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The Media Is Broken! Two Perspectives on Flaws in the Coverage of COVID


By Michael Welch and David Kattenburg

Global Research, October 15, 2022

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“We think of Woodword and Bernstein, we think of Erin Brokovich, we think of plucky investigative reporters or other kinds of investigators bringing down corporate titans for poisoning people…but the fact is that over these last few years we have seen journalism has basically gone over to the enemy.”

– Mark Crispin Miller (July 2022) [1]

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As was made clear in the previous episode of this series, independent media trying to investigate claims made about big issues, be it Syria or RussiaGate or now the War in Ukraine find themselves in the crosshairs of authorities determined to preserve certain narratives advancing a goal.

Either they seek to shut down what THEY call “disinformation” as directed by the official “enemy,” or else similarly remove naive individuals following “fake news” mistakenly but planted nonetheless by the same menacing individuals.

But one subject requiring further examination, at least in the opinion of this radio host, was the subject of the Corona virus outbreak. Told that it started in China and that it spread throughout the world, told that an outbreak of a relatively small number of outbreaks triggered the World Health Organization (WHO) to announce it was a pandemic, the death count mainly affecting the elderly triggering devastating lockdowns all across the globe, the panic partially incited by the media, and then the complicity in not only informing people about the vaccine approved only with an Emergency Use Authorization but actively encouraging people to get it, actively participating in an effort to downgrade ivermectin and other treatments compared to the vaccine, and finally refusing to consider the possibility that the world’s pharmaceutical corporations might have played a role in capturing the regulatory agencies in question – all these things left this host confused, frightened and even exasperated by the lack of what seems like legitimate inquiry! [2]

People lost jobs and livelihoods and lost the right to organize in large numbers on account of the lockdowns. People who chose not to take the vaccine faced other mechanisms including loss of employment, and segregation in the public sphere, and separation from family members as a result of practicing their right. [3]

And media no doubt played a critical role in setting the psychology of the public for the difficult – some might even say fascistic – measures adopted by the public.[4]

Journalists, as part of their function of aiming for accuracy must be skeptical of all authority and must ask questions when available realities don’t quite jibe. Instead, media were compliant. To put it another way, when journalists were told by medical and State authorities to jump, they didn’t ask “why.” They asked, “How high?”

So, while we have been looking at the deterioration of journalism’s role to keep information broadcast or printed factual, accurate and responsible, we this week on the Global Research News Hour are taking a special look at how media has covered the COVID-19 phenomenon and how it could have been covered differently.

In our first half hour, we speak to Alison Morrow, a fellow journalist formerly working in mainstream media about why she reacted negatively to COVID coverage by her network and her colleagues and tries to chase the roots of this impaired coverage. This is followed by David Kattenburg, a fellow journalist and also a science educator who takes the position that COVID coverage was by and large valid under the circumstances despite the “dissident doctors” and other people putting out their analysis.

Alison Morrow is a former award winning television journalist. She is currently a media analyst and free-speech advocate. Morrow left traditional television media to pursue a career as an online personality publishing content on multiple platforms. Her channels include YouTube, Rokfin, Odysee, and Rumble.

David Kattenburg is a science educator, journalist, web publisher, a podcaster and a human rights advocate formerly from Winnipeg Canada, now based in Breda in The Netherlands. He has appeared on CBC radio, Radio Netherlands, and DW Radio, as well as producing Green Planet Monitor Web magazine and contributing to The Real News Network. He is also a veteran of CKUW radio.

(Global Research News Hour Episode 365) 

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  2. Michel Chossudovsky (2022), “The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d’Etat Against Humanity”, published by  the Centre for Research on Globalization

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