Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Canada’s “Voluntary” COVID Quarantine Camps Quickly Becoming Involuntary


This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

Millions more dollars are being pumped into Canada’s “voluntary” Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) concentration camp program, the government has announced.

In order to “help” temporary foreign workers get cleansed from Chinese Germs, the Justin Trudeau regime will spend at least another $5 million to establish more “isolation” and “quarantine” camps in British Columbia.

Known as “Canada’s Safe Voluntary Isolation Sites Program,” the scheme is supposedly being expanded for the purpose of facilitating people who are unable to “self-isolate” at home and require “assistance” from the Canadian government.

“Helping people to self-isolate when they don’t have the means to do so where they live is an important way to protect Canadians from covid-19,” announced Canadian Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos.

This latest round of funding will go towards two different programs. One is an “employer-based reimbursement program for agriculturalist workers living and working across British Columbia. (RELATED: Trudeau also plans to spend $1 billion developing a nationwide “vaccine passport” scheme for Canada.)

According to reports, $4.15 million will be funneled from B.C.’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries to “agriculture employees who have farm workers residing on farm who required self-isolation for covid-19 reasons and did not have an appropriate space on the farm to do so.”

This money will also go towards funding a “safe, voluntary isolation site in the City of Surrey through the Fraser Health Authority” that will be equipped with 20 single-person “isolation” rooms. The cost of this facility is said to be around $1 million.

Trudeau has already spent $100 million on covid concentration camps

Then-Health Minister Patty Hajdu announced back in August this expansion of funding, which will “help” divide up people who test “positive” for Chinese Germs from the rest of society.

Since Fall 2020, the federal government of Canada has pumped around $100 million into its Safe Voluntary Isolation Sites Program, which currently has locations in not just B.C., but also Ontario, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.

In December 2020, the first two Fauci Flu isolation sites became operational in Toronto.

While the claim is that these facilities will always be “voluntary,” the reality is that local health officials still have the ability to determine who needs to go to one. In other words, they can quickly become “mandatory” on a whim.

Independent Ontario MPP for Lanark, Frontenac, and Kingston Randy Hillier drew attention to this last year, only to be dubbed a “conspiracy theorist” by the establishment. Now his warnings are coming true.

Local health officials, we now know, have the discretion to establish their own rules for who must be forced into “quarantine.” The “unvaccinated” will presumably be ripe candidates for mandatory self-isolation while the “fully vaccinated” are given the privilege of not having to go to a concentration camp.

“Even those with the COVID jabs who might not have symptoms of the virus may be forced into COVID isolation sites by local health officials if it is determined they had been exposed to a known virus-positive individual,” warns LifeSiteNews.

“Throughout the COVID crisis in Canada, unelected public health officials at the local and federal levels have had unprecedented power to enact draconian rules, such as lockdowns, on the public.”

According to civil rights lawyer Rocco Galati, all of this is completely “unlawful” and “unconstitutional,” and yet it is moving forward because people are letting it.

Last year, Galati told LifeSiteNews “straight out of the gate” that all of this would come to pass before it even did. “In one Twitter paragraph,” Galati summed it all up like this:

“Covid19 frenzy. A waltz in the global totalitarian tip-toe to new world order. Parliament closures, Court shutdowns, soldiers out. Banking / Corporate bailouts. Facts/science do not add up. Death toll, elderly and immunocompromised victims, marginally no diff than any other flus.”


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