Saturday, May 22, 2021

Observations from today - the sheep are in so deep, even when left off the leash, they won't run now.


Here in Pennsylvania, our governor was requiring a 70% vaccination rate to drop the mask mandate and open up any further. CDC changed their guidelines out of the blue to no masks for anyone outdoors and vaccinated can go maskless indoors. Many businesses, even large ones like grocery stores, Walmart, etc updated their policy to align.

Rationally, you'd think you'd see people without masks now - probably a lot. With a ~40% fully vaccination rate, rationally about 40% of people would be roaming around without a mask if they're following the rules being fully vaccinated. Another large chunk would probably be unvaccinated, but just say fuck it finally. Given it's free to all and vaccination rates have plateaued, this could very realistically be another 30-40%.

Instead, what we've had is nearly EVERYONE still masked. I'll be transparent - I've been wearing a stupid mask to get into businesses because they'll turn you away and make a scene without one and hire people to stand at entrances. But at this point, really?

Went to get ice cream outside during the week. Maybe 10 people, outside, 85 degree day, plenty of distance around - all wearing masks. Masks to order, masks around their necks eating ice cream, then putting them back on to throw away their trash and walk to cars.

Went to a large grocery store today. Clear signs on the doors saying they've updated to CDC guidelines and no masks are needed for vaccinated people. No one observing at the door. Went in, no mask. No problems. Everyone else, masked up. Some double masked. One person still had latex gloves on like it was March 2020. Went to another large grocery store for some other items - exact same deal. I was only one not wearing a mask.

The most odd thing is you'd rationally think you'd see half maskless, half still clinging to them. Not literally 99% of people still wearing them.

We've been getting back to doing normal monthly meetups with a bunch of guys I do a hobby with. One guy in particular has been very outspoken about how the vaccine is great, getting people appointments early on, etc. He asked if I was vaccinated because he didn't want to go inside a building with me for fear of catching it himself. He's fully vaccinated. What the fuck is going on.

Forget the debate if the vaccine is legitimately fine or not, the real problem here is people are completely brainwashed into cult beliefs. No one can think for themselves. Worst of all, no one is willing to do something different from the herd even when they're 100% allowed.

I actually asked a few vaccinated people (that I know) why they won't take them off. Some were still fearful they'd catch it and the mask protects them (not others). A large chunk didn't want to look like 'conspiracy theorists or Republicans'. Many wanted maskless people to feel guilty and put theirs back on. Some even felt it was their purpose to be out with a mask to get others to wear them, therefore saving lives in their mind.

I've completely given up hope the masses will break lose from the madness. End rant.

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