Sunday, February 7, 2021

Absolute Proof


My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell developed this three-hour documentary, ‘Absolute Proof’ on election fraud with the support of President Trump, that was released on Friday.

He says, “If you knew what I know you would be so confident. Anyone who sees this documentary will see the election was stolen by foreign invaders. It’ll be the most important documentary you ever watch in history.”

As I attempted to post ‘Absolute Proof’, it was first removed by Vimeo and then by YouTube, much the same way that Lindell, himself has been de-platformed by Twitter and his company’s products have been boycotted by big box corporations, like Costco, merely because he expresses his evidence-based opinions.

His first heavy-hitting presenter is Col. Phil Waldron, with a background as an information warfare officer, who had already been investigating Dominion and other electronic voting systems.

He says, “When we started seeing a lot of the vulnerabilities and all the ways you could interdict these electronic voting systems, it became apparent that we had a problem for the November 3rd Election…

“We started…connecting the money, exercises, doing basic investigative research and I then, brought in our local DHS team, here in Texas, both the Intelligence and Assessments Division, which collects intelligence for the Department of Homeland Security and the CISA, our local CISA rep.

“We spent quite a bit of time giving them an introduction to what we saw, and the vulnerabilities and the ways these systems could be interdicted to change election outcomes at the machine level, the server level; fraud at the local level, which is required to induce the illegitimate ballots.

“Then, you’ve got the machine level…the algorithms that are put into the tabulators and we have evidence of that in Ware County, GA, that X-amount of ballots went through and they basically stole 13% of the votes from President Trump and put that 13% of the vote into the category for former Vice President Joe Biden, which made a 26% shift in the vote.

“So, when you look at the machine level…there are so many vulnerabilities in the systems, there are so many fundamental cybersecurity practices that are not enabled, that it basically allows anybody who has some technical ability and the want to, to go and influence our election…

“At the strategic level, it’s foreign intelligence services. We’ve got…documented Chinese Communist Party ownership of the private equity firm whose Board controls Dominion.

“We’ve got Chinese Communists – the President of the Chinese Communist bank who is a Board of Directors member of the private equity firm that owns Dominion. 

“The testing company – the only company that has access to the code and the testing for Dominion is in Shenzhen, China. It’s a Chinese Communist Party company.

“The US Government, the state governments, the county government, they don’t have access to Dominion code but I think it’s kinda unique, that a Chinese company, that’s run by the CCP does have access to the code. And that’s where we started seeing that strategic level, that third tier of election manipulation.

“A lot of movements of votes…direct access to Pennsylvania voting precincts, county tabulation centers…The fact that everybody says that there were all these court cases and all the court cases were lost, well, that’s a lie. We’ve got statistics on how many court cases were open, how many were dismissed for ‘standing’ or ‘procedural’ but there’s only, to my knowledge, two cases, one in Michigan and one in Georgia where evidence has been heard. And those cases are progressing forward.

“The Senate in Arizona has heard and seen preliminary evidence and they’ve issued subpoena and they’re pressing forward with a full forensic audit in Arizona. And that could be forthcoming as early as this coming week.

“It is complex and it’s hard for people to understand and if it’s hard to understand, people dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory’, where it’s cyber warfare, unconventional, asymmetric warfare, conducted by a peer threat nation-state against the United States Government critical infrastructure.”  

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce