Monday, July 20, 2020

FedEx Hitman Didn’t Kill Himself


As most reading this are aware, a gunman disguised as a FedEx delivery driver rang the doorbell of the North Brunswick, NJ home of US District Court Judge Esther Salas on Sunday evening and fatally shot her 20-year-old son and wounded her husband. This occurred 4 days after the Jeffrey Epstein Deutsche Bank case had been assigned to Judge Salas.

Deustche Bank has long been known as a narco-money launderer for the CIA’s drug running operations. On July 15th, the bank was sued for making false and misleading statements before it agreed to pay a $150 million fine for compliance failures linked to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Newark, NJ, seeking unspecified damages.

As of last night, the suspect remained at large but early Monday afternoon, it was revealed that the suspect had been found, dead in his car of an apparent self-inflicted gun wound, 130 miles away in Liberty, NY. A FedEx package addressed to Judge Salas was found in the car. It was almost like those Saudi passports found next to the World Trade Center on 9/11. reported the suspect to be Roy Den Hollender, a “Men’s Rights” activist and attorney who’d launched several frivolous lawsuits and who’d appeared to be unstable for many years. The New York Times reported Hollender brought a lawsuit before Judge Salas in 2015 that challenged the male-only military draft.

It didn’t take long for Tweets of “FedEx hitman didn’t kill himself!” and memes of Hillary Clinton dressed in a FedEx uniform to erupt on Twitter, considering that two Deutsche bank employees who “committed suicide” in 2019 were tied to the same case.

In this video released prior to the discovery of the suspect’s body, former CIA agent, Robert David Steele explains why he doesn’t believe this was a professional hit and he drills down on the seven different types of assassin that might have been involved.

1. Mossad, which Steele says has the most to gain from shutting down the Epstein-Maxwell case. Steele argues they would have assigned at least three members to the hit team and all three members of Salas’ family would have been killed.

2. CIA & FBI, which are “complicit with Mossad with the pedophilia entrapment operations epitomized by Maxwell and Epstein and funded by Wexner,” would also have killed all three – and more likely, with a staged traffic accident. “Whatever the mission was, I don’t think it included just killing the kid and it certainly would have included second rounds if you want someone dead.”

3. Les Wexner. Steele says the Victoria’s Secret owner is a hardcore Zionist who financed Jeffrey Epstein – and he’s also alleged to have funded 9/11. Steele says, “There’s every possibility that Les Wexner was beginning to feel the heat because he was ultimately responsible for everything Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell did with his money and his blessing and his probably participation.”

4. A contract killer hired by one of the hundreds of elite pedophiles that have been captured on video by the Epstein-Maxwell Mossad CIA-FBI operation, “And the contract killer just blew it.”

5. Sayanim agents with US passports recruited by Israel to assist in their operations – and they blew it. Steele then asks, “What happens when everybody across America who has reason to fear for their life if a FedEx truck rolls up to their doorway – or an Amazon Prime truck…this is not cool at all, for either Amazon or FedEx.”

6. The Bloods. Steele says it’s highly possible that it was the husband, who was involved in a Bloods gang case, who was targeted and not Salas. (Steele said this before the box addressed to Salas was found in the suspect’s car).

7. Random. “This could be somebody who lost at poker to the husband and decided to do something about it.

If the shooter was indeed, Hollender, then Steele would be correct that this was not a professional hit. Some are asking if Hollender had a grudge against Salas, why would he wait 5 years – and 4 days after she was appointed to an Epstein case to attack?

The story is developing.

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce