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This day in WND history: Clinton Foundation a 'vast criminal conspiracy'



Wall Street expert: Clinton Foundation a ‘vast criminal conspiracy’

WND-20-YearsSept. 9, 2015: Evidence among emails released by the State Department in 2015 revealed Hillary Clinton maintained deep ties to the Clinton Foundation while serving as U.S. secretary of state.

Wall Street analyst and investor Charles Ortel charged the Clintons and their associates had been engaged in a “vast criminal conspiracy to defraud the general public, enrich themselves and entrench their political influence.”

Ortel said he believed the evidence called for a criminal investigation by the FBI as well as by attorneys general in four states where the Clinton Foundation was registered, maintained offices and/or had aggressively solicited individual donations: Arkansas, Massachusetts, California and New York.

He published on his website an executive summary of his “First Foundation Report” of his investigation into the operations of the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

“Since July 2002, the worst known example of flagrant and unpunished abuses by a U.S. domiciled, public charity is the record of voluminous flawed, inaccurate, false and misleading public disclosures made by representatives of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (the “Clinton Foundation”), as trustees, executives and agents illegally solicited across state, and national boundaries and raised close to $2 billion from donors who were either willingly or unwillingly duped,” Ortel alleged.

Former President Bill Clinton with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Ortel shared with WND his investigative files amounting to hundreds of pages of tables, exhibits and appendices. The documentation supported his claim that between 2002 and 2013, the Clinton Foundation solicited potential donors across state and national boundaries to raise close to $2 billion.

“The biggest unanswered questions concern why state, federal, and foreign government authorities have failed, so far, to prosecute trustees, executives, and agents of the Clinton Foundation and its constituent elements for ceaselessly promoting a global criminal enterprise in the guise of philanthropy,” Ortel wrote.

“Known and unprosecuted felony and misdemeanor offenses of Clinton Foundation Trustees and others include taking donations under false pretenses, diverting donations from their intended purposes, failing to exercise required control over operations, creating substantial private gain, allowing insiders to appropriate illegally created private gains, and thereby corroding an otherwise well deserved reputation that many American charities rightfully have obtained over decades, for performing good works worldwide in conformity with applicable laws and regulations.”

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