Monday, September 27, 2021

Why are the FDA and CDC advisory panel members so afraid to debate COVID Vaccine Safety?


Guest Post by Steve Kirsch

Recently, both the FDA and CDC advisory panels have voted to approve COVID vaccine booster shots for certain groups of people.

I believe that that vote was a mistake. They should have voted to stop the vaccines entirely and replace it with early treatment protocols since such protocols are safer and more effective than the vaccines. Instead, they completely avoided talking about the issue in their meetings and they refused all reasonable attempts to be challenged on what the science actually shows.

How we got here

Let’s recap a quick history of how I came to this conclusion.

In early May, my friends reported death and disability after being vaccinated. I started looking at the data and the more I looked, the more troubled I became. I arranged to tell the world what I learned on Bret Weinstein’s Darkhorse Podcast with my friend Robert Malone. That video went viral with almost 1M views before YouTube censored it. Here is the one hour version.

Fast forward to  September 17, 2021. I spoke out about the vaccines in the public input section of the FDA advisory meeting. I said that everyone was avoiding the elephant in the room: that the vaccines kill more people than they save. Nobody on the panel was paying attention to my talk. This is pretty typical. I wasn’t offended. But the public was listening and I got millions of impressions on my talk. No one in the mainstream media contacted me to challenge my statement.

New results show two stopping conditions were triggered

After the meeting, I did some additional research (summarized here) and I discovered that two stopping conditions have been triggered:

  1. The vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans. I verified this 7 different ways.
  2. The vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups

The most troubling thing to the panel members is that both stopping conditions are now validated in the peer reviewed scientific literature.

I have attempted to point this out to the panel in multiple emails which I’ve posted to my Gab account.

I offered to share the original research. No interest.

I offered to share the studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals backing up what I found. No interest.

Next, I offered to donate to their research if they would debate a team of scientists on the two stopping conditions. They could name any donation amount they wanted to make it worth their time.  No interest.

I pointed out that 100% of the hundreds of people I surveyed wanted to see an open debate on this as soon as possible (and not see the debate happen in slow motion in the scientific literature). No interest.

America wants a debate ASAP. The CDC and FDA committee members refuse to discuss this. They won’t debate my team under any conditions.

And I even named the team:

  1. Jessica Rose
  2. Mathew Crawford
  3. Chris Martenson
  4. Bret Weinstein
  5. Byram Bridle
  6. Myself

Let’s be very clear: no researcher would refuse a $1M academic research grant for a two hour debate unless they were hiding something very serious.

At this point, I must conclude that this is a tacit admission that we are right about our two stopping conditions being triggered and that the vaccines should be immediately halted.

The message that the committee is sending to America could not be more clear:


One of our team members sent me this message after my final message to the committee members asking them to debate the key issues.

We really need to call out these people and make it as public as possible that they refuse to talk based on the science. The public does not need a deep understanding of the science. If they see that we have our team of gladiators in the arena and no other team in the entire world is willing to step in, that will speak volumes. Even those who are firmly entrenched on the other side will have to start asking why their champions are showing such cowardice.