Friday, June 25, 2021

OF COURSE: Biden Will Keep Permanent Troop Presence in Afghanistan After Phony ‘Withdrawal’


The Biden administration has announced they will keep a permanent troop presence in Afghanistan after the so-called withdrawal on Sept. 11 of this year.

U.S. officials told The Associated Press anonymously that at least 650 troops will remain in Afghanistan after the fake withdrawal takes place. Of course, that 650 troop number is likely much higher, like it was in Syria after former president Donald Trump allegedly withdrew the vast majority of troops from that country.

There is a propaganda drive currently going in the Western media that the weak Afghan government will collapse after U.S. troops are removed from the country.

“It is a dynamic situation,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Tuesday. “If there need to be changes made to the pace or to the scope and scale of the retrograde on any given day or in any given week, we want to maintain the flexibility to do that.”

Deborah Lyons, who serves as the United Nations special representative for Afghanistan, said that “most districts that have been taken surround provincial capitals, suggesting that the Taliban are positioning themselves to try and take these capitals once foreign forces are fully withdrawn.”

These are excuses that could be used by the military-industrial complex to justify a continued U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, and Biden’s history of warmongering makes him an easy mark for such manipulations.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on Biden’s record of being the consummate empire politician, which is why he was promoted to the presidency despite being a decrepit and embarrassing shell of his former self:

A new documentary released by The Intercept highlights the record of President-imposed Joe Biden, calling him the consummate “empire politician.”

The documentary takes Biden from his early opposition to the Vietnam War, which he betrayed to later become a globalist warmonger. Researcher Jeremy Scahill noted that Biden jettisoned his morals and became a full-blown swamp creature in the 1980s.

In the 1980s, Biden supported military incursions in Grenada, Libya and Panama. The turning point into belligerent hawkishness seemed to come in 1991 when Biden said he was “proven to be wrong” in his opposition to the Gulf War. From this point on, Biden supported basically every foreign military intervention pushed by Democrats and/or Republicans.

Biden supported former president Bill Clinton’s crippling economic sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s and a bombing campaign that Scahill describes as the “longest sustained U.S. bombing campaign since Vietnam.” He also supported Clinton’s military interventions into Bosnia, his bombings in Sudan and Afghanistan, NATO’s bombing of Serbia and Montenegro, and clandestine operations in Colombia.

When the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks happened, Biden kicked his pro-militarism stance into an even higher gear. He took credit for many of the worst provisions of the Patriot Act and authorized torture at Guantanamo Bay. He also supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a potential coup in Venezuela, and the wholesale killing of innocents in Gaza…

Biden’s criminal behavior did not end when he left the U.S. Senate and became the vice president under Barack Hussein Obama. Obama had Biden handle essential tasks, such as making sure that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was sufficiently punished for exposing illegal federal spying.

Liberals will celebrate Biden’s anti-war achievement in Afghanistan even while it is completely pyrrhic. Endless war will continue in the Middle East until this dried up husk of a man is carried out of the White House.

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