Tuesday, July 19, 2022

New Alex Jones Documentary Censored By Facebook & Google

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Florence Reed of UnHerd News recently talked with filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer about the Big Tech censorship of her upcoming documentary “Alex’s War,” focusing on Infowars founder Alex Jones.

Google refused to allow the film’s team to take out ad space to promote the movie, ignored their calls and permanently revoked the producer’s ability to purchase ad spaces.

“It’s one thing to deplatform Alex Jones, but should we deplatform anyone from even discussing Alex Jones?” she asked.

Facebook-owned Instagram also prevented Play Nice, the independent production company that produced the documentary, from paying for promotions on the platform.

Facebook – now Meta – told the film crew the movie’s trailer couldn’t be advertised because it displayed “inauthentic behavior or violations of our Advertising Policies and Community Guidelines.”

Meanwhile, a screenshot provided to UnHerd shows TikTok deleted the film’s trailer, claiming the video contained “hateful behaviour.”

Lee Moyer went on to point out that the film is second to the new “Top Gun” movie on Apple’s iTunes pre-order movie charts despite the censorship campaign.

“Despite all these efforts, there’s obviously a massive demand for people who want to see content that’s culturally relevant and authentic,” she told Reed.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald bashed “left-liberals” who are upset by the movie in a lengthy Twitter thread on Monday.

Between Greenwald’s thread going viral and “Alex’s War” preparing to debut, “Alex Jones” began trending on Twitter Monday afternoon.

The establishment’s information gatekeepers simply cannot contain Alex Jones as his message of freedom crashes through their censorship thanks to Americans thirsty for the truth.

Glenn Greenwald will host a live Q&A with Alex Jones and Alex Lee Moyer on July 23rd.

On July 23rd ALEX’S WAR will World Premiere on the Big Screen with renowned Journalist Glenn Greenwald hosting a LIVE Q&A with Alex Jones and film director Alex Lee Moyer exclusively on Rokfin. Thanks @TheRokfin, @PlayNiceLtd and @ggreenwald !!!https://t.co/nc1NG2tUZF pic.twitter.com/fGPZhJTBog

— ALEX’S WAR (@AlexsWarMovie) July 18, 2022