Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Entire Russian Hacking Narrative Is Invalidated In This Single Assange Tweet


WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has been very active on Twitter lately, even for him. Between his frequent posts about the fight for Catalonian independence from Spain and about WikiLeaks’ latest release on Russian domestic surveillance tactics, it’s easy to inadvertently skim past a single post unrelated to either of those topics when reading through his Twitter page. Luckily due to its immense significance it’s enjoying some circulation, and my primary goal with this article is to get even more eyes on it.

Neither Robert Mueller's team nor the US Senate Intelligence Committee has bothered to contact WikiLeaks or me, in any manner, ever.

 — @JulianAssange

This one tweet completely invalidates the notion that Robert Mueller has been conducting a legitimate investigation into the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. Regardless of the degree of suspicion in which Assange is held, there is absolutely no excuse for the people responsible for investigating Russia not to have had any interaction of any kind whatsoever with one of the central characters in the official narrative about what Russia is supposed to have done.

If his job was to find out what actually happened last year, Mueller would have spoken with Assange personally, and he would have done so long ago. But finding out what happened last year is not Mueller’s job. Mueller’s job is to enforce a pre-existing narrative. It is painfully obvious at this point that the Senate Intelligence Committee and Mueller’s team have been avoiding Assange the way Hillary Clinton avoids personal responsibility because Assange has said multiple times that the Russian government is not the source of the DNC leaks or the Podesta emails released last year.

If this is an actual investigation into an actual alleged crime, then Assange is necessarily either (A) a source of useful information, (B) a person of interest, or (C) a suspect in the crime itself. None of those allows for any excuse for not speaking to him. If it’s either (A) or (B), he’s a potential goldmine of information for their investigation to make use of. If it’s (C), they can grill him and try to get him to give something up. Even someone caught on video committing a murder eventually gets interviewed by the law enforcement officials responsible for investigating their case to establish the accused’s side of the story; if they didn’t, they’d be committing malpractice. Since they did not seek to question Assange early and extensively, this cannot possibly be an actual investigation into an actual allegation.

EVERY "privacy advocate" who is in bed with Wikileaks in any way is also in bed with Russian intelligence. Treat them accordingly. #SVR #FSB

 — @20committee

Is WikiLeaks in-bed with Russia?

 — @wikileaks

The fact of the matter is that Russia has been America’s Public Enemy Number One since the end of World War Two, and there is a longstanding tradition in the United States of tarring political enemies with baseless accusations of Kremlin ties. Establishment loyalists have been accusing WikiLeaks of being in bed with Russia since long before any election meddling accusations surfaced, despite the organization’s long and continued record of publishing critical documents related to the Russian Federation. They have been doing so not because there is any basis for such accusations, but because WikiLeaks is their political enemy. There is nothing more hostile to America’s pernicious unelected power establishment than unauthorized truth-telling, and WikiLeaks is currently the world’s leader in unauthorized truth-telling. It is that simple.

Mueller’s investigation has no interest in finding the truth. Mueller’s investigation is actively avoiding all potential sources of truth. The US intelligence community to which Mueller is loyal is the right arm of America’s unelected power establishment, and due to conflicting economic and geopolitical interests things have been coming to a head with Russia for a long time. The neoconservative ideology which governs America’s foreign policy is geared first and foremost toward preventing the rise of another rival superpower, and the former seat of the Soviet Union will always be first on the list of suspects.

The establishment knows that Russia will need to be beaten down at some point in order to preserve deep state interests, and they’ve been laying the bricks for that eventual conflict for years. There were concerns that their anointed queen Hillary Clinton was trying to start a war with Russia long before any allegations of hacking or meddling ever arose; here is an article from June 2015 titled “Hillary Clinton’s hawkish position on Russia troubles both sides of aisle,” which says explicitly, “Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton has pivoted left on domestic issues but stands out on foreign policy as more hawkish than some of her GOP rivals, even stoking fears that she’s ready to put the U.S. on a warpath with Russia.”

In Plain Sight: Why WikiLeaks Is Clearly Not In Bed With Russia

My legal team still has no feedback from Special Counsel Mueller. What's the point of his Russia probe if he doesn't consider the evidence?

 — @KimDotcom

1 month ago my legal team contacted Special Counsel Mueller. No reply. He's not interested in truth about @DNC leak.

 — @KimDotcom

Mueller’s investigation has one job, and that job ain’t finding the truth. All this Russia nonsense is geared toward pressuring Trump into cooperating with the escalations that Hillary Clinton was meant to be responsible for overseeing. That’s why it looks so sloppy and desperate all the time; this whole thing was slapped together in the last minute in response to her shocking loss, and they’re operating within a margin of error that’s tighter than a bee’s pussy.

There are a lot of extremely powerful people who have built some massive corporate kingdoms upon this empire, and their investments require this scheme to go smoothly. As noted in a recent Department of Defense Risk Assessment by the US Army Strategic Studies Institute, the US empire is in what it calls “post-primacy” and may currently be on its way out the door.

“In brief,” the assessment reads, “the status quo that was hatched and nurtured by U.S. strategists after World War II and has for decades been the principal ‘beat’ for DoD is not merely fraying but may, in fact, be collapsing. Consequently, the United States’ role in and approach to the world may be fundamentally changing as well.”

Things are not going as planned for America’s true rulers. Not in Syria, not in North Korea, and certainly not in Russia. People’s unprecedented ability to network and share information due to rising internet literacy and access has caused a severe breakdown in the propaganda machine which holds their entire prison together, and people are waking up to their manipulations. They’re on the back foot now. Keep fighting and wrest control of the world away from the plutocratic sociopaths who are trying to deceive and enslave us.

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