Wednesday, August 31, 2022

COVID Variant Booster Authorization Is Coming This Week, Brace For The Next Variant



The newest booster injection full of mRNA technology (an experimental gene therapy shot) is set to be authorized this week before human trials can be completed. So, when is the next variant that will evade this vaccine too?

It’s a fair question, considering this is supposed to be an “Omicron specific” booster shot. But it’s more than clear that the original COVID shots aren’t stopping COVID, so why would this one work? My speculation is that it won’t and instead, we’ll be told there’s a new and deadly terrible vaccine-resistant variant that even five shots won’t stop.

According to a report by NPR, the new shots are expected to be approved this week by the Food and Drug Administration, after only trials on mice.

What Could Go Wrong? New Booster Shots Will Be Released Before Human Trials Are Complete

The new shots are reformulated versions of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. They’re known as “bivalent” vaccines because they are designed to protect against the original strain and the highly contagious omicron variant.

Specifically, the vaccines are programmed to target the BA.4 and BA.5 omicron subvariants, which are the dominant strains infecting people and the most adept at sneaking around the immune system. –NPR

But so far, no “vaccine” (if we can even call them that) has been able to be considered effective against COVID-19. The ruling class and its puppets in big pharma have failed to make effective vaccines for the common cold and the flu, but they fully expect you’ll take a new jab that wasn’t even completely tested on human beings.

Cellular Immunologist: The Vaccines “Can’t Work” Because COVID Is A “Common Cold Virus”

NPR wrote: The hope is the shots will bolster peoples’ waning immunity and provide stronger protection against catching the virus, spreading it, and getting sick with COVID and long COVID.

However, immunity doesn’t wane, as is the definition of immunity. What does is happening is a complete degradation of the immune system and another shot is only going to quicken that pace.

Virology Journal Paper Confirms COVID Jabs Deplete Immune Function Over Time

U.S. Ruling Class Data: Fully “Vaccinated” Are Developing AIDS

“This is a really important moment in this pandemic,” Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator told NPR. “This is the first major upgrade of the vaccines — first major change in the vaccines — in the last two and a half years.” And yet, another immunologist delivered the truth and NPR actually published it. These “vaccines” don’t work and are not expected to work:

“It could be problematic if the public thinks that the new bivalent boosters are a super-strong shield against infection, and hence increased their behavioral risk and exposed themselves to more virus,” says John Moore, an immunologist at Weill Cornell Medicine. –NPR.

If a person is immune, they cannot get sick with what they are immune from. So the vaccines don’t generate immunity. You still have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart and obey any other ridiculous command the rulers come up with.

These new booster vaccines will be marketed toward anyone who has already been naive enough to take more than one of these COVID shots.

“I would say that anyone who is longer than six months since their previous boost or previous infection should go get a boost,” says E. John Wherry, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania. “Any opportunity to get more boosters into the population to increase vaccine uptake is going to be a positive thing in helping us get through this pandemic,” Wherry says.

The Biden administration has purchased more than 170 million doses of the new boosters, which should start to become available after Labor Day. There is not likely to be a demand for that many of these shots. A large portion of the population already regrets getting the first two or three or four doses. They likely aren’t going to get 170 million people to take the fifth shot, but they sure are going to try.

Will they blame the low uptake and people still getting colds on a new ultra-scary variant? Probably. It’s what they always do and people continue to fall for it.