Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Obama appointee confirms: Kids 'cages' created 'under Obama'

A screenshot of the Drudge Report on June 20, 2018, saying President Obama kept migrant children in cages and wrapped them in foil

A screenshot of the Drudge Report on June 20, 2018, saying President Obama kept migrant children in cages and wrapped them in foil

An appointee in the Barack Obama administration has confirmed that those kids “cages,” used to detain illegal alien juveniles, were set up under Barack Obama, a Democrat.

At Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets at the Washington Examiner, Thomas Homan, Obama’s executive associate director for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said, “I’ve been to that facility, where they talk about cages. That facility was built under President Obama under (Homeland Security) Secretary Jeh Johnson. I was there … when it was built.”

The issue became a controversy when, months ago, images appeared showing illegal alien juveniles in what appeared to be wire cages.

Democrats lashed out angrily at President Trump for putting children behind wire barricades.

But then it was revealed that the images in question were from during Obama’s tenure in the White House.

Homan now is under consideration for a new position of “border czar.”

He exhibited anger at questions about those “cages.”

At a conference held by the Center for Immigration Studies, he previously answered the same question.

He cited a Democrat who demanded of a Trump official: “You still keeping kids in cages?”

He said, “I would answer the question, ‘The kids are being housed in the same facility built under the Obama administration.’ If you want to call them cages, call them cages. But if the left wants to call them cages and the Democrats want to call them cages then they have to accept the fact that they were built and funded in FY 2015.”

He explained actually there are no cages, according to Washington Secrets, “but chain-link fencing that separates kids from adults, done for safety.”

Homan said the facilities are used partly because a Democrat Congress hasn’t provided adequate funding for the surge of illegal aliens entering the U.S.

President Trump, according to Business Insider, “accurately” pointed out that the Obama administration used those “cages” for children at the border.

The report noted that there has been much criticism of Trump’s administration for using those “cages,” “though a lesser-known detail is that those same cages have been used for years, albeit under different circumstances.”

At the Blaze, a report revealed Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., assured Americans that Democrats never would put children in “cages.”

“While addressing the House press corps at the U.S. Capitol, Pelosi called ICE’s enforcement actions ‘outside the circle of civilized human behavior.'” The report said. “During her weekly press conference, she criticized President Donald Trump for taking a definitive stance on illegal immigration.”

She said, “It’s ridiculous to think that the way to protect the border is to put children in cages. Democrats have taken full responsibility for the border, but we don’t think we have to put children in cages to do it.”

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