Saturday, November 25, 2017

No, the entirety of US media are fixated on the Russiagate controversy.

No, you are fixated on the Russia-Gate controversy

No, the entirety of US media are fixated on the Russiagate controversy. I provide commentary on that extremely obvious fixation.

and in lieu of being able to comprehensively debunk the continuing stream of news,

I do that. You just described the thing that my job is. You are deliberately ignoring the comprehensive debunkings I do constantly.

There’s tons more. That took me two minutes. You’re either being intellectually lazy or deliberately obtuse. You’ll need to stop that.

You also write that Trump is “a more overt version of his neoliberal, neoconservative, ecocidal omnicidal predecessors”, so why are some neo-cons (David Frum, Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin) supporting the anti-Trump Russia-Gate narrative?

Because neocons have an anti-Russia agenda and Trump doesn’t. An extremely hawkish, anti-detente posture toward the USSR was the original founding principle of neoconservatism.

You present a convoluted theory that Russia-Gate is intended to distract attention from similarities between Bush and Obama Administrations.

No I don’t. I argue that the Democrats can’t attack Trump on things they themselves have done and continue to do, so they focus on a fake psyop instead.

Russia-Gate is looked on as a way to get rid of him, not start a war with Russia.

For the Democrats this may be true. For the deep state the agenda is definitely to quash Russia to cripple China.