not buying what Dr. Anthony Fauci is selling anymore, and they are beginning to realize the entire thing was a scamdemic from the get-go.

But the ruling class isn’t taking responsibility for the slaves figuring out they were lied to. They are doubling down, saying had the slaves should have just obeyed and complied and followed the rules “sufficiently.”

“Now as their COVID narrative crumbles before their eyes, the near-term PR goal of [Dr. Anthony Fauci] and the whole lockdown crew is to convince you, Joe Public, that their murderous COVID lockdowns and vax mandates all just sort of happened so fast in the fog of war,” wrote Ben Bartree of the Daily Bell. 

The narrative they hope to inject into the public consciousness is that they, do-gooder public servants acting in unified good faith (and using their manufactured consensus for future alibis in the process), scrambled the best way they knew how to protect their flocks from the dreaded coronavirus. But we can see now that they did this in the hopes of getting as many people as possible also injected with a “vaccine” that’s been proven to be anything but.