Wednesday, December 11, 2019

5 key takeaways of the Horowitz testimony


Two questions:

1. Did the testimony of DOJ Inspector General Micheal Horowitz before the Senate Judiciary Committee Dec. 11 about his investigation of the FBI exonerate the FBI?

2. How does the Horowitz testimony affect the House impeachment of Trump?

Did you watch the testimony? Did you watch and listen to the media and former FBI Director James Comey prior to the Horowitz testimony? Comey and the mainstream media continually claimed that the IG report exonerated the actions of Comey and the FBI. As per the testimony of Horowitz, the report does not do that at all.

Horowitz discussed many items. These five are the heart of his observations:

1. The original start to the investigation of Trump personnel in 2016 was justified by a low threshold of evidence as established by FBI policy.

2. The FISA request and renewals included 17 errors that could be considered criminal actions as authorized by the director of the FBI and his staff. The dossier produced by Michael Steele was never explained to the FISA court as being produced as political intelligence by Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS, paid by the Democratic Party and fed to the FBI through her husband, Bruce Ohr, an official at the agency. In addition, bad actors at the FBI fabricated and altered evidence.

3. The FBI never explained to Donald Trump that personnel on his campaign were under investigation, nor that his campaign could have been infiltrated by Russians operatives. Not once. Never. If the FBI thought that members of the Trump campaign could be Russian operatives, then why did they not inform him about it as per FBI protocol? Horowitz had no answer.

4. FBI sent personnel to different Trump campaign meetings with the objective of finding data about Trump and his campaign without notifying the candidate of that objective. Instead, FBI personnel (spies) posed as being there to provide defense information. Their objective was to find incriminating information about Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort.

5. No evidence of political bias influencing FBI actions was found. At the same time, no evidence that political bias did not influence FBI actions is available.

Does that sound like the IG exonerated Comey or the FBI? No, not in any way. But how did the mainstream media and Comey spin it for the last couple of days? As usual, the media were running interference for the deep state and Democrats.

So, how does this affect the impeachment process in the House?

The original claim of Democrats was that Trump colluded with Russians to affect the 2016 election. Rep. Adam Schiff claimed for three years that he had the evidence of that collusion and that the Mueller investigation would find the same. When that accusation was found to be false, the Democrats then looked for other reasons to try to remove Trump from office – including a whistleblower who allegedly worked for U.S. intelligence agencies.

Just as with the Steele dossier and the involvement of Bruce and Nellie Ohr with Fusion GPS, the pretense of wrongdoing by Trump on a call with the Ukrainian president was created by an intelligence operative. It was false. Just as with the Steele dossier, that whistleblower accusation about Trump was a fraudulent reason to investigate the phone call. Without that, there would be no investigation; therefore, no claims of obstruction of Congress or abuse of power.

What the IG report shows us is that the deep state creates data it calls facts/evidence. And that such false information is now being used by Democrats to try to remove a duly elected president. Just as with Mueller's indictments of several Americans, the crimes Trump supposedly committed have nothing to do with the original accusations by Democrats. No collusion with Russians. No quid pro quo. No abuse of office.

If Horowitz is correct about the FBI having adequate justification to "start" an investigation into the Trump personnel, then Trump certainly had adequate justification to investigate the admitted extortion of Ukraine by Joe Biden as per the video.

That leaves only one item: Did Trump obstruct Congress? Well, POTUS is an equal branch to Congress. POTUS is no more subservient to Congress than Congress is subservient to POTUS. And since the House did not ask the Supreme Court for a ruling on its requests, Trump was only acting as an equal branch. No obstruction.

James Comey, like Joe Biden, better not get too comfortable. What will more investigations find out about his actions? What will more investigations find out about the Bidens with Burisma and Ukraine?


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