Monday, June 8, 2020

Anti-homeschool professor reveals warped, real agenda


Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Bartholet recently drew attention for declaring that homeschooling should be banned.

Now she's elaborating on the reasons for her stance, arguing children have a right to be taught ideas their parents reject, reports Campus Reform.

"Children have a right to be exposed to views and values other than those of their parents, and there is no way to guarantee that if 24/7 those kids are at home," said Bartholet.

Homeschoolers routinely outperform public school students in standardized tests and have no lack of extracurricular activities. Their parents cite the left-leaning indoctrination in public schools in subjects such as history, science, social studies and sex education as reasons to homeschool.

But Bartholet proposes imposing requirements to make it all but impossible for parents to homeschool.

"I think they need to demonstrate why even if they haven’t had much of an education themselves, they’re going to be capable of providing their kids an adequate education," she said.

Her plan would require not only that parents demonstrate ability but also present a "legitimate" reason for homeschooling.

And they would be required to provide an education "comparable in scope" to public schools, she said.

She also insists that they commit to teaching a "broad range of subjects" comparable to public schools, and "state commissioners of education" should set minimum requirements.

Parents, she said, should "commit to" teaching the curriculum of public schools.

"I think that you know, roughly speaking, the public school curriculum ought to be something that homeschooling parents are willing to commit to, and demonstrate that they are able to teach," she said. "So ‘presumptive ban’ simply means shifting the burden of justification to parents."

Further, she thinks children must be exposed "to the public schools' environments," through taking courses.

The fundamental problem she sees is that parents have an absolute right to withdraw their children from public schools.

Columnist Laura Hollis recently noted that Bartholet's opposition to homeschool is "a smorgasbord of selective outrage and red herrings. She points to isolated instances of neglect by homeschooling parents (mentioning exactly one example) but conveniently ignores shocking evidence of widespread sexual abuse and physical violence in America's public schools (1.1 million serious incidents, according to a 2016 report originally published under then-President Barack Obama's administration).

"Bartholet also ignores the reams of evidence demonstrating that homeschooled children do better academically, socially and professionally than their public-schooled peers," Hollis explained.

She described Bartholet's advocacy as "part of a larger effort to silence conservatives and marginalize their impact in this country."

"The larger point is this: Disagreement will not be tolerated, and persuasion will not be permitted. Hardcore leftists will not be satisfied until those on the right – or anyone who pokes holes in the prevailing narrative, for that matter – are silenced, personally and politically," she wrote.


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