Wednesday, September 14, 2022

‘Going within’: What does it mean?


Many people feel something is intrinsically wrong about life on Planet Earth.

Why, when it could be such a loving place, is it not?

Why does life seem like a merry-go-round, filled with drama upon drama?

And why is there such a strong duality aspect in this realm? Whatever is up, eventually comes down and vice versa. Humans are kept on their toes incessantly. Positive and negative electric charge constantly in battle with one another resulting in a never-ending flow of thunder and fireworks.

The answers to questions around this profound subject can be found in bodies of work like books, films, speeches and art. Yet these are always filtered through the minds of whoever created them.

A true answer can only be found by one person on this planet. It is someone you are very familiar with. Someone who often doesn’t know they have this answer. 

The way to find out who I am describing is by making our way to a mirror. The first eyes we meet in there are those of the person who beholds the truth.

But there’s a catch. Anyone looking for the truth about why we are living on a planet that looks a lot like a prison, might find themselves in another trap when they go about their search the ‘wrong’ way.

They may spend years travelling the planet, speaking to wisdom keepers, going through big experiences, reading every book in the library and scouring the internet for knowledge. They may end up exhausted and frustrated and not much the wiser.

Eventually a seeker of freedom and answers will end up doing the simplest of things. So simple, in fact, that it may almost seem too easy:

A tired soul throws the towel in the ring, surrenders in the not knowing. Stops all activity. Halts engagement with external people and stories and goes WITHIN.

What is going WITHIN? 

Sitting on a mountain top in lotus position?

For some it is, but given the uniqueness of who we all are, there are different doorways into the inner world.

First of all we need to become accepting of doing nothing. From the doing nothing, we must become comfortable with being in a sensory deprived state. Away from distractions that keep us hooked in on the warm sunlight, the comforting foods, the distracting drugs and alcohol, emotional entertainment, our neighbour’s off-the-scale stories and so on.

A commitment must be made if we truly want to venture within. We can’t dip in for a minute and the next one check our messages on our phone for a little dopamine booster.

The light of day is often a distracting light. In the darkness we find our inner light which is the REAL light.

An eternal light of the spirit that we are, connected to the All That Is, All That Ever Was And All That Ever Will Be.

In the nothingness is the ALL.

Spending a few days in a pitch-dark place activates the hormone of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), a hormone that is activated upon birth and death and with the use of certain psychedelic drugs.

This hormone subdues the external manifestation of the matrix and activates that which is behind the curtain. It gives us access to the inner world which is connected to the divine source.

When we see through our inner eyes, we can make sense of what we see because the experience will match our ability to perceive and therefore we are shown the TRUTH as it befits us as a unique individual while at the same being a divine truth. 

We are now entering a phase on Planet Earth where those who are genuine seekers are invited to start walking the path described above. 

No more external yellow brick road leading to a false god.

The path to the inner self remains invisible until we set the intent to enter it and subsequently make the commitment to the journey.

It will then reveal itself in its pure glory.

It is the only way to liberation of spirit and soul.

Christianne van Wijk

The Trap