Thursday, November 18, 2021

Olympic Committee Just Made It Much Easier For Biological Males To Beat Women

Olympic Committee Just Made It Much Easier For Biological Males To Beat Women

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has published a new framework that discards rules on hormone levels for male-born trans athletes competing in women's sports. 

The new framework, titled "IOC Framework On Fairness, Inclusion And Non-Discrimination On The Basis Of Gender Identity And Sex Variations," states, "every person has the right to practice sport without discrimination and in a way that respects their health, safety, and dignity." 

"Athletes should not be deemed to have an unfair or disproportionate competitive advantage due to their sex variations, physical appearance and/or transgender status," the report said.

IOC officials swapped out the 2015 framework for the new one, which reverses the committee's earlier stance on transgender athletes. It previously stated women athletes were only allowed to compete if their testosterone levels were below a certain threshold 12 months before the Games. 

Under the new framework, sex testing to verify an athlete's gender is deemed "disrespectful" and "potentially harmful" and "invasive physical examination." 

However, these relaxed rules could transform male-born trans athletes into elite female sports stars. The Sports Councils Equality Group recently found male-born trans athletes had an unfair advantage over female athletes. The report said, "transgender women are on average likely to retain physical advantage in terms of physique, stamina, and strength."

During the Tokyo Olympics, this was the issue when New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, the first openly transgender athlete, competed in the Games. Hubbard was eliminated from the women's super heavyweight weightlifting competition (failing to record a single successful lift and has now quit the sport.). 

As Damian Wilson summed up perfectly: Women’s rights have been sacrificed at the woke altar by the clueless, self-appointed guardians of morality in sport that sit on the IOC. Female athletes will rightly feel cheated, because this is a disgrace.

Female athletes will soon be asking the question: Why even compete in the Games if they're fundamentally rigged against them. 

But it's not all one way ladies: female-born athletes wishing to compete against men face no barriers either... but can you name just one?

Tyler Durden Thu, 11/18/2021 - 22:40