Monday, July 5, 2021

Biden Tells Americans Getting Vaccinated Is "The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do"

Biden Tells Americans Getting Vaccinated Is "The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do"

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

After failing to reach his previously stated benchmark for vaccinations, Joe Biden desperately tweeted a plea for Americans to do “the most patriotic thing you can do” and take the COVID shot.

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated, please do it now. It’s the most patriotic thing you can do.

— President Biden (@POTUS) July 4, 2021

The tweet came on the heels of an Independence Day speech yesterday at The White House when Biden urged “My fellow Americans, that’s the most patriotic thing you can do, so, please, if you haven’t got vaccinated, do it now: for yourself, for your family, for your community and for your country.”

The administration’s goal was to fully immunize 160 million Americans and to ensure 70% of adults get at least one shot by the Fourth of July.

That goal is far from being achieved, but Biden went ahead with a ‘celebration’ anyway, bandying around the slogan “America’s Back Together.”

Many on Twitter were definitely not in agreement that taking the shot is “the most patriotic thing” for them to do.

My Choice Joe . The most patriotic thing is to fly the Flag ....Joe .

— Elmo Jones (@HardCoreMoe) July 4, 2021

Government officials telling Americans what to do on Independence Day and invoking it as patriotism is peak irony.

— ErikVillagomez26 (@EVillagomez26) July 4, 2021

If I do and I get this COVID vaccine reaction, who will pay for my medical expense and loss of permanent income? You? Pharma? Of course not.

— CryptoBull2020 (@CryptoBull2020) July 4, 2021

I got vaccinated and am currently stuck at home with Covid. Not exactly that patriotic.

— Logan Winegardner IV (@LoganWine_IV) July 4, 2021

I think the most patriotic thing you can do is to step down back to your basement and stop with the brainwashing and guilt tripping of Americans.

— Adel (@AdeldMeyer) July 5, 2021

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