Monday, October 31, 2022

The Story Of A Real ACTIV-6 Patient

This could only have happened in the era of Twitter: when I posted my previous article on the ACTIV-6 trial on ivermectin, I came in contact with a participant from the ACTIV-6 trial. You heard that right. The contents of this article are coming… straight from the horse’s mouth.

The ACTIV-6 patient confirmed much of what we suspected about the trial:

  • The participant contacted the trial staff within 5 days after symptoms started. They were enrolled in the trial 7 days after initial symptoms. Official “day 1” in the trial was 10 days after symptom onset. The medicine arrived a full 11 days after symptoms started.

  • The patients were taken at their word that they had a positive test; a self-administered rapid antigen test was sufficient.

  • Most patients never saw the trial staff, and didn’t speak to them on the phone after the first few days.

  • Patients were asked which drug they preferred to randomize for, opening real questions with regard to the validity of the randomization process.

  • A $100 Amazon gift card was used as enticement to complete all the forms in the trial. (This was not advertised before signing up for the trial.)

  • The patient in this case participated in the ACTIV-6 600 arm—whose recruitment is completed but results have not yet been published—and is part of the same overall trial as the recently published ACTIV-6 400 study.