Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Half The Population Of America And Canada Uses Facebook At Least Once A Day


While we, like everyone else, were stunned by Facebook's financial results, which showed torrid growth in virtually every metric, from user growth to revenue to earnings to eyeball monetization, one specific number sticks out: according to Mark Zuckerberg, there are now 175 million daily active users in the US and Canada. Considering that there are about 325 million Americans and about 35 million Canadians, this means that every single day half the population of the US and Canada uses Facebook at least once.



And just as mindboggling, with 226 million monthly active users in these two countries, it means that nearly two-thirds of every single American and Canadian uses Facebook at least once a month.



While we have no reason to doubt the validity of these numbers, we hope economists who still are confused why America's productivity is going down the drain, will finally figure it out.